Tuesday, September 22, 2009

What A Difference A Day Makes

Hello my friends, what a glorious day I enjoyed today. It was 31C here today, no one told the weather man it was the first day of Fall.....suppose to stay this nice until the weekend.....

I slept in this morning and found myself rushing around so that I would make it on time to meet my friends for lunch. I stopped for gas and locked my keys in the car, had to call AMA to come and open my door....I arrived half an hour late only to find the girls laughing and chatting away, they knew I would be there and also knew that something had to have happened to make me late. They know that if I say I'll be there, nothing short of flood, fire or blood would keep me away. It was so good to see them, they were my best friend's when we all worked together and our 12 o'clock lunch ended at 3:15 with a promise to meet for a pot luck at the end of October. Already I am looking forward to it.....Oh how I have missed seeing these beautiful faces every day. We are all now retired and have found different interest but still hold much in common, we all do volunteer work we dearly love.

This rose was gently wrapped in beautiful paper and placed in my mail box. What a surprise for me when I returned home. The card read "a special rose for a special lady".....I know eventually I will find out who was so thoughtful to give this to me but I was ever so thankful to be thought of this way. Isn't it pretty. Sure hope it wasn't placed in the wrong mail box....LOL (just thought of this)

This is Linda, our desk were side by side for over 3 years....We shared so many laughs and helped each other with our work several times a day. Oh what fun we had! We have seen each other several times since our retirement and we talk by phone at least once a week. Working so closely together we created many memories and sharing them again today had tears running down our faces remembering. A true friend.

This is my beautiful friend Avanish. We bonded immediately when we met. We ate together, took our coffee breaks always at the same time, went for brief walks almost daily. We shared our families, friends, cultures even visited each others church and celebrated each others holidays. We still carry each others secrets, our friendship is bond that can nor ever will be broken. So much love and respect for each other.....my one true work friend.

This is Colleen, the wise one of the group. This kind and gentle lady can be described as "grace under pressure" She lost a son to suicide during our years together and she told us today that she never could of made it through those horrible days without us and she told each of us what we had done to help her. Oh what a beautiful lady, everyone should be so blessed to have a Colleen in their life. She is the perfect description of Faith, a joy to be in any one's life.

The cleaning lady came in this morning and locked the door on her way out. I returned from lunch to find a beautiful rose and a sparkling, polished home. Does it get any better than this.....ah yes my friends it did. Ken, my handy man came over around 5:30 and put up my vertical blinds. My new French Doors are finally dressed.

The only thing that interrupted my perfect day was my dear Dr. John called and has put me on an antibiotic. He wants to prevent an infection in my lymph nodes and the needle site, he also thinks it will help to heal my cyst. I will pick up my prescription tomorrow. Ah but it was a near perfect day I have had in a very long time. What a difference a day makes!

Good Night my friends and God Bless, I am sending you all many, many hugs.....:-)


Anonymous said...

Indeedy, what a difference a day makes ... :0) I will be back here to blame you for the title though as since I read it five minutes ago I can't stop singing the song in my head!!

Diana said...

Good Morning Bernie,
I am up early today to give myself plenty of time to wake up before i wash walls this morning. I only have to do the bathroom today so it should be easy. It may sound silly but I am so glad that you have a good cleaning lady. I know how much pride and satisfaction I get when I clean for someone!
It sounded like you had a fun lunch to me! It is funny how we make friends from coworkers. Like an extended family. I think that is one of lives greatest blessings, what we learn and take away from friendships!
I am very curious about this mystery rose! I think it calls for further investigation! (my nosy side comes out!). If anyone deserves a rose Bernie it's you, I'm sure they had the right mail box! You must keep us informed!
Also am glad the handyman showed up. I don't like being at the mercy of someone else. I'd rather do it myself but that is something I don't know that I could have done. It took me an hour to hang Katie's mini blinds in just one window, she has four! I hope you have another good day Bernie, take your antibiotics!!
Love Di

Blessings each day said...

Loved hearing about your 'reunion' with your friends. I moved a little too far (across country) to maintain personal reunions but Cheryl (who has the brain cancer) was one of those dear friends I worked with, hopefully I will visit her the last week-end of this month.

Have you ever considered keeping a spare key in your purse? I have one that will not start my car but does open the door if I lock myself out. One of my two beloved late step dads used to always safety pin a spare key to the inside of his trousers.

You are like me, Bernie, if I say I am going to do something or be somewhere you can count on me doing it for sure...but I do have an addition impediment and that is my mind which is so good at forgeting things...like I didn't write myself a note so I forgot to bake something for the CCW bake sale this past Sunday at church.

blessings and hugs,


Eileen said...

This was a beautiful post to read, full of gratitude and joy. It really did my heart good to hear that you had such a lovely day.
I know exactly what you are talking about with the friendship bond. I still keep in touch with two of the women that I worked closely with at McCall's Magazine (and that was 35 years ago!).
Some bonds are lasting.

I'm happy you got that beautiful rose! I think that note says what is in all our hearts.
You are a special woman, Bernie.

And so happy you got your garden door project completed now! Enjoy!
All the best,

Tranquility said...

Since we end up spending so much time with our colleagues, the bonds we form become very very deep. I can truly understand where you're coming from, since I feel just the same way!

Glad to know you aren't in pain and enjoyed your day with friends :-) Loads of love and here's wishing you a great day ahead :)

Wanda said...

Good morning Bernie... I smiled when you mentioned you overslept and had to rush...just like Stillness the other morning. Then the locked keys in the car reminded me of Teresa. Except for the key incident...it sounds like a great day with friends. You even got your blinds installed.

The list of possible givers of the rose is a long one Bernie...could be the g/mother of Lucy, your neigbors you just consoled, the young woman you friended Monday, or an apology from the one who failed to water your plants, an admirer...so many possibilities!
Let us know if you find out!

Smiles Always,

Rebecca. Harlan, IN said...

I'm so far behind that I'm not TRYING to catch up - so I'm just reading the most current post. (I know that is going to leave me ignorant about some potentially important details....) I can imagine the happiness of reuniting with these significant friends. You are each blessed to have one another. (By not catching up, did I miss photos of the vertical blinds???? I hope not!)

Wander to the Wayside said...

Bernie, between the previous post and this one, I am just speechless. What an incredible account of two incredible days. And your friendships with these women is just awesome...I'm experiencing a huge case of envy.

Margie said...

Hello Bernie
It's wonderful you have these special friends in your life, I enjoyed getting to know them here through your sharing.
How nice it will be to see them again in October at the pot luck.
Must have been a great time you had together ... a 3 hour lunch ...wonderful!
Loved all the pictures!

So you got a rose today ... how special!
Someone cares ... that is lovely!

You are enjoying such beautiful weather and it's like winter here.
But the weeekend is supposed to be nice ... I'm so glad as I just am not ready for winter ... fall first, then winter!

Have a great day!



Anonymous said...

I am always happy when you have such a good day. I had a good Tuesday also. It is raining almost every day here. I got some work done on my quilt. I think I will make more progress on the sewing when I have to close the doors and windows and not be tempted outside. Blessings

Bernie said...

Externally think how happy you will make everyone......hear that beautiful song. Enjoy your day my friend......:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Diana, I have the most wonderful young cleaning lady....we have a connection, but that is another post, I will take a picture of her..she is lovely.
I am blessed with many friend, they all have and still do play an important part of my life. Honestly Diana, they are all quite different and I love each one of them.....oh just feeling so blessed this morning.....:-) Hugs

PS: I don't know how to enlarge my pictures or add a link can you e-mail me with some hints. Eveyone will get so tired of me if I ask the same person all the time....you all have helped me one time or another and I so appreciate it. luv ya

Bernie said...

Hi Marcy, not too long ago I place a spare house key in my car, now I have to find a place to keep a spare car key...uhmmmmmm, yup I can and will do it. This has only happened twice my entire life and on such a busy day when I was late.
Oh well, still had a beautiful day. Take care my friend.....:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Hi Eileen, hope I find out today who dropped the rose off, it is so pretty....will let you all know when I find out.
Oh Eileen, you would love these girls, each are so special and unique and offer so much to our circle of friendship...such a great day for me. Am resting today though as I woke up this morning tired........:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Hello Stillness, they are so much like family to me....love them so much, and yes it is true. When we are together for 8 hours a day for many years we do form a bond, it's only natural. These are the most wonderful ladies everrrrrrrrrr! Luy you my friend.....:-) Hugs

Gail said...


You are SO right, - "what a difference a day makes"! ALl fo your friends are so lovely and you know them all so well - such a gift. My work friends are coming over tomorrow night - they are bringing all the dinner and the wine and the dessert!!!

And I love that you received a rose - YOU so should get a rose every day, every day Bernie. I mean that. :_)

Love to you

Bernie said...

Good Morning Wanda, oh yesterday was one of the most beautiful days, you know I really have had a great week....other than the worry of Monday and it was such a long day. I am a happy camper today. My school friends arrive next Saturday.....more fun!
I have to say I am resting today, I woke up tired and other than picking up my prescriptions I am just going to enjoy the sunshine. It is going up to 33 today, maybe it is good the deck furniture is still outside so I can use it today. Such a beautiful September we have been having...have a great day my friend....luv ya...."-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Rebeccas, you are so far behind you are ahead.....and that's a good thing. I pray that my friends and I will always be, they are such beautiful people. I don't know how I am so lucky to have such wonderful friends but I love and appreciate all of them so very much. Have a great day Rebecca, will pop over soon......:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Brenda, hang with me long enough and your head will be spinning...no two days are ever the same in my life but I love and learn from each beautiful day. Today is going to be a quiet one....am tired so will just basked in our 33 degree weather.....take care....:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

My how lucky you are to have such a great group of friends and for a long period of time too. I believe friends are the most important thing to have in life==even sometimes more than family.

You did indeed have a fine day.

Bernie said...

Margie, you would love these ladies, so warm, funny and just wonderful human beings. What a lovely day I had with them. I'm sure we would of stayed longer at the restaurant except for the way the waitress was looking at us, we knew she wanted us to leave. Ah there is always the pot luck to look forward too....have a great day my friend.....:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

QMM, everyone deserves a wonderful day with friends, it was a beautiful time and perhaps the previous day allowed me to enjoy and appreciate it even more. Enjoy your rainy day doing all the things you love......:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Hi Gail, yes I loved yesterday so much and after all the running around the past two days, I find myself exhaused today....am going to rest in the sunshine as it is going to 33 today.....enjoy your dinner with your kind friends, I know you will love it.....:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Hi Bernie, I too feel that friends are so important in our lives, they are always there no matter what you go through. They laugh with us, cry with us and make our world a more loving place. Families are wonderful but sometimes we cannot be ourselves with them as we don't want them to worry and we are always trying to please them.....a combination of both is perfect....Have a great day Bernie and I do hope you are feeling well and over that bug you had.........:-) Hugs

Teacher's Pet said...

I love your blog. You write...and I listen. It's just like sitting across from you...and hearing you talk....what a good friend that is to have.
I'm sorry you locked your keys in your car. Isn't that a FRANTIC moment...sigh.
You are blessed to have your friends...and they are blesed to have you. I'm glad that you had a good day with them.
I would love to admit that I left the rose for you, but I think you'd know right away that I didn't do it!! :)) I just 'jetted' (is that a word?) up there...left the rose...and 'jetted' home. I know that whoever did it has a heart as sweet as yours....and that is his/her way of saying they love you because you love others.....and the INSTANT you find out who it is, tell us (I'm like Di, now...I wanna know all the details.....:))) )
Take care of you. I hope that you aren't hurting from the doctor's visit yesterday....that your meds work...and that you feel better and better every day. I love you, Bernie.

Kay said...

missed the last couple days, but can clearly see your still up to your good ol' fashion friendly self :) The point you make here in the difference a day makes is so important to remember, the knowledge of constant change, embracing the good with the bad as it is all temporary, no?

Bernie said...

Hi Jackie, ah let's just pretend you jetted in and left the rose. Will let you know when I find out ok
You are a sweetie, hope all is well with you and you are enjoying the beautiful weather that we are just now.
Take care........:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Kay, that is the only thing we can count on.....change. Thank God this is the way of the world, can you imagine how boring it would be if every day were the same....ah that is what makes life so beautiful my young friend....:-) Hugs

The Retired One said...

Nothing like friends to fill your soul! So glad you had a nice visit with those that love you and that you love.
An antibiotic is a good idea, anytime you have an invasive procedure to assure you do not get the complication of an infection. Check to see if you should have it with or without food, as some of them can upset your stomach.
Keep having those wonderful days..you deserve them.
Love ya back,

Eileen said...

I'm just back to thank you for visiting me again. And I'm glad you liked that other blog, I came across it by accident and I was so happy to find his post giving tips on being grateful. It really is a very uplifting, life-affirming blog.

I can't believe how many positive people are here, Bernie, it's all so wonderful!

Thanks for being so good to me, Bernie, and thanks for helping me to feel better about me. I never used to think of myself as 'high-maintenance' but I think I am when it comes to spirituality!
Thank the Good Lord He put me in the best village in Bloggerland!

Okay, I'm tired, I'm heading up to bed. Mia gets dropped off tomorrow morning after Jayden leaves for school. First time she'll be here since he's started school. I wonder what she'll think of that? I think she'll be lonesome for him.

Good night, my Friend!
Love and Prayers,

cinner said...

Bernie, it sounds wonderful to spend time with your friends.The laughs you must have shared, and your French Doors are done, and all is well, Glad you had an almost perfect day. Take care my friend.

Bernie said...

Hi Joan, I missed a day yesterday but will pop over later as I see you have posted. I had a great day with my friends, am looking forward to seeing them again soon, I am much better now that I have caught up on my rest.....have a great day.....:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Thanks Eileen, you will enjoy some one on one time with Mia and it will be fun.......Talk with you soon, luv ya........:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Cinner, how are you feeling? Must be better to be back on line....gosh I hope so. Are your followers back, we all went through that for a spell I think this week. Have a great day...Hugs

Rose Marie Raccioppi said...

Well Dear Bernie the gifts of your day are joyous. The good of one is the celebration of all possibilities and all potentialities. You are wished total healing and well being. You in celebration this very day!

Choices said...

Hi Bernie,
What a joyous and happy post. So happy to hear that you had a good day. You do deserve it! Sounds like you had a wonderful day with your friends. I am sure you are looking foward to see them again.
Take care.

Sniffles and Smiles said...

Dearest Bernie, It appears I have missed something of a health concern for you...I must go back and read...and pray for continued good days for you,my dear friend. Your day sounds delightful...and I am so thankful that it was filled with such joy...you bring joy to so many;I am glad that it has been returned to you!!! All my love to you~Janine XO

Sniffles and Smiles said...

Oh, what wonderful news all of this is!!!! I see now what has been going on...I'm so sorry that you have had to deal with all of this!!!! But so thankful that God has given you a clean bill of health!!!! God bless you more and more, my friend!!!! ~Janine xo