Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Major Fires Out of Control in Alberta

Hello my friends, it has been hot and very windy in Alberta. We have several fires burning throughout the province and one town of 7000 people has almost completely been destroyed. So sad yet so far I haven’t heard of anyone being injured. Homes, banks, schools and many businesses have been destroyed. The province has come together famously donating clothing, food, furniture and places to stay. Fire fighters from all over Canada have arrived to help. Hotels are putting up families at no charge and large fund raisers are being held daily. Today I took over several bags of clothing and a box of food. As I approached the hugs semi trailer I couldn’t believe the line ups of cars and people, all there to donate to those in need. I felt so proud to be a Canadian.

My friend Terry is home after being away for several months in California then British Columbia. I am so pleased having her back. I have already started my list of where we need to go and the first stop will be Costco……..time to stock up the freezer for bbq’s this summer.

I went shopping today as my friend Pat is having a surprise birthday party for her husband Friday night. We are only supposed to bring a card but I was trying to find a funny gift. Honestly when I am not looking for something like this I always find funny things but today I could find nothing. From now on I am going to pick up these funny little gifts as I find them and keep them in my gift cupboard. It looks like I take him a bottle of wine, but I am going into the city on Thursday so maybe I’ll find something then.

One of my computers went down yesterday. I have hundreds of pictures on it so I took it into the shop today to see if they can fix it. He said if it was a corrupted disc they would fix it but if it was a broken hard drive there wouldn’t he much he could do. Cost me $50.00 to leave it there for diagnoses but if I let them fix it that money will be incorporated into the actual cost.. …we’ll see if they can fix it. I still have this newer laptop but I don’t like the Windows 7 program. I really liked Windows XP, but maybe I can work on this program and get use to it.

It was great hearing from you all recently, catching up on your news and knowing you and your families are doing well makes me very happy.

I miss hearing from Jackie and Janine and am hoping they will be back soon. I am praying that all is going well for them.

Talk soon, sending big hugs…..:-)


Valerie said...

I'm sorry to hear about the fires in Alberta. The world is definitely going crazy. Thank goodness there was no loss of life. Like you I cannot stand Windows 7 - hubs has that programme on his laptop while I stick with the reliable and easy to use XP. I insist on having it installed on new computers. Hope you have a wonderful day. Hugs from me.

Rebecca said...

So I'm assuming it's very "dry" in Alberta? I'm sorry to hear of yet more devastation on our continent.

Hope they can salvage your pictures - and glad you have a back-up. I do Windows 7 now and don't think much about XP anymore. There's always an adjustment period, I guess.

I know you'll enjoy the party & having your friend back. Great idea - to stock up on "fun" gifts as you see them :)

Brian Miller said...

ah cant wait for summer bbq-s...good to see you bernie! it is nice to see people coming together in teh face of adversity as well, though i do hope they get the fires under control...

Twain12 said...

my heart goes out to all the people in Alberta and i'm glad to see how everybody pulled together, not surprised though .I know what you are saying about not being able to find something when you are looking.
Still wet here but Jeff an Canada AM told us there is suppose to be sun SOMETIMES this week lol Have a good day ♥

Wanda..... said...

So glad you posted Bernie. I had just read of the numerous fires around the Slave Lake area and thought of all the snow you just had a few weeks back and wondered how this could happen so soon after that. Then I read in an Edmonton paper..."There is a narrow window every year between the time the snow melts and the time new vegetation begins to grow,”...when this could also mentioned it's been warmer and dryer than usual.

Good to hear Terry will be visiting! Windows 7 was a pain for me too, but I'm finally used to it...keep at it. I miss J. and J. too!

Anonymous said...

Bernie, the wild fires at Slave Lake were so horrific! I cannot even imagine how awful it must have been for the people who live there - one minute, life is normal. Within the next 10 minutes, your home is destroyed by fire. So, so sad. But it really has been amazing to see how the province pulled together to provide shelter, clothing and food for the residents. As well, I love when the other provinces send in fire fighters to help out - really unites us as Canadians.

I really hope that they computer guy can fix your laptop and save your pictures.

Have fun at the birhday party! And I know what you mean about the funny gifts. I have the same experience as you, able to find them when I don't need them, but if I go looking for them, they are nowehere to be found!

Love and hugs to you, my friend.

Karin said...

Totally agree with you about all the help that is pouring in for the dear folks at Slave Lake. Have a great shopping trip - Costco is my fav for replenishing the pantry. Have a great day!

Maggie May said...

Really bad about the fires raging through Canada. I hope that its all under control very soon.
its lovely to have YOU back but my brother and I are sad to think that Janine & Jackie closed down so quickly and especially Jackie with no warning.
Have a good time with your friend.
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Cinner said...

Bernie it is just horrible what happened in Slave Lake. I am amazed by the pictures and can just imagine how terrible this has been for the residents. It is amazing to be a Canadian and see people pull together to help one another. We are lucky are'nt we. I miss Jackie and Janine too. Have a great day Bernie....hugs.

DJan said...

I am so sorry to hear about those fires. We have been getting all your rain, it seems! Good luck on getting your pictures back; hopefully you have them backed up somewhere... right? :-)

glnroz said...

sounds like you are having fun,,,glad to see you back around,,,glenn

Anvilcloud said...

If they can't fix it, I hope they can back up your files. It's good to have an external drive that you can plug in for that purpose.

Win7 is fine -- very little learning curve. It's just better.

Gail said...

Oh that is so awful about the fires and yet I find such faith when folks come to the rescue of others. And I had no doubt that you would be among those 'giving' to those in need. Enjoy your time with your friend and the b'day party too. And ya, I so miss Janine and Jackie. I hope they are both okay. A few others I followed have gone away and I pray for their well-being too,. I love being here with you Bernie. :-)
Love to you my friend

Cherrie said...

I saw this on my local news. I am so so sorry! My prayers go out to each and everyone who live there. So sad!

GrandmaK said...

Hoping all is well with your computer! I really hope all can be salvaged!!! Wishing you well, dear friend! Cathy

Mary333 said...

That's terrible about the fires! I'm glad no one was injured though! Last year (or was it the year before?) the fires were so bad in Canada that we could see the haze and smell it here. And the smell was quite strong! I'll say a prayer for the people whose town burned. It's good to hear that people have been so generous.

Margie said...

So awful about the fires about but it's wonderful how people are helping those in need!

I hope your computer can be fixed and you don't lose your pictures.

Dinner time here so must go get busy!

I send you hugs across the miles!

Barb said...

Wildfires are so scary, Bernie. When our snow finally melts, we will probably be on high alert, too. I've tried to move all important papers to Denver, and we will just leave the house if we get word of a fire. I pity the people who've lost their homes. Glad you're anticipating parties and trips with Terry! Stay well!

Victor S E Moubarak said...

Great to see you Blogging again.

Keep well Bernie.

God bless.

Victor S E Moubarak said...

I don't know whether my previous message got through. Computer is playing up today ... or maybe it's the Internet connection. Mine is rather ancient and works on an old steam engine.

Hope you're well Bernie.

God bless you.

Nora said...

Despite the tiny bit of rain we had here, we're having a drought here too and the danger of wildfires. The water in the rivers is very low and so is the level of the groundwater. We hope we won't have a hot dry summer.


Joanna Jenkins said...

Hi Bernie, I have my fingers crossed for you and your computer repair. Mine was just on the fritz and is fine now-- I wish the best for you. It would be a shame to lose your photos.

Costco-- Gotta love that place, especially for BBQs with their meats which are all terrific. Only problem with Costco is that I usually spend to money $$$ :-)

Glad your friend is back in town and especially happy to hear the fires are under control. It's scary stuff.

Have a great weekend, xo jj

Eileen said...

So sorry about the wild fires, Bernie. It just breaks my heart to see and hear about so many people suffering. I will keep them in my prayers.

Sorry about your computer too, the worst is the lost pictures, I hope they can be salvaged.

I'm glad to hear you'll be going to a party, and I agree about the gifts, I always think that I should have picked up that "perfect" gift when I had the chance!

I miss Jackie and Janine too, and so many others whose blogs I can't access! Janine let us know what was going on but I have no idea what happened with Jackie, do you? It's such a weird feeling when people just drop off the face of the blog world.

Enjoy your time with your friend Terry!
Love and Prayers,

TechnoBabe said...

People coming together to help those in need is part of what we learn here on this earth. Sorry to hear of the fires though. Glad to know you are all right.

I like the idea of your gift cupboard. That is a way of being prepared.

Sheila said...

Yes this past week has been unbelievable Bernie. I experienced some of the emotions of those who are living in limbo now. I helped an 80 year old woman find some tops as she just had the one she was wearing. I convinced her to take three and we found the best of the bunch for her. but really she only wanted one extra. It was so sad to see people filling new reusable bags with a change of clothing. One woman was thrilled to have new runners - she must have left in sandals or slippers. But I believe there has been more than enough clothing donated now. I helped at the multiplex one day last week but need to be home for seeding now. the people of Alberta have been so generous to the community of Slave Lake. What they are going through is unimaginable.

Jacquelyn Stager said...

wow, I hadn't heard about these fires...but then I don't listen to the news all that much...

I have to tell you, my hubby and I have become those MacBook snobs you hear about. Until you have one, you really just don't understand how they are so much easier to use. Right now I have over 10,000 photos on my computer...and I admit I need to back them up onto something else just in case...Hope you are able to salvage all of yours!

Jacquelyn Stager said...

I forgot to tell you, you have a blog award at

Donna said...

How I missed your last 2 posts I don't know! I have missed you! Sorry to hear about the fires ...hopefully they are contained by now.
I have a love/hate thing about computers!
Hope you are having a wonderful week!

Anne H said...

Thinking of you!

Anne H said...

Thinking of you!

Linda Higgins said...

Hi Bernie, how awful about the fires. Every time I turn on the news there is NOTHING on that makes you feel good. Everyone is feeling the pains of devastaion of some kind. I did not hear this. It is major! I am sure your skies are seeing the affects of the fires. I can always tell if California has fires because our sunsets are bright orange and it is crazy but they are absolutely beautiful in spite of the horrible devastation. Stay well...hugs.. Linda

Tranquility Speaks said...

So sorry to hear about the forest fires there. I am glad you are safe and may God bless you for helping out those in need :-)

I am glad you're enjoying yourself with Terry :-)

I miss Jackie and Janie too! I wish them well and hope they're both alright

Joey said...

It sounds as if Alberta is as dry as it is here in Texas. The area I grew up in (West Texas) has had wildfires everywhere. One was caused by someone throwing a lit cigarette out of a car window.

So glad to have you blogging. You sound so much better, Bernie. I was praying for you, and the losses you experienced.

I hope they can retrieve the data from your computer.

We have two XP's in the house, but they don't work well. I use Vista and love it. I back up all of my photographs to Kodak, and have an external media drive as well.

By the way... the new version of Internet 8 stinks.

Love you, Bernie.