Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Letter to Shauna

A few days ago I and a few others were contacted by Shauna's family to write to her and share how much she has touched our life. They were reading our responses to her. Well this morning dear sweet Shauna passed away. I am devastated and unable to find the words I feel in my heart right now so I am posting the e-mail I sent to her sister. Shauna's picture is just to your left.  Please keep Shauna's husband Darren, her two babies, parents and all of her family in your prayers as they learn to live in this world without their beautiful Shauna.

Dear Shauna

I have begun this post so many times and find the tears interfere with what I want to say. They don't stop so through blurry eyes I put my heart into words.

It has been almost two years since we met Shauna as well as meeting your beautiful sisters through blogging. I instantly fell in love with all of you. Your love of God, family and home was always the base for each of yours/their post.

In one post you shared how wonderful Darren, your husband, was. You said one time that he always knew he was going to marry you, even before your first date. (I love that sweet Shauna is loved by such a wonderful man.)

I believe this love is because you are such a loyal, loving and wonderful wife. Your children have been blessed with such a loving mother. Your love for them is so pure, it will last a lifetime, as I believe love lives forever in our hearts.

You have so many blessings in your life, and the best part is no one has to remind you of them - you just know - you are so thankful for everything beginning with a fresh sunrise to a beautiful sunset and all that comes in between.

You have been such an inspiration to all of us. Your strong faith has never wavered through all the challenges you have faced. You are pure love.

God has blessed you with one of the most loving families I have had the pleasure to meet through blogging. Chas and Debbie have set an example how relationships between sisters and (in laws) should be. The way God meant it to be. They love you Shauna so much and love all the fun times you have shared together. They have even managed to turn the challenges into a labor of love. I had a lovely e-mail from your mother, what wonderful parents God gave you and how blessed they are to have you as their daughter. The love a parent has for their child is one so great that no words can describe it, actions can a bit and I know how much you appreciate all your mom and dad have done for you, I also believe it is because they are so thankful that God gave you to them. I soon realized who had taught you about love, I think of your parents daily in prayer as well.

Sweetie there is so much I want to say to you, we never had the pleasure of meeting in person but one day we will meet in heaven and instantly recognize each other by the bond we share - our love of the Lord. I will recognize your beautiful sparkling eyes and be reminded of the positive way you have always lived your life. I have prayed for you every day for almost two years now, held you in my thoughts and always in my heart. I know you won't mind when I tell you I have shared "your" prayer time with your husband, children, parents, sisters and all those who love you. I want them to have your courage and understanding of all that is happening.

You are such an inspiration, a dear sweet spirit, spreading faith, hope and love wherever you go. Much like an angel I expect.

Please know you have someone in Canada who loves and cares for you and your family very much. I will continue to hold you up in prayer every day sweetie, always in my heart.

Big Hugs and Prayers Always

Monday, March 14, 2011

Hello Everyone

Hello my friends, I have put off posting as I really didn't want to keep sharing my fall, my injuries or bruising or even the death of friends and funerals. These things have kept me busy the past few weeks. I have just realized that if I waited for only happy times then I would be a while posting.

Tonight my heart is going out to our fellow human beings in Japan. What they are going through is pure devastation. Here we worry about houses going into foreclosure, there their homes are gone forever, here we worry about an injury or illness in our family over there whole families are gone forever. Putting our lives into perspective brings me back to a reality filled with gratitude and appreciation. I realize I have nothing to complain about considering what our dear friends along the Pacific are enduring. Life can be so hard at times, almost unbearable but when we in North America have so much it only brings me a huge sigh of gratitude for my life, my family and my friends. I pray for all of those affected by this horrible earthquake and tsunami. May God be with you all at this time, and grant your loved ones peace.

I honestly think it is time we quit complaining about what we don't have in our lives but begin being very thankful for what we do have. Quit blaming everyone for our problems, accept responsibility for where we are and be so very thankful that we are just where we are suppose to be. Help our neighbours, love our families, accept their faults ...... we all have them. Work together to make a more beautiful place to live for our children and grandchildren. Accept everyone no matter their color, politics or religion. So many people need our love, understanding and prayers. I cannot understand for the life of me why Charlie Sheen is on every channel on TV when provinces and states are in such turmoil. We just have to get our act together my friends, we need each other, we are all one. No one is any better or any worse than another, let us pull together and help each other. We all need love and a connection to each other. No better time than now to start doing the right thing.

I have just returned from Weight Watchers, I am down 14 pounds....woo hoo! I really don't have a lot more to loose, I am happy with the size I am but I will continue to go every Monday night with my friend who is doing very well. I am so happy for her well for both of us really.

For the first time in weeks we were above zero today. The sun was shining and I went for a walk. It felt absolutely wonderful. The sun shining on my face, seeing all the kids out playing and everyone I met on my walk was in such a good mood. I think the sunshine does that for us. I am happy tonight, content and so thankful for the life I lead. I am surrounded by so many people I love, I have a warm and comfortable home and I can afford to eat whatever I want to. Finally I feel great, no pain, no bruises not even a cold. My family and friends are doing well. Our weather is finally warming and showing signs of Spring.  Life is good and I pray you all are appreciating all that your life provides for you and your families.

Sending you all big hugs and many, many prayers......God Bless....:-)