Sunday, November 21, 2010

Update From The Great White North

Hello my friends…..I would say I am back but I really haven’t been gone. I have been busy with life. I spent 4 days in the mountains with 3 very good friends. We went from home to Jasper on to Banff then to Calgary and it was absolutely breathtakingly beautiful. We had snow or snow flurries every day and it was a true winter wonderland.

Last week I had to prepare for a speech which I presented yesterday before 300 people, I didn't mind as I am use to public speaking. For several years I have sat on two Boards, these were appointments made by the Provincial Government and for the most part I have enjoyed my position even though at times I have found the responsibilities to be a burden. You see I don’t like judging people, not good at it don’t want to be good at it. The only reason I continued is I know I am fair and able to see hopefully each side of the story. Yesterday was my last speech, it was a good day but today I feel relieved and satisfied that I have finished and someone new has been appointed in my place. I have never spoken about this part of my life, for a couple of reasons, first it was a political appointment and secondly we dealt with confidential material. Oh it wasn’t life or death situations but the decisions we made - made a difference to those involved. You see our Board heard appeals when residents felt they were treated poorly or unfairly. It could have been someone appealing their house taxes or someone wanting their medical supplies included in their monthly supplements or just more money for snow suits for their children. We heard and seen many sad stories, in fact not one hearing was a happy case really but I had accepted the appointment so I like to think we did a thorough and fair account for everyone who came before our Board. There were 3 of us on the Board; we all finished as of yesterday after several years together. Each Board consisted of 2 professionals and a lay person. Our Board had a lawyer, social worker and I was the lay person. One has just recently gone from lawyer to judge, something he has worked at and wanted for a long time now, the other is slowly losing her battle with cancer and I am so proud of her. Not once did she let her illness sway her opinion or keep her from completing her appointment, and even though we all had empathy for everyone we made our decisions on facts and circumstances. I learned so much sitting on these Appeal Boards, the first being that the world is not black and white; there are many, many grey areas. Too many are so quick to criticize others without walking in their shoes. I thank God for each lesson I learned but not for the unfortunate circumstances which taught me. We had a provincial coordinator who would inform each client of our decision within 10 days of their hearing. Our addresses and phone numbers were kept confidential for safety precautions and if we had a client whose file was red flagged we had security sitting just outside the hearing room. There were times we had to travel but we always went together. Hearing rooms were booked at the convenience of the client. I will miss my time with my co-workers and also the people I met holding this position but it is time for someone else to do this. Our lives are meant to change even though most of us dislike change……now it is time to get back to some serious volunteer work although the per Diem's and mileage checks will be missed I'm

We have had a real Artic freeze this past week, and everything is covered in snow, but that’s okay after all it is November in Alberta and it is suppose to cold and snowy. Right now it is -23 with light snow falling.

We are watching the semi finals of the CFL today, sitting beside a warm fire. I have a ham baking in the oven and I am so happy to begin a new chapter in my life……..Life is good people!

Have a great week, sending big hugs to all of you........:-)

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Mixed Emotions

Hello my friends, I have missed you. My world has been filled with so much this week and I am quite please to see the back of it.

I have had a week of emotions, up and downs, it was the anniversary of my son’s death and I always find this to be an emotional time. I realize this isn’t about my son but about me and how I feel……once I let go and let God take over I was fine. I cannot change any of the past so I was pleased when I finally remembered the years he lived and all the love we shared......I stopped focusing only on the day he died and focused on the day he was born and how my heart was overfilled with love and happiness.

I had 2 cortisone shots in my spine this week, yup they were painful but I am feeling so much better today. It was so worth it. Ahhh life is good without pain|!

I lost another friend to cancer this week, perhaps it is my age but I find that more and more are falling to this horrid disease. I am glad they are no longer suffering but my heart aches for those who are left behind. I know how hard it’s going to be to make the adjustment of not having their loved one in their life. I don’t like to see anyone in this kind of pain but I also realize only they can walk through their grief and as much as I care I know no one can do it for them. It is not about what happens in our life but how we react to it. We all deal with grief differently. So my heart, love and prayers go out to all who are dealing with grief, I love you but more important God loves you.

Our weather has been lovely but today turned quite cold. I am sitting beside a delicious fire and watching my favourite sports. I have 2 TV’s side by side watching football and hockey and up to a few minutes ago I watched Curling on my computer………..okay so I am an addict……My name is Bernie and I am totally addicted to sports. If you like sports this is a great time of year…….ummmm maybe that is why I love Fall so much. Today has been fun.

Fallon called last night, she is off school next week.  I only wish I didn’t have such a full week ahead of me or I would have her here with me but Monday I am going to a holistic doctor (I know, expensive and for what) Tuesday I am joining two friends I use to work with for lunch and then Wednesday after a hair cut I am heading to the mountains for 4 days with friends who are so special to me…….have I told you how blessed I am. I will be back on Saturday. Thursday we are taking part in a Remembrance Day ceremony at Rocky Mountain Legion.

It was brought to my attention not too long ago, a friend or who we thought was a friend has started a new blog under a different name. Why? Her writing is the same, she has the same goals, problems and family as she always had……why do some people think betraying their loyal friends is the right thing to do. It is not, and those who were faithful followers, who tried to encourage and help her, are left bewildered some even hurt by the betrayal. Personally I wasn’t hurt, it is her business but I was disappointed that she would think she could fool us……we were not long figuring out it was the same person. The lesson I have learned….those that are unhappy and miserable are going to be that way no matter what we say. They enjoy being miserable and its as though they have nothing to talk/write about if it is not about how unhappy they are, they enjoy complaining, and seeking out compassion and attention. Sorry, I won’t play this game, there are  many who truly have problems who need our help.  I have also learned to appreciate the warm, caring and honest people in my life. They are real, and though we may not always agree on everything we respect, love and truly care for each other, have any of you had this happen to you after almost 2 years of being blogger friends. I am pretty sure we are not the only ones who have been mislead.

My cleaning friend came in this week to do my floors, so tiny so cute and she works so hard. Her husband came to pick her up and I smiled as I watched them say hello to each other. He helped her as much as he could and she so appreciated it…..they really love each other and it showed. I am so blessed to have met this young couple, we help each other in many different ways. (well they help me and I tip

I am off to enjoy a full week, November 11th is Remembrance Day, so I will fill my week surrounded by people I love and spend Thursday remembering all those I love who have gone before me, especially my husband who spent 25 years in the Air Force. I so miss him.

Have a great week everyone, God Bless and many, many hugs……:-)