Friday, January 26, 2018

Back Again

Hello my friends, it seams I am off and on my blog like flies on a grazing cow. I always have the best of intentions to continue on a regular basis but then get hung up on life and like many other things my blog is pushed to the back of the queue.

I'm growing older and have entered a new decade, one to be celebrated.......I think! Seriously I don't mind. So many have not had the privilege to grow older especially in my lifetime. My late husband, my son will never grow old but have missed so many important occasions in our family's lives. The deaths of some, marriages of others and the births of beautiful additions. Important births like grandchildren and nieces and nephews. This is called life and it continues on with or without us. Myself I too have moved on but I also like to think I've moved forward. I've shed tears but I've laughed so much more. Life is good and though my hair is thinning as my middle is much thicker I still have a twinkle in my eye and enjoy a glass of wine with my dinner. Yep life is good and I choose to feel this way for as long as I'm able.

Time hasn't been that kind to my family really. My sister, Sheila passed away 2 years ago from Ovarian Cancer and now my brother is battling Stomach Cancer. He has had major surgery and is now going through intense chemotherapy. My heart aches for him and his family. We were once a family of six, 3 boys, 3 girls and now it looks like we soon be a family of 3. Listen to me, usually Miss Positive sounding so negative. Sincerely though I believe I'm being realistic. It is what it is and I miss him already but I will hold his hand and love him through whatever is ahead of him. I pray that he doesn't suffer to much pain.

Its cold today but sunny. The sun coming through my windows and patio doors makes the apartment look warm and cozy and I love seeing my polished furniture and gleaming glass tops of my tables. There is just something about the look and smells of a clean home. Plan on watching some curling shortly.

Talk with you all really soon........I hope


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