Monday, July 3, 2017

Anyone Out There

Hello everyone, are you still out there.  Where do I begin? It's been so long, sorry. Life changes and goes forward and has dragged me along screaming and kicking. I am so much older

I have moved back home, all is well. Its where I should be at this time in my life, closer to family and friends, even making new ones. 👌👌

My neighbors are basically my age, this is a good thing! 👵 During the summer we all sit out together and share stories, laugh and complain about the heat. During the winter we just complain about the cold and especially the snow. We tend to get a lot of snow on the east coast. Since we all live in our condo like apartments, we are close to each other, there for each other and I love each one of them. 2 of the ladies have lost their husbands in the 4 years I've lived here which makes me sad. They are adjusting to life without them, it is hard......I know. They don't realize it yet but they will be fine, they may even find things to do that they didn't before as their spouse's were not interested and you know something, they'll love it. 

Even more has happened that has me a bit startled........cannot believe Trump is President. What a blusterous, buffoon he is. Cannot believe they could of found a weirder President, not sure they tried too hard. I laugh out loud when they say Hillary was to prepared, to old school. They sure could use a good dose of prepared and old school now. Personally I believe Russia's fingerprints are all over this election. It will take time but I also believe Robert Mueller will show the people Trump for what he is. Oh I know he will always have 30 - 40% of the vote, you know the ones who put party before country, hey they'll always be there and the Democrats have the same amount of people who are just as bad and will do the same. Oh well the Americans wanted something different and that is certainly what they got. God Bless my neighbors to the South they need all prayers they can get people....join me please.

Canada has recently had a Birthday, 150 years old. I know I am prejudice but I feel so lucky to live in such a beautiful country. The people are kind, friendly and ever so helpful to those in need. We are diverse and that is what makes us unique, special. Oh we're not perfect, so much more to be done but honestly people, in my opinion Canada is the most wonderful country in the world. We welcome people, all people. Doesn't matter if they are gay or straight, love matters, doesn't matter what color their skin is either, or what church they go to or if they even go to church.....we don't care. If you are nice to us we are nice to you. We allow you to figure your own morals and beliefs out. We know you'll get where you were meant to be without us telling you. We'll even support you as you find your way. One more thing that is important......we do not have pennies, that is right! We just round everything off to the nearest nickel. It was a seamless transition and our pockets and pocketbooks are so much lighter. 

Well I have much more to tell you but I think I have already said enough for today. Just know I have missed you and hope you find your way back to my blog. It will be fun!

Big Hugs, talk with you very soon 😇