Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My Dad

Today is my dad's birthday....he would of been 94. My dad was special, especially to me. I was the youngest and he took me everywhere with times even when he went to work. He gave me many gifts, the main gift was love followed closely by confidence. He always made me feel pretty, I always knew he was proud of me and I loved when he would say how nice I looked, I knew he was proud to take me with him. I have since realized how important it is to a daughter to know how "special" it is to have her father's approval. It was natural between my dad and I, we didn't have to work on our relationship as so many do today.....we accepted each other the way we were.

Now my dad wasn't perfect, although some things he did were. His lawns and gardens were beautiful. I could tell you what street I lived on and had you known my dad you would of been able to pick out our house immediately just by looking at his garden. He had a gift for growing things unfortunately a gift he didn't pass on to his children. None of us have ever been able to duplicate his efforts. He also instilled a strong faith in me, now this gift he passed on to all of us though only a few has accepted it. This is a gift I am forever grateful for, a gift that keeps on giving.

My dad was Irish, a very proud Irishman indeed. He was always impeccably dressed whenever he went out. He worked hard and he played hard. He loved his drink, sometimes too much and thankfully this was something that he didn't pass on to us either. In fact I consider this a gift as well, as we all knew how drinking changed people's personalities, we seen this in our dad and we learned this is not the way we wanted to be. He was funny and could make us all laugh, he had a temper and could make us all cry but always we knew he loved us. He gave us a strong work ethic, taught us to keep our word when we gave it and showed us that life could be lived so much easier with honey than vinegar. Oh how I loved him

Thank you dad for all you were and are in my life. All the lessons you taught have been used in my life many times. I love you dad and miss you even more.

God Bless my friends.......many, many hugs.......:-)

Monday, September 28, 2009

I've Missed You

Many days I have stayed in bed,
Did everything my doctor said
Took those pills but not with ease
End result.....I am not pleased!

Took matters into my own hands
Had a bath and made some plans
Bowed my head and said a prayer
Everything became very clear....

Tomorrow is another day,
Decided it will be okay
Am excited to see my all my friends
Arriving on Friday....the fun begins!

Hello my friends, I have taken my last antibiotic tonight and I am so excited to know I won't have to stay in the house, close to the bathroom all day. I have had enough of antibiotics and gravol to last me a lifetime. Seriously, I want to give my body a chance to adjust and feel better before the girls arrive on Friday. We leave for Bonnyville on Saturday and come back to my house on Monday, then they are leaving on Tuesday. Tuesday afternoon I have to see Dr. John and have blood test done. If I still have an infection I will do what he says and go back on the antibiotics. I won't mind as there is nothing I have to do until I won't worry about letting anyone down and my not feeling well will only affect me and not anyone else. I am okay with this.

I was able to make it to our hospice committee meeting early this evening. I'm not sure how productive I was but we were able to make some plans and divided the work up so that each of us has something to do and put together before our next meeting. We only have six families who are registered for assistance right now, and being the only lay person I am limited to what I can do but I am looking forward to meeting with these families, it will be my job to encourage discussions about their fears and what help they will be looking for from our team. I will call each of them to see how they are doing and ask if they have questions or if I can help in any way, even if it's to guide them to the others who have the experience they may need. My main objective is to let them know they can talk with me, tell me their fears and assure them what they tell me will be kept confidential unless they say I can discuss their problems with the others. I think I can do this, and with God's help I will. Everyone is worried about the cut backs here in Alberta, this makes me angry. The people's illness are not aware of the economy or the politics of it. They deserve the best treatment, care and understanding available and I know with the wonderful people I am working with they will get it. It is so important that these families know we care about them and their situations. I know we all will do the very best we can.

The next week will be quite busy for me, am not sure how much time I can give to blogging with preparing for my friends and going away for the weekend but will check in as often as I can okay. Thank you for all your prayers and support, love and good thoughts for all of you.

Good Night and God Bless..........many, many hugs:-)

Friday, September 25, 2009

A Short Post

Just a short post tonight my friends, hope you are all well. Our weather has turned into Fall, in fact it's cold!

I wanted to post something cheerful tonight. This is my favorite picture of a real sweet young man. He is married to my friend, Caren's daughter. Remember in an earlier post I told you about her beautiful new home. Yeah, that's the one. Anyway this was taken last Fall when Jay graduated as a Fireman. He now works for the City of Edmonton and I think he is one of their finest. His wife, Tiffany is beautiful and I love her like a daughter. In fact we are missing each other and going to see each other soon.

Honestly we didn't send each other a memo, we just ended up matching!

The antibiotics are playing havoc with my digestive system so I am going to have a very quiet weekend, I want to be in tip top shape when my girlfriends arrive next week. We are all going to Bonnyville for Terry's birthday. I am going to be a good girl, follow doctor's orders and stay quiet.....this arm cannot lift anymore than a tea cup until Monday when I see him again.

I will check in and read post, leave comments but will leave my own posting until Monday night when I know I will be able to tell you all is okay with my arm and these other side effects.

Love you all, have a wonderful weekend.....Good Night, God Bless and many hugs...:-)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

No Longer A Mystery

This beautiful Rose left in my mail box the other day was from a very kind neighbour. She had stopped in to say hello and since I was away decided to leave it for me. She stopped over this evening for coffee and giggled when she realized she hadn't put her name on it, just the note. It was so nice to visit with her.

We have been having record breaking heat this week, our days have been very hot. September has been much nicer than July or is all about to end and that's okay. It was nice while it lasted/Now I'm past it.......(a line in a song I think) Our evenings have been cooler and by mornings everything is covered with dew. It is getting darker so much earlier, and I find I have to turn my lights on by 6:15.....not long ago I was reading on my deck without any lights at 10pm.

I had an early morning call this morning to babysit. The baby was sick and here in Alberta you cannot drop a baby with a temperature off at the day care centre. I think it is a good rule, as a sick baby needs much love and attention, one on one time which is hard to provide with so many other children. I held him in my arms most of the day and he slept. I would place him in his crib and he would stay asleep for a short time but only wanted to be was my pleasure. He was so good and all he wanted was to be cuddled. His father arrived home earlier than expected and I was happy to see him, I was looking forward to my own quiet home and sleeping in my own bed. Needless to say I am tired tonight but my arm is not bad at all. I am not having fun on this antibiotic though, how can something that makes one feel so bad be good for us......ah the cure is worse than the illness for sure. Anyway this one is just for 7 days and not 10 as the last one was.

I did spend time on a computer today, a short time and only a few minutes at a time. It felt strange to me, I am so comfortable on my own computers, strange eh as the keyboards are the same but I had a bit of a struggle.

Good Night and God Bless, am sending all of you many, many hugs........:-)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

What A Difference A Day Makes

Hello my friends, what a glorious day I enjoyed today. It was 31C here today, no one told the weather man it was the first day of Fall.....suppose to stay this nice until the weekend.....

I slept in this morning and found myself rushing around so that I would make it on time to meet my friends for lunch. I stopped for gas and locked my keys in the car, had to call AMA to come and open my door....I arrived half an hour late only to find the girls laughing and chatting away, they knew I would be there and also knew that something had to have happened to make me late. They know that if I say I'll be there, nothing short of flood, fire or blood would keep me away. It was so good to see them, they were my best friend's when we all worked together and our 12 o'clock lunch ended at 3:15 with a promise to meet for a pot luck at the end of October. Already I am looking forward to it.....Oh how I have missed seeing these beautiful faces every day. We are all now retired and have found different interest but still hold much in common, we all do volunteer work we dearly love.

This rose was gently wrapped in beautiful paper and placed in my mail box. What a surprise for me when I returned home. The card read "a special rose for a special lady".....I know eventually I will find out who was so thoughtful to give this to me but I was ever so thankful to be thought of this way. Isn't it pretty. Sure hope it wasn't placed in the wrong mail box....LOL (just thought of this)

This is Linda, our desk were side by side for over 3 years....We shared so many laughs and helped each other with our work several times a day. Oh what fun we had! We have seen each other several times since our retirement and we talk by phone at least once a week. Working so closely together we created many memories and sharing them again today had tears running down our faces remembering. A true friend.

This is my beautiful friend Avanish. We bonded immediately when we met. We ate together, took our coffee breaks always at the same time, went for brief walks almost daily. We shared our families, friends, cultures even visited each others church and celebrated each others holidays. We still carry each others secrets, our friendship is bond that can nor ever will be broken. So much love and respect for each one true work friend.

This is Colleen, the wise one of the group. This kind and gentle lady can be described as "grace under pressure" She lost a son to suicide during our years together and she told us today that she never could of made it through those horrible days without us and she told each of us what we had done to help her. Oh what a beautiful lady, everyone should be so blessed to have a Colleen in their life. She is the perfect description of Faith, a joy to be in any one's life.

The cleaning lady came in this morning and locked the door on her way out. I returned from lunch to find a beautiful rose and a sparkling, polished home. Does it get any better than this.....ah yes my friends it did. Ken, my handy man came over around 5:30 and put up my vertical blinds. My new French Doors are finally dressed.

The only thing that interrupted my perfect day was my dear Dr. John called and has put me on an antibiotic. He wants to prevent an infection in my lymph nodes and the needle site, he also thinks it will help to heal my cyst. I will pick up my prescription tomorrow. Ah but it was a near perfect day I have had in a very long time. What a difference a day makes!

Good Night my friends and God Bless, I am sending you all many, many hugs.....:-)

Monday, September 21, 2009

I Am Well

She was sitting in a small cubicle wearing one of those horrible gowns that even someone with a PhD wouldn't be able to tie so that she might look respectable let alone presentable.....she was nervous, she had been called back to the room twice for more "pictures" and sitting there alone, cramped and feeling naked brought back old feelings she thought had been dealt with....please God she prayed if those x-rays show the big "C" has come back then give me the grace and the courage to deal with it the way you want me too. Help me to be strong, do what I have to do and please God help me so that my family will not worry nor feel they have to leave their families again to come to my aid. Oh yes she said, change my life if you want but please God let's you and me work together not change their lives even a little bit.

She was me this afternoon, these are the prayers I said while waiting to speak to the radiologist.....tense yes, frightened no....I had myself prepared for whatever he was about to tell me......when the nurse finally knocked on the door and said he would see me, I asked if I could get dressed but she said no, leave your gown on. So I slowly walked down that seemingly never ending hall to his office. I immediately looked into his eyes, looking for signs of what was to come. I saw them, so blue and clear but they gave me no clues. After sitting down he began speaking with me, I wasn't even sure what he was saying, I knew he was talking, his lips were moving but I honestly cannot tell you what he said until he said, we found "NO cancer"....then I felt the relief spread through my body, tears came to my eyes and still I didn't hear a word he was saying as I was saying a prayer, "thank you God". After a few minutes his words started to settle in, this had been my third mammogram in 5 weeks, and one biopsy. The cyst had grown and he wanted to inject a needle and withdraw the fluid. He wanted to do it then....yikes...funny I was prepared to hear that my cancer had come back but I wasn't prepared to have a cyst drained. Okay I said, let's get it done then. We had to wait for another doctor and during this time the nurse cleaned the site with alcohol and injected freezing into the area. We went into another room where the doctors had access to small tv's so they could see exactly where they had to go to remove this liquid.....I looked at the very long but skinny needle, my first mistake. I turned my head away as they guided the needle into the proper place and they thought they would have everything done and me on my way in twenty minutes at the matter how many times or where they went they just couldn't find the liquid....finally a very small amount was extracted, the rest was hard and they realized after much discomfort that they could get no more. I was fine, it was okay, it wasn't cancer. That kind blue eyed doctor apologized as he thought it would of been full of liquid, he said I would be a bit sore when the freezing came out but I had nothing to worry about. He also said he wanted to see me again in December. This cyst wasn't going to hurt me but it was something that wasn't suppose to be in my body so he would look, take pictures and test again in December. I said thank you and went back to the small cubicle and dressed, I just wanted out of there.

When I got to my car the tears began to fall, I had been there almost 5 hours and most of that time was spent sitting around watching others come and go in a quickly fashion. My tears were of joy for myself and sadness for the young woman who was told she had stage 2 cancer. She was so frighten, I tried to console her, comfort her but I knew my mind was racing and I could of shown so much more empathy and given her tons more of encouragement, instead I kept thinking of myself. Even with my relief I felt selfish. Here I was praying to be able to do things my way, I should of focused on her.

Tonight I am full of relief and gratitude and yes all that prodding has left me sore. I am typing with a pillow so not to move my arm very much. I am thinking of that lady, her eyes confused in my mind with those of my doctor's eyes. I am sure after a good night's sleep I will be able to do that lady justice with sincere heartfelt prayers for only her. I wish I had given her my phone number....she may need someone who has been there to talk to, I am going to call Brenda, the nurse, and asked her if she could give that lady my name and number in case I can help....I'm not sure she will do this but I have to try. I never have been good at living with guilt, and I feel guilty of being thankful that it was her receiving the bad news and not me, guilty of feeling selfish and guilty of not being there when someone needed a kind and encouraging word. Words I had but didn't use.

Probably I am not being very clear tonight my friends. I have taken a pain killer and have been given 3 more to take if I need them. I cannot take them as I am meeting friends tomorrow for lunch downtown. Their friendship, smiles and just being around friends I love so dearly will be the only pain killer I will need. I would rather be able to drive and meet them than take a pill......they will help me to forget the pain and remember the love.

The lesson for today is prepare for the worse but expect the best of everything this wonderful life gives us. Face all challenges as it is through challenges we can truly appreciate the good times and in my case today, the good news. Give thanks, never ever put off telling those you love just how much they mean to you. It was a scare for sure made worse by remembering the past but it's over. I am well and I am happy.

Thank you God for all my blessings and to all of you Good Night and God Bless. I am sending you all many, many hugs.......:-)

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Time to Laugh

Hello my friends, another wonderful day today in the life of was cool and cloudy today but the weather didn't stop me from enjoying a super Saturday.

This morning I went to breakfast at Tim's with my neighbour. The place was packed and everyone chatted with everyone, it was like we all were there together. We talked hockey, football, golf and the weather. Their were a couple of comedian's in the house cracking jokes about everything.....I found my stomach sore from laughing.

When I came home I read my paper and spent quite a while on my computer. I'm beginning to wonder if I need a new laptop as I find this one quite slow. It is 2 years old but I was hoping to get another year out of it....I will wait a while and see how it goes.

Later Terri called me and we talked 90 minutes, didn't even realize that much time had passed, we are really looking forward to our friends arriving on Oct 2 and going to her home to celebrate her birthday. I know it will be a good time.

I should of done a few chores around here but instead when my neighbor rang my door bell and said "I'm going into the city, do you want to go shopping".....I was there!
I had just cleaned out my purse, scarves and glove drawers and only gave them to charity yesterday and today I bought a lovely grey croc purse with matching gloves. They are really pretty. I wanted to take a picture to show you but something is wrong with my camera, when I turn it on it shows F18 at the bottom of the screen and turns itself off....I can't find the book that came with it so I will have to stop into the camera shop when I am back in the city on Monday. I think I have turned a button on it that I shouldn't have.....aways something!

Handyman didn't show today nor did he call but I refused to sit around and wait for him today. He will be here when he gets here. Terry said not to worry about it, she thinks we can put them up together when she comes into Morinville. If he doesn't show up before then, then we will do it. I should say she will do it, I will hand her the electric screwdriver, and whatever else she needs, I'm really good at that.

Went to Mass tonight, and found it comforting as I lit my candle and said my prayers. I had so many prayers of thanks today.....I love those kind of prayers instead of me always asking for something. Oh I did have another wonderful day.

Tonight I had a soothing lavender bubble bath, lit a fire in the fireplace and am now watching an old movie I have seen many times before. The Mirror has Two Faces with Barbara Streisand and Jeff Bridges, it's a good movie.

Today wasn't as quiet and serene as yesterday but oh it was a happy day, I laughed a lot, spent time with friends and people I didn't even know and I had fun! Laughter is so good for the soul, mind, and even the fact I think it's good for everything!

Good Night and God Bless my friends, I am sending you all many, many hugs....:-)

Friday, September 18, 2009

Ahhhh....A well Deserved Day

Hello my friends, Oh I so hope you all had your most wonderful day ever. I really enjoyed the most quiet, lazy day I have had in weeks. That's right I did nothing.

Lucy is home getting tons of snuggles and much love from her family, a small patch on her head is the only sign of the trauma she has been through. Everyone is happy.

My neighbours are sleeping well, their son is in a Mental Health Facility. Their world is slowly coming back to a routine and hopefully will have a happy ending. Other neighbors are relaxed and are moving forward accepting that no thief is running around loose in our neighbourhood.

All was beautiful in my world today, it was warm outside not hot. A lovely day with a tinge of yellow on the leaves of the few trees that surround my little condo. As I walked towards my mailbox I could smell Fall in the air, and I smiled. Fall is absolutely my favorite time of year. I love the change of seasons. I could never live in an area that didn't enjoy the beauty of all four seasons....way to boring for me. I love the first light snow fall, I take a walk in the first snow fall each year. I love new buds on the tress, warmer sun and longer days showing the beginning of Spring and I absolutely love the hot days of summer, swimming in the ocean, BBQ's and visiting with friends. Oh yes I am blessed to live in a province of four seasons.

I finally delivered the 4 bags of clothes to the charity shop which I had put aside after cleaning closets and drawers.....I couldn't wait any longer for them to pick them up, I was always walking around them. It's good to have that space cleared.

I spoke on the phone, made arrangements to meet 3 of my friends I use to work with for lunch on Tuesday, and waited for the handy man to come and hang up my verticals on the French Doors. I stayed in today so not to miss him, he didn't show up, he didn't even call but for some reason I am okay with it. Today was so peaceful, so relaxing and I was really happy to just "Be" awwww... to have more days like this one.

A boring day for you to read about I know but one I loved and yes..... I deserved this beautiful day.

Good Night and God Bless and as always many, many hugs.......:-)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Parents with a Broken Heart

Hello my friends, was too tired/emotional to post last night.....but I did have a great sleep. I was up at 7 am as I had to go for blood test after fasting. Since I have to take my insulin I had to have a scheduled morning, something I don't like. I don't do mornings well!

I have told you about my neighbor's home being broken into. Last night, early evening really I took coffee and doughnuts over to them. I wanted to say hello and see how they were doing. What I found when my friend opened her door still haunts me.

I could tell she had been crying and was very upset. I passed her the coffee and told her I wouldn't come in, just wanted to let her know I was thinking of them. She insisted that I share the coffee (at this time I could of kicked myself for bringing a tray with 3 large cups on it) I assured her that I was fine and would visit on the weekend, but she wouldn't take no for an answer. As I sat down she started crying... I learned about the break in, in her and her husband's words and it broke my heart.

The police had found all their items at a pawn shop.....they then traced them to the was their own son. Apparently he is a drug addict and needed money. They had refused his request only a couple of days earlier as they were tired of his irresponsibility. They never thought for a moment he would break into their home. They also didn't realize how ill he really is. Their hearts were broken....and they were in the process of trying to decide what they should do. To have their items returned to them, they had to press charges. If they wanted their insurance company involved they had to press charges, to help their son they had to press charges. They didn't want their son to go to jail.....they wanted to help him instead. They didn't feel being in jail would do anything to help his drug problem, I have to say I agreed with this....they also wanted their property back. I felt I shouldn't be there, these were big decisions that had to be made among themselves....why would they want me to hear what they were saying, and what could I say or do to console them? I still don't know, I only listened and hugged them, assuring them that whatever decision they made would be the right one, they were the ones who had to live with this, not the police nor the insurance company. Their son in my opinion should be held accountable but I wasn't about to share that with them. They were in enough pain. I am still not sure what they decided to do, I will leave it to them to tell me, if anything, what their decision is.....even today I refused to discuss it with other is a family problem and their business. I know they will resolve it the best way for them and their son and I will trust their decision always with the love and respect they so badly need right now.

This brings myself to question about trust. Love for your child never dies, but trust can and sadly does. How can that trust be rebuilt, can it even be rebuilt? I'm not sure but I pray for them, their son and their family. Trust is a special bond with is not a given as love has to be earned. I have learned this valuable lesson on a personal level. I don't know how not to love those in my life, I find it easy to give my love and share it unconditionally. Trust is another matter, there are those that have severed this wonderful gift I gave them, and I have to admit that I have yet to trust some people even today. I am not proud of this, I want to trust everyone but just because I want to doesn't mean I do. I realize it is human to let others down, we are not perfect. One can forgive by themselves but it takes more than one to have a relationship. I'm not sure if a relationship can survive without is something that I find myself working and praying on everyday. Will these parents ever be able to trust their son again? I don't know the answer, but I really want to believe this can happen.

Have a wonderful day my friends, may you always be surrounded by people you not only love but can always trust.

Am sending you all many, many hugs........:-)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A New Day

Hello my friends, we are still having the most glorious weather...unbelievable really but I am not complaining. Hope you all had a wonderful day.

Well I have finally resolved my curtain issue. I called the company and said they were almost $2000. over my budget.....I told them I only had one solution and that was put my own verticals back up on my new door (these were custom made only a year and a half ago and are very neutral and will match) and that I would purchase their curtains and toppers for the living room but only if they could do them for $1000. She said she didn't think they could as the hardware was expensive and they had to pay people to hang them, she said she would have to call me back. Anyway she did and said they would do it and that I had to give them half of the money today and the other half when they finished. I was very happy, I still can't believe that it means they were charging me $2000, just for the French Doors. I think they were way out of line with their quote and you know they still have to be making money on my $1000. offer or they wouldn't do it. I wonder what they really are worth, probably $400 if not even less than that. Anyway they will be completed by mid October. I almost think I should of gone to Sears and bought curtains and had the handy man hang them for me. I talked with him tonight and he is coming over to put up the verticals on Friday and is charging me $15.00........note to self: don't hire professionals until I check out all other options.

We had a bit of sad excitement this morning, someone broke into the condo 2 doors down from me. Apparently they went in through the basement window (we only have one and it's really tiny)and they took all of my neighbor's electronic equipment except for the TV. Her video camera, a digital camera, blue ray CD player, microwave and her computer. I was shocked as I have lived her for 10 years and this has never happened before. The police think it was a young person who acted on his own. They managed to get clear fingerprints so hopefully this person will be found. It had to be someone who knew they were both working to go in through the basement window. The police asked me if I had seen or heard anything but unfortunately I didn't notice anything different this morning. Most of the time I don't even lock my back door but I always do the front. We are all more aware tonight for sure and I think even a bit nervous and probably will be until they catch this person. I feel so bad for my neighbor, her husband is in a wheel chair and they have enough to deal with. Fortunately he is well and able to work, and I am thinking it may of been a good thing that they weren't home at the time. We can always replace material things and no one was physically hurt although emotionally I could tell they were really shook up, I know I would of been as well.

While reading one of my favorite blogs today, a person I have grown to love quoted something to me: she said there is a Mandarin saying there are only 3 days in a person's life "yesterday, today and tomorrow". Her brother told her "Life is just that simple". I have been thinking about this quote all day and I realize how much I love it. We spend so much time cluttering our lives with the what ifs, or wait to call someone next week or plan so far ahead we forget to enjoy the moment we are in. Thank you Silver, it has given me food for thought and makes me more aware to appreciate the here and now.

Am off to read my favorite blogs and comments.......Good Night, God Bless and as usual I am sending you all many, many hugs.........:-)

Bad Behavior

Hello my friends, we had the most gorgeous summer day today....absolutely beautiful.

I spent a quiet day today, reading newspapers, listening to the news, watching sports and reading a book. I was so disappointed today, people I enjoyed and respected showed a side of themselves I hadn't seen before. I watched a highly skilled and highly paid tennis player loose her composure and took her frustrations out with bad language and no respect for her opponent, umpires or lines people. I watched people march with ignorant signs spewing hate and anger, I saw a celebrity take away a precious moment from an innocent because he didn't like that his favorite choice hadn't won an award.....what is happening, why are people forgetting that there are ways and means to express how we feel without being disrespectful. Why are people spewing hate, why are they so angry? Is it because they are disappointed in themselves so they have to blame others, is it because they are misinformed or is it because they are taking medications they shouldn't be or even worse not taking medication when they should. Why are people inciting fear.....I can't believe they enjoy this, I can't even believe they are doing it intentionally.

We live in a world that was created in love for all of us. I was taught to love, respect and help our neighbour. I was taught if I couldn't say something nice about someone then I shouldn't say anything at all. I was taught that even though someone may look different than I did, or go to a different church it didn't mean I was going to heaven any faster than they were. Four letter words were written on walls where no one actually lived and no young man would ever speak them around a young lady, let alone the young lady shouting them out in anger.

Whatever has happened is not a good thing. We may have lived a simple life but it was filled with love, kindness and one would walk miles to bring a pie or roast to someone who was sick. Neighbours looked out for each other and each other's children, sons and daughter's not only loved their parents they showed that love in many ways.

I agree times have changed, and technology has helped a huge world become smaller and bring us all closer together, but does it mean that people have become smaller, narrow minded, rude, selfish and disrespectful. No I do not fault technology for that. Each one of us must take the responsibility, if we go to church on Sunday we cannot possibly leave there and forget everything the Ten Commandments teaches us on Monday. How anyone can take joy from the death of anyone is mind boggling, who do we think we are that we can judge anyone. To these people I say, let those without sin cast the first stone or as my mother would say, those who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. I truly believe that as long as people allow and tolerate these actions they will continue. It's up to each individual to set an example and show love, caring and kindness to others.

Oh I know and God knows I am far from perfect, I have many faults and have made many mistakes. I cannot nor do I even try to justify them but if ever I act like what I saw and read about today I would want to be corrected and reminded to walk in the others shoes so that I could learn a lesson....a good lesson.

The most honest and comforting things I have read today have been my blogging friends post, it seems my friends here know the true meaning of loyalty to each other and encourage each other in all things good. Tonight I am going to pray that all people will find their way back to a heart full of love and respect for others, that greed, jealousy, and all the harmful words that can never be taken back, they are still out there, will bite their tongues even if they bleed so that they never forget what a beautiful world we have been so blessed to be born into, and never say words that can hurt another's reputation. One can always apologize and the apology be accepted but those words are still out there and there will be someone who will believe them without even knowing the offended person personally. It is just wrong.

Good night my friends, God Bless and many, many hugs....:-)

Monday, September 14, 2009

Update on Lucy

Hello my friends, was too tired to post last night but I trust you all had a wonderful weekend.

Kathy has just called me.....Lucy is going to be okay. Thank you God. She has to have surgery to remove the birthmark but everyone is so thankful that it can be removed. There had been a chance it had grown in through her head and scalp and the worry was if it was attached to her in a permanent way then they wouldn't be able to remove it, they also had to wait for lab results today to see if it was malignant or not.....but that was then, this is now and I am very happy. She is having the surgery either today or tomorrow morning and if everything goes well she will only be in hospital for a week. Kathy reminded me "twice" to thank all of you for your prayers, they so appreciated all of us. Lucy is remaining in ICU until the surgery is over but in my heart I now feel all is going to be well. Thank you all so very much.

I just returned from the dentist, I had a filling and they did an impression of the tooth they had removed to add to my partial plate. I am completely frozen and my jaw is quite painful but I just couldn't wait to tell you the news about Lucy. I knew you all were so concerned.

Our weather is absolutely beautiful.....much nicer than July or August has been. I am so enjoying this extra sunshine.

Am going to get some ginger ale (with a straw) take a Tylenol and watch the tennis, perhaps even take a nap. I didn't realize how frighten I was over Lucy and now that relief has taken over my body I am exhausted.

Thank you again my friends, love you all and many, many hugs......:-)

Saturday, September 12, 2009

A Beautiful Summer Day

Hello my friends, we had the most perfect summer day today. It was 27C and the sun was warm on my face and arms as I swept and hosed down my deck. I vacuumed my wicker furniture. I whipper snipped the small patch of grass and emptied flower pots, washed them and put them in the baby barn. My deck furniture will not fit through the new French Door...I will have to carry it around to the front of the condo and bring it in that way....I hope. When I moved in here 10 years ago most of my furniture was brought in through the patio doors so wish me luck on that these things only happen to me? Maybe it was God's way of telling me to wait for the cleaning lady to help me.

Baby Lucy is still in ICU, I really am unable to update as the family are still processing everything before they make their decisions....please keep praying for this family who I love so much. When I am able too I will share all that I can about this beautiful baby. Again tonight I found myself lighting a candle after Mass for Lucy who is fighting so hard to stay in this wonderful world she has only recently entered and for the family who loves her more than life itself.

US Tennis Open wasn't on TV today as it was raining in New York so instead they had replays of games gone by....thank heaven as I managed to accomplish a few things other than my deck and back yard. I went for groceries, cleaned my bathrooms and kitchen, polished living room furniture and vacuumed downstairs. I also went to Mass tonight so that I won't miss any tennis tomorrow (no, I didn't pray that it not rain in New York) I feel good tonight as the past couple of days I have done nothing.....well nothing around the house anyway.

I got the quote on my curtains.......whoa!!!! Thank heaven it came by e-mail and I was sitting down..... still making my mind up what to do, I can get them and not eat for a year or have tons of groceries and let the neighbours see into my house...what decision would you make? LOL

Have a great Sunday everyone, Good Night, God Bless and as always I am sending all of you many, many hugs..........:-)

Friday, September 11, 2009

Update and 911

Hello my friends, I know your day was filled of memories of 09/11/01....a horrible day for my American friends and a day the world changed forever. We lost many of our own that day, Canadians that worked in the Twin so sad. To me it is also very sad that we still are losing our young men and women today. Will there ever be a time in history where we are not at war? I don't know but I pray that one day all wars come to an end. Just last week I watched on TV 2 funerals of young men, killed in Afghanistan. They were only in their early I have said many times, Life is not fair but it's Still Good.

Thank you for all your prayers and please keep them coming....Kathy called me twice today to update me but I haven't heard from her since 1:30. Lucy's fever had gone down and she is resting and seems comfortable. She is still in ICU. The family had met with her pediatrician and were waiting for a neurologist to view her x-rays, CAT and MRI scans. Apparently Lucy was born with a small birthmark on her head which has grown and became infected.....she may need surgery but Kathy is hoping that will not happen. The good news is that if it is only the infection then the antibiotics she is on should help her, they won't know if it is more than that until they speak to the neurologist. Kathy is very emotional and exhausted but she ask that I thank everyone for their prayers. She has a wonderful and strong faith. I will keep you posted. I wanted to mention the picture I have shown you these past two post was taken on Aug. 26th the day after Lucy was born. I will never forget how happy the family was that day.....a day I always want to remember.

In closing I want to say that all Americans should be very proud today. You are all kind, loving, caring and a very strong people. You all came together with hope and pride on that horrid day, stood together as one......and through your pain reached out and helped one another. God Bless you all and may God Bless your beautiful country.

Good Night my friends and God Bless.............:-) Hugs

Prayers are Needed

This is a picture of my friend Kathy and her granddaughter, Lucy.... Lucy was born on August 25th and tonight she was rushed to the children's hospital in Edmonton, she is in ICU and fighting for her life. This is Kathy's first grandchild and her family are filled with worry and exhaustion. The doctors are unsure what exactly is wrong but they are trying to stabilize her as they are doing test. Please remember little Lucy, my dear friend Kathy and her family in your prayers....Thank you

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

2 Year Anniversary

This picture was taken two years ago on my last day of work....we all gathered together for cake and coffee. There were many tears that day as these were not only work mates but they were my friends.....They gave me a beautiful necklace, earrings and bracelet as well as the most gorgeous crystal bowl, either they were glad to see me go or they were going to miss me. I know I miss them but I am happy to say I still keep in touch with all of them....some more than others as some became life long friends. It was time for me to retire and a year and a half later this GE office closed due to the economy. All of them moved on to some wonderful jobs but we all remember the great times we had working together. Most in this picture were at a BBQ we had this summer. I am so proud of them especially the young people.

I had a much better day today, one of my blogger friends called me this morning and we chatted for at least an hour. I loved hearing her voice as I am able to put a voice to her words. Don't you just love blogging, I know I do. I have made so many wonderful friends from countries all over the world. I don't know why it took me so long to begin blogging but I know why I continue ...... just being connected to others, enjoying their photo's, poems, hearing about their days and their families. I really, really love it.

Tonight I met two of the nurses/friends I do hospice work with for dinner in St. Albert. It was wonderful to see them as we don't see each other through the summer.
I had lasagna, garlic bread and a glass of wine for dinner. I didn't have room for dessert but I did have a French Vanilla Capachunio (sp) and thought of Eileen as I drank it. It was delicious as was my meal. I loved the food, the wine, my friends and the conversation. It's good to be going back to my volunteer work the end of September.

They are calling for a heat wave in Alberta over the next few days, amazing really but I'll take it as I want to bring my wicker furniture on my deck inside and a put it down in the basement.....I don't have a lot left to do outside. I hope everything will fit through my new garden doors.... which by the way I still haven't received my quote for my curtains. I did call today to check and Christine who was here last week is out with the flu and since it's her project they didn't have any info for me. They did say she will e-mail me tomorrow.....let's hope so. I would like it done before I move back to NB in three years. LOL

All in all a good day, as I hope all you had.

Am off to read my favorite blogs and comments....Good Night and God Bless and as always .....many, many hugs.......:-)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

That Look

Hello my friends, as I have already read some of your post I know most of you have had a really good day making memories with your families and others are beginning to feel better after a couple of days of not feeling well. I so enjoyed reading all your news.

I had to go out today to keep an appointment, it was here in Morinville so I wasn't away for too long. It was another cool and windy day today, I stopped at Tim's on my way home for a coffee and as the line up at the drive through was so long I decided to go inside instead. It was packed and I was able to find the only available table in the corner, a small table only big enough for 2. I was sitting there people watching for only a few minutes when this smartly dressed woman approached my table. I smiled at her and she asked me if she could sit down at my table, I said of course as I moved my purse to make way for her tray. She was only sitting a few seconds when she began to tell me how tired and drained she was as she had just visited her friend whose husband had recently passed away. I said I was sorry to hear that and she said oh don't be, he had been sick a very long time, it was a blessing really. It was then I noticed that look in her eyes and I sensed her secret joy (perhaps this is too strong a word) that this tragedy hadn't happened to her. My feelings made me feel uncomfortable. I knew that look only too well. I had seen that same look from the eyes of my family and friends when I went through my own personal tragedies. The eyes are called "Windows to the Soul" I'm not convinced this is true but I often wonder why people think they can hide that look and conceal their true feelings. Many times I wish I couldn't or wasn't in tune with what others were thinking or feeling...but I have always been sensitive to others. For myself, I would rather someone just come out and say it, I could deal with that...... I would prefer their honesty but then many others may not appreciate it so I can only speak for myself really, about what is appropriate or not. I would like to think I would know my friend well enough to know how she would want me to be with her during such a time. I didn't offer much to the conversation as I kept thinking of her friend, hoping she was doing okay. Not long after that I said I had to go and left her sitting there with her own thoughts as I made my way home. I think what I am trying to say is if you find yourself in a situation when someone you love loses a loved one, realize that the grieving person knows you are genuinely sorry for their pain but they also know you carry a secret joy (that word again) that it hasn't happen to them, and that's okay, it's only normal. Perhaps in some way it would be refreshing to clear the air and in a kind way share your true feelings, believe me your friend will understand as she too will be happy for you, she doesn't want anyone to know the pain of losing someone they love.

Sorry, I had no intention of sharing this when I was going to post tonight. Perhaps I needed to express my feelings especially after sharing my table this afternoon.

I have removed my music from my blog, as many of my e-mails yesterday told me it took forever to open my blog and when they did the music would cut in and out as they were trying to read my post. I am sorry that you all had to go through this, I downloaded my music to my I Pod so I still have it to enjoy, so not too worry.

I wish you all a Wonderful Wednesday as I am off to finish reading my favorite blogs and comments.......Good Night and God Bless and as always....many, many hugs :-)

Monday, September 7, 2009

A Drive in the Country

Hello my friends, I hope you all enjoyed your Labor Day holiday. I want to thank all of you for your encouragement and advice from my post last night. What was surprising to me was I received almost as many e-mails on my subject as I did comments, all had the same theme, everyone agreed it was time that I moved away from this person....felt so much better about my decision to move on after hearing from all of you.

My day, though unplanned, was wonderful. When I woke up this morning it was cool and raining....I was slow moving due to the dampness and that was okay as I was in no hurry to do anything anyway. So I wrote and answered e-mails, as I drank my coffee before reading my daily newspaper. Then I had a friend call me and suggest we go for a drive this afternoon.....I absolutely love going for a drive when I can just sit back, relax and be a passenger. So I busied myself getting ready for an afternoon of bliss and it was.

We didn't drive on any highways, we took old country roads and even though it was cloudy it had stopped raining and the scenery was beautiful. Fall was in the air, and the trees are just beginning to change color.....not a lot, just enough to remind us of the impending season. I saw beautiful old farms making ready for winter, gardens which had recently held fresh vegetables were now empty and made huge brown patches on a carpet of green. The animals were grouped together under trees, large bales of hay were being placed in barns for winter feed, tarps were placed over large pieces of machinery and I soaked in all the sights and sounds like a sponge. We drove for a couple of hours before we stopped and had a wonderful meal of fish and chips. I enjoyed a cup of tea with apple pie and ice cream for dessert. It was delicious.

Relaxing as a passenger with a full tummy made me sleepy and it was all I could do to keep from falling asleep on our drive home. I felt wonderful. I wish I could of taken that calm beautiful feeling and bottled share with all those I love.

We have had so many intense thunder/lightening storms these past few days. Strange how we went from record breaking hot days to all changed so quickly.

I am feeling so much better after weeks of antibiotics, and much arthritic pain perhaps that is why I appreciated my wonderful day today. Let's pray Tuesday will be just as wonderful.......

Am off to read my favorite blogs and comments, Good Night and God Bless and as always
.......many, many hugs.........:-)

Sunday, September 6, 2009

What Would You Do

Hello my friends, hope you all are enjoying our last long weekend of summer. It is pouring down rain here and the wind is howling like glad it's rain and not snow or we would be having a major it is now it's very cozy listening to the rain fall and the wind blow as I am snuggled in for the night.

Last night I received a comment which sounded familiar but for some reason I felt uncomfortable with it. At first I didn't realize who it was that sent it.....I will back up a little bit.... When I first started blogging a few months there was a lady that use to comment on each of my post. She was one of my first followers. I would say it was probably less than a week when I realized that something wasn't quite right, I didn't like the kind of post she wrote as they always rang untrue to me. She always posted nice comments on my blog but I struggled when trying to comment on hers. Her life ran like a bad soap opera and each post was worse than the previous one. In the beginning I tried to encourage her to do something about her situation, but in each of her post there were more issues put on poor issues. Not only did nothing change but everything grew worse and more desperate. What started as a soap opera was now a full fledged horror movie. I think what bothered me the most is that she seemed to be enjoying the fact that her followers were always worrying about her she basked in their sympathy. She didn't do anything to try and make her situation better, at times her husband would post for her and his were even more dreadful. After three weeks of everyone trying to help her and going back and forth I knew I had to be true to myself as I had always been true to her. I wrote a comment saying that she needed professional help, more help than us lay people could provide. She responded that no one cared, she had no food, no money, their car was broke down and they were going to be evicted from the motel room they lived in and her husband was leaving her. She had no friends and her family hated her (well at that time she said they did). She had no money for professional help or doctor's and she couldn't understand why no one would help her. I then replied and told her every state, city or town had a church with a pastor that could advise her and perhaps guide her in the right direction for the help she needed. Nothing last comment to her was that she had to grow up and take responsibility for herself and her situations. I also told her that feeling sorry for herself solved nothing and instead of complaining about washing her clothes in a bathtub she should offer to clean the laundromat in exchange to use their washers. I think I was a bit blunt with her and I haven't heard from her since that last comment, I have thought about her a few times these past few months and have prayed for her and her family hoping her and her husband had got their act together, found jobs and were doing better, in my heart it was the best I could do. Then last night she showed up again.......she had changed the spelling of her name so I didn't know it was her.....

She sent me a comment saying she loved my blog, had missed me but life happens and invited me to join her new blog. Since I didn't remember who she was through this comment I checked out her sight and I couldn't believe it. It was her and she is still living in the same motel, complaining about the same horrible people who live there...she has done absolutely nothing about her life except set up a web cam so now everyone can watch her and her husband fight and use four letter words....Well I erased her comment and did not leave a comment at her new site.

I thought about her and my reaction off and on today. By refusing to allow her comment, by not commenting on her post.....did I do the right thing? Where has my compassion and understanding gone? I know my heart and know who I am and usually I like the person I am.....but does turning away from this person make me less compassionate less understanding. I don't think the Good Lord would be very pleased with me as I can't remember ever turning away from someone who needed a friend and this person desperately needs a friend and tons of guidance and profession help. God forgive me but I feel I have made the right decision. When I offered my truth and what guidance I could it wasn't enough, nothing ever was.

My blogging friends have become my blogging family. I love and care for all of them and their families....I do not feel that way about this person. I pray she finds someone who can reach her but I know I am not qualified to meet her needs. This is the only bad experience I have encountered since I have begun blogging. Okay my friends, what do you think, have I done the right thing or should I have reached out and at least tried to help? Have any of you experienced anything like this situation? Joan, I think you know the person I am speaking of as I remember reading your comments to her, has she contacted you? I think I need to pray more on this one my friends.......

Am off to read blogs and comments, have a great Monday everyone. Good Night and God Bless.......and as always.......many, many hugs......:-)

Saturday, September 5, 2009

What's a little Flare Up

Hello my friends, here is where I started my day very early this morning. No, I didn't go inside I went through the drive through and got my muffin and coffee to go.
It was sooooooo good.

The past couple of days I have been nursing a flare up of RA. I am happy to say I am much much better....hardly any pain tonight....yay!!!!

Yesterday was very quiet, in fact when my doorbell rang at 3 o'clock I was sleeping and still in my I slowly made my way to the door I glimpsed into the mirror and thought how much I looked like my grandmother, not my mother but my grandmother.....sorry Gram but I looked dreadful.

Holding my housecoat together with one hand I opened the front door with the other, and it was a man painting the trim on our condos. He had accidentally pushed on the door bell.....thanks a lot buddy. Anyway it was pouring down rain and I asked him how he expected it too dry...he said he had already been around during the morning and put on the first coat and it had dried, this would dry too. Sure enough when I checked a few hours later, it was still raining but the paint had dried. Looks really good too, so thank you Mr. Work In the Rain painter.

Okay so I went back to bed and fell back to sleep very quickly....that is why I was awake this morning at 6 am.....I had slept most of yesterday away and I was well rested this morning. I got up, showered, did my make up and was dressed for my day and it wasn't even 7 o'clock was going to be a long, long day I thought.

I headed for Tim's and picked up an extra large cup of coffee and blueberry muffin then drove back home to enjoy it while I read my newspaper. It was nice outside, very wet and a bit cool but it was so quiet and smelled really fresh just like my coffee.

I enjoyed my quiet time with my coffee and newspaper, and just as the Tennis was about to come on TV my friend called. I was suppose to meet her yesterday but cancelled so when she asked me to go into the city with her I said okay. I did, and we had a nice day together. We stopped at a few yard sales and I saw a few things like sinks and antique bells I knew my friend Eileen would of liked but since I have been busy purging my own house these past couple of weeks I sadly turned away from them knowing I didn't have the energy to bring anything home, clean them and find a place to put them. I did enjoy browsing though and my friend picked up some old dishes which she has a passion for. We then stopped at Chapter's, one of my favorite book stores and I did pick up a couple of books that I had written on my list of books to buy. We had lunch at Sorentino's and I had a scrumptious Chicken Ceasar Salad and a glass of wine....I know it was early for wine but it went so well with my salad.
After lunch we went to another favorite store of mine, The Bay where I picked up some cute winter pyjamas and a cashmere scarf to go with my winter coat.

I finally arrived home around 5 o'clock, put my shopping away and got ready to go to Mass. I was tired and still a bit stiff but I knew I had better go tonight as I felt I wouldn't make it in the morning. I'm glad I did as I always feel good going to church and I stayed a bit after Mass to light a candle and say a few heartfelt prayers for those on my prayer list.

All in all it was a good day, I wanted to move around today, work out the stiffness a bit and get some fresh for me it was mission accomplished. You see I find if I give in too much to my pain, it only gets worse. It's even harder for me to move if I rest too much. Yesterday was good for me, my body needed rest so I rested it, today I wasn't tired just stiff and sore and by moving around it helped me a lot. Only wish Marcy's WD 40 would work on my joints.

I haven't received the e-mail concerning my curtains yet, so I guess I shouldn't expect one now before Monday. I am not going to rush my decision either way, these curtains will have to last a few years so I want to be sure I really like them.

Now I have to say the book I have just read by Dr. Wayne Dyer, called Excuses Be Gone is an excellent read....he shows one no matter what their problem may be there is no reason whatsoever not to deal with it and move on. He is great, makes so much sense with everything he says. One would never be able to complain around him, that's for sure, he just doesn't accept nor tolerate excuses about anything. I like that, and I agree with him. Complaining, feeling sorry for oneself does absolutely nothing to make one feel better or deal with a problem. I think his book allowed me no excuses but gave me incentive to get up and get going this morning. Too easy to just say I hurt and not do anything. I am so glad I read this book and have it to go back too whenever I start making excuses to justify babying or feeling sorry for myself.

I want to thank whoever nominated for the POTD award and David of Authorblog for presenting me the runner up award for my post, Life's not Fair but its Still Good. I wasn't aware such an award existed until yesterday, I had to e-mail a friend to find out about it and I feel honored. I truly appreciate it, sure wish I knew who you were though.

Am off to read my favorite blogs, Good Night my friends and God Bless.
As always I am sending you all many, many hugs........:-)

Thursday, September 3, 2009

A Record Day

Hello my friends, I do hope you all had a wonderful day. I was a bit sore and stiff this morning after moving all my furniture and cleaning yesterday so after my shower I started my morning with my favorite coffee in my favorite coffee cup. It's just a little porcelain cup with sheep on it that I bought when I was in Ireland last year. My coffee doesn't taste nearly as good in any other cup.....honest! I had my Raisin Bran Cereal and a yogurt for breakfast.

For lunch I had a slice of pizza and some cherries for dessert, no snacks between breakfast and lunch today villagers. It was too hot and I was too busy doing my laundry and ironing.

Now for supper I had a roasted chicken breast with cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, mixed vegetables, tomatoes from my garden and cucumbers from the grocers. I also drank several bottles of water today and a glass of ginger ale. Now I don't mean to be rude but I am not going to post my meals anymore as I have had mixed feelings about doing this..... Sorry villagers, I tried but I am not enjoying doing this, now altogether say......Boooooooo Bernie!

What a beautiful day today in Alberta....actually we set a record for the hottest day on September 3 was 33C and very humid. I had all my ceiling fans going as well as my A/C. It was a different story tonight though, we had a massive thunder/lightening storm and it absolutely poured down rain, now the storm has passed but it is still raining. It is suppose to start cooling down tomorrow and continue to keep getting cooler from now on. I think our hottest day of the year, today, will also be our last day of summer. Our early mornings and evenings have been cool for a while now, so it was only a matter of time before the days caught up.

After lunch, Charlene came in to measure my new door and living room windows for curtains. She had so many beautiful samples with her and it was fun choosing colors and designs. I gave her 3 of my favorite choices and she went back to her shop to put them together in picture form, figure out how much fabric I would need, cost and availability of rods and to figure out the quotes on each design. She is going to e-mail everything to me so I can see how they will look and how much it will cost before I make a final decision. If I give her the go ahead by Monday, they will be made and hung up by mid October. They are very busy doing show houses just now so that is the earliest date she can have everything completed. I am excited about having them done and giving the rooms an updated and fresh look.
If it's not too expensive I may have slip covers made for my couch and chair. I always like to change my colors for the seasons so this is a fun project.

I can't believe I turned the oven on to bake a chicken today but I spent most of my day in the basement where it was cooler. I watched the US Tennis Open most of the day as I did my ironing, sorted boxes in my crawl space, did a bit of reading and even found time for a nap. All in all it was a good day though I moved around quite slowly due to my arthritis. Tomorrow I am going to do a bit of shopping, banking and meeting a friend at Tim's for coffee. I am going to have a relaxing weekend and begin more cleaning and my regular exercise routine on Monday.
I think I only need 3 more days and my Fall cleaning will be finished.....Yay!

I hope your day was filled with good things and many blessings,....until tomorrow, Good Night my friends and God Bless ......many, many hugs:-)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Being a Villager

Hello my friends, another beautiful and busy day. I think today was one of the hottest days we have had this year, and I didn't waste a minute of it. I'll show you in pictures and please forgive me if it's kind of messed up, it wasn't intentional but then I was kind of messed up today as well.

I quickly snapped this picture of my patio doors as the carpenter's arrived, this is before they had done anything.

I snapped these after they had removed the old doors. Let the bugs enter and boy did those small midges take advantage of the open wall.

What a mess, I had put my table and chairs in the kitchen, but even the living room furniture as well as my appliances and furniture in the kitchen were covered in fine dust and everything from outside was tracked inside.

Here is a look at the outside Garden Door, they have to come back as they broke the pane of glass that hold mutton bars giving it that small pane look. Hopefully it won't be as messy when they return but ...... they are not sure when they will be able to get back to me as they have 33 more units to do. They did say it will be after the other's are complete.....oh my, I think I am looking into October sometime.

After moving everything back, polishing the furniture, vacuuming and scrubbing the floors, washing and polishing the appliances I sat my Dining Room furniture to welcome the Fall. By this time it was early evening and had cooled down enough for me to smell the Fall air.

As a villager we are taking pictures and telling each other what we ate for the day so in trying to be a good villager and good sport here are my eating habits today.

I used a pre made pizza dough but I used everything in my fridge as toppings, onions, tomatoes, peppers, olives and lots of mozzarella cheese. I had 2 slices for my supper with a glass of red wine. It really was good and tasted even better as I was so hungry.

At breakfast this morning I had a Peach, a Yogurt and a bowl of Raisin Bran cereal.
I enjoyed 2 cups of black coffee when I finished eating. I always eat a good breakfast, sometimes I have a bagel and cream cheese instead of cereal.

I then started to prepare for the carpenter's, I didn't realize I had closed myself off from the kitchen/fridge so I wasn't able to have any snacks or lunch. I did have a water cooler I had access to so I drank at least 10 glasses of water as I watched the US Tennis Open while the men were whistling while they worked.

As a snack tonight I had a large bowl of green grapes and a wedge of mild blue cheese, and as usual I have water beside me at all times even now there is a glass on my night table as I am lying in bed typing my post.

So this was my day, hurry up and wait then didn't stop until I had everything looking spic and span.....when they finished it took me a good 3 hours of cleaning before everything was back where it was suppose to be and I finally sat down to enjoy my supper.

I am still aching and a bit stiff but am so pleased that downstairs is just about completed as far as my Fall cleaning goes. Just the half bath to do downstairs.

This post is a bit messed up as I didn't post the pictures the way I wanted too but I am sure you will be able to see what I did and ate today. All in all a good day and I know I will sleep good tonight.

Good Night my friends, God always many, many hugs.......:-)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I Loved Today

Hello my friends, we had the most beautiful day here in Alberta. I was awake about 5 minutes this morning when I received a surprise phone call from a friend, just a wonderful way to begin my day. The morning was cool then the sun came out and it went to 30 degrees C. This evening cooled down again and was great for sitting out on the front step chatting with my neighbour.
I loved mood was one of contentment and happiness.

Yesterday I was back to doing my Fall cleaning and did even more today. I cleaned out 3 closets and all my dresser drawers. I have 3 large bags and 1 huge carton box full of perfectly good clothing which are going to charity. I kept thinking I would wear them but it's been a year and I haven't so out they go. It is so nice to open my dresser drawers and closets and see exactly what I want not to mention how tidy everything looks. I now have my Dining Room done, 2 bedrooms and half my storage space. It's too soon to put my winter duvet and linens on or even to put up my heavier curtains in my bedroom, but they have all been dry cleaned and ready to be used whenever the weather changes.

Tomorrow the contractors are coming in and replacing my Patio Doors with Garden Doors, I am really looking forward to having that project completed. On Thursday I am having a lady come in to give me an estimate on new drapes for my living room and new shears for the Garden Doors. I hope they aren't too expensive as it will give the room a new look which it really needs.

I am a bit worried as the contractors asked me to take down my vertical blinds on the Patio Doors and as hard as I tried I wasn't able too. I was able to take the topper down but my hands were not strong enough to remove each vertical, I am hoping they will do it without being upset with me. I did manage to move the heavy oak table and chairs out of their way....don't get me wrong I love my life, my Independence but there are some times I could use a man around here. I wonder if I can hire one by the hour.....just say'in!

I am really tired tonight, these arthritic hands and feet are paining from all the extra lifting and carrying heavy items up and down 3 flights of stairs. I shouldn't of gone to Curves before lunch, I don't think I needed any more exercise than I have had these past two days but I do feel good accomplishing all I have. So it's a good kind of tired and I know tomorrow will be as good and productive as today was.

Good Night my friends and God always many, many Hugs...:-)