Friday, August 20, 2010

Smokey Alberta

Hello my friends, isn't this a beautiful you know my friend Jackie passed away in March. This rose was grown by her youngest daughter Shanna. She also has a garden where she planted so many good herbs and vegetables. Her fresh dill was delicious with my salmon last night and I even added her fresh parsley to my cucumber salad. I am so proud of her and how she is putting her grief into a creative outlook. I know her mom would be so pleased to see her daughter working with and enjoying nature as she does.

No it is not foggy or raining. Our province has been covered in smoke from fires burning out of control in British Columbia. The wind has been blowing North East and we are really feeling it here in Alberta. There are strong medical warnings being put out to advise people who are ill, have COPD or suffer from heart disease to stay inside. I had to go out yesterday and today and believe me it is bad out there. My eyes are burning and I have had a dull headache now for two days. My heart aches for those who are suffering from a serious disease. The cloud of smoke, ash and harmful particles is suppose to be gone by Sunday and I am praying it does. This picture was taken yesterday as I was driving into the city. This was mid morning and by the afternoon the whole atmosphere was so eerie, just a dull glow with a pungent smell. Not nice at all.

My niece Fallon is home from New Brunswick, and it is good to have her back. Her dad has to go on a few three day conferences required by his work so I will be staying with her when he is gone. The first one is next week,  one in September and another one in October. I am afraid they came back to a lot of changes and I am hoping I can make her feel a bit more settled when we are together. Divorce is horrible for a child and even though she is 13 to me she is still a child. We always have fun together, there are so many things that we both enjoy and I plan on doing as much with her as I can. I only wish parents would realize how much pain is involved for everyone not just themselves. I am a firm believer one cannot build their happiness on someone else's unhappiness. Life just doesn't work that way, and no I do not believe that life is always greener on the other side of the fence........too bad so many have to learn the hard way.

My young friend Shauna is back in hospital. She is waiting for a surgeon to remove more cancer from her spine. She is having a lot of pain especially down her left leg. Please remember her and her family in your prayers.

My dear friend  Cindy of Me My Four Chins and I made me a new header for my blog. I really like it, she is so kind to have done this for me. If you get a chance please stop in and visit her. You will find your visit so enjoyable. She is so creative, has a great sense of humor and always finds the best in everything and everyone

Have a great weekend everybody, and enjoy these last few weeks of summer. It is hard to believe that Fall is just around the corner.....summer went by too fast this year.

God Bless and sending you all many, many hugs.......:-)


Cinner said...

Bernie, thanks for mentioning me, but I just put the writing on it, it was a header on a site, the only thing I can find on it now is 123header but I will find which blog so we can give them the credit. I am glad you liked it. This smoke is horrible here, I don't find it as bad as yesterday though, maybe that is a good sign. Be well. have a good weekend. take care.Thanks for linking to my blog, hugs.

Gail said...


The rose is lovely and the power of love from which it came warmed my heart.
i will pray that the smpoke shadowing your land is blown away soon.

I was sorry to hear of your friends spine cancer. Oh my, how tragic.

Enjoy your three days with Fallon. :-)

I am coming along slowly - the PT is actually very difficult but necessary. My daughter took me to see my Mom today. I brought her a home made chicken dinner and a nice fish-filet and coleslaw for her lunch. She is so tired but doing okay. I was just so happy to be with her and be able to bring her some meals. :-)

Have a wonderful weekend my friend
peace and hope.....

Twain12 said...

sending good thought to your friend Shauna .
i been watching the news on those fires and smoke...looks awful.
Enjoy your time with your niece, i'm sure she can use the distraction. I was her age when my parent divorced, it was very hard on my sister and i...i wish her well!
And your header looks very pretty :)
Have a good weekend.

william said...

what a lovely post /:)

Brian Miller said...

that is a beautiful header...hope you have fun with fallon..i know what you mean...hope you have a great weekend and try to breath easy in all that smoke...


Hope that smoke lifts over the weekend Berni. It must be very unpleasant. Praying for your frends who are ill. I'm laughing about your new computer. I bought a new laptop last Jan. My desktop has sorted itself out, and now I'm in a muddle with both of them. I find blogger confusing. I'm having problems with my font sizing, which is fine while I'm writing, and then publishes differently. Drives me mad, but haven't the time to figure it out. Your hanging basket is amazing. How did you do it in a ball shape? You'll have to do a tutorial. I have never seen one like it. Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog. Tiggyxxx

daylily (Queenmothermamaw) said...

The new header is just perfect for you. I am so glad you are there for you great niece. That is sure some pea soup looking smog there. I bet it is bothering everyone's eyes. Will be praying for your friend. Can't wait to show you my very first basket I made Thursday night.

Loren said...

What a beautiful rose! What a wonderful tribute Jackie's has given to her momma!

Those fires are just awful!! I can't imagine how badly it is affecting those who have breathing issues and health concerns! Praying the smoke is gone this weekend for sure!! I hope you are feeling better SOON Bernie!

I am so sorry to hear Shauna has gone back into the hospital! Will be praying for her and her family!! I just HATE cancer. My heart breaks for her and all she is having to endure!

Enjoy your time with Fallon. I am with you and sooo wish parents would understand truly how their decisions will FOREVER affect their children when they choose to divorce. I know you will bless your Niece as you spend time with her! I will be praying for her and her family as well!

I love the new header!

Have a blessed weekend my friend!

Love and Hugs!

anne h said...

Stay safe and outta the way of that smoke!

Jingle said...

sorry that your friend passed away in March,
how kind for you to write a post to honor the dead...

lovely rose!

Joanna Jenkins said...

Hi Bernie-- The new header is fabulous. How sweet of Cinner to help you out (she's so creative!)

I mentioned on my blog today that yellow garden roses are one of my favorite flowers and this beautiful one is a good example why. Shanna has a lovely green thumb.

The smoke and ash is amazing! I hadn't heard about the fires in your area. I hope they get them under control soon and that a good summer rain washes away the mess.

Sending hugs and prayers to your friend Shauna.

Happy weekend, jj

Anita said...

Hi Bernie, Stopping by to say hello and to wish you a wonderful weekend too!

May God bless all the people and situations you spoke about.

And yes, the the new blog header is lovely. :)

Denise said...

You are such a kind, and very compassionate person. Blessings to you dear.

Donna said...

love your new header Bernie! I hope your friend does well with her surgery. And Fallon is so lucky to have you.
Hopefully the smoke will clear soon. I have COPD due to a critical illness years ago and I could not stand the smoke. Oh I sure hope it clears soon.
The yellow rose is gorgeous! So thoughtful.

Garnetrose said...

I feel for those of you who are suffering because of the smoke and such. It must be horrible to have to live with it. I hope they can get the fires under control soon.

The rose is lovely and it has so much meaning behind it.

It saddens me to hear your friend is suffering. I hope they can give her some relief. It must be horrible.

Oh, I hate to see people get divorced when there are kids involved. It makes it so difficult for them but sometimes people just cannot live together. I am glad Fallon has someone like you in her life as you are one of the stable people who can help her cope.

Anonymous said...

Hello Bernie. All that smoke is something bad, but other, more humbling things in your post put everything in perspective. Keep smiling through.

Victor S E Moubarak said...

Hi Bernie,

There are plenty of reasons to pray in your post this time. So I'm praying for all mentioned right now ... including you.

God bless.

Valerie said...

How awful, I hadn't heard about the fires in Alberta. Just you stay safe, my friend. Love the new header, Bernie, I must go and visit your friend Cindy. Enjoy your time with your niece. Hugs from me.

Diana said...

Oh Bernie I noticed your beautiful header right off! Cinner is amazing!

The smoke sounds horrible and I hope that you are able to stay out of it until it's gone for good!

I am so glad that Fallon has you to lean on for support. Yes 13 is still a child as is 15. Sometimes it can be hard for me and others to remember that but they are far from adults! I am SURE that you are a great source of comfort to her. But even though divorce is hard on some children, and I don't know her circumstance, it can actually be better for some. It was definitely better for mine!

I pray that all goes well for Shauna. I can't even imagine going through what she has to.

Take care of yourself Bernie.
Love Di ♥

Wanda..... said...

Bernie, your blog looks wonderful, I love the heart of roses in the header. I am so glad Cinner was able to help you.

You most likely are a comfort for Jackies's daughter, a link to her mom in away. Fallon will also find comfort knowing you will be there for her no matter what. It is a sad situation for the children.

Do try to avoid that smoke as much as possible, Bernie. Will e-mail later, our internet was out last evening.

Vicki Lane said...

Hoping that the fires are brought under control soon and the smoke abates.

My Aimless Infatuation said...

Just dropped by to say good morning and wish you a joyous weekend. Great post as always. I'm sending up prayers for all,God bless.


Hi Bernie

Our fire season is in full swing around the Southern California area where I live. Almost every year we lose lives and property due to wild fires. I hope they get the one that is causing you smoke problems under control soon.


Rebecca said...

My eyes kind of burn just looking at the picture and hearing about it. I'm so sorry.

Your blog is looking quite fine, Bernie! Way to go!

Glad you get to spend some days with Fallon over the next weeks/months. I'm sure she has just as much fun as you do.

Good to hear of your life and concerns. Hope all clears up soon!

Maggie May said...

I am sorry about the smoke. This seems to be a problem in many countries now. It is quite scary.

I am sorry about the ordeal of Shauna and hope that the next operation will keep that awful disease away for a long, long time.

I love the rose and think it is a lovely idea to plant one in remembrance of someone. Also to use that same rose in a little vase by a photo.

Hope the smoke clears soon and that you enjoy the rest of the weekend.
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Holly, the Old Western Gal said...

Your blog is looking so beautiful. I love the new header by Cindy and the dusty pink in the middle of the page where the posts go!

That smoke looks simply dreadful. Nature is awesome and can be hard on us.

Sorry to hear of the divorce in the family. I am very against divorce for any but the very most grievous of reasons, because as you say, it causes so much agony.

Bernie said...

Cinner, thank you I love my new header however you did it. Hope you are well and have a wonderful weekend...Hugs

Gail - so glad to hear you are doing a bit better sweetie. My rose is even prettier today, Shanna has a lovely garden.....:-) Hugs

Twain12 - the smoke is a bit better today but one can still see and smell it. Have a great weekend...:-)Hugs

William - thank you, have a great weekend.....:-) Hugs

Brian, thank you. I am looking forward to my time with Fallon, always do. Have a great weekend...Hugs

Tigglywinkle, I don't do anything special with my baskets, I only dead head them on a regular basis, water daily and give them a treat once a week. This year they are lovely...Hugs

Peggy - looking forward to seeing your basket, the smoke is still there today but not as bad thank heaven, hopefully it will all be gone tomorrow, ......:-) Hugs

Loren, Jackie would be so proud of both of her has been rough for them. Our weather is getting better, we need a good rain right now to clear the ash....:-)Hugs

Anne - still dangerous readings outside but is a bit better thank heaven. Have a great weekend...Hugs

Jingle, my friend Jackie was very special to me and always will be. Have a great weekend....:-)Hugs

Joanna, my rose has opened up even more today and it is so pretty. Yellow are one of my favorites as well....:-) Hugs

Anita, smoke is a bit better. I too love my new header thanks to Cinner. Have a great weekend....:-)Hugs

Denise, thank you for your kind words sweetie.......:-) Hugs

Donna, so glad you don't have to breathe in this smoke, Have a great weekend....:-) Hugs

Garnet, divorce is very hard especially when there are children involved. Thank you for your kind words as I love the rose and the header especially since Cinner did it up for me. I have such good blogging friends, love them all.....:-) Hugs

A Man Called Valance, yes life keeps moving forward no matter the sad situations in others lives. I still say Life is good though.....:-)Hugs

Bernie said...

Victor, thank you for all your prayers. So many of those I love are hurting right now. Have a great weekend......:-) Hugs

Val the fires are in BC, the province next to is the wind that is blowing the smoke over us. It is better today though but won't be gone for another day at least, then we will need a good rain to clean the ash..........:-) Hugs

Diana, thank you I am very worried about Shauna and her family. I do believe that divorce is okay when there are drugs, gambling or booze involved - those are deal breakers but I feel anything else should be worked through especially for the children. Have a great weekend my friend.......:-) Hugs

Wanda, the smoke is better today but my eyes still burning when I am outside so I am staying inside today. Yes I thought of you when I saw the heart, cinner did such a great job as she knew exactly what I would like. Did Amanda get home okay? Big hugs to Alivia.......:-)

Bernie said...

Vicki, the smoke has abated some already but it is still bad out there.Have a great weekend...:-)Hugs

Aimless, thank you for your visit and your prayers. Wishing you a wonderful weekend.....:-) Hugs

Ron there are over 300 fires buring out of control, so sad really. I think of all the wildlife and it truly breaks my heart....:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Rebecca, the blog is getting more to the way I like it as well, what would I do without my blogging friends help.
The smoke has eased off some but still quite bad, thank you for all your prayers........:-) Hugs

Hi Maggie, yes I am quite worried about Shauna, so young with 2 young children....breaks my heart. Hope you are well sweetie....:-) Hugs

Hi Holly, the blog is coming along slowly but surely and I am liking it so much better. Have a great weekend sweetie....:-) Hugs

Brenda said...

My oh my Bernie, You have a lot on your plate right now--grieving your friend, dealing with the smoky atmosphere, encouraging Shanna, loving on your niece, Fallon and prayerful concern over your friend, Shauna.

Cindy did a nice job on your new header. I will take a look at her blog.

Blessings on you.

Abbey said...

This is what I call a truly beautiful post! The rose is simply brilliant in size and shape! It is good that she is able to move herself into something creative, which I'm sure helps in healing her heart. I'm aghast at the fires and smoke! ICK! Oh, the dill on the salmon - makes me HUNGRY!

So beautiful is your soul to be there for those that need you most. Fallon will feel especially loved and less alone while she is with you. I am sure that you can and do have some good talks with her, allowing her to express herself unprovoked.

Next time I get lonesome, can I come and stay a few days? LOL!

I love you, Bernie!

Abbey ♥

Cherrie said...

Wow that smoke is not good for your lungs!

Mmm said...

hi Bernie, nice to meet you!

That is so darling about the rose. Awww. I am sorry you lost your good friend though. Waht a lovely token of her though to fill your room with such splendour.

Whoa! Smoke. How awful. I didn't realise there were fires up there too. :(

BTw, may i suggest chasing your link colours for comments to something darker in contrast to your pink background. I seriously coudl not even read the text with that light green. A dark blue would stand out more and let more people see it to leave comments. just a user experience suggestion as a web graphic designer. :)

Cheryl said...

How awful about the fires burning..I do hope you are now experiencing clear days. It was nice to learn of how your dear friend's daughter is working through her loss..sounds as if she has a green thumb indeed. How lucky your dear niece has you to help her through what sounds to be a hard time. I am sure your love is surrounding her like a big hug. I bet you two will have great adventures on your times together. Have a wonderful week.

Just Be Real said...

Beautiful Rose Bernie. Thank you for sharing this post. Blessings.

The Retired One said...

It's a beautiful header, Bernie!! So sorry for your foul air there and for your friend Shauna's troubles and pain, and for your little girl's divorced parents. Life is so unfair isn't it?

I hope the rest of your summer is better and that you get to have some better weather before winter comes. I know you are making a big difference in that little girl's life...because you are an earth angel. When she grows up and has a life of her own, she will remember the huge difference you made in her life at this difficult time.

Mary333 said...

Poor Fallon! I'm glad the two of you are close, you must be a great consolation to her. I'll keep Fallon and Shauna in my prayers (and you). The smoke does look pretty bad there and I hope it clears out soon!
The rose is gorgeous and the heading is beautiful! I'll be back blogging in a few weeks (unless I get a chance to sneak one in before). God bless you, Bernie :)
If you get a chance, check out the blog Crooked Halo listed in my sidebar. You and Nanette would get along great! Nanette is a new blogger and a sweetheart. I'll go check out your friend's blog right now!

Bernie said...

Brenda, yes my plate is full but that is the story of my Loved your post on going to Boston, so loved it......:-) Hugs

Hi Abbey, welcome back. Yes I am spending time with Fallon this week, I enjoy her company so much. Taking her for a hair trim and school supplies and school clothes....should be fun. Have a great week....:-) Hugs

Cherrie, we are having rain and the wind has shifted so the smoke is clearing, almost gone really.....Hugs

Mmm - thank you for stopping by, I will change the color as you suggested as I see you are right about that. Thank you for letting me know. Smoke is almost gone now.....:-)Hugs

Cheryl - I am happy to say the smoke is just about all cleared as we have had quite a bit of rain since last night, it has cleared the air. Yes Fallon and I always have fun together, I just happen to love that kid a lot.
.......:-) Hugs

Just Be Real - I hope you are feeling better and life is good for you now as it should be..........:-)Hugs

Joan, you are so sweet, I do hope Fallon realizes how much I love her, there is nothing I wouldn't do for her. I pray she grows up to be healthy, happy and productive...:-)Hugs

Sharon said...

Hello Bertie, your new page is great! You are such a thoughtful person and are always looking out and thinking of others. That's lovely that you are helping out your neice, you must be a great support and a distraction for her - I bet she just loves spending some time with you. I hope your weather has improved, it doesn't sound very pleasant and thinking of your friend Shauna, hope everything goes well for her. Lots of love from Scotland (raining as usual!!) - Sharon x

Ed Pilolla said...

i like the header a lot.
divorce is no good for anybody. fighting in a marriage is no good either. and children suffer. it's tough to see, i know.
i live in southern california so i know smoke in the air. but i've never seen it that thick here. wow.
hope you have a great week:)

Linda Higgins said...

Hi Bernie, I so agree with you and divorce. Although I was blessed not to go through a divorce having a relationship for years that was pretty much on a course of distruction...we woked it out and I am so happy we did....I have such a wonderful man! The grass is NOT greener lol. Anyway, your post was wonderful today, I loved reading all about your friends daughter...God bless her for being so prayers are with your other friends that need prayers as well! hugs and smiles..

Gail said...

Hi Bernie
I do a lot of blog hopping, it's a treat to find a blog like yours. Hope the smoke goes soon!

Barb said...

Bernie, I like the look of your blog now and the Header is beautiful! The pastel is YOU! I hope your fires are soon under control. We've had a wet summer and so far so good here in CO. Stay well and don't breathe the bad air! My Grands have started school (or preschool), and I've been busy. Can't believe it's already that time!

Bernie said...

Hi Sharon - thought you were away for a while, it is so nice to see you back. Thank you for your kind words, will be over to visit shortly.....:-) Hugs

Ed this divorce has been very hard on sad. Hope all is going well with you my friend and that you have settled in...:-)Hugs

Mary,how are you sweetie? I will go and check your friend's blog out soon.....:-) Hugs

Gail, welcome and I do hope you come back. Thank you for your kind words....:-) Hugs

Linda, I wish more people would work through their problems, this has been horrible for the children. Hope you are doing well my friend....;-) Hugs

Barb, how are you sweetie. Yes the pink is me isn't it and I think Cinner did a wonderful job of the it....Big Hugs...:-)

Bouncin' Barb said...

Bernie. Your kindness is certainly flowing thru on your blog. We have much in common as I have lost a husband to cancer and was heavily involved in the Relay For Life events for many years. Your friends are truly lucky to have you in their lives. Sure hope the fires clear up soon. We do take for granted what free breathing air we have don't we.

Jingle said...

lovely post,
have a smiling time,

Anvilcloud said...

That's really thick. Ten years ago when we drove back through Montana, we had some smoke from forest fires, but it wasn't that bad.

lisasmith said...

Bernie, I'm headed to visit Cindy... I love, love, love your header!!!!!

I've been lifting Shauna non-stop as I know you have and let's keep believing for her miracle.

The rose is beautiful and I hope it can remind you that we can bloom big... even when our life is a bit smoky.

love you, lisa

Arti said...

The rose is indeed lovely... Sorry about your friend though... Wish her a speedy recovery... And hope your burning of your eyes (put some rose water) and headache subside...
Have a nice day:)

Bernie said...

Barb so sorry to hear about your husband, it is very tough losing our live partners but somehow we have found the strength to do so. I will be over to visit.....:-) Hugs

Jingle, thank you sweetie, have a great weekend......:-) Hugs

AC the smoke was couldn't see or even breathe....worse I had seen it.......:-) Hugs

Lisa, so good to hear from you. I too have been praying for Shauna, at times I am so frightened for her and her family. I pray God spares her to raise her children who are so very young. So glad you are doing so well, I check on you all the time.....:-) Hugs

Arti, how nice of you to stop by and thank you for your prayers for Shauna, we love her so much......:-)Hugs

Snowbrush said...

I hate smoke. I remember driving to Minneapolis by way of Yellowstone when it was on fire, and smelling the smoke for hundreds of miles. I'm so sorry you guys are having such a tough go of it.

TechnoBabe said...

Hi Bernie, Your new header is great! You enlisted the aid of the one person who knows how to do headers, Cinner's blog is constantly changing and amazing. Oh, and she has more than one blog! I hope that by now the fires are contained and your air is clean. I look forward to hearing about your week with Fallon.

Tranquility Speaks said...

I love the new look of your blog! It's wonderful :-)

Sorry to hear of the forest fires polluting the atmosphere! My heart goes out to Fallon and her dad. Hopefully, they'll find their happiness in someone else. People make an exit so better ones can come in :)

My prayers for Shauna and her family. May god heal her completely, almost miraculously
Loads of love to you :)

Joey said...

I love the header! It was the first thing I noticed. It is you... fits you PERFECTLY!!

The rose is beautiful, and I agree with you; her Mom would be very pleased.

I'm so sorry about all of the smoke. I understand because I have severe asthma and a few years ago, Mexico had fires and the smoke drifted here to Dallas. I didn't know about it, and walked into the parking lot at Nortel and had an asthma attack. Got very ill.

I feel the same way as you about children and divorce. My children have said that they are so proud of us because we are married, and all of their friend's parents have divorced.... most of them while the kids were in grade school. They would come to our house, and most of them are my friends on Facebook. I always kept our place stocked with snacks for them.

I'm praying for Shauna and heading over to your friend Cindy's page in a few minutes.

It seems like ya'll sure have a short summer. It is cooler here, but it can get hot in the blink of an eye. I forget how cold it gets in Alberta. One of my former bosses lives there - Andrew McNaughton. I loved working for him. He has three sons and a huge dog. His wife teaches school.

Have a good time with Fallon. I know that you'll love her like a mother and have all kinds of fun with her.

I blabbed enough, eh?


Nezzy said...

Howdy Bernie, You beautiful smile drew me over from Chasity's place. Wow, that's smoke? How terrible is that?

I too have been prayin' for precious Shauna through her surgeries and treatments. She is just an amazin' woman of God.

God bless ya'll from the happy hills and hollers of the Missouri Ozarks!!! :o)

Midlife Jobhunter said...

Catching up, Bernie. Sounds like your life is full at the moment, caring for others. Hope you are doing well.

The smoke can be most difficult. In spring we often have smoke filled air as the fields being burned in Mexico drift all the way to Austin. Farmers use this method of controlled burned to prepare for new planting. Doesn't bode well for those of us spending time outside.

Sorry about the divorce. Yes, I wish more gave thought to how that action affects the children. Take good care and your friends are in my thoughts.

GrandmaK said...

Don't know how I missed this post but I did! Hoping all is well with you! Know our are thought of often, even though I miss a post~Cathy

OH!!! Your new header is GORGEOUS!!!

sarah said...

Hi that smoke on the highway looks pretty awful. I can imagine if someone has throat problems...or even eye strain. That rose is really really pretty. It's so full and perfect. Take gentle care ok.