Friday, August 20, 2010

Smokey Alberta

Hello my friends, isn't this a beautiful you know my friend Jackie passed away in March. This rose was grown by her youngest daughter Shanna. She also has a garden where she planted so many good herbs and vegetables. Her fresh dill was delicious with my salmon last night and I even added her fresh parsley to my cucumber salad. I am so proud of her and how she is putting her grief into a creative outlook. I know her mom would be so pleased to see her daughter working with and enjoying nature as she does.

No it is not foggy or raining. Our province has been covered in smoke from fires burning out of control in British Columbia. The wind has been blowing North East and we are really feeling it here in Alberta. There are strong medical warnings being put out to advise people who are ill, have COPD or suffer from heart disease to stay inside. I had to go out yesterday and today and believe me it is bad out there. My eyes are burning and I have had a dull headache now for two days. My heart aches for those who are suffering from a serious disease. The cloud of smoke, ash and harmful particles is suppose to be gone by Sunday and I am praying it does. This picture was taken yesterday as I was driving into the city. This was mid morning and by the afternoon the whole atmosphere was so eerie, just a dull glow with a pungent smell. Not nice at all.

My niece Fallon is home from New Brunswick, and it is good to have her back. Her dad has to go on a few three day conferences required by his work so I will be staying with her when he is gone. The first one is next week,  one in September and another one in October. I am afraid they came back to a lot of changes and I am hoping I can make her feel a bit more settled when we are together. Divorce is horrible for a child and even though she is 13 to me she is still a child. We always have fun together, there are so many things that we both enjoy and I plan on doing as much with her as I can. I only wish parents would realize how much pain is involved for everyone not just themselves. I am a firm believer one cannot build their happiness on someone else's unhappiness. Life just doesn't work that way, and no I do not believe that life is always greener on the other side of the fence........too bad so many have to learn the hard way.

My young friend Shauna is back in hospital. She is waiting for a surgeon to remove more cancer from her spine. She is having a lot of pain especially down her left leg. Please remember her and her family in your prayers.

My dear friend  Cindy of Me My Four Chins and I made me a new header for my blog. I really like it, she is so kind to have done this for me. If you get a chance please stop in and visit her. You will find your visit so enjoyable. She is so creative, has a great sense of humor and always finds the best in everything and everyone

Have a great weekend everybody, and enjoy these last few weeks of summer. It is hard to believe that Fall is just around the corner.....summer went by too fast this year.

God Bless and sending you all many, many hugs.......:-)

Saturday, August 14, 2010

New Computer

August 14, 2010

Hello my friends, well I wasn't having enough trouble with Blogger so I decided to purchase a new laptop. Oh yeah.....why not? I might as well learn it all at once. I just didn't stop at my laptop, I also purchased a printer/scanner/copier and a Sirius radio for my living room and my car. Honestly for 3 days I have had boxes all over my living room as I read and re-read manuals. I am not a techie at all.....don't know why I even attempt to do what I do. It only took me 2 hours to find a spot for the antenna.....errrrrrrrrr
I had one given to me by my friend and when she mentioned her son was looking for one now I automatically said take this to him and I will get myself one, well she didn't want too but I insisted. I hardly watch TV now instead I am listening to talk radio, it is so much fun. Where do they get these guys, it is like "what is your favorite day of the week, the guy says Friday and he automatically says, your saying you don't like Sunday's, the guy tries to explain and he says you just said Friday was your favourite day." I want to be a talk show host, they have so much fun interpreting look out for "On Air with Bernie" okay.

I downloaded my pictures from my camera into Picasa as I always do, but Picasa is on my other laptop. I have to figure out how to keep my album all together. Think I will download them to a CD then upload them on this computer. Half the time I don't know what I'm doing and just back into it when everything turns out right. Thanks Di, your instructions are really good. I think I am going to like this new editor once I figure all the buttons out. The sample showed a stats button on dashboard but it didn't show up when I actually arrived here. Oh well it is wait and see time anyway.....gosh only knows where this post will actually show up. I just  checked preview and it is a blank page. Honestly I have to get a life, all I have been doing is playing on machines for 3 days.

My friend Terry was in for a couple of days and had her procedure done, I am happy to say she did excellent and everything is fine.....phew! Her and I did all the shopping on Monday.

I was able to show you a picture of my hanging basket taken today, I wanted to show the first day I hung it so you all could see the difference but that picture is in another program in another computer. Gosh this is fun.

Dr. John says I have to walk 10,000 steps a day, well I got a pedometer and honestly on my best and busiest days I am under 2000 steps. Trust me between all these new machines I have walked all over the place plus I went for a 45 minute walk yesterday. Still can't get close to what he wants me do. I thought it would be easy but I also thought I took more steps obviously. Am going to try and crank it up next week.

Sorry I didn't respond to all your comments, (I so love them) but half the time I wasn't sure where I was or what computer I was times I even made myself laugh trying to undo what I did.  I think I have everything under control now or hope so anyway. Life, especially blogging, is going to be fun again....yes it is I am sure.

I do hope you all have a great week, sending you all ......... many, many hugs.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Thank You

Thank you for letting me know about the commenting problem. I have moved my sister and my picture so you can read the verification word. You guys are great to take the time to e-mail me. I hope you will let me know if this works, I may have to remove my pictures or I am wondering if I went to a 2 column template if it would give me more room.........Anyone know?

Love you all.......many, many hugs

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Catching Up

Hello my Friends,

I do hope you all have had a good week. Most of us have been basking in sunshine and high humidity....only to be cooled off with rain soaked evenings. I have to admit I love the sun and our fabulous summers. My only complaint is they are far too short........

Many of you have been and are back from vacation....I hope it was all that you expected and more. My own summer has been quite quiet this year. I have chosen to stay close to home  and see the sights in my own neighbourhood so to speak. After visiting Fort Edmonton and attending Heritage Days (another real treat for tourist) that is held every summer over 3 days - featuring many cultures. There were over 80 huge tents this year. Each tent represents a different country and the people are dressed in the appropriate clothing, the food was delicious and unique to each culture.  The entertainment was wonderful, and really can only be appreciated by attending this event.  Edmonton does offer something for everyone, it is a huge city and I enjoy all the things only a big city can offer, but I so look forward to arriving home. Morinville is small, very quiet with only one set of street lights. Oh yes my kind of town.

 My friend, Helen and I have also just returned from spending two days in Jasper. I love the mountains, two days was only long enough to make me realize how much I miss spending more time there. We have made plans to return in November for a retreat that is being held there. It is put on by Native Canadians. I so hope she doesn't change her mind as I am looking forward to it already.  November is not a good month to travel through the mountains in Alberta, so I won't go on my own. Now later this month I may drive myself to Banff to meet up with friends from Calgary.  Will share this with you all when my plans are confirmed.

I wish I could show you some of my recent pictures, especially my hanging baskets. They must weigh nearly 50 pounds. I wanted to sit on the door step and dead head them but they are far too heavy for me to lift. I stood on a stool and cleaned them up, they are lovely. Unfortunately I cannot say the same about many of my other flowers or plants. Oh some are not too bad, some are even quite nice but some have root rot. I think the hanging baskets did so well because they drain automatically.  Every year I learn a little bit more about gardening, next year I will see that my pots have more rocks and a far better drainage system.  Also,  I think I will cover them with plastic bags when expecting rain. One of my blogging friends suggested I do this.  I am still enjoying their scents and colors and I love all the insects and creatures they attract. I have had more birds visit me this year than ever before, my favorite are the humming birds just outside my garden door. It seems they feed every time I sit down for a coffee.....I love it.

My friend Terry is arriving Monday for a couple of days. She is to have a procedure as an outpatient Tuesday morning. It is not serious but I always worry a bit when my family or friends need to go through testing or procedures. She is driving in Monday morning and we are going to Costco during the afternoon, I have already started my "list" of things to do. Great friend aren't I,  but in my defence it was her idea. She is also going to try and help me upload pictures again to my blog. I am so close to achieving this, fresh eyes just may do the trick.

It is so good to have most of you back, it seemed so many were away in July. Wishing you all a great week.

Good Night, God Bless and many, many hugs......:-)