Thursday, October 29, 2009

Proud and Productive

Hello my friends, I am thinking of my friends in Colorado tonight. I watched the weather tonight on CNN and it looks like you all are in the middle of winter. Stay warm and please drive safe if you have to go out on the roads.

As I was leaving my house today my neighbour was standing on my doorstep about to ring my doorbell. He had noticed the little door to my gas tank was open and the top of the gas tank was laying on the ground. I turned the car on to check to see how much gas was in my tank and noticed it was okay, my neighbour felt around it and smelled and said there was no residue or odd smell so he thought it was okay. He thinks someone was trying to steal the gas and heard someone coming so just ran away. I was a bit frighten to drive it as I wasn't sure but I have AMA and thought if it stops on me I will call them so went on to do my shopping. The car sounded and drove alright so I think it is okay. I had only a few errands in town so I will know tomorrow when I drive into the city. I feel like taping a note on it saying if you need gas so bad you don't have to steel it, knock on the door and I will take you for least the car won't be damaged. I have lived in this condo for over 10 years and this is the first time something like this has happened.

It was cold here today because of the wind....we have no snow left and I hope it stays that way so the little ones can enjoy Halloween. We are suppose to get snow next week and that's okay. I am almost prepared for winter now. I am having my living room curtains installed on Tuesday and they are insulating the attic on Friday.

It's been a great day my friends, I am feeling great and managed to finish all that I wanted to do and the Yankees won.....Go Yankees. I was a bit anxious after last night's game.

Good Night and God Bless.........and many, many hugs.....:-)


Eileen said...

That's a shame about the gas, but at least whatever it was no damage was done.
I remember when that gas siphoning used to go on here, but I haven't heard of it lately. Can you lock your gas cap?

Glad to hear your weather is a little better too. I think it's supposed to be nice here too for Halloween, I hope so.

I'm anxious to hear all about your new curtains! I hope everything goes smoothly and you are happy with the results. It's always so nice when you change things in the home, it makes everything feel new!

Ray was really happy about the Yankees tonight too (especially after last night's disappointment)!

Take care, Bernie!
I'm glad I stopped to check my blog before going up to bed, I'm not sure how much I'll be able to get on tomorrow (Ray is home in the morning, he has a doctor appointment, and my daughter-in-law has been sick and my son is working from home so I've been watching Mia for a few hours each day) so it was nice to see a post from you tonight and get in a little visit!
Love to you!,

cinner said...

Bernie, sorry about the episode of the gas, If they did not get anything the first time, chances are they won't try again. We had the same thing done in our back lane. they broke the little door off the hinges, but could not get in to get the gas... it is just disapointing when it happens to you. Glad you got your curtains in. We have snow right now, the ground is white, should go tomorrow. Have a good day Bernie.

Sande said...

Funny hearing about your snow ... sitting in shorts and a T over here.

Diana said...

It's a different world that we live in today Bernie. Growing up in Chicago, I sort of had an advantage as I had learned to be on my toes all of the time.
When we moved here it didn't seem like we had to worry about much. But little by little things here are changing too. I find myself having to watch everything as we have had small yet similar instances in our neighborhood.
I think that it is either kids that haven't been brought up correctly(which there are a lot if!) or just desperate people that don't know what else to do. Oh well, I rattle on too much! Hopefully this won't happen again.
It is 70 degrees here this morning! But raining and windy. The rain is supposed to stop for trick or treating. We will see!
Love You Bernie, Love Di

Wanda said...

Good morning Bernie, I can not believe it's Friday, as well as the last 2 days of October.

Barb's photos of the snow you speak of were beautiful weren't they. Makes me look forward to being cocooned in with a warm fire in the fireplace! But do hope for good driving conditions for loved ones, 5 grandchildren now drive!!!

We need to do a little leaf raking before it starts snowing though, which I actually enjoy a little, but only a little! I keep telling myself it's healthy exercise. Herhusband and I do it together, speaking of together...We have been together for 50 years,Nov.2nd is our 46th year wedding anniversary! Where does time go?

Enjoy your lunch today with Terri!
Love to you both,

Gail said...


Oh that is so unfortunate that your gas tank was tampered with. It all feels quite invasive, unsettling. I like your idea about leaving a note! :-) Good to hear you finished all your errands and that your team won!!

Love to you

Margie said...

Yes, winter has arrived here in Colorado, Bernie.
We have lots of snow and it's sooooo cold but the sun is shining this morning and I can't tell you how glad I am to see it!

Glad to know your car is ok.
Guess no gas was taken, huh?
A few years ago someone took gas out of my van when it was parked in the driveway ... have always parked it in the garage since then.

I know you are happy about the Yankess winning last night hubby was too ....I am actually going for the Phillies.
Go Phillies! hehehe!

Have a great weekend Bernie.
I'll be taking my weekend break from blogging and the computer.

Hugs my freind!


Bernie said...

Hi Eileen, woke up this morning and everything was covered in snow, surprise! It is cold and cloudy but not snowing now.
I am looking forward to the new curtains as well, it feels like I have been waiting forever, I will take pictures and post them.
I am a bit nervous about the Yankees as the Phillies are a very good team and is going to hard to beat....keeping my fingers crossed.
Have a great weekend....:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Hi cinner, will be so glad when the curtains are done, it's been forever.
Hope they won't come back, who knows anymore, the times have changed so much.....:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Sande, enjoy your shorts and T shirt, I think we have 7 to 8 months of winter in Alberta. Have a great weekend....:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Hi Diana, hope everyone is well at your house.
Your right, it is a differet world today for sure.
Woke up today with snow, but it is stopped now, it will be cold for the children tomorrow.Have a great weekend.....:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Good Morning Wanda, hope you don't over do it raking leaves but it can be fun when doing it with someone....WOW, all those years together, a real blessing Wanda, I love to hear of happy marriages.
I hope our lunch is still on but her daughter's fiancee has H1N1 and is very ill, but I will go anyway and hopefully Terri will be there....I will say hello from you for sure.
Have a great weekend....Hugs to Alivia....:-)

Bernie said...

Hi Gail, it was a funny feeling, I think invasive is a good word to describe it, just hoping the car doesn't quit on the highway today but like I said I have AMA and will just call.
Have a great weekend....:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Hi Margie, oh Colorado looked so cold on the news, so glad the sun is shining today. I think it's great you take a break on the weekends....ummmmmm I might think about it, blogging gets quite addictive and I enjoy it very much though.
Have a Happy Halloween my friend,
......:-) Hugs

Maggie May said...

I think it is awful the way that people tinker about with petrol caps on cars (you call it *gas* but that means something entirely different in England.) Most people in the cities have to lock their fuel caps so that theft can't take place.

Thank you for your good wishes on my post..... it means so much to me.

Nuts in May

Barb said...

Well Bernie, you are a Wizard! Just as I read your kind message for those of us snowbound in CO, the sun FINALLY broke through the clouds! And, I must admit, it is beautiful to see the blanket of sparkling white! Roads and side streets are bad in the Metro region - here in the mountains our road crews know how to deal with blizzards.
When someone steals from us, it is not really about what has been taken but about a violation of our personal space. It makes us feel unsafe, so what is really stolen is our security. I hope that this is a one-time-only incident for you!

Fairy Footprints said...

Bernie thank you so much for stopping by today for a visit. God bless you and have a wonderful Halloween.


Teacher's Pet said...

Good afternoon Bernie (it's afternoon here...I'm off work. Can I get an 'Amen' !!)
I'm sorry that someone was fiddling with your gas cap. I'm glad they were frightened away...
I know that if they had asked you for some, you would have, obviously it was someone who doesn't know anything about you.
I'm glad that you had a great day, and that your Yankees won. I don't watch baseball..but am glad that 'your' team won.
Have a fabulous weekend.

Valerie said...

That sort of thing can be very unnerving. At least your neighbour was alert so the attempt was thwarted. I'm pleased you had a happy day, you certainly sound cheerful.

Rebecca said...

That's kind of unsettling, isn't it - the gas thing, I mean...?

A year ago, I didn't worry about locking the house when we left for a short time. Nothing has actually happened, but I've been more careful lately.

I KNEW you'd be happy with the outcome of the Yankee game. If they could win tomorrow away from home, that would REALLY be great!

No snow in Indiana....just a lot of rain. It even feels warm compared to some of the cooler temperatures we had the past few weeks!

Hope you enjoy the weekend - game and all! Will you entertain Trick or Treaters, or isn't that a Canadian thing?

The Retired One said...

Yikes...that would frighten me too, to think that someone was playing around with my car. Does your car have a car alarm on it?
I am so glad it ran okay and that no one put anything in your gas tank.
Hope you get lots of little ones at your door Trick or Treating sometimes we get lots and other years, not so many. I may get some photos, we will see! Have a great Halloween, Bernie...!! Luv to you.

Garnetrose said...

I tried to get to your blog earlier but blogger was not working with me. I am glad you have neighbors that can help you out when you need it. It is the kind I have and I feel so good about that.

It was cold here and a little windy earlier in the day but warmed up to feel like a warm spring day. I fear that will not be true tomorrow as it is supposed to be cool and rainy.

I hope you have a good day tomorrow, my friend.

Bernie said...

Maggie, I had to chuckle about the difference between petrol and gas, and yes it was a bit invasive but all is well well my friend.....:-) hugs

Bernie said...

Barb, your sparkling white blanket sounds so glad the sun was shining for your today.
All was well with the car today so I am okay, I did feel a bit anxious about it at the time. Have a great weekend my friend....:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Heidi, it has been my pleasure to visit your blog and I wish you and your daughters a Happy Halloween, I wish the girls much fun...Hugs

Bernie said...

Hi Jackie, you are very kind but you are right, I would of helped whoever it was get the gas they needed if I had known.
Have a wonderful weekend my friend and Jackie thank you for your wonderful e-mails, they are so kind and thoughtful.....:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Hi Val, oh yes I am long as I am healthy I am happy. My car worked great today so they obviously didn't put anything bad into the gas tank.....:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Rebecca, we had more snow again today but it wasn't really cold so it was nice to be outside in it.
I have settled down over the gas tank as I drove into the city today and the car worked great.
Have a great weekend my friend, I bought a cookbook today for cooking for one and there are some crock pot ones in it, if I find a good one I will let you know. Luv ya.....:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Hi Joan, car is fine. I, too am looking forward to the trick or treaters, I truly love seeing the little ones at the door, they are precious.....Have a great weekend my friend.....:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Hi Garnet, am so glad you finally were able to open my blog, I would so miss you if you didn't comment.

More snow here today, freezing rain tonight...I hope it is nice out for the children tomorrow night as they trick or treat.

Have a great weekend Garnet, will pop over to your site now...Hugs

Kay said...

Yankees won???? hmmmm.... as far as the note, maybe that is a good idea, it's probably the some 'punk' kids, so maybe a warning of 'i have a shot gun three days a week and i shoot, you can figure out which days those are'...saw it in an abandoned house i was 'haunted housing' in ones and was enough to not make me go back :) Happy Halloween, dear friend.