Monday, May 30, 2011

A Wonderful Week

Hello everyone, I have had the most wonderful was my birthday and boy have I milked  the happy occasion this year. My friend Terry is home from wintering in California and arrived on Thursday. Weight Watchers really took a back seat as we were out for breakfast, lunch and supper. We went shopping and one evening went to see the movie "Bridesmaids" It was funny and we laughed a lot through it but it was a bit rough around the edges.

I bought these sandals as a birthday gift for myself. I really liked them (so did Fallon) One of my friends asked me if I had a new pedicure but I hadn't, in fact I am having a spa day on Wednesday and am really looking forward to it.

These are cards and gifts from my family and friends, I had many calls as well in fact my friend Terry answered two of them and before she could say it wasn't me on the line she had to listen to two versions of Happy Birthday.

Fallon - she is going to be mad I am showing this
I think she is pretty in every picture!

My nephew Greg, his children (Fallon, Olivia and Dylan) took me for a birthday lunch today,. We then went to pick up TV's . I got a 32" flat screen for the living room and a 24" flat screen which is also a DVD player for my bedroom. He then took the old TV's and some old computer equipment to the recycle pod for me. I have wanted to have these things done for a while now and I am so pleased that the TV's are hooked up and the house is cleaned and back together. It was so good to have time with the kids, I miss them so much when they go home. Fallon was over last weekend with me as well. The house seems so quiet, almost empty whenever they leave.

Yesterday was the town wide garage sale. My friend Pat held one at her house and I spent the afternoon with her and her family,. It was fun and what they say is so true, one man's junk is another man's treasure. Our weather has been so nice, I even managed to get some much needed colour.

This is my great niece Amanda, she has just graduated from University. She is following her brothers footsteps and becoming a chartered accountant. Not only is she beautiful she was awarded first class honours with distinction. We are all so proud of her. Congratulations sweetie, love and miss you very much.

I also spent time with Madi on Wednesday, she is pretty special to me as well. As you can see my week was filled with so much fun and with people I love very much. I am truly blessed.

Keeping you all in my heart and prayers and sending everyone a big hug.......:-)


Valerie said...

Gosh, am I the first? It's lovely to read your blog again, Bernie. I miss it so but I know how busy you are. What a nice birthday you had, and all that food too. Did you manage to hide the tape measure before embarking on a birthday eating-spree? Have a lovely day. It is raining hard here, such a shame on a spring bank holiday. Hugs from me.

Rebecca said...

Sounds like your birthday week was/is amazing! Surrounded by people you love, projects completed, a spa day.... Good for you! And Happy Birthday.

GrandmaK said...

Oh my you have had a grand week! Good for you! you deserve it!! Have another grand week starting today!!! ;) Cathy

Twain12 said...

sounds like you had a wonderful time and your sandals are fabulous.

Debbie(single;complicated) said...

what a wonderful birthday celebration. I LOVE the sandals!!! Happy Late Birthday!!

Brian Miller said...

glad you had sucha great birthday and got to spend so much time with all those that are special to you...happy belated birthday!!!!

DJan said...

I laughed in Bridesmaids, too, but I also thought that the humor was a little bit on the crude side. The scene of her driving past the cop was hilarious, though!

Those are some really beautiful sandals, Bernie, and I wish you a happy birthday YEAR!

glenda said...

Hi there, my, you have had a busy week.
Happy Birthday, sweet friend..
It's very good to see you posting again. I love those shoes, too.
I a shoe person, myself. I always feel good in new shoes.
hugs and many happy returns. xoxo

Anonymous said...

Oh Bernie, what a wonderful post! I am so happy for you! A week filled with love and laughter is good medicine for everyone.
LOVE your new sandals! They look fantastic. Good, good choice.

Congratulations to your great niece on her accomplishments. And I have to agree about Fallon - she is lovely!
I have been thinking about getting a flat screen as well, but I very seldom watch television, so I am not sure it would be a good investment for me.
I think that I will see Bridesmaids this week - everyone says that it is a "must see."
Love and hugs to you my beautiful friend.

Maggie May said...

Belated Happy Birthday. Glad you had a lovely time.

The sandals are wonderful and you have great feet! You put mine to shame!

Your great niece is gorgeous.
You sound as though the whole family are lovely.
Hope you are having a happy time with your new TVs.
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Anonymous said...

eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee LOOOOOOOOOVE the sandles :)

Anvilcloud said...

Those are pretty snazzy sandals. Perhaps we should all buy something for ourselves on our birthdays.

Mary333 said...

Happy Birthday to you!!! Bernie, I love the sandals! Glad you and your friend Terry had such a great time :)

We recently purchased a 38 inch flatscreen and we all love it - it's great watching movies on it!
I'm glad to hear you are doing so well, my friend! Hugs!!!

Congratulations to Amanda!

Marinela said...

Beautiful birthday celebration. Belated Happy Birthday!
Marinela x
Bullying Poems

Tranquility Speaks said...

Happy Birthday Bernie :D May God bless you abundantly and grant you all the good things your heart desires :)

Sheila said...

Hi Bernie - you did have a wonderful birthday week filled with friends and family. Hope the coming year is filled with everything that makes you happy. You must be very proud of both nieces and you're lucky to have such young children in your life. Your birthday sandals are really looking great on your willowy legs. Thanks for stopping by to say hello. We had some rain this afternoon so it smells wonderful after such a dry dusty month. Have a wonderful summer!

Wanda..... said...

Eating out, new TV's and know how to celebrate a birthday, Bernie. Glad your time was filled with family and friends. Both nieces are beautiful girls. Have a good week, Bernie.

(Queenmothermamaw) Peggy said...

Always glad to read your posts. I am so glad you had a great week. It is sure nice when the weather is great so you can get out and about. I love working in the flowers so. Blessings

Barb said...

Bernie - A belated Happy Birthday to you! It sounds as though your celebration(s) went on for quite a while! Stay well and have a wonderful June!

glnroz said...

Well, Happy Birthday,,,The Boss, and I went to see Bridesmaid,,yes it was a little rough, but one of the funniest movies I have seen lately..

Nora said...

Happy Birthday, Bernie. It's good to hear that you had such a lovely week with the people you love best. I'm always happy to hear that you are enjoying yourself.


nanonano999 said...

Happy Birthday (belated) to you, Bernie.
What a wonderful time you had!
Falon is so cute!

Margie x
PS On Hubby's computer today as having problems with my laptop at this time.

Cherrie said...

Looks like you had lots of fun. Happy Belated Birthday to you!

Victor S E Moubarak said...

Happy Birthday Bernie.

Praying for you.

God bless.

Linda Higgins said...

OH BERNIE I feel horrible missing your birthday! Would you accept a HAPPY BE-LATED BIRTHDAY?! You are such a sweet lady and I am so happy to have met you in blogger land! I love your sandals. I am totally a shoe girl and purse (bag) lady! hehehe. That is what I would love to have is a new flat screen tv. Ours is not that old but we got it just before the flat screens came takes up soo much space. So glad you can enjoy them. It is also so nice to have family to share special days with, for me, every day is special when I have family around, I am sure you will miss them. Good thing we have phones! How did I survive raising my children? LOL having a house phone was a luxury! and having a 2nd car was a HUGE luxury!

Eileen said...

I'm glad you had such nice Birthday celebrations, and I loved the photo of your table full of love (cards, gifts, and good wishes), and I loved the photos of Fallon and Amanda, they are both so beautiful, and CONGRATULATIONS TO AMANDA! Job well done!

I like your new sandals very much, they look like Gladiator sandals, they are all the rage now, Bernie, so you are right in style!

Thank you so much, Bernie, for your kind comments to me, you are always so uplifting.
Love and Prayers,

Midlife Jobhunter said...

You sound very happy and very busy, Bernie. Happy Birthday to you. Your toes and new sandals look mahvelous.

Hope the good days continue.

Joey said...

You deserved to have a wonderful week, Bernie. You are so kind, and I'm glad had a joyful time.

I loved those feet in those nice sandels. Lookin' good!

Love to you,

Cinner said...

Bernie, happy belated birthday. you sound great and have been very busy. good for you for treating yourself, love the sandals....those are some sexy footwear. I just got your comment on my blog, I heard people had snow in some places of Alberta, I was wondering where...I hope it does not wreck any of your flowers. Have a wonderful spa day. enjoy your time with Terry, sending a big birthday hug.

Diana said...

Hi Bernie!
I am so glad to hear that you had such a great birthday! Happy Belated Birthday to you!!!!

Sorry I haven't been by sooner. You see my son and his wife split up and it's been very strange around here. I have my granddaughter with me right now. I guess everything is alright but it's hard on the kids.

Katie started camp yesterday so I will be missing her all week but glad she's having fun.

I like your gifts to yourself, that's awesome Bernie! Enjoy , you deserve it!! Love Di ♥

Denise said...

Happy belated birthday sweet friend, love you.

Jerelene said...

Hi Bernie! I'm so glad that you had such a wonderful week :) I love the sandals...very pretty! It sounds like you are staying busy and having lots of fun at the same time. I'm glad that you are getting to spend time with such wonderful family and friends:)
Take care,
Love and Blessings, Jerelene

Jerelene said...

Hi Bernie! I'm so glad that you had such a wonderful week :) I love the sandals...very pretty! It sounds like you are staying busy and having lots of fun at the same time. I'm glad that you are getting to spend time with such wonderful family and friends:)
Take care,
Love and Blessings, Jerelene

Jerelene said...

Hi Bernie! I'm so glad that you had such a wonderful week :) I love the sandals...very pretty! It sounds like you are staying busy and having lots of fun at the same time. I'm glad that you are getting to spend time with such wonderful family and friends:)
Take care,
Love and Blessings, Jerelene

Joey said...

I have missed you, Bernie...

Ed Pilolla said...

fallon is very pretty, and so are the sandals:)
happy birthday week. sounds like a very good week.

Eddie Bluelights said...

Hi Bernie
Just read your post and wishing a belatyed happy birthday and glad you had such an enjoyable week.
Take care ~ Eddie x

Karin said...

Love your sandals - reminds me that I need to get a new pair. Happy Birthday - kinda late aren't I, but wish you God's best for the rest of the year!