Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Most Beautiful Home.........Ever

Hello my friends, hope you all had a wonderful Sunday. I had a very relaxing day full of rest, good food and good reading. It was sunny here today but very windy and the wind was cool.

Now I want to tell you all about the most beautiful house I have ever been in. At my age I have been in many but this one is oh so special. I have told you in an earlier post about my friend Caren, in fact yesterday I posted a picture of her and I. Well after we left the get together at her oldest daughter, Charney's home, we went to dinner at Brewster's in Castle Downs. Not the best place to eat but the company was excellent. Anyway when we left there we went over to Caren's. I had been to the house when they were building it but this was the first time I have been there since it's been finished. I only wish I had taken pictures to show all of you.

OK, first there are 3 driveways, the first one goes to the front door, the second one to the double car garage on the side of the house and the third driveway leads to the the long deck at the back of the house.

Inside everything is new and shiny and decorated like a home you see in magazines. Her colors are my favorites, mostly greens and carmel's. The floors are all granite as are the counter tops and back splashes in the kitchen and bathrooms. I think I counted at least four bathrooms, and the master bedroom was absolutely stunning. It has it's own bathroom of course with a huge soaker tub, a separate steam shower and then a small room where the toilet is. Caren has a huge TV on the wall opposite her King size bed with a beautiful large wooden headboard. Beneath the TV is a fireplace. She also has her own walk in closet with baskets, bins, and shelves. She doesn't think she has enough room for all her clothes but I think really she does. Honestly I could live in her bedroom area alone. Did I mention she has electronic blinds?

The Dining Room is so beautiful, you could entertain royalty there. She has this huge dining room table and you guessed it the top is all granite to match the floor. I don't think 12 strong men could even lift it. I would guess you could sit 12 people around the table and a couple of high chairs for grandchildren. On the walls are large pictures with a leopard look. Her chairs have the most amazing swirl like pattern and high backs, so comfortable. Another room I totally loved.

Her kitchen is beautiful, cherry mahogany cabinets with a beautiful centered island topped by granite. On the other side of this is their Family room. This great room with granite floors has beautiful white leather furniture you can sink into, so comfortable to watch another huge TV hung over the gas fireplace surrounded by bookcases.

As we walked up the stairs I saw these tiny lights on each riser lighting the way. The upstairs is a loft and is huge. Here she has beige carpeting with red leather furniture and another huge TV. This room holds her computer, desk, bookcases and family pictures. Absolutely beautiful.

Her laundry room is bigger than my bathroom, everything so modern, and her second bedroom is made to welcome family, friends, and even holds a place for babies to sleep.

Now I haven't mentioned that the whole house is an open design with large windows in each room, a beautiful view everywhere you look. She is surrounded by trees and foliage and you can hear the birds singing in her yard. I did notice she had a couple of bird feeders and a robin had laid it's nest on top of a ladder on her side deck. It has four eggs in it. Wonderful!

I really haven't done this beautiful home justice trying to describe it to all of you. I only know I love it and am so happy for the wonderful family who live there. They totally deserve this beautiful home, this couple who have worked so hard and have raised two beautiful daughters. and now have 2 precious granddaughters. They have known great joys as well as sadness, but they keep on doing and being the best they can be.

Now we all know a house is just bricks and mortar, it's the people who live in it that make it into a home. These people are warm, funny and loving. They make everyone feel welcome, they only include never exclude. I count them as one of my many blessings since they have come into my life, as I am blessed to be welcomed and included into their family. I wish them only love and happiness in this wonderful home that they had planned and now realize. God Bless you Caren and Boo, I love you.

Tomorrow is my big day, look out Curves here I come. If only it weren't so early in the morning as I am not at my best this time of day. I am looking forward to it though, it's time to start an exercise regime.

I am off to read my favorite blogs and comments.....Good Night my friends and God Bless

Saturday, May 30, 2009

A Most Wonderful Day

Nanny Bernie and Miss Molli, she is so good and such a joy to be around, so love her.

Tiffany and myself, she is just like a daughter to me, so kind, thoughtful and beautiful.

Bernie and Caren, a wonderful friend and mother to Tiffany, grandmother to Molli, isn't she
blessed to have such a beautiful family and she has more and I love the others as well.

My precious Miss Molli, she will be 2 in July and she has made my world a much better place for sure. I sooooooo love her!

Now I am going to show you a few pictures of my adventures of gardening. Now don't judge me too harshly as I am just keep that in mind as you take a peek at what I have now come to call my deck as my add on room of the house. I so enjoy going out on it with a glass of ice tea, a good book and just lounge on my chair. When I get everything finished and the flowers begin to bloom I will show you all new pictures.

Just a few geraniums and marigolds, I wasn't sure if I should put them together in the same pot, we will soon see if they will grow or not. I still have more marigolds to plant.

A couple of my herbs, these are dill and thyme.......I think!

Red geraniums and petunia's, again I wasn't sure if I should put them in the same pot but as I said before I will soon find out. I love a red flower.

A hanging basket of petunia's at my back door, they smell so lovely when I open the patio door, aren't they pretty?

Below is a picture of my bird feeder, now I do hear more birds singing but I have yet to see any eat any of the sunflower seeds, raisons and crushed nuts, do you think they will ever come to visit?

I have more planting to do as I didn't have time to finish today. I am beginning to really enjoy my deck as I do my planting. I also planted tomatoes, gladiolas, and my favorite lavender, one of my favorite smells in the world. I am looking forward to sharing more pictures with you as my little flowers and plants grow and bloom.

I had the most wonderful day today spending it with people I love very much and who are so precious to me. I also met old and made new friends, it was a day full of love, a day full of blessings and a day of making beautiful memories.

I am off to read my favorite blogs and comments and I hope you all had as wonderful day as I did, Good Night my friends and God Bless..........:-) Hugs

Friday, May 29, 2009

Not Quite As Expected

Hello my friends, another busy day and most of it all good.

Our weather was quite nice, not real hot but sunny and warm. Just the kind of day to do the things I had to do.

After breakfast and getting ready for the day I headed out to my doctor's appointment. I didn't have a to wait long before seeing him and he prescribed my new medication, removed a mole and checked my sugars. He was pleased to learn I had joined Curves and I have to see him again in 10 days.

I then went shopping for a baby gift for a friend's new granddaughter. I wanted to mail it today but didn't manage to get it wrapped up or ready to post. Hopefully I will accompolish that on Monday.

I then went to lunch with Kathy and we chatted longer than usual as she knew my next appointment wasn't until 2 o'clock. She had taken an extra hour off work to spend with me. Really nice of her but I was a bit concerned about her job. She said not to worry but I really didn't want her to do this. It's easier for me to go with her when she needs someone as I am retired. Some people are just really kind and considerate don't you think.

Anyway I made my way to the out patient department to have my cortisone shot. I had to wear one of those horrid hospital gowns and sit in a waiting room. I passed the time by chatting with another lady and her husband. When it was my turn, I was a bit apprehensive and rightfully so. I found the procedure uncomfortable, I wasn't expecting it to hurt as much as it did as I have had these shots before but today it bothered me more than other times. Anyway it all worked out right and I really looked forward to getting home and resting a bit.

I had a nice cup of green tea as soon as I got home, even before changing into my day clothes. I was able to plant a few more of my plants, only a few to go now. I watered the ones I planted yesterday and I think they look quite nice. I have more pictures to show you all but I haven't downloaded them yet and my camera is downstairs.

I sat down to watch the news and dozed off for an hour. I must of been tired. When I woke up it was lightly raining so I hurried out to put my deck cushions away before they got wet, and while I was out there the rain stopped. Alberta has really weird weather.

I watched another oldie but goodie movie tonight, Roadhouse with Patrick Swayzee. He looked so strong and healthy in it that it's sad to think how sick he is now.

Am off to read my favorite blogs, tonight I wanted to go to sleep early as I am really looking forward to seeing my friends tomorrow, but as usual I start tidying up and cleaning and didn't get upstairs until almost 11 o'clock. Oh well I will be just fine and I know tomorrow will be lots of fun.

Good Night everyone and God Bless........:-) Hugs

Thursday, May 28, 2009

So Happy

Terry and Bernie, BBF......Everyone needs a best friend like Terry, I am blessed

Ron stopped over for a minute to let us know how Jackie, his wife, my friend made out at hospital. Terry and I after putting up a hanging basket at my front door....She put it up, I held the stool, I was talking to her out of the side of my mouth......always talking, that's me!

We have been friends for over fifty years and she only looks 30........a beautiful spirit!

This is Ron, my neighbor who chased my coffee table over Hwy 2, so funny, but so kind of him to pick everything up for me.

Just a few pictures tonight, I have many more and will post a few at a time.

I had a wonderful day again today. I wished Terry could of visited longer but I really appreciate the time we spent together. After breakfast this morning we chatted over coffee then she left around 10 o'clock to meet her daughter Tanya for a visit and lunch. From there she drove home. She called me tonight to let me know she made it safe and sound.

I dressed and left for a few errands and to have my hair cut. As you can tell by the pictures I really needed a trim. Also from the pictures you can tell I need to loose weight so on my way home I stopped at Curves and signed up. I am determined to loose 15 pounds before I head to New Brunswick, July 15th.

When I got home I threw a load of clothes in the washer, put the dishwasher through, changed my clothes and headed out to the deck to continue what Terry and I had started, "flowers". I was out there for a couple of hours and am still not finished. The sun became to hot to work any longer so just another hour tomorrow and I will be finished.

I had to strip down inside my patio door as I was so dirty from soil and wet from hosing my plants. I headed straight for the bath and it felt so good to get the grime off. I then went back outside for a few minutes just to pick everything up and pack into a box until tomorrow. It is starting to look nice out there. As soon as I open my patio door I can smell the flowers in my hanging basket. Terry put the hanger up and it was a bit of a chore for two old ladies. It extended 12 inches and she had to stand on a wobbly stool to screw it in. Thank God for electric screwdrivers. She is so fussy, had to center it just right. She makes me laugh so hard, honestly I love flowers so much but I know so little about gardening. I am bound and determined that when she comes back in June that everything will be blooming and she will be shocked. Martha Stewart, I am NOT.

Terry brought me Larry King's biography for my birthday so I started reading it after supper. Actually I am surprised as it's quite interesting.

I have a doctor's appointment in the morning. I am too have a cortisone shot in my lower back, and he is going to try me on a new medication for my feet. I hate the thought of trying another medication but he is so good to me and always looking for something new for me to try to help me, I haven't the heart to tell him I don't want any more "try outs".

It is suppose to be the hottest day so far this year tomorrow so if it's too hot tomorrow afternoon I will have to wait until Sunday to finish my see Saturday I get to celebrate my birthday all over again with more good friends of mine. Should be fun.

I was so busy today that when I sat down to eat my supper I realized I hadn't eaten since breakfast. I was really happy that we had brought home those doggy bags. I had a cup of plump blueberries for desert.

All in all another great day in the life of Bernie.....So many blessings and I am so thankful.

Good Night my friends and God Bless.......:-) Hugs

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Thank You for your Birthday Greetings....I am a Proud 62

Hello my friends, I had the most marvellous day today, and yes it was my birthday. My friend Terry arrived around 10 this morning and it was wonderful to see her. She screwed the straps on my deck box, then she put up the pot hangars for my hanging baskets and hung one by the front door and one on my deck by the patio doors. We then went to pick up some more Topsoil, Miracle grow, Round Up and everything else she said I needed and didn't have. We had so many laughs.

We went to Tim Horton's for lunch then headed into the city. We shopped at Costco, The Bay, 2 Health Food Stores, Home Depot, Garden Centers and a cute little shop we found downtown Jasper Avenue. Terry treated me to Dinner at an Italian Restaurant called Famosa. I have never ate a more delicious pizza, we each ordered our own and they packed up doggy bags to bring home. I enjoyed white wine with mine, I wasn't driving. LOL Terry had desert but I was too full to take another bite. We had a few stops to make on the way home for Terry's husband so it was close to 7:30 before we arrived. I managed to take a few pictures and will post them tomorrow.

I have had the most wonderful day today, full of fun, laughter and well being. Just to be able to share it all with one of my very best friends was magical. Thank you God for all my Blessings.

Terry leaves around 11 tomorrow morning as she is meeting her daughter for lunch before she drives back to Bonnyville. I have a Hair Appointment at noon to have my hair cut and streaked. Friday is doctor day and Saturday my friends are having a get together for my friend Karen whose birthday was the 25 of May and myself. That will be fun to see all the girls together again.

Our weather was wonderful for driving in the car and for shopping. Not really hot but comfortable.

I am very happy tonight and want to thank you all for your Birthday Greetings. Both of my brothers called tonight and my sister called yesterday. I had so many calls this morning and you know it's such a good feeling knowing people care and are thinking about me. Oh Life is Good.

Good night everyone and God Bless......:-) Hugs

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Living Proof

Hello friends, I watched a movie tonight called Living Proof. It was a true story based on a Doctor Shalmar, who discovered the chemo drug Herceptin for Breast Cancer victims. It was very moving to see how hard he worked to save lives and have this drug approved by the FDA. His wife was so supportive of him and he cared so much for his patients. He had the hardest cases, all stage 4 and society had nothing else to offer them and he still had to fight tooth and nail to help these women. You know as a result of his hard work, the women involved in the trials, many survived though some didn't, I am alive today. I was a recipient of that drug. I hated it, but then I hated Chemo but I am still here and cancer free so I thank this caring doctor and those wonderful women who have walked this walk before me. I am not sure I know anyone who has not been touch either directly or indirectly by this horrid disease. Bless you Dr. Shalmar and your wonderful trial patients.

I had another great day today. It was sunny then cloudy off and on all day. I managed to get a lot done as my friend Terry, arrives in the morning. I made up the guest room, tidied the house and picked up some extra groceries. Just a few of things I know Terry enjoys. She wouldn't let me do it if she were here, that's why I did it today.

Now tonight was a different story. We had an horrendous thunder and lightening storm. Our power went off for a short time and the rain came pouring down. We really need the rain though and I know the farmers will be happy. As I write this I can smell the fresh air and cut grass through my window. It smells "clean" one of my favorite smells.

I hope it is clear tomorrow as Terry and I are going to do some work outside, she is going to help me finish my flowers, put the straps on the new deck box and use the ladder to put a hanger beside my patio door to hang one of my baskets. I get dizzy with heights and they don't bother her at all. She always reminds me when she calls to make my list so we can get everything done when she is here. Her husband, builds homes for a living and Terry has picked up so much knowledge from him. Last summer she even put in a new light fixture for me, I just stand there and hand her whatever she ask for. I am blessed to have her for a friend.

I am off to answer my comments now and read my favorite blogs, I wanted to do this post first tonight just in case the power goes out again.

Hopefully I will have some pictures to post tomorrow night.

Take care my friends, Good Night and God Bless........:-) Hugs

Sorry No Post Tonight

Hello everyone, I just wanted to let you all know I had another wonderful day today. NO PAIN!!! Thank you God

Tonight I was on the phone for hours, so when I came up to bed to read, write and comment on my favorite blogs it was quite late. By the time I finished all of them I was forcing my eyes open. Eventually I fell asleep and just woke up a few minutes ago. I have gone downstairs to get a snack of grapes, turned all the lights and TV off and am going back to sleep and I will post tomorrow.

So until tomorrow night, Good Night and God Bless :-) Hugs

Sunday, May 24, 2009

A Lovely Day but with Questions

Hello everyone, I had a wonderful, happy and pain free day today. Thank you God. Now I don't mean to sound selfish but as I made my way into bed tonight I couldn't help but wonder, question, why can't every day be like these past two days. I mean what is it that keeps me from having pain one day compared to those ugly days so full of pain. I was so thankful I couldn't stop my tears, they were tears of joy. ( now I am not a crier) I so appreciate my life but I don't understand what I do differently that causes my health to change like it has lately. I am the same, I eat the same, I do the same things, what is it then that causes that pain. If only I knew, or if any one knew then I could stop doing it. I think it's time I quit trying to control this neuropathy and just accept it but somehow, right now, I'm not able to do this. There has to be a way to figure out for all of us who suffer this disease, some how find a way of the do's and dont's. I for one would try anything suggested to be able to use my feet and hands without the fear of having it come back. Sounds dumb I know, but today was such another beautiful day and I who always have prayed to be able to accept and not question, and who has been blessed to be able to accept everything I have been dealt in my life, prayed a different pray tonight. I want to know how I can help myself, I love being able to feel my feet and hands normal, and never again do I want to have to crawl to my bathroom. I would even agree to be a guinea pig to test, whatever to not only help myself but others. There has to be something I can do, just has to be.

Sorry, I kind of got carried away there for a moment, but I guess my heart is over flowing with the joy of the last couple of days. Oh they have been the best. I went for a walk today and everything seemed so beautiful to me, the grass was greener, the sky was the color of blue topaz even the children I met along the way seemed sweeter. I know now why I was enjoying it all so much, I had no pain.

I went to church this morning and stopped at Tim's for coffee on my way home. When I got home I made my bed up fresh and then did 2 loads of laundry. I dusted, cleaned bathrooms and vacuumed. By this time I was ready to go out to the deck. I took my new Nora Roberts novel and a glass of ice tea and spent the most relaxing hour I can remember.

I came in to call my friend to apologize for missing her get together last night. I told her what happened and she was wonderful about it. She said "I should of called you," we really missed you" awwww, anyway they are having a card party the end of June and I promised I would make that one, she said "you will if I have to come and drive you myself" I laughed and was happy to hear that they all had a great time. I was glad I had waited until mid afternoon before I called as it was as I thought, she had a long night and had just woke up. It was so nice to talk with her, when we all worked together we were like family with each other. It will be good to see them in June.

My friend Terry called, her brother in law is still in ICU, they have put him in induced coma and he is on a respirator but the doctor's are quite optimistic he will make it through now where a few days ago they had some doubt. Terry is coming in for my birthday and we are going to do my flowers together. We always take each other out for dinner on our birthdays and in all these years we have hardly missed our birthdays together. Old school friends are special don't you think, I sure do. She is only staying over one night as she has other commitments on the 28th and I too have a hair appointment for a cut and streaks.

I then BBQ again for supper, I had left over potato salad, tossed salad and my favorite, macaroni salad in the fridge so I BBQ a chicken breast and with my salads supper was delicious. I love eating outside, everything taste better and even the day old salads had a special flavor. I have to say I always did like some foods better the next day and today was one of them.

I listened to the hockey game on the radio as I sat on the deck again today, oh life is good.

After 3 afternoons on my deck I am beginning to tan. I haven't tanned in many years as I would always sit in the shade but this year for some reason the sun doesn't bother me if I only sit in it for short periods at a time. I don't sit long enough to get a sunburn but it's nice to see some color on my arms, legs and face. I still stay outside, I just to move to the shade when I feel I might be burning.

I know I shared a lot of my emotions tonight, and like a written journal I share my day and the feelings that come with it. I hope all my American friends enjoyed Memorial Day and all of my friends have a Marvellous Monday. I plan to.

Good Night and God Bless.....:-)