Monday, July 3, 2017

Anyone Out There

Hello everyone, are you still out there.  Where do I begin? It's been so long, sorry. Life changes and goes forward and has dragged me along screaming and kicking. I am so much older

I have moved back home, all is well. Its where I should be at this time in my life, closer to family and friends, even making new ones. 👌👌

My neighbors are basically my age, this is a good thing! 👵 During the summer we all sit out together and share stories, laugh and complain about the heat. During the winter we just complain about the cold and especially the snow. We tend to get a lot of snow on the east coast. Since we all live in our condo like apartments, we are close to each other, there for each other and I love each one of them. 2 of the ladies have lost their husbands in the 4 years I've lived here which makes me sad. They are adjusting to life without them, it is hard......I know. They don't realize it yet but they will be fine, they may even find things to do that they didn't before as their spouse's were not interested and you know something, they'll love it. 

Even more has happened that has me a bit startled........cannot believe Trump is President. What a blusterous, buffoon he is. Cannot believe they could of found a weirder President, not sure they tried too hard. I laugh out loud when they say Hillary was to prepared, to old school. They sure could use a good dose of prepared and old school now. Personally I believe Russia's fingerprints are all over this election. It will take time but I also believe Robert Mueller will show the people Trump for what he is. Oh I know he will always have 30 - 40% of the vote, you know the ones who put party before country, hey they'll always be there and the Democrats have the same amount of people who are just as bad and will do the same. Oh well the Americans wanted something different and that is certainly what they got. God Bless my neighbors to the South they need all prayers they can get people....join me please.

Canada has recently had a Birthday, 150 years old. I know I am prejudice but I feel so lucky to live in such a beautiful country. The people are kind, friendly and ever so helpful to those in need. We are diverse and that is what makes us unique, special. Oh we're not perfect, so much more to be done but honestly people, in my opinion Canada is the most wonderful country in the world. We welcome people, all people. Doesn't matter if they are gay or straight, love matters, doesn't matter what color their skin is either, or what church they go to or if they even go to church.....we don't care. If you are nice to us we are nice to you. We allow you to figure your own morals and beliefs out. We know you'll get where you were meant to be without us telling you. We'll even support you as you find your way. One more thing that is important......we do not have pennies, that is right! We just round everything off to the nearest nickel. It was a seamless transition and our pockets and pocketbooks are so much lighter. 

Well I have much more to tell you but I think I have already said enough for today. Just know I have missed you and hope you find your way back to my blog. It will be fun!

Big Hugs, talk with you very soon 😇

Saturday, November 10, 2012


It has been a long two weeks for me - I have been very ill. I am feeling better now

During the past couple of weeks as I lay freezing in cold sweats, delirious from high temperatures I had many hours to reflect on not only what was happening in my life but in every one's life and I realized just how much times were changing. Some of these changes are for the better and some not so much. It is time we all evaluated our lives, what we have accomplished and what we want to accomplish. It is time we branch out, come out of our boxes, closets and even our comfort zones.

So many of us live under the rules and conditions our parents taught us, nothing wrong with that for their time, this is a new time. A time for new rules and conditions. I believe we can can change from our youth era brainwashing and still honor our parents and keep our principals as we continue to grow.

The past couple of weeks I watched ads, listened to pundits all filled with messages to bring good people down, demonize and purposely hurt. I don't know about you guys but my parents had solid principals but they didn't teach me these things, well not intentionally. I know if I had chosen to marry outside their (my) faith I risked the chance of being disowned. They weren't mean parents, this is what they knew and were taught. There should never be legislation to force people to follow any churches rules. Churches should be responsible for growing their own members. The Pope nor Billy Graham gets to pick who goes to heaven, that is between us (individual) and God. Freedom of Religion means freedom of everyone/for everyone be it Catholic,  Protestant, Jewish, Hindu or Muslim etc. Who do we think we are to criticize others for believing differently than we do. On reflection I believe we have to take responsibility for our own souls, if we are worried about others then live your life by setting an example. That works!

Let people choose who they marry - don't legislate it! People come at me all the time when I say this especially quoting Scripture. I am a Christian, I listen to others, I read the Bible and on this subject my interpretation is obviously different than some of you. I am so tired of those telling me I am not a true Christian because I don't agree with them. Why? I don't say you are not Christians because you don't interpret the same as I do. I think this is called judging, and in my opinion it is wrong to judge anyone. What happens in people's bedroom is not the governments business anymore than it is mine or yours. Stay out of people's bedrooms!

Pro life versus Pro choice. I don't know why but people have taken this issue and have made it so hard. As Taylor Swift's song goes (sorta -) I would never, never, ever have an abortion. Couldn't do it, wouldn't do it but that doesn't give me the right to go to my neighbor and tell her she must not let her 13 year old daughter have an abortion, no it is their circumstance, their choice, none of us know what may have happened or be happening in another's life and until we do we cannot and must not choose for anyone else. It amazes me how some people want to force a woman to never choose abortion as it is the beginning of life yet find it so easy to give a needle to end a life. If anyone thinks a woman makes the decision of abortion without thought, heartache and tears then they haven't talked to anyone who has made this choice. They have the hard part, we need to reach out and help these women, love them, be there for them whatever they choose,  love without conditions.

Now I come to guns, for the life of me I don't understand why anyone wants a gun. Again I would never ever have one in my house. That is my thought, my choice. Others feel differently and that is their choice. I don't believe to have or have not a gun should be legislated. As long as mothers and fathers believe in the safety and necessity of having guns then there will always be guns in homes. I find it frightening that mentally ill people have access to such weapons. I still don't believe I should tell someone or anyone if they can own or shoot a gun. I am glad that our RCMP, police and other protectors are armed but I am also glad to feel my neighbour's home is gunless as mine is. To me the fact that people feel unsafe in their own homes, or even feel the necessity to carry a gun in their purses or on their person is very sad. Is it common sense over paranoia?

You know there was a time when I was smug and content in knowing I was blessed because I was born a Catholic, spoke English and was a White woman living in a beautiful country like Canada. I had it made, didn't I? Well I was blessed with all of these things but others are blessed just as much as me. They may be a different color, go to a different church or not go to church, believe differently on issues, yes these beautiful people are just as blessed as I am because God loves them just as much as he loves me.

There will always be people who think the world owes them something, after all they didn't asked to be born. These are the people who need us the most. By example we can show them that a hand up is different than a hand out. I realize that we don't live in a perfect world, there are no perfect people nor will there ever be but I also realize no believe that we all can be a little bit better than we are. We can look for the positive and love those who are different than we are, and if we can't wrap ourselves around others ways, then at least offer a smile. Don't ever, ever take away the hope of those who do not look like or believe as you do.

I bet we all are hoping I don't get seriously ill again but for different

I wish you all joy, health, love and abundance..........big hugs and many prayers always.