Saturday, September 12, 2009

A Beautiful Summer Day

Hello my friends, we had the most perfect summer day today. It was 27C and the sun was warm on my face and arms as I swept and hosed down my deck. I vacuumed my wicker furniture. I whipper snipped the small patch of grass and emptied flower pots, washed them and put them in the baby barn. My deck furniture will not fit through the new French Door...I will have to carry it around to the front of the condo and bring it in that way....I hope. When I moved in here 10 years ago most of my furniture was brought in through the patio doors so wish me luck on that these things only happen to me? Maybe it was God's way of telling me to wait for the cleaning lady to help me.

Baby Lucy is still in ICU, I really am unable to update as the family are still processing everything before they make their decisions....please keep praying for this family who I love so much. When I am able too I will share all that I can about this beautiful baby. Again tonight I found myself lighting a candle after Mass for Lucy who is fighting so hard to stay in this wonderful world she has only recently entered and for the family who loves her more than life itself.

US Tennis Open wasn't on TV today as it was raining in New York so instead they had replays of games gone by....thank heaven as I managed to accomplish a few things other than my deck and back yard. I went for groceries, cleaned my bathrooms and kitchen, polished living room furniture and vacuumed downstairs. I also went to Mass tonight so that I won't miss any tennis tomorrow (no, I didn't pray that it not rain in New York) I feel good tonight as the past couple of days I have done nothing.....well nothing around the house anyway.

I got the quote on my curtains.......whoa!!!! Thank heaven it came by e-mail and I was sitting down..... still making my mind up what to do, I can get them and not eat for a year or have tons of groceries and let the neighbours see into my house...what decision would you make? LOL

Have a great Sunday everyone, Good Night, God Bless and as always I am sending all of you many, many hugs..........:-)


Jackie said...

I have to stop and think that 27 degrees is in Celcius...(Centigrade)....and I smile.
If it was 27 here, we'd be freezing to death (F.)
Lucy is in my prayers...God bless her...and take care of her and her family.
It sounds like you had a good day today...and that makes me happy. Have a great one tomorrow too!

Bernie said...

Hi Jackie, 27 is almost 80 degrees, and it was such a beautiful day.
I did have a good day my friend, and we are suppose to have nice weather tomorrow as well.
Thank you for your prayers Jackie, I find comfort knowing there are so many praying for Lucy...God willing all will work out the way we want it too.......:-) Hugs

Rose Marie Raccioppi said...

When our gift of time is well spent indeed there is joy. Feeling accomplished is a welcomed outcome. A Cheer - Good for you!

Prayers and blessings for Lucy.

Granny on the Web said...

Busy keeping yourself busy then Bernie? You are so industrious around your home, it fair makes me feel ashamed. I hope you find a way to get your patio stuff through the door!!!
I intend to add baby Lucy's name to our prayer group at church today. Some wonderful miracles have happened through their intense prayers. I don't know baby Lucy's surname, but God will sort out who we are praying for.
We had a lovely sunny day here yesterday too. I had an hour talking to my son Simon in Dover, New Hampshire USA yesterday, on Skype (computer to computer) and it was pouring down there, he showed me on camera the rain pelting down on their driveway.
Thank you for all your visits dear Bernie.
Love and hugs

Silver said...

i say, get the curtains my sweet woman!

But if the quotation came back a little on the high side, maybe get another one?


Eileen said...

Lucy is in my prayers, as is her family and you too, Bernie.
Just such a heartache.

I'm sorry about the window dressing expense.
Can you try other merchants? Get some other quotes to see if this is outlandish or reasonable?
I've always said I wish I knew how to sew, I have friends that make beautiful window dressings, and I'm paying a mint (even in places like Target and Walmart) because I have so many windows!
On my front bay window I ended up buying lace shower curtains on sale, and I was going to use that until I saved for something better. That was seven years ago!
So, don't ask me for advice unless you want shower curtains covering your doors!

Love you,

cinner said...

Bernie, you sound like you were busy, the weather is so nice, we are loving it.Continued prayers for Lucy, Have a great sunday. take care, my friend.

Wanda said...

Good morning Bernie,
I think I told you to wait on the cleaning lady, now didn't I...I'm the same way Bernie...we do what we want to do...or at least try.

Waiting for improvement and exact diagnosis for Lucy must be heart wrenching for all involved. I hope for the best Bernie.

Maybe you could consider buying drapes premade, I found exactly what I wanted on sale this same time last year. You can always return them too, even if very pretty, they might not look right in your home, being able to retutn them makes it easier to pick and choose. Ask a friend to help you Bernie...The cost of custom made could buy 3 or more complete sets of ready made. Remember "thrifty"
like Rebecca!!! That's an idea buy several styles at once to bring home and decide...then return the unwanted ones! That's what I would do next time I might buy any!

Enjoy your Sunday Bernie!

Teresa said...

Hi Bernie,
Yes it sure was a beautiful day, however I spent most of it in a classroom with 40 wonderful sixteen year olds. I could not believe how nice these kids were, and so well behaved, it was so refreshing. Driver Training School is something these kids really want to do, and they are all so excited.
I am keeping Lucy in my prayers, enjoy the day, it is supposed to be another nice one.
((((HUGS)))) T

Mitzi said...

I love reading your blog.It is like visiting with a good friend. I too have been caught up with tennis for two weeks. Was really disappointed at how Serena finished last night. She is so sweet and that was so not like her. You inspire me with your house keeping.. Looking forward to hearing more from you.

Mitzi said...

I love reading your blog.It is like visiting with a good friend. I too have been caught up with tennis for two weeks. Was really disappointed at how Serena finished last night. She is so sweet and that was so not like her. You inspire me with your house keeping.. Looking forward to hearing more from you.

jinksy said...

I'd let the neighbours enjoy peeping into your spic and span home, and spend the curtain money on those groceries! Then you'd be able to ask some of the neighbours in for a meal and a closer look, too !

Wander to the Wayside said...

Hi, Bernie! I think I now have the two Bernies figured out! Your blog is beautiful, and I look forward to backreading to find out more about you.

Gail said...


Lucy remains in my prayers and my Mom's too - in fact, she is on my Mom's church prayer line as well.

Now, about that deck furniture!! :-) I have a little story for you. A dear family friend spent months in hs basement building a sleigh to proudly display on their lawn at Christmas time. He finsihed it in November and when eh went to bring it upstairs it wouldn't fit out the door!! :-) So, it's not just you!! :-)

Have a beautiful SUnday Bernie
Love to you
peace and hope

Anvilcloud said...

So you missed the Williams-Clijsters match? It was very good tennis, and then there was Serena's great meltdown which was something to behold.

Bernie said...

Rose Marie, it was a good day and I slept like a baby last night. In fact I have only been half an hour.
It is another beautiful day this morning.....I love this Indian Summer we having.
Thank you for your prayers...Hugs

Bernie said...

Hi Granny, oh yes I did have a busy yet lovely day,
Thank you so much for adding Lucy to your prayer list, this is so much appreciated.
My sister in Scotland uses Skype all the time, we tried it together but I found the voices were like we were in a tunnel.....
Have a great day my friend..Hugs

Bernie said...

Hi Silver, loved your advice, I am thinking of a plan am going to call them tomorrow and see what they think of it.....Hugs

Bernie said...

Eileen, I had to chuckle when you told me of your Bay window. I have to learn to think a bit differently when it comes to my purchases especially as being on my own I have a hard time getting someone to come in too help. Women are wonderful, always helping each other but men aren't quite so willing to offer their time. I will work something out.
Thanks for your prayers for Lucy and all her family and thank you for including me. Luv ya....Hugs

Bernie said...

Cinner, we too are having another beautiful day today, I love it. Thank you for your prayers..Hugs

Bernie said...

Good Morning Wanda, I thought of you yesterday when I was trying to get a chair through my door as I remembered you saying to have the cleaning lady help me....I am just like a pit bull I start something, get into it and just can't seem to stop until everything is finished. I think it should fit through the front door but who knows, I may have to buy a tarp and cover everything in the end....I will learn Wanda, someday.
You are absolutely right, waiting for exact diagnosis is very hard on this beautiful family and then what to do with what they do know is quite hard as well. Such a sad situation. All prayers are appreciated.
Oh I made Rebecca's sweet potato and turkey sausage in my slow cooker yesterday and it was so good. A real nice change and it was so nice to sit down when I finished my outside work and have supper all ready...note to self: use slow cooker more often.
Have a great day my friend, will e-mail soon. Luv ya.....:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Terri, thank you for your prayers for Lucy....your day sounded like fun yesterday, I am so glad you are enjoying the kids, that means you will enjoy you new job and I am so happy for you......:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Mitzi, hey you showed up twice...I couldn't believe it when I saw A/C comments that Serena had lost, I also couldn't believe it wasn't on TV...I also checked US last night before I went to bed and it said nothing about it. Right now I am listening to the Nadal/DePorto match on my computer. The video cam is only good in the USA and Territories. After watching for 2 weeks this is disappointing not to see these games. They are going to show Roger's match after the NFL game this afternoon and the women's final tonight....can you tell I am choked I miss the Kim and Serena match..LOL
Have a great day.....:- Hugs

Bernie said...

jinsky, good idea and I think I'll put a stripper poll in my living room and even dance for them..LOL
I think I have it worked out hopefully...have a great day my friend....:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Hi Linda, I am glad you have us two Bernie's is not a common women's name either and I understand how you could get us confused, I had a chuckle for sure.
Come visit anytime my friend, you are always welcome here...Hugs

Bernie said...

Gail, thank you for your prayers for Lucy, God love her she is fighting so hard to live.
I did get a chuckle over your sleigh story....whatever did he end up doing with it?
Have a great day my friend...Hugs

Bernie said...

A/C, I didn't even know the match had been played until I read your comment this morning, I was so mad not being able to see it, I even checked the computer before I went to bed and it said nothing (well wasn't updated anyway. I am now listening by computer radio the Nadal/De Porto match...Nadal is down a set. I just can't believe it's not on TV. They are showing Roger's match this afternoon and Kim's match tonight. Thanks for making me spit out my coffee this morning when I read your comment.....LOL Have a great day, Hugs to cuppa and smudge.....:-)

Choices said...

Hi Bernie,
When someone is ill, waiting is the hardest part. I hope good things for Lucy and her family.
You do keep yourself quite busy. Take care of yourself when moving furniture.
Hope you are enjoying your Sunday.
Have a wonderful tomorrow.
Take care.

Bernie said...

Hi Choices, I agree...waiting is the hardest part.
I do try and be careful when moving furniture but sometimes I just go for it without thinking it through......:-) Hugs

Blessings each day said...

Thought I had commented but I guess I'm just behind on commenting.

I remembered to even pray for little Lucy and her family at Mass today and then there will be Mass again tomorrow evening. I also always remember you, my friend.

I was surprised that you couldn't get the furniture in through your new wouldn't seem like there should be such a difference from the sliding glass doors or was that space already too small?

I too try to do things by myself and can end up with some reall cahllenges because of it!

blessings and snuggly hugs,


Bernie said...

Hi Marcy, the French Doors are the same size but the part that separates each door is bigger therefore each door is smaller so no the chairs and sofa won't come through, the little coffee table fits through though. I am hoping I can get them in through my front door, if not I will cover everything with a tarp of some kind.
Thank you for praying for Lucy and also for me. That is the best gift in the world to me....all I ever want are prayers and more prayers.
Hope your Sunday is going really well.....Luv ya....:-) Hugs

Queenmothermamaw said...

Hi Bernie, I've been at my brother's home on the lake and had such a wonderful time. I will continue to pray for baby Lucy. #4 on my TRUTH list did happen to me. Check my post Monday I have a picture of that. You amaze me with your energy. Blessings

Bernie said...

QMM, you like my energy, I could never keep up with you. I was sure #4 was the one, am looking forward to the right answer in your Truth game, it's fun to play.
Thank you for your prayers for Lucy, we need them all.
Hope you had a wonderful Sunday my friend.......:-) Hugs

Silver said...

Hi Bernie! Yes, the Award came from you many months ago! (blushing emoticon)

Bernie said...

Silver, please enjoy it. I just didn't want to take credit for something if I hadn't given it to you but it you received it many months ago then it absolutely could of been me.....:-) Hugs

Diana said...

Hi Bernie,
I'm with Jackie, 27, in my mind I think degrees ! You poor dear. And you are loving it ! Only Kidding! If I were there Bernie I could whip you up some curtains! But with the price of fabric it's cheaper to buy them at a retail store. Unless of coarse you buy cheap fabric.
Wait for help with the furniture. That's an order. You would make me wait! Don't start being like me trying to do everything all the time! O.K. I'm done.
I pray for baby Lucy, God will be watching over her.
Love Di

Valerie said...

Bernie, in response to your query, try here
The Short Story is the first post you come to.

Barb said...

Get the curtains, Bernie - just think of the pounds dropping off effortlessly as you sit inside the French Doors having bread and water...I thought of you (and Di) this morning when I cleaned my kitchen cupboards. I really hadn't planned on doing them, but I just started wiping and had to keep going or you could see where I stopped!

The Retired One said...

I am once again behind in my reading, so I hope by the time I read your next post, the baby is doing better.
You be careful with that patio furniture...I am sure the cleaning lady would also rather she help you than you hurting yourself trying to haul it yourself!
Take care Bernie, I worry about you!