Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Weekend With Shiloh


Hello my friends, I want you all to meet Shiloh. Fallon got her the weekend before last and I had the privilege of dog sitting last weekend. Fallon and her dad went to a wedding in Saskatchewan so they brought Shiloh over to me around 9 o'clock Friday morning and picked her up early Sunday evening. Needless to say I had an up and down weekend.......she is really good when you are with her, but she wouldn't stay in the yard when I put her out. The first time she got away I was so frightened, I was so worried I had lost Fallon's dog and I knew her heart would be broken. After 15 minutes of panic and calling her name all around the neighbourhood I turned around to come home and there she was just looking up at me. I didn't know whether to hug her or hit her. I hugged her out of pure relief.
What a surprise I had when I came home from Mass. Shiloh had to have been working hard the full hour and ten minutes I was away. She left no room untouched. Oh she was bad but she is so smart. The house looked as though it had just been through an earthquake. Everything was on the floor, cushions, ornaments, pillows off the beds, matts chewed, sandals chewed even the cord on my towel warmer. She managed to pull the registers up from the floor....oh yes she did and she even managed to pull the drawer out from one of my end tables.. Thank heaven she had put cushions down first or I am sure more damage would of been done. Well I really scolded her all the time I was picking up, cleaning and vacuuming. By the time I sat down she looked so sad and sat across the room from me, I couldn't handle those big eyes looking so sad so I got up and gave her a treat. I know I need to learn somethings about dogs, never leave them alone or if you do put her in a kennel or at least close all the doors so they can't wreck everything in their path........or next time I will dog sit her at her house, yup that is what I will do. The funny thing about all this is that even after all the ups and downs, cleaning and shouting I really missed her when they took her home. Can you believe it? Maybe it is time I got my own dog..........on second thought NO WAY!

Hope you all enjoy the first day of summer, sending big hugs to all of you, God Bless...........:-)

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Friday, June 10, 2011

Catching Up

Terri is a blogger although it has been a while since she has posted. In fact Terri was one of the original members of "The Village". I truly miss this group of blogging friends, so many have decided blogging wasn't for them.   She lives near by and we met today for lunch, It was great seeing her as it has been a while and I was so pleased. She is doing so much better than she had been. I love knowing my friends are happy and healthy.

We had a great weather today. After lunch I went and picked up my hanging baskets and some potted plants. It is time as I don't think we will have any more frost. We did have some last week. Our weather is so weird.....who knows what it will be like tomorrow. I have spent a couple of days outside this week just raking and cleaning the yards. It was the worst I have seen it, the winter and all the storms had blown in more garbage and pine needles than I remember. It looks much better now.

I picked up my computer today, they wanted almost $800. to repair it to its original state and they were unable to save my pictures. My nephew knew I used the Picasa program for my pictures and told me to check there and sure enough they were there - all.of.them. Thank you Lord.  I wasn't going to pay that much to repair my old laptop anyway as I just bought a new one a few months ago, I only wanted my photos so I brought the old one back home to be recycled.

I have only met with 2 cancer patients this month, they both are going to be fine I just know it. I said to one of them, nine years ago I was sitting right where you are and look at me now. "This is where you will be sitting in nine years.  I have so much faith and hope for both of these patients. I have slowed down, cut back if you will from the cancer community. I became so involved and so close to every one and this winter five of them passed away, each death broke my heart, it was a painful time. I needed to break away for a while and I am only now putting my toe back in the water. I will always be connected to those suffering from this horrid disease but I also feel it is time to begin volunteering or helping in other ways. Perhaps working with seniors or children. As long as I am with people I am happy and there are so many out there who needs a warm smile and a gentle hug. Helping others makes volunteers happy, especially when they appreciate the extra time and attention a volunteer is willing to give. This world is not all about us, it is about giving and sharing ones time, love and resources with others who are not as fortunate or who need a hand up. Honestly I don't have time for people who only want a hand out. I think I would like to work with those suffering from Autism, not only the children but their parents need some time and attention as well. It is something I am seriously thinking about any way. Seniors are another group I love spending time with even if it is just to drive them to a doctor's appointment or to pick up groceries. It really does feel good to help others, I have been blessed with so many helping me through my bad times, no it is not pay back time it is pay it forward time,

Okay off to prepare for the weekend which just may be a surprising one. Hope you are all doing well, enjoying the late Spring and soon to be Summer. Keeping you all in my prayers and as usual sending tons of hugs...............:-)