Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from my house to yours

May you all be blessed with the love of family and friends.

God Bless you always............. many, many hugs!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

A Taste of Louisana

Snow came far to early in Alberta

I was warm and cozy reading by the fire, my favorite place to be when it is cold outside and it is!

The doorbell rang and looked what I received......A parcel from Miz  Mollye

I was so excited, Mollye included everything. The small saucer and teapot was her mother in law's, can you see the snowman and the perfect book for especially for this time of year.

Can you see the Reindeer pin? So cute. Also included were Cajun Country Long Rice, Hot Sauce, Cajun Seasoning, Gumbo Mix and even a desert - Cobbler Mix. I wish I could pick out a favorite but I can't I love it all. Thank you Miss Mollye - thank you so very much,  you are truly a special friend.

It has been a couple of weeks since I have posted and so much has happened, I have been really busy but I think that is what this time of year is all about. Visits from family, friends, Christmas parties and one really special Christmas Tea.

I am just about ready for Christmas, and this year is going to be my best Christmas already has been a wonderful few weeks - our small town is brightly lit with Christmas lights, our church looks absolutely beautiful this Advent season with trees, boughs, wreaths and sparkling lights. I love Christmas!

I have a busy 3 weeks ahead of me, I don't know why but I couldn't seem to say no to anything this year and this Cinderella's dance card is full.......I am so blessed and every day I am so thankful. Ah life is good my friends. I am wishing you all a wonderful Christmas Season surrounded by family, friends and much love. Love  is all around us, we just have to reach out and touch it.

Hopefully I won't be away as long as I have been but I think you all know you are in my heart and prayers as I try and visit all of your blogs daily. Until next time God Bless and many, many hugs.......:-)


Sunday, November 21, 2010

Update From The Great White North

Hello my friends…..I would say I am back but I really haven’t been gone. I have been busy with life. I spent 4 days in the mountains with 3 very good friends. We went from home to Jasper on to Banff then to Calgary and it was absolutely breathtakingly beautiful. We had snow or snow flurries every day and it was a true winter wonderland.

Last week I had to prepare for a speech which I presented yesterday before 300 people, I didn't mind as I am use to public speaking. For several years I have sat on two Boards, these were appointments made by the Provincial Government and for the most part I have enjoyed my position even though at times I have found the responsibilities to be a burden. You see I don’t like judging people, not good at it don’t want to be good at it. The only reason I continued is I know I am fair and able to see hopefully each side of the story. Yesterday was my last speech, it was a good day but today I feel relieved and satisfied that I have finished and someone new has been appointed in my place. I have never spoken about this part of my life, for a couple of reasons, first it was a political appointment and secondly we dealt with confidential material. Oh it wasn’t life or death situations but the decisions we made - made a difference to those involved. You see our Board heard appeals when residents felt they were treated poorly or unfairly. It could have been someone appealing their house taxes or someone wanting their medical supplies included in their monthly supplements or just more money for snow suits for their children. We heard and seen many sad stories, in fact not one hearing was a happy case really but I had accepted the appointment so I like to think we did a thorough and fair account for everyone who came before our Board. There were 3 of us on the Board; we all finished as of yesterday after several years together. Each Board consisted of 2 professionals and a lay person. Our Board had a lawyer, social worker and I was the lay person. One has just recently gone from lawyer to judge, something he has worked at and wanted for a long time now, the other is slowly losing her battle with cancer and I am so proud of her. Not once did she let her illness sway her opinion or keep her from completing her appointment, and even though we all had empathy for everyone we made our decisions on facts and circumstances. I learned so much sitting on these Appeal Boards, the first being that the world is not black and white; there are many, many grey areas. Too many are so quick to criticize others without walking in their shoes. I thank God for each lesson I learned but not for the unfortunate circumstances which taught me. We had a provincial coordinator who would inform each client of our decision within 10 days of their hearing. Our addresses and phone numbers were kept confidential for safety precautions and if we had a client whose file was red flagged we had security sitting just outside the hearing room. There were times we had to travel but we always went together. Hearing rooms were booked at the convenience of the client. I will miss my time with my co-workers and also the people I met holding this position but it is time for someone else to do this. Our lives are meant to change even though most of us dislike change……now it is time to get back to some serious volunteer work although the per Diem's and mileage checks will be missed I'm

We have had a real Artic freeze this past week, and everything is covered in snow, but that’s okay after all it is November in Alberta and it is suppose to cold and snowy. Right now it is -23 with light snow falling.

We are watching the semi finals of the CFL today, sitting beside a warm fire. I have a ham baking in the oven and I am so happy to begin a new chapter in my life……..Life is good people!

Have a great week, sending big hugs to all of you........:-)

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Mixed Emotions

Hello my friends, I have missed you. My world has been filled with so much this week and I am quite please to see the back of it.

I have had a week of emotions, up and downs, it was the anniversary of my son’s death and I always find this to be an emotional time. I realize this isn’t about my son but about me and how I feel……once I let go and let God take over I was fine. I cannot change any of the past so I was pleased when I finally remembered the years he lived and all the love we shared......I stopped focusing only on the day he died and focused on the day he was born and how my heart was overfilled with love and happiness.

I had 2 cortisone shots in my spine this week, yup they were painful but I am feeling so much better today. It was so worth it. Ahhh life is good without pain|!

I lost another friend to cancer this week, perhaps it is my age but I find that more and more are falling to this horrid disease. I am glad they are no longer suffering but my heart aches for those who are left behind. I know how hard it’s going to be to make the adjustment of not having their loved one in their life. I don’t like to see anyone in this kind of pain but I also realize only they can walk through their grief and as much as I care I know no one can do it for them. It is not about what happens in our life but how we react to it. We all deal with grief differently. So my heart, love and prayers go out to all who are dealing with grief, I love you but more important God loves you.

Our weather has been lovely but today turned quite cold. I am sitting beside a delicious fire and watching my favourite sports. I have 2 TV’s side by side watching football and hockey and up to a few minutes ago I watched Curling on my computer………..okay so I am an addict……My name is Bernie and I am totally addicted to sports. If you like sports this is a great time of year…….ummmm maybe that is why I love Fall so much. Today has been fun.

Fallon called last night, she is off school next week.  I only wish I didn’t have such a full week ahead of me or I would have her here with me but Monday I am going to a holistic doctor (I know, expensive and for what) Tuesday I am joining two friends I use to work with for lunch and then Wednesday after a hair cut I am heading to the mountains for 4 days with friends who are so special to me…….have I told you how blessed I am. I will be back on Saturday. Thursday we are taking part in a Remembrance Day ceremony at Rocky Mountain Legion.

It was brought to my attention not too long ago, a friend or who we thought was a friend has started a new blog under a different name. Why? Her writing is the same, she has the same goals, problems and family as she always had……why do some people think betraying their loyal friends is the right thing to do. It is not, and those who were faithful followers, who tried to encourage and help her, are left bewildered some even hurt by the betrayal. Personally I wasn’t hurt, it is her business but I was disappointed that she would think she could fool us……we were not long figuring out it was the same person. The lesson I have learned….those that are unhappy and miserable are going to be that way no matter what we say. They enjoy being miserable and its as though they have nothing to talk/write about if it is not about how unhappy they are, they enjoy complaining, and seeking out compassion and attention. Sorry, I won’t play this game, there are  many who truly have problems who need our help.  I have also learned to appreciate the warm, caring and honest people in my life. They are real, and though we may not always agree on everything we respect, love and truly care for each other, have any of you had this happen to you after almost 2 years of being blogger friends. I am pretty sure we are not the only ones who have been mislead.

My cleaning friend came in this week to do my floors, so tiny so cute and she works so hard. Her husband came to pick her up and I smiled as I watched them say hello to each other. He helped her as much as he could and she so appreciated it…..they really love each other and it showed. I am so blessed to have met this young couple, we help each other in many different ways. (well they help me and I tip

I am off to enjoy a full week, November 11th is Remembrance Day, so I will fill my week surrounded by people I love and spend Thursday remembering all those I love who have gone before me, especially my husband who spent 25 years in the Air Force. I so miss him.

Have a great week everyone, God Bless and many, many hugs……:-)

Sunday, October 24, 2010

A Busy But Good Week

Hello my friends, it has been a busy week here in Morinville. I was blessed to meet a blogging friend, Sheila who lives approximately 2 hours north of me. She is lovely and confirmed my faith in the blogging family.  I am only sad to say neither one of us had a camera. We were able to enjoy a lovely chat over coffee at Tim Horton's.  That was on Monday which was a full day of lunch, shopping and appointments.

Tuesday found me having bone scan and  everything was fine. I don't have to do this very often. We have a wonderful hospital, Cross Cancer, in Edmonton. They are fabulous but I see so much pain and sadness there. There are happy faces as well especially when one finishes their treatment. I also had an IV treatment for my bones, again something I don't have done very often. I don't mind having it, I just don't like the time involved as I have to drive into the city, it is a full day but I am not complaining, so many others have it worse. My blogging friend RivkA in Israel, has been living with Cancer for several years, I have been thinking of her and her family all week. She is in hospital now and is not doing very well. This is so sad as she has 3 young children who so needs their mother. Life isn't fair at times.

I went to the hockey game last night and my Edmonton Oilers wouldn't believe so many people could be at one place, it was so much fun.  The fans were loud and proud and some were so funny, I think that had something to do with  I love seeing everyone having such a good time, even with the loss my friend and I had a wonderful time. We stopped  for a coffee on the way home and I smiled as I walked into Tim Hortons again. Gosh I was there everyday this week but one. I do love my Tim's.

This morning I woke up to rain mixed with snow. It continued to rain off and on all day. I had to drive into St. Albert to pick up a parcel and with the wind it was really cold. Tonight when I put my garbage out it was snowing and still is. My car is covered but it is not staying on the ground, hopefully our beautiful Fall weather will be back in a few days. We have had a lovely Fall.....makes it easier to handle winter.

Do any of you have a problem when you go to preview your post, I just get a blank page.

Wishing you all a wonderful week! God Bless and many, many hugs........:-)

Monday, October 11, 2010

What I am Thankful For This Thanksgiving

Hello my friends, there are some e-mails that are so worth sharing and in my opinion this is one of them especially during our Thanksgiving.

 What I Am Thankful for This Thanksgiving
For the teenager who is not doing dishes 
but is watching TV, 
because that means he is at home 
and not on the streets.
For the taxes I pay, 
because it means that I am employed.
For the mess to clean after a party, 
because it means that I have been surrounded by friends.
For the clothes that fit a little too snug, 
because it means I have enough to eat.
For my shadow that watches me work, 
because it means I am out in the sunshine.
For a lawn that needs mowing, 
windows that need cleaning, 
and gutters that need fixing, 
because it means I have a home.
For all the complaining I hear about the government, 
because it means that we have freedom of speech.
For the parking spot I find at the far end of the parking lot, 
because it means I am capable of walking, 
and that I have been blessed with transportation.
For my huge heating bill, 
because it means I am warm.
For the lady behind me in my place of worship 
when she sings off key, 
because it means that I can hear.
For the pile of laundry and ironing, 
because it means I have clothes to wear.
For weariness and aching muscles 
at the end of the day, 
because it means I have been capable of working hard.
For the alarm that goes off in the early morning hours, 
because it means that I am alive.
and finally....
For too much e-mail, 
because it means I have friends who are thinking of me.
God Bless and many, many hugs...........:-)

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to my family and friends. Today I am remembering the Thanksgiving 's I celebrated while growing up. I loved them. It was always cold outside and I loved playing with my brothers and sisters in the crisp falling leaves. We would play outside for hours knowing that soon we would be going inside to the best Turkey Dinner ever. Our house always smelled of Turkey and Pumpkin Pie. My mum's turkey dinners were the best especially her gravy. I loved left overs and turkey sandwiches on thick slices of home made bread with lots of mayonnaise. Some years we would watch the world series on TV and mum would make us something special to eat during the game. She would buy round cheese and buns to make sandwiches with. Now this was a real treat for us as we seldom had sandwiches unless for a bed lunch or after school snack. Perhaps that is why I love sandwiches today, I often have a sandwich for a meal but some how my mum didn't think that was enough food to make a meal. Anyway back then they were a real treat and I loved Thanksgiving at my house.

Now I have to explain something and I hate having to explain this on such a beautiful and thankful weekend but it has to be done.  I am sorry I had to remove my follower widget but there were porn pictures popping up with certain followers, I tried to delete and block them but they became to hard to keep up with and not only do I find these people sad even sick  but I didn't want to offend any of you should you click on them. I tried to follow Blogger's instruction but I have had nothing but trouble by doing that, it was far easier to just remove the widget all together. Thank you AC for helping me with this and all of you for understanding.

Have a great weekend every one, God Bless and  many, many hugs............:-)

Friday, October 1, 2010

Beautiful Fall Weather

Dale - last weekend

Hello my friends, I hope you are all well and enjoying our beautiful Fall. I know those of you on the East Coast are really getting a lot of rain and I have heard from some of you that your temperatures are still in the triple digits. We really didn't have much of a summer but our Fall has been absolutely beautiful. We enjoyed beautiful crisp and sunny days and the colors were spectacular but this afternoon we had heavy winds and most of our leaves are on the ground. My beautiful Maple tree out front doesn't have a leaf left on it, all gone within a few hours. I was outside every day this week, it was far to pretty and warm outside, I walked each day with friends and enjoyed every moment of it.

I have had a busy week since last talking with you. I have had test, been put on medication and happy to say I am feeling better now. I have been out for lunches with old friends and new friends as well. I also have been fortunate to entertain an old school friend from home. Dale was here last weekend, her daughter goes to University in Edmonton. Doesn't she look great, it was so good to see her. We usually get together each time I go home to Moncton but this time she was visiting the West. We had a lot of laughs remembering our dates with the hockey players during high school - our group of friends had a contest - that is for another Anyway Dale ended up marrying her hockey player and moved to northern NB. I promised her I would visit her when I go home next. She always drives the 3 hours to Moncton to visit me, so I am over due to visit the great white North. Dale married much later in life than I did, her 2 daughters are still in University both taking Science as they want to be pharmacist - as a matter of fact her oldest daughter already is a pharmacist and has gone back to University this Fall to upgrade. They are lovely girls, just like their mom and dad.

I am going back to my nephew's on Sunday. He will be working in Toronto next week so I get to enjoy Fallon's company. We spoke on the phone last night and I realized how good it will be to spend time with her again. I miss her. My nephew told me he was picking up more furniture today. That will be nice as the house will be cozy,  not so bare but it may take me longer to tidy up. Greg is pretty good at keeping his house clean though, he does a lot really between working, being a father, cooking and cleaning. He is always on the go trying to make a better life for his family.

As you know October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and unless you live in a cave or under a rock I am sure you are all aware of breast cancer. I would prefer to see the tobacco companies, food industries and even the booze industries put their profits into finding a cure for this dreaded disease instead of using this time for marketing more items to sell in the name of cancer. We all know our diets and living habits contribute to our health, we all know booze and tobacco are responsible for so many diseases and even the food we eat are full of harmful chemicals. Sorry, I didn't mean to get started on this subject but it is how I truly feel. Every time I loose another loved one or friend to cancer it makes me angry. We have raised billions of dollars and still are not much further ahead than we were many years ago, that is because Cancer is more than one disease. I never felt I could hate anyone or anything but I know I am close to hating Cancer. I have lost a year and a half (at least) of my life to this is time to find a cure.

Sorry I got a bit carried away on that subject.  I will be taking my laptop with me to Greg's so I will be able to keep up with your postings if I am not too busy. I do hope you all have a great week.

Oh yes I just want to say that I have received e-mails from some of you as you haven't had a comment from me on your post, I assure you I have been to every post that Reader tells me about. It has missed notifying me of a few post of my favorite bloggers, I am now going to start checking on my own if I don't see a post from you after a while. I so enjoy reading your post, seeing your photo's and keeping up with how you and your families are doing.

Be well my friends, God Bless and many, many hugs........:-)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hello.........It is so good to be back!

Hello my friends. I am home and back to a bit of a routine. I cannot tell you just how much I am enjoying sleeping in my own bed.

We have had horrible cold, windy and wet weather - that is until today. It was absolutely gorgeous outside today. I even managed to walk for almost an hour this afternoon and my face is sunburned. I had to go downtown for a medical test. I was given an injection and then had to wait almost two hours before the test was to be done so I went for my cup of coffee and then my walk to pass the time. It was glorious and I could see it on the people's faces as I met them. Something happens to peoples spirits when it is a sunny crisp day.

I arrived home around four, and strange as this sounds my young cleaning lady had been in and the house was so clean and smelled so fresh. Now what is strange about it is I had spent 8 days at my nephews and cleaned through his house several times, his house is four times bigger than mine and I don't always do my own cleaning. My nephew's house is up for sale so every time there was to be a showing I would dust, vacuum, polish and clean. I want the house to sell for him so badly, he is having such a rough time. I know it will happen eventually, and all will work out. It always does.

I am going back for another week in October. Greg has to go away with his work and Fallon and I will spend more time together. She is so sweet, she cracks me up with her expressions and I love listening to her laugh and sing, now her dancing is another story......she is a great kid. Expensive but great......I know God has put this precious child in my life for a reason. She won't like being called a child, she is 13 and in her mind, all grown up. She is very mature for her age but to me she is still a child who needs tons of love, understanding and patience. She does very well in school and is madly in love with Justin Bieber. In fact her dad made it home on Sunday in time to take her and her best friend to his concert. She text me when she got home.......had a wonderful time and she was in love!

Driving home Sunday it was pouring down rain, after 45 minutes it turned to a wet slushy snow......I just couldn't believe we were receiving snow so early. None of it stayed on the ground. My house was freezing when I came in as the heat was off while I was away and we had such a cold week. I lit a fire and also turned the fire on. I went to 5 o'clock Mass so the house was warm when I got home, I was only gone 45 minutes. I ate a sub sandwich and went to bed early and slept almost 14 hours. I know, it's hard to believe but I was exhausted so I think you could say I crashed.

Monday I was up early and out the door to do some grocery shopping. Madi arrived around 3. Madi is my friend Pat's granddaughter (I bought my condo from Pat over 11 years ago) Sometimes she comes over after school for a couple of hours until her Dad picks her up. She only comes here when her Gramma is busy with something. I don't mind at all, she is another special little person in my life. I am so blessed as I love children and I have so many wonderful children in my life.

Tuesday was doctors appointment and today was test. So far so good, all is well. I know this for sure as I feel much better, in fact I would feel great if I weren't so tired but thankfully not nearly as tired as I was. Everything is going to be fine. I am hoping to play Bridge with the girls each Wednesday and spare in mixed Curling on Friday nights. We need a certain amount of people before we can have the ice or even a table........keeping my fingers crossed.

Okay I think I have filled in all the blanks, and I am sure you are all bored to death by now. All is well in Alberta. Many people collect many things, now me I just keep on collecting friends. Life is good my friends.

God Bless and many, many hugs...........:-)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Will be back next week!

Just  a quick note to say hello to everyone and let you all know I am doing fine. I am spending time at my nephew's this week who is away on business. Fallon and I are having lots of fun.......I will be back next week.

I have been trying to keep up with your post but am still behind yet, miss you all and will see you soon.

Much love, many hugs and God Bless......

Friday, September 3, 2010

Welcome September

Can you believe we are already into September......Fall my favorite season of the year. Now I have to admit this year I have left a few skid marks on the road trying to hold onto summer for a while longer. We didn't really have a very nice summer this year and what we did have didn't last very long. The fact is our summer is over and the smell of Fall is in the air. The mornings are cool and crisp, the afternoons warm and sunny and the evening are shorter. As we walk along the sidewalk I notice everyone is wearing a was time to let go of short sleeves and Capri's.....I had to join the others so tonight while walking I wore a cotton sweater and enjoyed the cooler air. It is okay now, I have adjusted......if for no reason than I have no choice.

The past week has been busy for me......and I don't know why people enjoy saying how busy they are. I don't get it......never have, it is almost like they don't want to admit to people they have nothing to do. Now me I long for the day of relaxation with absolutely nothing to do but what I enjoy. I spent 4 days last week at my nephews as he had to go away for work, I stayed with Fallon.....the special LP in my life..... We went shopping, out to eat, rented movies just enjoyed each other. When she went to West Edmonton Mall I tidied the house, did laundry and looked forward to her returning home. Her hair cut looks really cute.....then again I am a bit prejudice.

This is my nephew Greg, he is the only family I have in the area. He lives about an hour east of me. He is a wonderful father and I love watching him with his children. His heart is breaking right now as he shares custody of his two younger children with his wife. He misses them.....I did too but I did get to see them for a short time when I was there. They are just precious. I am going back over to Greg's mid September as he has to go to Montreal for more required work shops......I don't mind at all, I love the time with the children.

I know you are thinking I look tired, well that is because I was then, in fact I still am now. I don't know why I have been feeling so tired lately but it kind of came over me about 3 weeks ago. I can put my head down anywhere and fall asleep. Hopefully next week I will see Dr. John and find out what is going on, I may need my thyroid medication adjusted.

My friend Terry is arriving tomorrow. I am so looking forward to seeing her. She is only here a short time as she is flying out Sunday morning for home. I know she will have a wonderful time being with her family and friends. We have to fix my front doorbell as well I need to go shopping for lamps. The weekend will fly by, it always does when she visits.

The rest of my weekend will be filled with watching the US Open Tennis. I can't get over how hot it has been there, and us wearing sweaters. I am praying the hurricane misses the east coast and that includes my home province New Brunswick and of course Nova Scotia......We have received some horrible hurricanes over the years with much damage.....I pray all of my family and friends will be safe and even all those I don't know. Please stay out of harms way, these storms are not to be played in.

Have a great weekend everyone, God Bless and many, many hugs....:-)

Friday, August 20, 2010

Smokey Alberta

Hello my friends, isn't this a beautiful you know my friend Jackie passed away in March. This rose was grown by her youngest daughter Shanna. She also has a garden where she planted so many good herbs and vegetables. Her fresh dill was delicious with my salmon last night and I even added her fresh parsley to my cucumber salad. I am so proud of her and how she is putting her grief into a creative outlook. I know her mom would be so pleased to see her daughter working with and enjoying nature as she does.

No it is not foggy or raining. Our province has been covered in smoke from fires burning out of control in British Columbia. The wind has been blowing North East and we are really feeling it here in Alberta. There are strong medical warnings being put out to advise people who are ill, have COPD or suffer from heart disease to stay inside. I had to go out yesterday and today and believe me it is bad out there. My eyes are burning and I have had a dull headache now for two days. My heart aches for those who are suffering from a serious disease. The cloud of smoke, ash and harmful particles is suppose to be gone by Sunday and I am praying it does. This picture was taken yesterday as I was driving into the city. This was mid morning and by the afternoon the whole atmosphere was so eerie, just a dull glow with a pungent smell. Not nice at all.

My niece Fallon is home from New Brunswick, and it is good to have her back. Her dad has to go on a few three day conferences required by his work so I will be staying with her when he is gone. The first one is next week,  one in September and another one in October. I am afraid they came back to a lot of changes and I am hoping I can make her feel a bit more settled when we are together. Divorce is horrible for a child and even though she is 13 to me she is still a child. We always have fun together, there are so many things that we both enjoy and I plan on doing as much with her as I can. I only wish parents would realize how much pain is involved for everyone not just themselves. I am a firm believer one cannot build their happiness on someone else's unhappiness. Life just doesn't work that way, and no I do not believe that life is always greener on the other side of the fence........too bad so many have to learn the hard way.

My young friend Shauna is back in hospital. She is waiting for a surgeon to remove more cancer from her spine. She is having a lot of pain especially down her left leg. Please remember her and her family in your prayers.

My dear friend  Cindy of Me My Four Chins and I made me a new header for my blog. I really like it, she is so kind to have done this for me. If you get a chance please stop in and visit her. You will find your visit so enjoyable. She is so creative, has a great sense of humor and always finds the best in everything and everyone

Have a great weekend everybody, and enjoy these last few weeks of summer. It is hard to believe that Fall is just around the corner.....summer went by too fast this year.

God Bless and sending you all many, many hugs.......:-)

Saturday, August 14, 2010

New Computer

August 14, 2010

Hello my friends, well I wasn't having enough trouble with Blogger so I decided to purchase a new laptop. Oh yeah.....why not? I might as well learn it all at once. I just didn't stop at my laptop, I also purchased a printer/scanner/copier and a Sirius radio for my living room and my car. Honestly for 3 days I have had boxes all over my living room as I read and re-read manuals. I am not a techie at all.....don't know why I even attempt to do what I do. It only took me 2 hours to find a spot for the antenna.....errrrrrrrrr
I had one given to me by my friend and when she mentioned her son was looking for one now I automatically said take this to him and I will get myself one, well she didn't want too but I insisted. I hardly watch TV now instead I am listening to talk radio, it is so much fun. Where do they get these guys, it is like "what is your favorite day of the week, the guy says Friday and he automatically says, your saying you don't like Sunday's, the guy tries to explain and he says you just said Friday was your favourite day." I want to be a talk show host, they have so much fun interpreting look out for "On Air with Bernie" okay.

I downloaded my pictures from my camera into Picasa as I always do, but Picasa is on my other laptop. I have to figure out how to keep my album all together. Think I will download them to a CD then upload them on this computer. Half the time I don't know what I'm doing and just back into it when everything turns out right. Thanks Di, your instructions are really good. I think I am going to like this new editor once I figure all the buttons out. The sample showed a stats button on dashboard but it didn't show up when I actually arrived here. Oh well it is wait and see time anyway.....gosh only knows where this post will actually show up. I just  checked preview and it is a blank page. Honestly I have to get a life, all I have been doing is playing on machines for 3 days.

My friend Terry was in for a couple of days and had her procedure done, I am happy to say she did excellent and everything is fine.....phew! Her and I did all the shopping on Monday.

I was able to show you a picture of my hanging basket taken today, I wanted to show the first day I hung it so you all could see the difference but that picture is in another program in another computer. Gosh this is fun.

Dr. John says I have to walk 10,000 steps a day, well I got a pedometer and honestly on my best and busiest days I am under 2000 steps. Trust me between all these new machines I have walked all over the place plus I went for a 45 minute walk yesterday. Still can't get close to what he wants me do. I thought it would be easy but I also thought I took more steps obviously. Am going to try and crank it up next week.

Sorry I didn't respond to all your comments, (I so love them) but half the time I wasn't sure where I was or what computer I was times I even made myself laugh trying to undo what I did.  I think I have everything under control now or hope so anyway. Life, especially blogging, is going to be fun again....yes it is I am sure.

I do hope you all have a great week, sending you all ......... many, many hugs.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Thank You

Thank you for letting me know about the commenting problem. I have moved my sister and my picture so you can read the verification word. You guys are great to take the time to e-mail me. I hope you will let me know if this works, I may have to remove my pictures or I am wondering if I went to a 2 column template if it would give me more room.........Anyone know?

Love you all.......many, many hugs

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Catching Up

Hello my Friends,

I do hope you all have had a good week. Most of us have been basking in sunshine and high humidity....only to be cooled off with rain soaked evenings. I have to admit I love the sun and our fabulous summers. My only complaint is they are far too short........

Many of you have been and are back from vacation....I hope it was all that you expected and more. My own summer has been quite quiet this year. I have chosen to stay close to home  and see the sights in my own neighbourhood so to speak. After visiting Fort Edmonton and attending Heritage Days (another real treat for tourist) that is held every summer over 3 days - featuring many cultures. There were over 80 huge tents this year. Each tent represents a different country and the people are dressed in the appropriate clothing, the food was delicious and unique to each culture.  The entertainment was wonderful, and really can only be appreciated by attending this event.  Edmonton does offer something for everyone, it is a huge city and I enjoy all the things only a big city can offer, but I so look forward to arriving home. Morinville is small, very quiet with only one set of street lights. Oh yes my kind of town.

 My friend, Helen and I have also just returned from spending two days in Jasper. I love the mountains, two days was only long enough to make me realize how much I miss spending more time there. We have made plans to return in November for a retreat that is being held there. It is put on by Native Canadians. I so hope she doesn't change her mind as I am looking forward to it already.  November is not a good month to travel through the mountains in Alberta, so I won't go on my own. Now later this month I may drive myself to Banff to meet up with friends from Calgary.  Will share this with you all when my plans are confirmed.

I wish I could show you some of my recent pictures, especially my hanging baskets. They must weigh nearly 50 pounds. I wanted to sit on the door step and dead head them but they are far too heavy for me to lift. I stood on a stool and cleaned them up, they are lovely. Unfortunately I cannot say the same about many of my other flowers or plants. Oh some are not too bad, some are even quite nice but some have root rot. I think the hanging baskets did so well because they drain automatically.  Every year I learn a little bit more about gardening, next year I will see that my pots have more rocks and a far better drainage system.  Also,  I think I will cover them with plastic bags when expecting rain. One of my blogging friends suggested I do this.  I am still enjoying their scents and colors and I love all the insects and creatures they attract. I have had more birds visit me this year than ever before, my favorite are the humming birds just outside my garden door. It seems they feed every time I sit down for a coffee.....I love it.

My friend Terry is arriving Monday for a couple of days. She is to have a procedure as an outpatient Tuesday morning. It is not serious but I always worry a bit when my family or friends need to go through testing or procedures. She is driving in Monday morning and we are going to Costco during the afternoon, I have already started my "list" of things to do. Great friend aren't I,  but in my defence it was her idea. She is also going to try and help me upload pictures again to my blog. I am so close to achieving this, fresh eyes just may do the trick.

It is so good to have most of you back, it seemed so many were away in July. Wishing you all a great week.

Good Night, God Bless and many, many hugs......:-)

Saturday, July 31, 2010

I'm Hot

Hello my friends, hope you all had a wonderful week.

Our weather has been very hot.....yeah that is the only way I can mention my name in the same sentence when using the word We have had beautiful sunny days and horrendous thunder/lightening storms during the evenings and throughout the nights. Their were times my whole house lit up and the noise deafening as the storm was right over my house. My plants and flowers have a touch of root rot. I drain the pots each morning and the water pours out, the soil is saturated, not sure how much longer I can keep them looking nice let alone alive. I have to say I have been enjoying these lovely days, even the nightly electrical storms and basically have had a great week which I enjoyed tremendously.

My friend, Pat invited me to join her and her granddaughter Maddie for High Tea at Fort Edmonton. Fort Edmonton is a town within a city and will take you back to the early 1900's. All the buildings and businesses come from that era. Fort Edmonton includes homes, drugstores, hardware stores, bakers, seamstress, doctors offices, churches, post office, jail, blacksmith and shoe makers etc. All shops are the original buildings that have been restored and moved there from downtown Edmonton. Each building have refurbished furniture, stoves, pictures and carpets. It is like time has stood still. A train runs throughout the town dropping people off at their requested stops, also horses are tied outside of saloons and barber shops. The sidewalks are made of wood and the streets are dusty. There are horses pulling carriages and all the workers are dressed in clothing of that era. It is fun seeing the young ladies baking bread in old ovens using the same recipes our ancestors used. There were ladies making cheese, soaps and candles. Blacksmith's putting new shoes on horses and even the original land office had an employee there explaining how people purchased and registered their parcels of land. He was considered to have a well paid job being employed by the government. He made $1200. each year.

We began our day having High Tea at the Selkird Hotel, another original building from 1901. Our tea was served on fine porcelain dishes again from the same time period. The table cloths, napkins and even our servers dressed in the fashions of that time. To start we were each given a choice of tea, which was served in huge individual teapots. We had freshly baked scones with our choice of strawberry butter, raspberry jam or clotted cream. These scones would melt in your mouth. Then came the tiny sandwiches, again we had many choices of cucumber, egg salad, salmon, chicken salad and finally desserts. There were brownies, cakes, cookies, tarts and pies. We were told all food was prepared in the huge old fashion kitchens, and was prepared daily so that everything was fresh. One needs reservations and to my amazement the dining area was full, not an empty table available. The people there were from all over the world and it was such a pleasure not only being with dear friends but meeting families from so many different places. I absolutely loved it.

After tea we began walking about the town and visited many of the homes and businesses of that time. We didn't have time to see everything. Apparently the hotel prepares picnic baskets if you ask so that you can spend the whole day visiting each and every home, church and business of that time. You then could sit in the shade of a wonderful old oak tree by the river which runs through the town and munch on all the goodies in your picnic basket for lunch. It would take at least a full day to see all the sites, read all the plaques and listen to each period dressed host/hostess explaining the history of where you were. The men wore bowlers or top hats depending where they worked, their shirts and collars were sparkling white and heavily starched. The women wore bonets, large aprons and long dresses or skirts. Even their hairdo's suited the time, for example the Gibson look for women and hair parted in the middle for men. It was not uncommon to see the men in the stables, blacksmiths or carpentars wearing denim and cowboy hats. In fact Fort Edmonton has been used to shoot several movies.

Needless to say being a history buff I was like a sponge soaking in all the stories and history of a time long ago. I am still convinced I was a chamber maid in England in a former

I took many pictures but am unable to upload them to my post. I would of loved sharing with you what I was fortunate enough to experience but alas I am still fumbling around with blogger who has yet to co-operate fully with me. I will say I am understanding all the new additions a bit better and feel it won't be long before I will make my way around this new set up as I did the tried and true blogger I knew so well. I hope my next week's post will include pictures.

I also enjoyed a BBQ with my neighbours, saw the movie It's Complicated and had lunch and went shopping with an old friend one afternoon. All in all a good week.

Wishing you all a great week and may August be your best month ever. (Did I say August....oh my where has the time gone) Sending you all big hugs and much love............God Bless......:-)

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Problems With Blogger.......Anyone?

Hello my friends,

What a time I am having with all the changes in Blogger.........errrrrrrrrrrr! I am so frustrated. Perhaps because I don't know what is going on..........with anything. Uploading pictures, changing wallpaper, adding a links......I am about ready to ......well you know.

How about you? Any problems?  I always thought a young person would work this out in a minute but I'm not so sure. I have e-mailed blogger friends and they have tried to help me but I think I am computer challenged when it comes to these changes, did I mention I don't like young neighbour tried to help but God Love him he was no better than I was.

I have decided I am just going to do what I can as best I can and move on. I have been working on these changes for a couple of weeks now, I would try different things, get frustrated with it and shut it down for a couple of days before coming back to it with a fresh outlook.....guess what! It didn't do me a bit of good. Sooooooo, what you see is what you get well for now anyway. I know I will keep trying. Any information on uploading photos to a post or copy and pasting a new wallpaper from another site, well it would be appreciated. It is not necessary though as my world is going to move forward anyway, but guess who is looking for a computer course to take this Fall......Yup, that would be me.

The one thing that has bothered me very much is that Reader is not showing me when everyone has posted. I happen to think "I haven't heard from so and so" and I go and check on them and they had posted. So forgive me if I have missed commenting on your post, I am sure that all these kinks will be worked out soon. (Be it Bloggers fault.....not so sure when I can be up to par)

We have lost another blogger friend this week, Barry, from An Explorers View of Life. Barry was an exceptional writer with a keen wit and a great outlook. I loved visiting him and wish to send my condolences to his wife Linda and his daughters. Rest In Peace my dear friend, you will be missed.

It is really hot here today, so I am off to see if I can mess up more things on my blog because this heat is not bothering me at all......LOL

Stay well my friends, sending you all many, many hugs.........:-)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Thank You - Old Who Me

Bernie, yes we share the same name, has honored me with "A Blog of Substance Award". I so appreciate it but I know my blog is limited with substance. I am not a creative person nor do I write great stories or poems and no I don't take very good pictures either.

I am honest with myself and know my limitations but I also know my strengths. I was so pleased that Bernie recognized what I try to do and that is encourage those who need a kind word especially those who are sick, worried or troubled. I am a people person and more than anything I care about people and their families. I also know many of my blogging friends are very encouraging to others as well, that is why I love all of you so much.

I find it easier to smile than to frown and I love to give a hand up to those in need. I have been blessed with much love and kindness in my life, I only try to pay it forward.

I think all of my followers deserve a blog of substance award, you share your special gifts with all of us and I thank you for it. I offer all of you this award for I am unable to just pick a few. Please take it and place it on your blogs.

Thank you dear lady for seeing and understanding my heart, you are one in a million.
Bernie is 86 years old and her blog is so much fun and filled with life lessons and experiences. It is a wonderful read and I encourage you all to visit her and say hello, you will be better for it.

Have a great weekend.....God Bless and many, many hugs.....:-)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Busy Bernie - But Happy

Hello my friends, I hope you are all enjoying your summer. We have been having heavy rain and many thunder and lightening storms the past few days and between storms we have glorious sunshine. It is hard to explain, but I don't mind the rain or the hot sun.

Since blogger has changed their templates I have been trying to find a wallpaper I like. You all know how much I like pink and I have found one I really like but am still working on making it fit to the new templates. I was spoiled as I really like the wallpaper I had thanks to Cindy of Who, What, Where and When.....but I have no choice but to change it so change it I will. She tried to help me again this evening but we were forced from the phone when another thunder/lightening storm began.

A few weeks ago Holly, from Banner Haus News did posts of the alphabet. Her letters were so pretty that I saved them to my computer so I have put my initial up and will leave it this way for a while. I knew I would use these beautiful letters sometime. My eyes and "brain" are burning trying to figure all this out. I was spoiled as I really liked my blog the way it was thanks to Cindy, I have found another pink wallpaper I really like though and.....eventually I will have it the way I want it.....I hope! Thanks to Wanda I was able to remove the tag, honestly Wanda I just kept removing gadgets until the tag disappeared.......I am so blessed with friends who don't mind helping a slow learning blogger.

I have been busy since Fallon left. I hear from her every day either by text or e-mail. She is having a wonderful time. She says Taylor Swift rocks......I am so happy for her but I miss her and am looking forward to her coming home. She is growing up so fast. I had my hair cut and streaked, lunch with friends, doctor's appointment, test, and visits from good friends. I think that is my favorite thing about summer, people stop in more often than through the winter months. I love sharing a cup of coffee with friends, I smile each time the door bell rings as I wonder who may be on the other side of the door. The surprise is nice but oh the company is better as we sit on the deck catching up on each others news. (My nephew offered to fix my deck next summer).... ..yay!

My friend Avinash and I had lunch at Red Lobster on Thursday. She is an old friend from GE days. She looks absolutely wonderful, I realized how much I missed her great smile as we laughed through lunch.

My meeting with Dr. John's patient went well, in fact she stopped in this afternoon with a page full of questions she had written down. Somehow today she seemed stronger, more in control and even better she seemed eager to begin treatment and fight this horrible disease. I was so pleased with her attitude, although I know from experience it is so easy to be up one day and down the next. Keeping a balance is a real challenge. Somehow I think she will do very well with the hand she has been dealt. She has good doctors and the love and support of family and friends.

Tomorrow I am babysitting a friends 10 month old baby. I am so looking forward to having her, she is beautiful and nothing brings me calm and happiness faster than a baby. They are unconditional love and it is impossible not to smile and enjoy the moment while holding a baby. I plan on taking her for a walk to the park if it is nice outside, if it rains then we'll just play with my tupperwear on a blanket on the carpet in the livingroom. I do keep a bag of toys for the little ones when they visit so I have lots of toys and stuffed animals for her to play with.

Have a great week my friends..........God Bless and many, many hugs :-)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Finally..........I'm Baaaaaaaaaaack!

Hello my friends, It has been 7 days since the modem went on my computers, it was last Wednesday night. July 1st is our National Holiday so trying to get someone here before today was impossible. The modem has now been replaced by a new up to date modern version and the Internet is working wonderful on both computers......only one problem now, the phone lines are showing "in use" and I have no dial tone. The repair man is arriving tomorrow afternoon to repair the phone lines. I have been using my cell phone tonight. My life is so exciting, it seems to be one thing after another and when it gets this bad I just have to laugh. When I opened my e-mail late this afternoon I had over 200 waiting for me, some were junk mail but many needed answers. I have been trying to catch up on e-mails and post comments since the repair, but it has been several hours and I am still not finished. I think I will start fresh tomorrow.

As you know Fallon has been with me these past several days. I wanted to help her get ready for her trip down home. She left this morning at 6 and text me off and on all day beginning at the airport, then her stopover in Ottawa and finally when she landed in Halifax. In fact I just received another one from her just now.

We had a great time, we had our spa day, visited a farmers market, shopped all day Saturday, out to dinner twice and also went and seen the movie Grown Ups.....go and see it people, it was so funny. Fallon said I laughed the hardest in the theatre and she laughed at me laughing. I know she will be home the end of August but I still was very lonesome when she left......she is just so little to travel so far on her own. I know she will be welcomed and loved when she gets there, she needs that right now to learn to let go, she has a wonderful father who will protect her and love her unconditionally.

Today I received a wonderful necklace from Holly at Banner Haus News. Holly had drawn names from her comment boxes and I was the name chosen. It is adorable, thank you Holly so very much. With Fallon leaving this morning and the Internet and phones giving me a problem, it was a real pick me up to receive such a lovely gift from a lovely blog friend.

Our weather has been lovely, but we did have a lot of rain yesterday. Today began damp but turned sunny and warm this afternoon. It is suppose to be nice all week, actually they are saying it is going to be very "hot". Good, we in Alberta need the heat......we should store it for our winters.

I am sorry for being away so long, but this time "not my fault." I hope you are all doing well and I missed hearing from all of you. Will be around to each of you as you publish your next post.

Sending you all much love and many, many hugs.....:-)

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Lazy Days of Summer

Hello my friends, I am happy to say we are now enjoying a warm and sunny summer in Alberta. Our days have been warm and sunny.....our evenings filled with thunder/lightening and lots of rain. Everything is growing so quickly, my blossoms smell so nice and my hanging baskets have really grown in just a week and a half. Yesterday my friend and I went for a walk throughout my neighbourhood and just enjoyed every one's front lawns and flowers.

On the weekend we went for a drive to Rocky Mountain House. It was lovely as I love driving on Alberta's old country roads. The fields were filled with colorful crops and it was a bit strange to see horses and cows out to pasture standing next to an oil well. We didn't have a picnic but ate at a lovely restaurant. As I was enjoying the old country barn scenes I realized I should of brought my camera with me...

Fallon is arriving tomorrow and I am all ready for her...I.think. I have booked our appointments and have checked out the entertainment happening right now at West Edmonton Mall. I was able to make an appointment for her hair cut, mine will wait until next Wednesday. We will have our Spa Day together though......will be fun. My nephew and his wife are going through a divorce right is very sad really and I don't know why but the children always find a way to blame themselves. All we can do is love them through the chaos. I will miss Fallon but it is the right thing for her to spend the summer with her grandparents and cousins. She will have fun!

Tomorrow morning I am meeting a patient of Dr. John's for coffee. He called me a few hours ago, I pray I will have the right words to encourage her through her journey ahead as she has just been diagnosed with Stage IV Breast Cancer......honestly if I could have only one wish in this world it would be a cure for this horrid disease.

It is beginning to storm again, I hear the thunder and see the lightening and oh my here comes the rain.

Have a great week everyone, sending you all many, many hugs......:-)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Hey Guys ...... The Fridge is Fixed

Hello My Friends

I am happy to update you on my fridge and my deck decision. The fridge is fixed. I asked the repair man when he arrived today if he was charging me for one or two house calls, when he said one I said come in and I am happy you are here. It only cost me $220.00 to repair the fridge and that was the cost of the fan plus the $88. house call. I am telling you people we all have to go to trade school and be an expert....we would all be rich!!!!

I have finished my deck and it looks beautiful.....I only put out my furniture and planted more flowers. I have decided I will repair the wood in the Fall. I also am going to have my main floor (in my house) painted in the Fall.......Fall is going to be busy around here but it will look oh so nice. I am so blessed that I have a choice in the Fall to either repair the deck or replace it in the Spring.... Life is good.

Today, I also had young people take away an old couch, chair and TV in my basement, they are taking it to the landfill. I will put my wicker furniture down there for the winter next year. I vacuumed and dusted downstairs this afternoon and I am surprised at all the room I have now. I love how clean it looks now that I have vacuumed and dusted, not to mention vacuumed all the spider webs away and washed down the walls.

Fallon is coming over to spend time with me before she goes home to NB July 6th (for 5 days beginning July 1st.) I have booked pedicures for us both on July 2ond. We are also going to have our eyebrows waxed the same day. She is so sweet, we talked an hour on the phone today and all we did was laugh. She really is a hoot! I am taking Fallon shopping to pick out an outfit to wear on her flight home, plus a few things she may need. Gosh I love this kid, I only want her to enjoy her summer vacation.

I wanted to tell you all last night that her sister, Olivia, has Ausburger's (sp)disease. Fallon is so good to her little sister. I wanted Olivia to know that Aunt Bernie has put her picture on her blog, (Fallon is going to show her) but I also wanted to protect her. Honestly Olivia is the most beautiful child you could meet. She is kind, gentle and loving. Only God knows how much I love her. She does very well so far, but life is hard and I am not sure that people will love her as I do. I want to protect her from all harm, I love her unconditionally and she knows this. Her little face lights up for me as it does for Fallon and I melt whenever she smiles at me. I am so blessed to have her for my great niece. Her brother Dylan is my godchild. Just wait til I tell you about him, he is so active and so much fun. I have never met a child that is so busy, if you can climb it he climbs it, (and if you can't he still climbs it) you would so love him if you knew him. I know I do and I laugh so hard as he performs for me.

I love my days with Fallon as she is so funny, we have a bond that cannot be broken. We are going shopping just to make sure she has what she needs to go to NB. We are also going to dinner, a movie and to be very honest every place she wants to go. I only want her to have fun, enjoy her visit home and come back to Alberta happy and healthy. Fallon has been a major part of my life since she has been born, in reality her father and I have been the only constant in her life since she has been born. I will miss her while she is gone, but I will be so happy to welcome her home. I know my sister (her grandmother) will do everything she can to see that Fallon has fun and enjoys her visit. Fallon doesn't realize (it is a surprise) that her Uncle Terry has bought her tickets to see Taylor Swift on PEI. I know she loves Taylor, I only wish I could see her face when she realizes she is going to see her in concert. She will absolutely love it......maybe I should go home with her as I would love to see Taylor as well as Prince Edward Island again. It is so beautiful there, if you get a chance to visit please do, you will love it. The play Anne of Green Gables runs regularly throughout the summer there, I saw it many years ago, another must see in the Maritimes.

I am asking you all to pray for my young friend Shauna, she has been accepted by a Nashville hospital to participate in a trial drug for cancer, she does not know if she has been given the drug or a placebo. I am so praying she receives the drug and will be healed. I have never known a family like Shauna's. Her family loves her so much, her husband supports her unconditionally and her parents and siblings pray continually for her to be healed as I do. She has 2 young children my friends, 3 and 1, they need their mom as her husband needs his wife and her family needs their daughter and sister. I only know this family through my blog, but I have grown to love and respect them so much. I know you all will join me in praying for her.

Okay I have to say it, wasn't that tennis match sensational, call me crazy but I set my alarm for 4:30 am so I would not miss a hit, slam, or miss. Way to go Isner and for the record Hubut (sp) from France played very well. I have to admit I was cheering for the USA player John Isner and he won.... way to go John!
... are you ready for this.... 70 - 68 in the fifth set. It was unbelievable. God Bless America, I was so happy when he finally finished the set, I am not sure how he will play his next match but he could never top what he did today. The set took 3 days too complete and broke way too many records than I could list here. I am not sure he could match the intensity to win another match at Wimbledon.....and if he doesn't it's okay, he has done his best and something tells me his legacy will be this match. (sorry John I know you won't like this) I also love seeing the Queen at the Murray match, it has been over 30 years since she has been to Wimbledon....I mean this is on my bucket list and she has her own you think she may invite me to use her seat when she can't make, I didn't think so. Did I tell you I am a royalist, I love the Royal Family, God Save The Queen.....I so want to see a final at Wimblendon.

I am so looking forward to the weekend, I have plans to go for a drive and have a picnic with a friend, and yes Diana he is a special friend. I love doing drives and picnics, I may be widowed but I am not will never know what else I love......LOL

Have a great weekend everyone.......God Bless.......and many, many hugs.......:-)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Love My Girls

My Great Niece - Olivia

Hello my friends,

This is my great niece Olivia, a couple of post ago I showed you a picture of her sister Fallon. Fallon is eight years older than Olivia but they have a special bond between them. I love watching them together, Fallon is so kind and gentle with her and her little face lights up whenever she sees her big sister. Sisters share a special relationship I think, I know I do with both of mine.

Just an update on my deck....if I want to have a patio poured the estimate was $6000 and that didn't include taking down the old deck and hauling it to the they can put in a "sister joist" on this deck and replace a few of the 2 x 4's and paint it for approximately $1800. but they can't do this until the Fall. It is wonderful knowing that everyone has so much work that I have to book 4 months in advance....and to know it has only taken them a week to get back to me with the quotes....did I mention I called twice before I got them.

My friend Terry surprised me with a visit on Sunday and went home Monday. She drove her husband's new truck and I wish I could remember the name of it to tell you. It was beautiful and her backseat was bigger than my car. It was huge and did everything, even talked to her. Her dashboard has a huge touch screen, it is a GPS, and also she can press a button and say home and it automatically calls home. It does so many things that it is impossible to list them all but it is a real luxury. Now I wouldn't want a truck but I was very comfortable sitting in it and Terry can drive it and park it on a dime. I have to laugh at how she can do this.

A couple of nights ago I heard a horrible noise from the kitchen, when I checked it out it was coming from the fridge. First thing yesterday morning I checked the fridge and it wasn't cold at all. The freezer seemed okay but the refrigerator wasn't working for sure. I called 5 different Appliance Repair places and the earliest someone could come and fix it was today. The freezer is keeping things cold but ice cubes and food have melted and so did a lot of other things which I had to throw out, anyway he arrived today after 4 pm, looked at the fridge and told me he would be back tomorrow with the part he needed. Now I had given him the make, model and serial number of my fridge when I called would think he would of known enough to bring a fan with him but no he didn't. I am wondering at $88 a house call if I will be charged for 2 house calls. Oh I love my life, nothing ever goes wrong in it.......LOL

Our weather has been absolutely beautiful. We have had the odd thunder/lightening storm but they have only lasted a few minutes. Everything is so green. I have put up my hanging baskets, planted a few flowers, still want to plant more and put out my deck furniture. It is really nice out there, I only hope no one puts their leg through a board......can you say lawsuit......LOL

I have been enjoying Wimbledon Tennis as well as the sunshine. I know I have complained about things being broken but the truth be known - it has been a wonderful week and I am enjoying the hot sunny days. Next week will only get better, at least the milk, eggs and butter will be cold and I will have ice!

God Bless.......and many, many hugs......:-)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Fun with Madison and Terry

Hello my friends, summer has finally arrived in Alberta. It has been absolutely beautiful the past couple of days.........I love the sun!

Terry came in on Wednesday as she had a doctor's appointment. We had a great day as after her appointment we went shopping, also her daughter and son in law brought a new house so she took me there to see it, it is lovely. They are moving in the end of the month and I am so excited for them. We then went to Costco, The Bay and Zellars. I had to pick up a toaster and electric kettle so the best prices were at Zellars. We also went to Ikea, oh I loved it and picked up some gadgets I didn't need but wanted. I love that store but we only go every couple of years or so.

That night after Tess and I went out for supper we were carrying my parcels in from the car and Terry missed a step up on my walk and fell down. It frightened me but she laughed so hard that I hand to laugh as well. She didn't hurt herself, it was the way she landed that was funny. I am just thankful that she didn't break any bones or any of my parcels......LOL

This is Madi and I. Madi took it and I have to laugh. I wouldn't normally let anyone see the wrinkles so up close but Madi is going to read my blog and I told her I would include our pictures.

A few months ago Madi shaved her head to raise money for cancer research, she raised almost $1000. She is so sweet but even more than that she is kind and cares about others. I bought my condo from Madi's grandparents, Pat and Dave. They have become such good friends over the years and their family has become my family. I took Madi out for lunch yesterday and we stopped into her grandparents work so she could say hello. They had sold their old business and bought a new one. It is really nice, it is a garage/car wash/corner store type of place.

Madi and I went to the movie, Karate Kid. It was a great movie, we both loved Jayden Smith......he really is a great little actor. I liked this movie even better than Shrek, The final Chapter. I think I have seen every kids movie this Spring, between nieces, great nieces and friends children I am really blessed to enjoy the company of young people, they keep me young at heart and always make me laugh.

I have been unable to find anyone who can repair my deck before the Fall. Most contractors are now doing major projects.....apparently the floor joist of the deck need to be replaced and it has been recommended that the deck come out and a new patio be poured. I am considering having this done but will have it done in the Spring not the Fall. I am just praying the deck will get me through this summer. Tomorrow is flower day, I am going to the nursery to pick up my hanging baskets, plants and flowers. I am really looking forward to this day and have been for several weeks now.......woo hoo!

Okay am off to have my bubble bath and a good night's sleep. I have enjoyed having Terry and Madison's company so much but am looking forward to getting back to my routine.

God Bless ............ and many, many hugs......:-)