Friday, October 30, 2009

Lunch with Terri

Hello my friends, we are back in a winter wonderland. I woke up to a blanket of snow this morning and it snowed off and on all day, tonight we had freezing rain. I am hoping the weather clears for the children tomorrow to trick and treat without freezing. I so look forward to seeing the little ones at the door.

Today I drove into the city and met Terri, from Do The Write Thing, for lunch. I know all of the village will be glad to hear she looks really good. She has been very busy and is now keeping her granddaughter for 10 days as her daughter's fiancee has the H1N1 flu. I will let Terri tell you why she isn't blogging as often but I will say she has been very busy working. She brought a shopping bag filled with lots of goodies from Cover Girl and gave me so many lovely things as well as some for my friend Avanish.....what she didn't give me she gave to our waitress. I thought this was very kind of her. After lunch she took me to a bookstore where they sell books for little money, in fact I bought six second hand books in excellent condition for under $10.00, all the money goes to support the hospital. I have so many books here that I am going to pack a box and donate them to this great cause. We also went to a second hand clothing store, neither of us bought anything there but they had some really nice clothes with great prices. Rebecca, you would of loved it there if I had space for more clothes in my closets I would of picked up some things.....but that is something I really don't need, in fact I have many things that still have the price tags on them and even more that I haven't worn yet....I think it's because I am not working anymore. ummmmmmm more things I can donate now that I think of it. I just want you all to know Terry is doing well and working through these cloudy cold days and it was good to see her. We had a nice chat at lunch and before I came home. She is much stronger than I realized and I am very proud of her. I am sure she will post soon as she loves her blogging friends. Wanda I passed on your message and she was pleased to hear how much you care about her and how important she has become to you.....she feels the same way.

Tonight I watched CFL on TV as I sat by a warm fire. Again I had another lovely day sharing it with a friend, good food and conversation......the kind of day that brings me I encourage everyone to share your day, share yourself with others, not only will you support your friend but she/he will support you. That's what friends are for.

Good Night and God Bless.......and many, many hugs......:-)

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Proud and Productive

Hello my friends, I am thinking of my friends in Colorado tonight. I watched the weather tonight on CNN and it looks like you all are in the middle of winter. Stay warm and please drive safe if you have to go out on the roads.

As I was leaving my house today my neighbour was standing on my doorstep about to ring my doorbell. He had noticed the little door to my gas tank was open and the top of the gas tank was laying on the ground. I turned the car on to check to see how much gas was in my tank and noticed it was okay, my neighbour felt around it and smelled and said there was no residue or odd smell so he thought it was okay. He thinks someone was trying to steal the gas and heard someone coming so just ran away. I was a bit frighten to drive it as I wasn't sure but I have AMA and thought if it stops on me I will call them so went on to do my shopping. The car sounded and drove alright so I think it is okay. I had only a few errands in town so I will know tomorrow when I drive into the city. I feel like taping a note on it saying if you need gas so bad you don't have to steel it, knock on the door and I will take you for least the car won't be damaged. I have lived in this condo for over 10 years and this is the first time something like this has happened.

It was cold here today because of the wind....we have no snow left and I hope it stays that way so the little ones can enjoy Halloween. We are suppose to get snow next week and that's okay. I am almost prepared for winter now. I am having my living room curtains installed on Tuesday and they are insulating the attic on Friday.

It's been a great day my friends, I am feeling great and managed to finish all that I wanted to do and the Yankees won.....Go Yankees. I was a bit anxious after last night's game.

Good Night and God Bless.........and many, many hugs.....:-)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

What is Wrong With People

Hello my friends, what kind of day did you all have? The weather here couldn't make up it's mind......freezing rain, snow, freezing rain, snow then rain....this continued for most of thee day and the temperature was around 0 or a little below.

I was back at my volunteer work today, and I was so happy about it. Our course, living with chronic pain and terminal illness is a wonderful course for those who suffer with disease and for their family members and care givers. We had 5 patients today, 4 with chronic illness and one terminal with cancer. The course began well, and I was pleased to meet everyone and finally be back doing what I love to do. This was the second week of the six week course and I went in early to meet with the RN who brought me up to date with every one's charts and I thought we had a group of people who would and should blend well together and they did.

As we were finishing up I asked who if any had received the H1N1 flu shot....well did I open Pandora's box or what. They all started talking at the same time and all of them were complaining about the long line ups and not being well enough to stand in line for hours on end. I agreed and felt strongly that they shouldn't and so did Danielle (RN) as we chatted about their frustration Danielle went into her office to make a phone call to see if she could arrange to have someone come to our clinic and give our patients the shots or see if she could pick up some vials to inject them herself....we do have a large area and work together with many others who give the same course. Anyway she was told they would find out what they could and call her back. She came back and explained what was going on and I noticed a few people were fidgeting....(now remember we had 5 patients who all had someone with them today so together there were 13 sitting around the table. One couple had their eldest daughter with them.) I don't know why but I asked if we could arrange for them to have the shot at the clinic who would be there to receive it.... NOT ONE was planning on having the flu shot but all of them were complaining about the long line ups, the government not having enough nurses available to administrate it.... I was dumbfounded. Danielle and I just rolled our eyes at each other and she went in and called our central office and cancelled her request. Now my question is this, if they had no intention of even taken the injection why were they sitting there, expending good energy complaining about something they had no intention of using anyway. Why do people do this? Do you think people feel if they can't complain or blame someone about an issue they don't have anything to, so sad. With everything we are providing for them, at absolutely no charge, the nurses provided to them and home care to help them in their home and they are still complaining. I know it is not their illness as we had such a good productive afternoon with them and all of them were willing to discuss and share their situation with everyone at the table, which did have a lot of complaints but these were honest and reasonable complaints, these people are ill and one is seriously ill, these complaints I totally understand but to complain for 15 minutes about long lines to receive a flu shot that they had no intention of even getting now that is a different story.

God forgive me but both Danielle and I tried to explain to them that their illnesses suggested they were in the high priority group and really they should reconsider and have the shot....well that just got them going again. Finally I said well people its your bodies and you have every right to refuse this injection, if you wanted it we will do everything we can to see that you don't stand in line, perhaps even have someone give you the injections here but it's a lot of work for someone so if your sure you don't want it then we won't bother.....and none of them wanted it.

I understand how they feel about the injection, I really don't want it either but was going to get it because of them, I don't want to get the flu and pass it on to them...... but I know one thing. I will not complain about not being able to get it, or stand in long lines or complain no one knows what they are doing if I have no intention of getting it.

Sometimes I don't think I will ever understand people, but I know I will keep on trying to understand them and I will be back with them all next week and in the meantime I will pray they don't get the flu.

Good Night my friends and God Bless......many, many hugs....:-)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

A Happy Sunday

Hello my friends, I hope each and every one of you had a great day. I truly did.

I went to Mass this morning then joined friends from church for breakfast at a local dinner in town called Friendly was packed as so many had the same idea as we did. It is a very plain but warm and friendly, owned by a family here in town. The food was very good the coffee great and I so enjoyed my friends.

When I got home I settled in to watch the finals of the Curling Masters, it was a great game and before it finished my friend called me to go over as her daughter and her granddaughters were visiting. I told her I would be over as soon as the game was over. My team won the game and off I went to visit.

What a treat it was to see her and her family. Her daughter has 3 little girls, all under 5 years old and they are so sweet. It was sunny outside and cool but we bundled up and took the girls for a walk.....when we got home I read them stories and played with them as my friend and her daughter made supper. It was so nice to share supper with them and I laughed so much watching the girls, such a sweet age.

I came home in time to watch the baseball game and yay my Yankees won. It was quite a day.... filled with good friends, beautiful children and great food. I feel very blessed tonight as I get ready for sleep.

I am thinking of my friend Di, and am praying as I know you all are, that her husband gets well and comes home from hospital very soon.

Good Night and God Bless and as always.....many, many hugs.....:-)

Friday, October 23, 2009

A Lovely Fall Day

Hello my friends, I had another lovely day today. My day started slowly as usual, I enjoyed my coffee while reading the morning newspaper, then spent a while on my computer. It was cool and frosty this morning but had turned quite nice by afternoon.

My friend called me as he had some business to attend to in Red Deer and asked if I would like to go for a drive, I wanted to get out for a while and he wanted some company so it worked out quite nice for both of us. Now Red Deer is about an hour and a half south west of Edmonton, just a nice drive. We drove there on the main highway but on the way home he took the old roads so we could see see some Fall colors. They were really nice, but I miss the crimson red's of home. The trees here are mostly, birch, evergreen and Pine. I forgot my camera.....I just have to keep it near the front door so that I see it when I go out. One of my girlfriend's daughter works at Zeller's in Red Deer so I stopped in to say hello just in case she was working. She was and took her break so we could have a coffee together. It was great seeing her, I love the young people, they are so full of plans and excited for life.

My friend and I went to the Olive Garden for dinner, honestly I think they make the best pasta in the world. As usual we had to wait about half an hour for a table, they are always so busy....but the food was worth it.

My friend Diana's husband is not well and is in hospital. Please remember him and her family in your prayers tonight. I am sure most of you know Di as she is part of our wonderful village and we all love her, right now she needs us. So let's do it again everyone, let's pray Jake back to good health.

Good Night and God Bless ......and many, many hugs.......:-)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Magic Bag went Poof!

Hello my friends, isn't life wonderful. I am so happy today. I am sure most of you have heard that God has answered our prayers and Janine is going to be just fine. I have been smiling and thanking God all day since I received her e-mail...Oh life is good.

Now I am sitting here tonight by a cosy fire in a sparkling clean house that smells like a burnt corn field. I had put my magic bag in the micro wave to heat for my back and must of pushed the timer for longer than the normal two minutes required and boy what a mess it made. It melted and broke the cloth. My microwave is only a few months old, it is fine, no damage except it is badly stained inside. It is the smell that is horrible. I had all my windows opened today but I think it will only be time that will get rid of the smell. I have tried everything to removed the stains but they are there for good I'm sure. Another lesson learned.

My cleaning lady was here this morning and she cleaned my windows and blinds while I did my laundry and ironing. This afternoon I went for a walk and was outside for over an hour. It had rained earlier this morning but this afternoon was beautiful. The sun was shinning and the air was cool and crisp. A beautiful Fall day.

I watched my Yankees loose tonight, so now we go back to New York, that's okay we will win there....Go Yankees!

All in all just a great day full of wonderful news about Janine, and I am feeling happy and healthy again. I do hope you all enjoyed your day as I did mine. Be well my friends;

Good Night and God Bless.......and many, many hugs........:-)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

An Afternoon With An Angel

Hello my friends, oh I do hope you had a wonderful day....mine was surreal and lovingly so.

The day started with heavy fog, it wasn't warm but not really cold either. I readied myself for my day after spending time on my computer. As I was finishing my morning coffee and newspaper a dear friend called and asked me to take an elderly man for groceries. This is something she does on a regular basis but was feeling really bad with a cold today. I said yes as I wanted to help her feel better and not worry about the gentleman from her church.

I picked him at his home around 1 o'clock. He had a kind of scooter that collapsed so I could put it in my trunk. It also had a little basket for carrying things at the front. Oh I so wish you all could of met him, he was so kind and appreciative. His home was immaculate and he was ready with his jacket on when I arrived, his shopping list in hand. We immediately hit it off. He was so easy to please and care for. We managed to find everything on his list and when I took him home and carried his groceries in he asked if I would like a cup of I hadn't planned on staying but I felt he wanted some company so as the kettle boiled I put his groceries away and we chatted as if we had been friends for many years. He showed me pictures of his late wife and spoke of her lovingly. His 5 children no longer live in our area so he finds himself alone most of the time. He doesn't live in an old age home but an independent duplex which is part of the home. This allows him to grow his flowers and enjoy some independence. They bring him a hot meal every day and he makes his own breakfast and supper. They also provide a health care worker who checks on him daily and a house keeper who cleans an hour a day and does his laundry. He is quite pleased with his living arrangements and his neighbors are an elderly couple who he is very good friends with. They share many things and enjoy playing cards and watching hockey on TV. I fell in love Mr. M. His outlook on life, his experiences and his love of family would make the coldest of hearts melt. As I hugged him good bye he said you are a lovely, lovely lady and my heart melted again. He offered to pay me, I absolutely refused, as it was my pleasure to spend over two hours with a man who had lived so many years, lived through historical moments, was blessed with knowing great love and great sadness. I felt I was blessed to meet such a man who never once complained about anything, only spoke of love and life with much respect for both.....We need more people like Mr. M. in this world and I definitely need more time either with him or more people like him. Driving home I thanked God for allowing me to meet such a wonderful person and I immediately called my friend to tell her how everything had worked out, I also told her to call me anytime she needed help as I know she does help the elderly as part of her church group.

I then went for a walk, after the fog had lifted it was sunny and a perfect afternoon to be outside. The sun was warm on my face as I watched the kids coming home from school so excited with their colored papers in their hands.

My curtains are going to be installed on Nov. 3rd, and I am looking forward to that. This gives me time to clean my windows inside and outside as well as wash my blinds.

Well my friends today was as close to a perfect day as I can imagine. I encourage all of you too spend some time with a shut in or an elderly person, if only like me, for an afternoon. It will fill your heart with joy and appreciation for the generation before us. It made me very happy.

Tonight I watched my Yankees win their game, they are now up 3 -1 in the series. Go Yankees!

Good Night my friends and God Bless.....and as always, many, many hugs.....:-)

Monday, October 19, 2009

Warm Rain

Hello my friends, another good day today. We had a cloudy day, warm and it rained off and on.

I had many errands to do today so my day was full and productive just the way I like them. My morning started early, shower, hair and make up. After breakfast I caught up a bit on my computer projects. Then I met a friend for lunch. We ate at the Tea House here in Morinville where they make the best Cream of Broccoli soup and biscuits ever. It was nice to laugh and I so enjoyed her company.

Later I had to go to the bank, bought groceries, went to the dry cleaners, hardware store and the post office. I was out for almost 4 hours and was quite tired when I got home. I managed to put everything away and sat down to watched the end of the ball game.......did I tell you I am a Yankee fan, well they lost today but that's okay tomorrow is another day.

I received 2 cards and a letter today in the mail. I am really enjoying receiving hand written letters and cards. I had just come from the post office where I had mailed 2 cards and a parcel.....thank you Jackie, so loved your card.

It is amazing the little things that are neglected when one gets ill. I think it will take me a couple of more days to get everything done that needs doing. Oh but it is so good to have the energy and feel well enough to do them. Life is good.

I hope you all had a wonderful day, and an even better day tomorrow.

Good Night and God Bless and many, many hugs...........:-)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Doing Well

Hello my friends, sorry it's been so long since I posted but so much has happened. Without going into the sordid details I have to tell you all that I have had my best day in several weeks. I am so happy just to be feeling well.

I had my cat scan, blood work and other test Friday morning, by 12:15 I was having my IV's and I was home at 6 full of antibiotics, gravol and demeral. Needless to say I slept all evening, on and off Saturday and had a wonderful day today.

They feel they found the reason for my infections and also feel I should be okay now that they have figured out the problem and have treated it.....for all my complaining about having taken antibiotics since the end of July it has worked out to be a good thing as it prevented poison from an abscess going into the blood stream.

Our weather has been great these past couple of days, and with the warm sunshine and slight wind almost all of our snow has melted. I have my deck furniture stored, the pot plants emptied and the pillow/cushions are packed away in the basement. The deck has been swept and hosed happy to have that done.

After Mass this morning I went for a walk. It was beautiful outside and I enjoyed the fresh air. Everyone was out cleaning and clearing their yards for winter. We were all caught unaware with the snow last week but I think everyone in Morinville is prepared for our long winter now. It was nice saying hello and chatting with everyone even those I didn't know. All the children were laughing and jumping into piles of was fun.

This afternoon, I spent sorting paper work and catching up with phone calls to family and friends. Just a beautiful day, and I am so thankful for it.

I hope everyone is continuing their prayers for Janine, I lit a candle for her this morning at Mass and also one for peace as Marcy requested. Congratulations to President Obama for wining the Nobel Peace Prize.....he is being so challenged right now and needs our prayers, yes even Canadian prayers. Prayers are needed for families carrying extra burdens due to the economy, estrangements and health problems....I sincerely believe prayer can and does work miracles so whatever one's faith is let us continue to pray for all those we love.

Good Night my friends and God Bless......many, many hugs......:-)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Productive Day

Hello my friends, I had a better day and managed to do a few things around the house. I cleaned my bathrooms, kitchen, changed my bed linens, did laundry and ironed. It felt good to do these things.

We had a major snow storm and the caretakers of our condos had a hard time keeping the steps and walkways cleaned off. I did my most favorite thing, cosied up by the fire and read a book this afternoon. I even enjoyed the snow storm as tomorrow they are calling for rain and plus 8 temperatures.....I know our weather is unbelievable. At least everything will melt before the next storm hits and we may even get some sunny weather to enjoy over the weekend.

I received an e-mail today and something said in it really struck my heart: It said there are 4 things in life we can never get back:

1. A stone after it is thrown
2. Words after they are spoken
3. Occasion after it is over
4. Time after it is gone.

As I thought about these four things I realized I knew about them but I have never given them a whole lot of I will. No matter how many times we apologize and it has been accepted those words are still out there and unfortunately someone, some where will believe them, and how many times have we missed a wedding, baptism, funeral, graduation etc. only to realize we will only ever hear people speak of these occasions and not be able to participate in the conversation or have our own memory, and is so precious and goes by so quickly, we have to enjoy every moment and always let those we love know how we feel. We are not promised more than the moment we have. I really loved this e-mail, and saved it for future reference when I need a reminder of how blessed I am for not throwing stones, or to think before I speak, and attend all important occasions and appreciate all the beautiful time God has given and will give me....Words for thought I am sure.

Let's all keep our thoughts and prayers for Janine going, she has been on my mind all day. Such a sweet and loving spirit.

Good Night my friends and God Bless.......many, many hugs.......:-)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Prayers for Janine

Wednesday my beautiful friend Janine of Sniffles and Smiles is having surgery. My heart and prayers are with her and her family today.....I also for pray for her surgeon's hands to be guided by God and all his angels will fill the room to watch over my beloved friend.

This photo is of The Wings of Hope and is dedicated to Janine as well as others who are living with challenges or whose burdens are heavy.

I had another good day today. I finished my errands and spent two hours in the dentist chair, uncomfortable yes but I am so relieved that appointment is over and I am off the dentist list for another six months.

I had a couple of special surprises today....a beautiful bouquet of flowers from a dear friend but the most special was a hand made card from my friend Diana of Welcome to My World. It is the most beautiful and thoughtful card I think I have ever received, and she enclosed the loveliest crochet book mark which will forever be in whatever book I am reading. Just knowing she made both the card and bookmark with me in mind filled heart with love and my eyes with tears. Thank you my friend, we do have the most wonderful people in our village......and you my friend made my day extra special. Love you.

It was very cold again today with snow and we have more snow on the way tonight and tomorrow morning.....The wind would give anyone frost bite in minutes today I am sure. Now the good news is that we are suppose to warm up by the weekend and be in double digits and I am looking forward to a break from the cold and all the snow.

I have changed my appointment from Wednesday to Friday with Dr. John because of the weather....I don't like driving on a slippery highway let alone when it's snowing. He was okay with that as a couple of days will not hurt anything. I am finished with these antibiotics on Thursday and he promised me on the phone today I will not have to take anymore antibiotics by mouth the IV's is a different story. I may be in hospital next week for 2 -3 days for the IV's and my test. I will know more when I see him on Friday. I am okay with this as I just want to feel better and get my life back.

There is a baby shower for baby Lucy on Saturday and I am praying that I am well enough to be able to attend. I purchased a gift and card and am ready and willing now I just need to be able.

Good Night my friends and God Bless........:-) Hugs

Monday, October 12, 2009

A Good Day

Hello my friends, I had a quiet day today again but it was a good day and for that I am thankful.

My phone woke me up this morning just before 9 am and without asking you to guess who it was.....Dr. John. I said it's Thanksgiving, why are you working. He then proceeded to go over a few things with me and I said okay, but don't you have a game to go to or something? He just laughed, remember I told you he was the team Doctor for the Edmonton Eskimos (football team) and the Edmonton Oilers (hockey team). He is so busy and I am so thankful that he always finds time to call and check it with me. I am going to see him on Wednesday.

I managed to go out for a walk today in the snow. Thank heaven's for UGGS, I had to wear a winter jacket, scarf and gloves. It was wonderful to breathe in the fresh air even if it was only for a short time. When I got back home I came in and got my camera to take a couple of pictures for you. It was -10 and the wind was cold. It snowed off and on all day. Sometimes is came down heavy but when I was walking it was falling softly and I really enjoyed being outside.

These are taken from my front door step, and the snow isn't showing that well really.

I have a dentist appointment tomorrow and a few errands to run so I am hoping the roads will be good. Terry called today and said she heard it was going to turn nice next week for a few days. That will be nice as our last snow storm was May 31st and for snow to return Oct. 6th ......well 8 months is a long winter.

Annie called me from Nova Scotia and she was out golfing this afternoon, then my friend Dale from New Brunswick, who is visiting her daughter in Calgary called tonight and they didn't get any snow there all weekend, although it was very cold. She is going home tomorrow morning and it was so good to chat with her before she left....A nice day to hear from my best friends.

Good Night my friends and God Bless........many, many hugs.....:-)

Saturday, October 10, 2009

There's A Reason

For ev'ry pain, that we must bear
For ev'ry burden, ev'ry care
There's a reason.

For ev'ry grief, that bows the head,
For ev'ry tear drop that is shed,
There's a reason.

For ev'ry hurt, for ev'ry plight
For ev'ry lonely, pain-racked night,
There's a reason.

But if we trust God, as we should
It all will work out for our good
He knows the Reason.

...........(author unknown)

Hello my friends, I am so happy to be able to tell you I had a much better day today emotionally. I feel happy, content and very blessed. Thank you all for such beautiful kind comments. You are all so wonderful and encouraging. My heart is full of thanks for how much you all care.....I honestly love all of you who responded to my pity party with so much love and understanding. Thank you all so much....

It was very cold here today, we had flurries off and on all day and again the wind was very cold. I was so pleased sitting beside my fire enjoying all my sports especially The President's Cup. Soooooo love my golf.....Go USA! Honestly guys at one time today I was going from golf to football to baseball while watching a curling bonspiel on my computer. So glad I have no arthritis in my thumb, the way I was changing channels....LOL

One of my sweet neighbours brought me a beautiful plate of turkey dinner and pumpkin pie with whip cream for dessert. How wonderful was that? It was the same neighbour I had babysat for a couple of weeks ago, she called and invited me for dinner but I told her I wasn't feeling well but thanked her for the invitation....a few hours later the door bell rang and there she was, my eyes filled with tears at her thoughtfulness. Another one of my many blessings.

I hope you all had as pleasant a day and to all my Canadian friends, Happy Thanksgiving, I hope you are surrounded by the love of family and friends and are full of turkey and stuffing. Oh my supper was delicious as I know yours will be.

Good Night my friends and God Bless.......:-) Hugs

Friday, October 9, 2009

An Angel On My Shoulder

Hello my friends, it has been a long day and tonight I am tired. It started with a phone call from my doctor, I had to go and see him before I went for my cortisone shot. The day was cloudy, windy and cold. As I sat about getting ready I said a prayer that it wouldn't snow and that the highway would be clear and also added a PS to my prayer that I wouldn't be in between tons of traffic while in the city.

Just as I was going out the door the phone rang and it was my dentist office, reminding me of my appointment on Tuesday and that my dentist wanted me to take an antibiotic before they do what they have to do......Unbelievable! I asked her if there was a sale on antibiotics or not as everyone was trying to get me to take them. When she learned I was already on one she said I didn't need anymore. Thank you God for that blessing.

The wind was brutal as I made my way to the dry cleaners, grocery store, bank and filled my car with gas. The sky was dark and eerie even though it was only 11 o'clock.

My doctor changed my antibiotic to a stronger one and for no reason I started to cry. Now he has been my doctor for 10 years and has been through everything medical with me but he has never seen me cry. I was just so frustrated with all these infections, test and antibiotics and I was feeling terrible as I had to cancel my hospice visits for next week. I had two of them but until I am finished with these pills I have to stay close to home. I guess it all just caught up with me, he was so sweet and said "Bernie, you are only human and anyone who has gone through what you have these past few weeks would feel the same way," and this is what made me smile, he said "I would feel the same way if it were me" We both laughed at the same time, anyway for one who said she wouldn't complain anymore only yesterday I sure blew it today.

I then drove downtown Edmonton, my least favorite thing to do, no problem at all. Had my shot and made my way antibiotics in hand and a small envelope with 2 pain killers to take when the freezing came out of my spine. I brought in my groceries and dry cleaning and put everything away and within ten minutes of being home it began to snow. It is still snowing now and is -10.

Terry called and we chatted for an hour and she had me laughing within minutes. I am so looking forward to her coming in next week. We were laughing about how swollen my stomach is and wondering if they make maternity clothes for 62 year olds....honestly I look like I am 9 months pregnant, okay I am exaggerating maybe only 7 months.

Tonight I am so warm and cosy by the fire watching football. I am only a bit uncomfortable and have no pain. I am counting all my blessings, a doctor who cares, no traffic while in the city and the snow holding off until I arrived home. Yes, there was an angel on my shoulder today. I have a clean warm home, lots of food in the cupboard, a beautiful fire in my fireplace and as of this moment my team is winning the football game. Oh life is good.

Okay I am going to start over, as of more complaining.

Good Night my friends, love you all and God Bless.......:-) Hugs

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Snow Day

Hello my friends, what a day I had today. I woke up this morning to an out and out snow storm. Terry lives 2 1/2 hours north of me so I called her right away as I was worried about the roads....she had already left. About an hour later she called me, the RCMP had stopped her and told her the highway was closed, she had to turn around and go home. By this time she was closer to my home than her own but they wouldn't let her through, she passed many cars in the ditch and 2 accidents. She doesn't mind driving in the snow, but didn't like having to turn around on the slippery highway. She called me after she was home safe and sound and I was so relieved. She told me the weather was much worse heading north and Bonnyville was having a blizzard by the time she drove into her garage. I promised her I would still keep my appointment this afternoon and would call her when I got home. It was only 10:30 and my appointment wasn't until 3. I was already showered and dressed for the day as we had planned on going out for lunch with a friend and then to Costco.

I enjoyed my morning coffee by the fireplace reading my newspaper. Actually it was a nice day as I was able to watch golf, baseball and hockey. Tonight my eyes are shaped like waiting for Grey's Anatomy to come on, I love that show.

The snow stopped by early afternoon but I still had to clean my car off before I drove into the city. There were many cars in the ditch on the highway, must of been from early this morning. It was -7 and the wind was cold but the highway was melting and clear. Winter has come so early this year.

This was my car about 3 hours after the snow had stopped. I am hoping the weather is good tomorrow as I have to drive into the city for my cortisone shot....Unlike Terry I don't like driving in the snow.

Not much to report from my appointment, I need a cat scan, MRI and some kind of scope )sorry I don't know how to pronounce the name of it) but it's to check the bladder, liver and pelvic area. They want to find the source of infection before treating me.....are you ready for this, I have been put back on an antibiotic. Dr. John has consulted another doctor who feels we should do the test and know what we are treating before admitting me to hospital for IV antibiotics. So, here we go again my friends. I promise not to complain anymore. I will do what has to be done as it is what it is and complaining will not help me one bit.

I am not upset by any of this, as I love this time of year for sports. I have the World Series, Canadian Football playoffs, Curling trials for the Olympics and of course hockey season has begun. If I have to stay inside I will have lots of sports to watch which I love and also have time by the fire for reading ..... now what do I have to complain about. Terry will be here next week for a couple days as we both want to stock up on some things from Costco for the winter. All is well my friends and I had a day with no pain or it!

Good Night my friends and God Bless........:-) Hugs

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A Wonderful Day

Hello everyone, I can only hope you all had a wonderful day as I did. I didn't do anything special but I am well rested and watched baseball and hockey most of the day. I love these kind of days. Pain free and relaxed beside the fire.

I woke up to a dusting of snow this morning, it soon melted but they are calling for more snow tonight and tomorrow. Terry is coming in early tomorrow morning as I have several appointments and she is coming with me. Dr. John called early this evening and said so many things that I honestly can't remember our full conversation. Anyway Terry is coming with me tomorrow to see him and between the two of us we will know what this plan and procedure is all about. Will let you know when I fully understand everything....just know I am feeling really well now. Terry will also go with me for my cortisone shots on Friday and I am relieved about that as I have to drive into the city and back, with her doing the driving I will just relax.

I had told you I have been writing to a pen pal in Scotland, he is a friend of my sister's. I am enjoying reviving the lost art of letter writing very much. Thought I would share Tommy's picture with all of you.

My friend, Tommy

Have a wonderful Thursday everyone, Good Night and God Bless....:-) Hugs

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Good to Be Back With All Of You

I didn't get many pictures of us as there were so many people there and we were so busy. The ones I did get were taking yesterday just before we left but I wanted to show you my two best friends in the world! The one of Terry is of her trying on a french maid outfit from her sister. It was really cute but she would only try it on over her clothes....this was taken Saturday night.

This is the birthday girl, Terry

Annie and Terry

Annie, Bernie and Terry

I have missed you all and am looking forward to getting back into my normal routine.

I have had a wonderful few days with my friends, and the girls left really early this morning, (5 am) and I miss them already. We had such fun, and many, many laughs.

I went for blood work and a couple of other test this morning, Sometime during the next few days I have to go in hospital and have antibiotics by IV as I have severe infections that cannot be cured by taking oral antibiotics, which as you know I am unable to take anyway. Well this weekend is our Canadian Thanksgiving so I don't expect my doctor to call me or make arrangements until next week. I am okay with this as the truth be known the company, late nights and travel has left me exhausted. I wouldn't of changed a second of it but I am looking forward to geting some rest the next few days. I was suppose to go to my nephew's this weekend for Thanksgiving but I am going to pass up the invitation and just relax.

My sister from Moncton called this morning and I e-mailed my sister in Scotland so they both understand that it is nothing serious, I will be fine so I feel comfortable in telling you all what is going on. The infection is due to my rheumatoid arthritis attacking tissue and being a diabetic is not helping me in the healing process. I know I sound pathetic but honestly everyone my body may be a bit of a mess but my heart is full of love from being with my friends and my spirit is strong knowing that I will be well again as soon as I get the IV's....I will only be in hospital a couple of days if all goes well. Terry is coming in and staying with me when I go in hospital. I will keep you posted. Love your prayers and positive thoughts as always.

Annie snapped this as I was saying good bye to Terry, she is going to kill me when she sees this picture....LOL As you can see from the pictures after 3 1/2 days of non stop I look terrible but believe me it was all worth it. I can't seem to find pictures of Denise or Dale on my camera but I will go through them again tomorrow as I would like you to see all the girls. Us girls slept in the 5th wheel as there were 21 family and friends from out of town. Saturday night there were 20 more who arrived for the party that live in Bonnyville. Oh the jokes, I only wish I could remember them all. Too bad I didn't get pictures when we were all dressed up but Terry is going to e-mail me some of hers and I will share them when I get them okay.

It was very cold, windy and poured down rain today. A great day to sit by the fire and watch baseball and hockey. I kept dozing off and on in my chair most of the day.

I do hope you are all well and had a great weekend....I will try and catch up on all your post over the next few days. Love you all.

Good Night and God Bless.........many, many hugs........:-)