Monday, May 30, 2011

A Wonderful Week

Hello everyone, I have had the most wonderful was my birthday and boy have I milked  the happy occasion this year. My friend Terry is home from wintering in California and arrived on Thursday. Weight Watchers really took a back seat as we were out for breakfast, lunch and supper. We went shopping and one evening went to see the movie "Bridesmaids" It was funny and we laughed a lot through it but it was a bit rough around the edges.

I bought these sandals as a birthday gift for myself. I really liked them (so did Fallon) One of my friends asked me if I had a new pedicure but I hadn't, in fact I am having a spa day on Wednesday and am really looking forward to it.

These are cards and gifts from my family and friends, I had many calls as well in fact my friend Terry answered two of them and before she could say it wasn't me on the line she had to listen to two versions of Happy Birthday.

Fallon - she is going to be mad I am showing this
I think she is pretty in every picture!

My nephew Greg, his children (Fallon, Olivia and Dylan) took me for a birthday lunch today,. We then went to pick up TV's . I got a 32" flat screen for the living room and a 24" flat screen which is also a DVD player for my bedroom. He then took the old TV's and some old computer equipment to the recycle pod for me. I have wanted to have these things done for a while now and I am so pleased that the TV's are hooked up and the house is cleaned and back together. It was so good to have time with the kids, I miss them so much when they go home. Fallon was over last weekend with me as well. The house seems so quiet, almost empty whenever they leave.

Yesterday was the town wide garage sale. My friend Pat held one at her house and I spent the afternoon with her and her family,. It was fun and what they say is so true, one man's junk is another man's treasure. Our weather has been so nice, I even managed to get some much needed colour.

This is my great niece Amanda, she has just graduated from University. She is following her brothers footsteps and becoming a chartered accountant. Not only is she beautiful she was awarded first class honours with distinction. We are all so proud of her. Congratulations sweetie, love and miss you very much.

I also spent time with Madi on Wednesday, she is pretty special to me as well. As you can see my week was filled with so much fun and with people I love very much. I am truly blessed.

Keeping you all in my heart and prayers and sending everyone a big hug.......:-)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Major Fires Out of Control in Alberta

Hello my friends, it has been hot and very windy in Alberta. We have several fires burning throughout the province and one town of 7000 people has almost completely been destroyed. So sad yet so far I haven’t heard of anyone being injured. Homes, banks, schools and many businesses have been destroyed. The province has come together famously donating clothing, food, furniture and places to stay. Fire fighters from all over Canada have arrived to help. Hotels are putting up families at no charge and large fund raisers are being held daily. Today I took over several bags of clothing and a box of food. As I approached the hugs semi trailer I couldn’t believe the line ups of cars and people, all there to donate to those in need. I felt so proud to be a Canadian.

My friend Terry is home after being away for several months in California then British Columbia. I am so pleased having her back. I have already started my list of where we need to go and the first stop will be Costco……..time to stock up the freezer for bbq’s this summer.

I went shopping today as my friend Pat is having a surprise birthday party for her husband Friday night. We are only supposed to bring a card but I was trying to find a funny gift. Honestly when I am not looking for something like this I always find funny things but today I could find nothing. From now on I am going to pick up these funny little gifts as I find them and keep them in my gift cupboard. It looks like I take him a bottle of wine, but I am going into the city on Thursday so maybe I’ll find something then.

One of my computers went down yesterday. I have hundreds of pictures on it so I took it into the shop today to see if they can fix it. He said if it was a corrupted disc they would fix it but if it was a broken hard drive there wouldn’t he much he could do. Cost me $50.00 to leave it there for diagnoses but if I let them fix it that money will be incorporated into the actual cost.. …we’ll see if they can fix it. I still have this newer laptop but I don’t like the Windows 7 program. I really liked Windows XP, but maybe I can work on this program and get use to it.

It was great hearing from you all recently, catching up on your news and knowing you and your families are doing well makes me very happy.

I miss hearing from Jackie and Janine and am hoping they will be back soon. I am praying that all is going well for them.

Talk soon, sending big hugs…..:-)

Saturday, May 14, 2011

It's Been So Long

Hello my friends, I purposely meant to take a break but I honestly didn't mean to be gone so long. I have tried to visit your blogs but life got in the way. I have missed you and often wondered how everyone has been doing. Thankfully I was able to keep up a bit on Facebook.

So much has happened I couldn't possibly cover it all. Some of it yucky but most of it good. I am happy and healthy and very thankful for every moment.

We went from Winter right to Summer, no Spring in my neighbourhood. The past week and a half has been beautiful and oh to see the grass turning green, the buds on the trees and feeling the warm breeze has lifted every one's spirits. We were all burnt out as our Winter was very long this year. They say we are in for a very hot summer and I am hoping they are right about that.

When I woke up this morning and turned on the shower the water was ice cold. Yesterday I had my furnace cleaned and they forgot to light the pilot light in my water tank. One of my friend's granddaughter was here after school. She had track and field yesterday then last night she was in a play with her youth group at church so rather than take the school bus home she came here for her shower and snack before I drove her to church. She didn't mention the water was cold but I thought it didn't take her very long to shower and change. Now I know why. Poor kid, bet she won't want to shower here again.

I have finished my spring housecleaning, changed from winter linens to summer linens and the bedrooms look so bright and fresh. I was able to pack six bags of clothes for those in need. No one should have as many clothes or jewelry as I do. Some outfits still had price tags on them and a lot of things I had forgotten I had. That happens sometimes when we go through grief or trying times. It looks like my drug of choice was shopping. Oh well it is all sorted now and I love opening the closet and dresser drawers. So nice to see what is actually in there.....

I am having some renovations done to my condo/townhouse; 2 bathroom vanities, 2 sinks, 1 soaker tub, and a one piece surround for the tub wall. When this is finished I am going to have downstairs painted and hopefully my nephew will repair the deck. These renovations will be all I do before I sell and move back to New Brunswick next summer. I am looking forward to having it all done. I am expecting a cousin and my brother and his family this summer for a visit. I also would like to go home in August, we'll see.

I think I told you I joined Weight Watchers on Jan 10th,  Well it has been slow but I have lost 18 and 1/2 pounds. I am trying to loose 10 more. I feel so much better with the weight off, my clothes fit better (even though I had most sizes) but even better than that my arthritis isn't as painful. Taking the weight off has helped my joints, only wish it would take away all the pain.

I had a wonderful Easter and Mother's Day and sincerely hope you all did as well. I am trying to make it around to all your blogs to catch up. Wishing you all a great weekend.....sending you all big hugs:-)