Monday, December 26, 2011

Happy, Blessed and Grateful

It's Christmas morning....early! As I unwrapped myself from the spoon position of two beautiful little girls, I feel so happy. My nieces have cuddled and snuggled all night as they quietly settled waiting for Santa and Christmas morning to arrive. We had giggled, laughed and told stories long into the night before they finally settled into a happy and anticipated sleep. My  great nephew came stumbling into our room wobbling from lack of sleep yet so excited as he worked to clear the cobwebs from his eyes..."Auntie he screamed in his base like voice, so low and deep for such a little boy,  Santa didn't hang the stockings on the fireplace, he laid them under the tree". I smiled as I picked him up and kissed his sweet smelling neck while explaining to him  that maybe the stockings were so heavy that Santa thought it best to lie them down. My nieces woke up and the room was filled with excitement and anticipation as we untangled ourselves from the safety and contentment of each others cuddles.  My heart was filled with so much joy and happiness, it was only a quick prayer, but I thanked God for the most precious of! I was surrounded by it, all because 3 of the most important little people in my life were snuggled beside me on this happiest of days. I was so happy. I quickly changed  Dylan's diaper and made him warm and comfortable for the excitement ahead. My nephew had made coffee and oh it smelled so good. I popped the cinnamon buns into the oven and we all gathered around the tree to see what magic Santa had performed while we had listlessly slept throughout the night. Perhaps it is time to tell you about my wonderful nephew who seems to know just what is needed to keep his family happy. He knows that the happiness of his children is far more important to him than anything. He knows that it is more important that his children feel loved, secure and safe. He provides these elements among many other important things for his children. That is why I love him as I do.
As I watched my beautiful niece open her gifts from me a "Guess" purse and a favorite perfume from Chanel, called Chance and I saw her sweet face filled with such joy and appreciation. I knew I had done the right thing.  She was worth it and more. I loved watching my great nephew,  Dylan, pushing all the buttons on his tow truck, fire engine, cement truck as well as many other cars and trucks. He laughed in glee as he made each vehicle move forward, backward and sideways with his remote controls.  His giggles and laughter were infectious,  I laughed out loud at his expression of joy.. I watched as my real life angel, Olivia,  push the buttons of her angel teddy bear as it played a golden violin and watched as its wings changed into reds, greens and blues. Each chord change brought a change of color as it played the most beautiful of all Christmas hymns Silent Night. It was perfect, the morning was perfect and I more than anyone realized and appreciated  the pure love of family. My nephew Greg knows my love of true stories so he chose a book I loved, he choose a movie I would enjoy and something we both love I shared with him......chocolate,  As much as we were different the more we were alike, as in candy, stories, movies and just being together. What a wonderful day we had together.
I watched  my niece Fallon as she accepted the last piece of jewellery my true love gave me before he passed away. I wanted her to have the beautiful opal and London Blue topaz ring Woody had given me. It was important she share in our love, also her beautiful eyes lit up when I gave her the earrings a dear friend brought me as a gift after visiting her beloved India. It was important she receive these pieces as I gave them, with "love". All those who know me know how special my niece Fallon is to me.  She has filled my life and heart with so much joy. 
Last night Fallon and I went to see the move War Horse, I loved it and although I would never have thought it to be a movie of Fallon's choice she tells me she really enjoyed it.
Today Fallon has gone shopping with her best friend Christina, they do this every year. She is happy.
Today I thank God for these little people in my life, for a nephew who understands me and for my family. My brothers, sisters and nieces and nephews....2012 I will be moving back to New Brunswick. I will miss my little people, but for now I am just going to enjoy them.  God is good, life is good and my heart is so full of love and goodness for everyone.  Hope you all had a great Christmas and wishing you all that is good for a wonderful 2012 .......tons of prayers and many hugs always.......:-)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Weekend With Shiloh


Hello my friends, I want you all to meet Shiloh. Fallon got her the weekend before last and I had the privilege of dog sitting last weekend. Fallon and her dad went to a wedding in Saskatchewan so they brought Shiloh over to me around 9 o'clock Friday morning and picked her up early Sunday evening. Needless to say I had an up and down weekend.......she is really good when you are with her, but she wouldn't stay in the yard when I put her out. The first time she got away I was so frightened, I was so worried I had lost Fallon's dog and I knew her heart would be broken. After 15 minutes of panic and calling her name all around the neighbourhood I turned around to come home and there she was just looking up at me. I didn't know whether to hug her or hit her. I hugged her out of pure relief.
What a surprise I had when I came home from Mass. Shiloh had to have been working hard the full hour and ten minutes I was away. She left no room untouched. Oh she was bad but she is so smart. The house looked as though it had just been through an earthquake. Everything was on the floor, cushions, ornaments, pillows off the beds, matts chewed, sandals chewed even the cord on my towel warmer. She managed to pull the registers up from the floor....oh yes she did and she even managed to pull the drawer out from one of my end tables.. Thank heaven she had put cushions down first or I am sure more damage would of been done. Well I really scolded her all the time I was picking up, cleaning and vacuuming. By the time I sat down she looked so sad and sat across the room from me, I couldn't handle those big eyes looking so sad so I got up and gave her a treat. I know I need to learn somethings about dogs, never leave them alone or if you do put her in a kennel or at least close all the doors so they can't wreck everything in their path........or next time I will dog sit her at her house, yup that is what I will do. The funny thing about all this is that even after all the ups and downs, cleaning and shouting I really missed her when they took her home. Can you believe it? Maybe it is time I got my own dog..........on second thought NO WAY!

Hope you all enjoy the first day of summer, sending big hugs to all of you, God Bless...........:-)

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Friday, June 10, 2011

Catching Up

Terri is a blogger although it has been a while since she has posted. In fact Terri was one of the original members of "The Village". I truly miss this group of blogging friends, so many have decided blogging wasn't for them.   She lives near by and we met today for lunch, It was great seeing her as it has been a while and I was so pleased. She is doing so much better than she had been. I love knowing my friends are happy and healthy.

We had a great weather today. After lunch I went and picked up my hanging baskets and some potted plants. It is time as I don't think we will have any more frost. We did have some last week. Our weather is so weird.....who knows what it will be like tomorrow. I have spent a couple of days outside this week just raking and cleaning the yards. It was the worst I have seen it, the winter and all the storms had blown in more garbage and pine needles than I remember. It looks much better now.

I picked up my computer today, they wanted almost $800. to repair it to its original state and they were unable to save my pictures. My nephew knew I used the Picasa program for my pictures and told me to check there and sure enough they were there - all.of.them. Thank you Lord.  I wasn't going to pay that much to repair my old laptop anyway as I just bought a new one a few months ago, I only wanted my photos so I brought the old one back home to be recycled.

I have only met with 2 cancer patients this month, they both are going to be fine I just know it. I said to one of them, nine years ago I was sitting right where you are and look at me now. "This is where you will be sitting in nine years.  I have so much faith and hope for both of these patients. I have slowed down, cut back if you will from the cancer community. I became so involved and so close to every one and this winter five of them passed away, each death broke my heart, it was a painful time. I needed to break away for a while and I am only now putting my toe back in the water. I will always be connected to those suffering from this horrid disease but I also feel it is time to begin volunteering or helping in other ways. Perhaps working with seniors or children. As long as I am with people I am happy and there are so many out there who needs a warm smile and a gentle hug. Helping others makes volunteers happy, especially when they appreciate the extra time and attention a volunteer is willing to give. This world is not all about us, it is about giving and sharing ones time, love and resources with others who are not as fortunate or who need a hand up. Honestly I don't have time for people who only want a hand out. I think I would like to work with those suffering from Autism, not only the children but their parents need some time and attention as well. It is something I am seriously thinking about any way. Seniors are another group I love spending time with even if it is just to drive them to a doctor's appointment or to pick up groceries. It really does feel good to help others, I have been blessed with so many helping me through my bad times, no it is not pay back time it is pay it forward time,

Okay off to prepare for the weekend which just may be a surprising one. Hope you are all doing well, enjoying the late Spring and soon to be Summer. Keeping you all in my prayers and as usual sending tons of hugs...............:-)

Monday, May 30, 2011

A Wonderful Week

Hello everyone, I have had the most wonderful was my birthday and boy have I milked  the happy occasion this year. My friend Terry is home from wintering in California and arrived on Thursday. Weight Watchers really took a back seat as we were out for breakfast, lunch and supper. We went shopping and one evening went to see the movie "Bridesmaids" It was funny and we laughed a lot through it but it was a bit rough around the edges.

I bought these sandals as a birthday gift for myself. I really liked them (so did Fallon) One of my friends asked me if I had a new pedicure but I hadn't, in fact I am having a spa day on Wednesday and am really looking forward to it.

These are cards and gifts from my family and friends, I had many calls as well in fact my friend Terry answered two of them and before she could say it wasn't me on the line she had to listen to two versions of Happy Birthday.

Fallon - she is going to be mad I am showing this
I think she is pretty in every picture!

My nephew Greg, his children (Fallon, Olivia and Dylan) took me for a birthday lunch today,. We then went to pick up TV's . I got a 32" flat screen for the living room and a 24" flat screen which is also a DVD player for my bedroom. He then took the old TV's and some old computer equipment to the recycle pod for me. I have wanted to have these things done for a while now and I am so pleased that the TV's are hooked up and the house is cleaned and back together. It was so good to have time with the kids, I miss them so much when they go home. Fallon was over last weekend with me as well. The house seems so quiet, almost empty whenever they leave.

Yesterday was the town wide garage sale. My friend Pat held one at her house and I spent the afternoon with her and her family,. It was fun and what they say is so true, one man's junk is another man's treasure. Our weather has been so nice, I even managed to get some much needed colour.

This is my great niece Amanda, she has just graduated from University. She is following her brothers footsteps and becoming a chartered accountant. Not only is she beautiful she was awarded first class honours with distinction. We are all so proud of her. Congratulations sweetie, love and miss you very much.

I also spent time with Madi on Wednesday, she is pretty special to me as well. As you can see my week was filled with so much fun and with people I love very much. I am truly blessed.

Keeping you all in my heart and prayers and sending everyone a big hug.......:-)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Major Fires Out of Control in Alberta

Hello my friends, it has been hot and very windy in Alberta. We have several fires burning throughout the province and one town of 7000 people has almost completely been destroyed. So sad yet so far I haven’t heard of anyone being injured. Homes, banks, schools and many businesses have been destroyed. The province has come together famously donating clothing, food, furniture and places to stay. Fire fighters from all over Canada have arrived to help. Hotels are putting up families at no charge and large fund raisers are being held daily. Today I took over several bags of clothing and a box of food. As I approached the hugs semi trailer I couldn’t believe the line ups of cars and people, all there to donate to those in need. I felt so proud to be a Canadian.

My friend Terry is home after being away for several months in California then British Columbia. I am so pleased having her back. I have already started my list of where we need to go and the first stop will be Costco……..time to stock up the freezer for bbq’s this summer.

I went shopping today as my friend Pat is having a surprise birthday party for her husband Friday night. We are only supposed to bring a card but I was trying to find a funny gift. Honestly when I am not looking for something like this I always find funny things but today I could find nothing. From now on I am going to pick up these funny little gifts as I find them and keep them in my gift cupboard. It looks like I take him a bottle of wine, but I am going into the city on Thursday so maybe I’ll find something then.

One of my computers went down yesterday. I have hundreds of pictures on it so I took it into the shop today to see if they can fix it. He said if it was a corrupted disc they would fix it but if it was a broken hard drive there wouldn’t he much he could do. Cost me $50.00 to leave it there for diagnoses but if I let them fix it that money will be incorporated into the actual cost.. …we’ll see if they can fix it. I still have this newer laptop but I don’t like the Windows 7 program. I really liked Windows XP, but maybe I can work on this program and get use to it.

It was great hearing from you all recently, catching up on your news and knowing you and your families are doing well makes me very happy.

I miss hearing from Jackie and Janine and am hoping they will be back soon. I am praying that all is going well for them.

Talk soon, sending big hugs…..:-)

Saturday, May 14, 2011

It's Been So Long

Hello my friends, I purposely meant to take a break but I honestly didn't mean to be gone so long. I have tried to visit your blogs but life got in the way. I have missed you and often wondered how everyone has been doing. Thankfully I was able to keep up a bit on Facebook.

So much has happened I couldn't possibly cover it all. Some of it yucky but most of it good. I am happy and healthy and very thankful for every moment.

We went from Winter right to Summer, no Spring in my neighbourhood. The past week and a half has been beautiful and oh to see the grass turning green, the buds on the trees and feeling the warm breeze has lifted every one's spirits. We were all burnt out as our Winter was very long this year. They say we are in for a very hot summer and I am hoping they are right about that.

When I woke up this morning and turned on the shower the water was ice cold. Yesterday I had my furnace cleaned and they forgot to light the pilot light in my water tank. One of my friend's granddaughter was here after school. She had track and field yesterday then last night she was in a play with her youth group at church so rather than take the school bus home she came here for her shower and snack before I drove her to church. She didn't mention the water was cold but I thought it didn't take her very long to shower and change. Now I know why. Poor kid, bet she won't want to shower here again.

I have finished my spring housecleaning, changed from winter linens to summer linens and the bedrooms look so bright and fresh. I was able to pack six bags of clothes for those in need. No one should have as many clothes or jewelry as I do. Some outfits still had price tags on them and a lot of things I had forgotten I had. That happens sometimes when we go through grief or trying times. It looks like my drug of choice was shopping. Oh well it is all sorted now and I love opening the closet and dresser drawers. So nice to see what is actually in there.....

I am having some renovations done to my condo/townhouse; 2 bathroom vanities, 2 sinks, 1 soaker tub, and a one piece surround for the tub wall. When this is finished I am going to have downstairs painted and hopefully my nephew will repair the deck. These renovations will be all I do before I sell and move back to New Brunswick next summer. I am looking forward to having it all done. I am expecting a cousin and my brother and his family this summer for a visit. I also would like to go home in August, we'll see.

I think I told you I joined Weight Watchers on Jan 10th,  Well it has been slow but I have lost 18 and 1/2 pounds. I am trying to loose 10 more. I feel so much better with the weight off, my clothes fit better (even though I had most sizes) but even better than that my arthritis isn't as painful. Taking the weight off has helped my joints, only wish it would take away all the pain.

I had a wonderful Easter and Mother's Day and sincerely hope you all did as well. I am trying to make it around to all your blogs to catch up. Wishing you all a great weekend.....sending you all big hugs:-)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Letter to Shauna

A few days ago I and a few others were contacted by Shauna's family to write to her and share how much she has touched our life. They were reading our responses to her. Well this morning dear sweet Shauna passed away. I am devastated and unable to find the words I feel in my heart right now so I am posting the e-mail I sent to her sister. Shauna's picture is just to your left.  Please keep Shauna's husband Darren, her two babies, parents and all of her family in your prayers as they learn to live in this world without their beautiful Shauna.

Dear Shauna

I have begun this post so many times and find the tears interfere with what I want to say. They don't stop so through blurry eyes I put my heart into words.

It has been almost two years since we met Shauna as well as meeting your beautiful sisters through blogging. I instantly fell in love with all of you. Your love of God, family and home was always the base for each of yours/their post.

In one post you shared how wonderful Darren, your husband, was. You said one time that he always knew he was going to marry you, even before your first date. (I love that sweet Shauna is loved by such a wonderful man.)

I believe this love is because you are such a loyal, loving and wonderful wife. Your children have been blessed with such a loving mother. Your love for them is so pure, it will last a lifetime, as I believe love lives forever in our hearts.

You have so many blessings in your life, and the best part is no one has to remind you of them - you just know - you are so thankful for everything beginning with a fresh sunrise to a beautiful sunset and all that comes in between.

You have been such an inspiration to all of us. Your strong faith has never wavered through all the challenges you have faced. You are pure love.

God has blessed you with one of the most loving families I have had the pleasure to meet through blogging. Chas and Debbie have set an example how relationships between sisters and (in laws) should be. The way God meant it to be. They love you Shauna so much and love all the fun times you have shared together. They have even managed to turn the challenges into a labor of love. I had a lovely e-mail from your mother, what wonderful parents God gave you and how blessed they are to have you as their daughter. The love a parent has for their child is one so great that no words can describe it, actions can a bit and I know how much you appreciate all your mom and dad have done for you, I also believe it is because they are so thankful that God gave you to them. I soon realized who had taught you about love, I think of your parents daily in prayer as well.

Sweetie there is so much I want to say to you, we never had the pleasure of meeting in person but one day we will meet in heaven and instantly recognize each other by the bond we share - our love of the Lord. I will recognize your beautiful sparkling eyes and be reminded of the positive way you have always lived your life. I have prayed for you every day for almost two years now, held you in my thoughts and always in my heart. I know you won't mind when I tell you I have shared "your" prayer time with your husband, children, parents, sisters and all those who love you. I want them to have your courage and understanding of all that is happening.

You are such an inspiration, a dear sweet spirit, spreading faith, hope and love wherever you go. Much like an angel I expect.

Please know you have someone in Canada who loves and cares for you and your family very much. I will continue to hold you up in prayer every day sweetie, always in my heart.

Big Hugs and Prayers Always

Monday, March 14, 2011

Hello Everyone

Hello my friends, I have put off posting as I really didn't want to keep sharing my fall, my injuries or bruising or even the death of friends and funerals. These things have kept me busy the past few weeks. I have just realized that if I waited for only happy times then I would be a while posting.

Tonight my heart is going out to our fellow human beings in Japan. What they are going through is pure devastation. Here we worry about houses going into foreclosure, there their homes are gone forever, here we worry about an injury or illness in our family over there whole families are gone forever. Putting our lives into perspective brings me back to a reality filled with gratitude and appreciation. I realize I have nothing to complain about considering what our dear friends along the Pacific are enduring. Life can be so hard at times, almost unbearable but when we in North America have so much it only brings me a huge sigh of gratitude for my life, my family and my friends. I pray for all of those affected by this horrible earthquake and tsunami. May God be with you all at this time, and grant your loved ones peace.

I honestly think it is time we quit complaining about what we don't have in our lives but begin being very thankful for what we do have. Quit blaming everyone for our problems, accept responsibility for where we are and be so very thankful that we are just where we are suppose to be. Help our neighbours, love our families, accept their faults ...... we all have them. Work together to make a more beautiful place to live for our children and grandchildren. Accept everyone no matter their color, politics or religion. So many people need our love, understanding and prayers. I cannot understand for the life of me why Charlie Sheen is on every channel on TV when provinces and states are in such turmoil. We just have to get our act together my friends, we need each other, we are all one. No one is any better or any worse than another, let us pull together and help each other. We all need love and a connection to each other. No better time than now to start doing the right thing.

I have just returned from Weight Watchers, I am down 14 pounds....woo hoo! I really don't have a lot more to loose, I am happy with the size I am but I will continue to go every Monday night with my friend who is doing very well. I am so happy for her well for both of us really.

For the first time in weeks we were above zero today. The sun was shining and I went for a walk. It felt absolutely wonderful. The sun shining on my face, seeing all the kids out playing and everyone I met on my walk was in such a good mood. I think the sunshine does that for us. I am happy tonight, content and so thankful for the life I lead. I am surrounded by so many people I love, I have a warm and comfortable home and I can afford to eat whatever I want to. Finally I feel great, no pain, no bruises not even a cold. My family and friends are doing well. Our weather is finally warming and showing signs of Spring.  Life is good and I pray you all are appreciating all that your life provides for you and your families.

Sending you all big hugs and many, many prayers......God Bless....:-)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Hello my Friends.....I Have Missed You

I am back.....I am not sure for how long but I know I will be back on a regular basis very soon. I miss you all so much when I am away.

January has been a long and painful month for me. I have been ill but more important I am in pain for losing so many of my beautiful friends to cancer. Have I told you how much I hate this disease. This Saturday I attend another funeral.....this one my friend of many years who at 62 years old lost has lost her life to heart disease. A first for me really, other than my husband  but her death which happened this morning is so sudden. This also will be my fourth funeral since the New Year began. My heart aches for their families and the loved ones left behind.  I will attend her funeral knowing that she would want me to be strong and carry on with my life in this beautiful world. As hard as it will be I will do it, I love life and all the beautiful things it offers all of us. Somehow I will survive, and I know God is the reason I do. I have been asked to speak at my friend's funeral, pray that I will find the right words to express what a beautiful lady she truly was. I want to do her justice, show her respect and also share my love for her.

Our weather has been lovely these past two weeks. It has been warm, sunny, and just so great to be outside enjoying all the great things winter has to offer. I love winter.....I love the snow.....I love the warm breezes it brings in from the South that melts the snow and our hearts....winter is a good thing!

Tonight as I was approaching my car to pick up my friend to attend a Weight Watchers meeting, I fell! It wasn't a graceful fall, I must of looked like a new born calf trying to stand for the very first time. It was a hard fall and I am bruised from my left ankle to my left shoulder but nothing was broken and I am thankful. It could of been much worse. For about an hour I was quite shaken, I almost cried as I felt so out of control and I scraped and bruised my body, but I carried on. I picked up my friend and we went to Weight Watchers. The good news is I lost another 2 pounds, the bad news is that I am black and blue all over my left side. I am not sure about all these viruses and pain I have experienced these past several it because of old age or carelessness. I don't know, all I know right now is the pain in my heart for my friend Ellie who died this morning and a painful body from my fall tonight. I do know I am tired of pain and I am tired of losing so many friends. Four funerals since Jan.1st is 4 too many. I loved them all and will miss them even more. Did I tell you growing old sucks! Age I don't mind, deaths and illnesses I do!

I am doing very well losing weight, not many more pounds until I reach my goal weight. This is good, but I am still trying to convince myself that weight is didn't help my friends who have passed, perhaps it will help me. I know my clothes fit better, I look better but it doesn't do one thing about the pain in my heart for my friends or their families. it breaks my heart to see their pain. It is times like these that I think I am being shallow - trying to improve my appearance when others are suffering.

I want to tell you all how important you are too me, how much I love you. If you have a friend who has a terminal illness don't let them die surrounded by flowers, stuffed toys and there for them. Do their laundry, go grocery shopping for them, help them pay their bills, do whatever will help them feel better. So many friends I know are alone, and people seem to wear out quickly after a couple of weeks of attending someone in ICU. It is easier for them to send a card or message.....I am asking you to give a couple of hours a week, even every two weeks....just be there to help them do what they want done. It is so important, believe me when I tell you this. They have told me directly and I try to do as they ask, please do what they want not what is convenient to you at the time. People deserve the respect, love and dignity to die with the knowledge that they are loved and their feelings are important.......whenever someone tells me they are feeling down I tell them....please do something for someone else in need. You will feel so much better and so will they. Make it about them, right now how they feel is important, it is not about you......

I am happy to say I am feeling better health wise. I have been feeling sad losing so many friends I love. I so hate CANCER! I can not bare the pain it has brought to so many families but then how I feel is not that important. It is not my will that counts, God Will Be Done......He knows the reason!

It has been warm and lovely the past week, tomorrow our winter returns. I am okay with it, after all it is only mid February......we still have a few more months of winter.

I hope you all have had a wonderful Valentine's Day filled with much love. Today is my mother's birthday. She would of  been 89 years old, she is spending her birthday in heaven with my dad, my son, my husband and so many others I love and miss. I love you Mum, Happy Birthday.

Have a great week everyone, know that you all are in my heart, prayers and thoughts always.....I have decided that from this day forward I am going to love everyone and everything including the brutal weather, life is too short not to live it fully......

Much love and many, many hugs........God Bless.....:-)

Monday, January 3, 2011

My Word for 2011

Hello my friends, I so hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year holiday. It is such a magical time of year.

I had a lovely holiday, except for battling a horrible cold, but seriously I enjoyed time with family and friends and spent time at church. With Christmas and New Year's being on Saturday this year, I found myself at Mass the past 2 Saturdays and Sundays. Also we had reconciliation Christmas week. Everyone is in such a good mood during the holidays, the children were all bathed and bubbling over with excitement waiting for Santa, the fir trees surrounding the alter not only glittered with soft lights but smelled so good. I am full of great food and fine wines. I have enjoyed every second with the people I love and now I am ready to face the thrills and challenges of 2011.

I love the beginning of a New Year, it is filled with so much hope and expectation. Personally I try not to have to many expectations, I like to take one day at a time - enjoy it and move forward. I love the calm, peace and loved shared when the New Year arrives......I wish you all a wonderful New Year filled with love, health and happiness.

My word for this year is "discipline" and boy this is going to be a challenge. Not only do I need discipline to say no to more chocolate, but to say no to people who try and speak for me, I can speak for myself thank you very much. My friend and I have joined weight watchers, I need to loose 22 pounds, my friend 57 and I honestly cannot imagine her with this weight loss, she isn't all that big now, in fact she is such a happy person one only sees her smile not the weight but we will support each other as we work towards our goal. Our meetings are Monday nights, it has to be a life change for me......I know I will feel better for it, wish me luck okay.

We still have tons of snow but it has warmed up a bit, at least for today. Have a great week everyone,

God Bless and many, many hugs.......:-)