Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I Loved Today

Hello my friends, we had the most beautiful day here in Alberta. I was awake about 5 minutes this morning when I received a surprise phone call from a friend, just a wonderful way to begin my day. The morning was cool then the sun came out and it went to 30 degrees C. This evening cooled down again and was great for sitting out on the front step chatting with my neighbour.
I loved today.....my mood was one of contentment and happiness.

Yesterday I was back to doing my Fall cleaning and did even more today. I cleaned out 3 closets and all my dresser drawers. I have 3 large bags and 1 huge carton box full of perfectly good clothing which are going to charity. I kept thinking I would wear them but it's been a year and I haven't so out they go. It is so nice to open my dresser drawers and closets and see exactly what I want not to mention how tidy everything looks. I now have my Dining Room done, 2 bedrooms and half my storage space. It's too soon to put my winter duvet and linens on or even to put up my heavier curtains in my bedroom, but they have all been dry cleaned and ready to be used whenever the weather changes.

Tomorrow the contractors are coming in and replacing my Patio Doors with Garden Doors, I am really looking forward to having that project completed. On Thursday I am having a lady come in to give me an estimate on new drapes for my living room and new shears for the Garden Doors. I hope they aren't too expensive as it will give the room a new look which it really needs.

I am a bit worried as the contractors asked me to take down my vertical blinds on the Patio Doors and as hard as I tried I wasn't able too. I was able to take the topper down but my hands were not strong enough to remove each vertical, I am hoping they will do it without being upset with me. I did manage to move the heavy oak table and chairs out of their way....don't get me wrong I love my life, my Independence but there are some times I could use a man around here. I wonder if I can hire one by the hour.....just say'in!

I am really tired tonight, these arthritic hands and feet are paining from all the extra lifting and carrying heavy items up and down 3 flights of stairs. I shouldn't of gone to Curves before lunch, I don't think I needed any more exercise than I have had these past two days but I do feel good accomplishing all I have. So it's a good kind of tired and I know tomorrow will be as good and productive as today was.

Good Night my friends and God Bless.........as always many, many Hugs...:-)


Eileen said...

That does sound like a great day, Bernie!
I love those kind of days when you feel such a wonderful sense of accomplishment! And to have that happy anticipation of things still to be done! Enjoy!

I know around here there was a service called 'Rent-A-Husband' and they would send a handy man out to do just the things you talked about. It's so hard to do some things on your own. I remember an elderly neighbor was having her floors refinished and the contractor wanted her to have the rooms cleared of all furniture! My sons went over and helped her, otherwise I don't know what she would have done!
I guess they don't want to be responsible in case something might get broken, but I think it's crazy to expect that! I know even some painters refuse to move furniture!

Well, I hope all goes well. Keep us posted!
And don't overdo it! I think you are right about not going to Curves! I'm sure you did a lot of muscle exertion already!
Take care, Bernie.
Love you, Eileen

Bernie said...

Hi Eileen, I was over at Terri's not too long ago and laughed so hard at your comments, it did my heart good to laugh so hard.
Maybe in New York the have Rent A Husband but not here in Morinville, what a great idea though. I wish I were able to ask for help but I am always worried I am bothering someone, how nice that your sons helped that elderly lady, I can understand how she felt. Sometimes I feel so useless but I know I do the best I can.
I am not going to Curves tomorrow as I think this old body needs a bit of rest...although when I stay home I always see something that needs to be done and can't seem to stop until I have finished doing it.
Big hugs Eileen, luv ya...:-)

Margie said...

You sure had a busy day, Bernie!
I can just imagine how tired you are but as you said, it's a good tired!

Such a nice way to start your day, with a phone call from a friend!

You are so organized Bernie!
I too am cleaning out my closet and giving some clothes away to a woman's shelter here in town.
They always are so appreciative when I bring clothes to them.
I love pink and have decided I just have too much pink...just cannot wear all those pink tops.

I had a very good day and a freind did me a special favor that I asked of her and that made me so happy...she is so sweet...love those dear and kind friends that are there for us!

I hope your hands & feet will feel better in the morning.

Sweet dreams, my friend!

Lotsa hugs to you!


Bernie said...

Hi Margie, I am blessed to have wonderful friends, and so happy you are one of them.
It must of been a day for "pink" as I too am giving many items the color of pink away but I have too admit I still have a lot of pink in my closet and drawers.
Have a wonderful Wednesday....
Take care......luv ya:-)

Tranquility Speaks said...

Oh Bernie, I hope by the time you are reading this, you have woken up fully rested and rejuvenated and fighting fit.

They say that men are stronger physically but women are stronger mentally :-) I am so sorry there was no one around who could help with moving the furniture and bringing down the blinds. Just make sure that when you get up in the morning, you have a heavy and nourishing breakfast. For a meal forget about the calories! You are already looking like Audrey Hepburn, so there is nothing that you've to worry about!

I am glad you feel peace and happiness. That's something I always wish for you :)

P.S Once the drapes have been changed and the doors replaced, do show us what they look like :)

Wanda said...

Good morning Bernie...
The change of seasons always gets me moving, outside and inside as well. Isn't it funny how women need a little change in their surroundings...usually just something small like placemats or new pillows freshens the house up.
New patio doors with sheers and new drapes are sure to please you, it would me!

I haven't gotten into any deep house cleaning yet...I have the habit of waiting till the grand/kids are back to school.

I'm enjoying the Tim Horton coffee again this morning...Kidd Coffee is a chain here that is more popular than Starbucks...I usually buy the 100% Colombian in the Eight O'clock Brand at Costco by the 3lb. bag...cheaper that way! I like to be able to make it stronngg but still have it smoooootthhh.
Rest your body well before working hard again Bernie.

Smiles always,

Anonymous said...

It is early morning here....and this is a wonderful way to start my day....reading about the beginning of yours with a phone call from a friend....a smiling moment for me to know that your day started off so sweetly.
I am sorry that you can't do everything that you want to do, and Eileen's suggestion of 'Rent a Husband' was exactly what came to my mind as I was reading your post.
Take the best care of you, my friend. You are one of the best!

Anvilcloud said...

A fellow "arthritic hands" guy sends his condolences.

jinksy said...

Perhaps you could start a new business - Hire-a-handyman ?! Bet you'd get a lot of takers - possibly from handy men!

Rebecca. Harlan, IN said...

Oh, Bernie, if we lived closer, I'd send Gary over. He is the most patient, hardworking man I know. I volunteer him for a lot of projects!

Now, I want to know the difference between patio doors and garden doors.

Take care of yourself. My joints are a little achy with all this cool weather, but it is worth it. I love the weather.

Gail said...


Lovely way to begin your day for sure. :-) And all your Fall projects sound exciting - drapes and doors and such - very nice.
Take time to rest your hands and feet, ok? We are headed to the grocery store - we always have fun!!

Love to you

Teresa said...

Hi Bernie, and Eileen, that "Rent a Husband" idea sounds pretty good, I wonder if you could use them for things like Weddings, when you don;t have a date? Probably not...Hey Bernie, if you need help, I can...my daughter calls me the "MC IVER of little things!" and "MS. Fixit", please let me know. Did you look up what 11:11 means?
((((HUGS)))) T AKA 555

Bernie said...

Hi Tranquility, I have woken up well rested. You are so kind and always full of such good advice.
I will take pictures when everything is done although my drapes and shears will be 4 - 6 weeks before they are made and hung up...It will freshen up the place for sure.
Have a great day.....:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Good Morning Wanda, I have just woke up and I want a cup of your coffee....sounds delicious.
The kids started school today, it is another beautiful day and the little ones were so excited as they walked with the parents.
It's so true just a few little things will freshen up any room and gives me a lift, a little change is good and affordable.
Take care.......luv ya:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Hi Jackie, I thought Eileen's idea was a great one as well. Once in a while I am able to hire an older man who has a condo in here that he rents out but he works full time and doesn't have much time for odd jobs.
I loved your "jail" pictures.... you are great with your camera. Some people just have an eye for it. Take care.....luv ya:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

A/C, Good Morning to you. It does get frustrating at times but I am still able to do so much I really shoudn't be complaining.
Have a great day my friend...:-) Bernie

Bernie said...

Jinsky, however would I start a business, I can't find a handy man for myself....but I do like the idea of it, okay gonna think on this, might be a good project.
Have a great day ....... :-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Hi Rebecca, Gary would be a godsend right now, thank you anyway. Patio doors open both sides and are clean, Garden Doors open on one side and looks like it has little pains throughout. I will take a picture when they have finished and show you.
Hope your achey bones are better, have a great day.....:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Hi Gail, it was a wonderful way to start my day, loved it.
I am well rested today, a bit stiff but that will work out when I get moving.
Enjoy your day my friend.....:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Hi Terri, thank you for the offer to help, what is it with my woman friends named Terri/Terry, you both are so handy around the house!
No I haven't looked up 11:11 yet but I plan too, maybe today when I am resting.....Have a great day my friend........:-) Hugs

Diana said...

Hi Bernie!
I never work out at Curves before I do heavy duty cleaning. I used to but found that it aggravated the arthritis more. You burn more calories doing hard house work than 30 minutes at Curves! I washed walls today at the house that I clean each week and tomorrow I will go clean there. I have my knee wrapped really good, but I can feel the bones hitting with every step. Yuck!
I was very nervous about next week Bernie but feel better after what you said. I've had several rounds of shots in both hands and actually started looking forward to them as I knew what relief they gave me.
Isn't it great getting all of that cleaning done? But now what will you do over the winter? If we lived closer, Jake would have taken the blinds for you, he's sweet that way.
Now you Miss Bernie need to take it easy yourself after all of that work. You deserve to put your feet up for awhile! And give your hands a break, I know that pain all to well, yet it's really hard not to use them!
Love Di

Kay said...

sometimes I read your blog and think (among other things) She is just one big ball of zen! I admire that.

Bernie said...

Hi Diana, you and my blogger friends are so kind and sometimes I wish I lived closer to all of you. Jake sounds like a wonderful husband and I am so glad you have him.
Honestly Di, I really believe if you handled the shots in your hands so well you won't mind the shots in your knees as they will give you so much relief. I pray that the way it was for me will be just the same for you.
I am resting today, I have my feet up and am watching the US Tennis Open and enjoying it very much. I am already for the contractors except for the verticals and will relax more when they are here and accept I wasn't able to take them down. Oh I hate being a nuisance.
Take care my friend, and please don't over do and cause yourself more pain. I don't know why we this to ourselves as we know how much we will suffer after, I know as I do the same as you.
Luv you......:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Kay, you are too kind, I wish I were more zen but believe me, I just do the best I can, have a great day my friend....:-) Hugs

Choices said...

Hi Bernie,
Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. I appreciate your kind words. Your days are so busy with lots of joy and contentment.
This summer, I too, have been going
through closets. Mainly getting rid of all the purses that I don't wear. It was hard because I love purses. But, I figure it I get rid of them, I can buy some more.
Take care, Bernie.
I will come by again soon.

Anonymous said...

Bernie I know what you mean about expanding your experiences. I guess I have done all the expanding I can do. HH keeps urging me to go to Curves and I did, now today my sacro-iliac area is sending pain down my left leg. I had that all under control, now its stirred up again. Laying around on icepack all day today. Gotta keep on keeping on.

Bernie said...

Choices, how nice for me that you returned my visit. Love it!
It's hard to decide what to keep and what to let go but when the decision is made don't you feel better. I too have way to many purses and have made me think...is it time to let go of them as well, I think you are right and I should.
Please do come back again, I so enjoyed reading your poems.
Have a great day...:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

QMM, I am so sorry to hear about your back, please take care of yourself. Others have told me that the machines hurt their back, I have arthritis in my spine but so far so good, I will admit I do go slowly though.
Thank you for opening my eyes and heart to new experiences, I am really enjoying myself.
Have a better day and I pray your back gets better soon..:-) Hugs

Rose Marie Raccioppi said...

Thank you Bonnie for your visits. You have a most spirited expression. Yes, a purposeful day is indeed a gift! Happy to be one of your followers!

Barb said...

Hi Bernie, You worked so hard, you would be stiff and sore even without your arthritis! Somehow, this cleaning bug hasn't bitten me yet! I'll wait until the snow flies here, and I'm not beckoned outside by beautiful days.I MUST clean my closets, though!

Bernie said...

Hi Rose Marie, so happy to have as a follower....I so love your poems, absolutely beautiful. Thank you for your visit.....:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Oh Barb I have worked hard and even harder today....maybe tomorrow I will rest. Enjoy your hiking my friend, I would too if I lived in your beautiful state.
Luv ya.......:-) Hugs

Jerelene said...

Hi Bernie! I'm happy to hear you had such a great day! I think it has to do with this lovely weather..at least it's lovely here..I hope it is there too! Are garden doors like french doors..one that stays put and one opens? That's what I had at my other house before we moved. I loved them...much nicer than the patio doors.
I agree..there is nothing nicer than a phone call from a friend to start your day off right :)
Love, Jerelene

Garnetrose said...

I don't do fall cleaning but I do it in the spring and try to keep it liveable. I love those phone calls that pleasantly surprise you. I have had a few recently. I did go thru many of my things in th spring and headed for goodwill with them. I suppose I could get some of your energy and clean the sewing room. *s*

Garnetrose said...

Not sure if my post went thru or not and I did not want to repeat it. I hope you have a good night and a great day tomorrow.

Bernie said...

HI Jerelene, yes they are the same as French Doors, only one side opens and I prefer them to the patio doors as well. Only today they broke the pane that would of held the mutton bars in place so they have to come back. Should look nice when they are done.
I love those surprise phone calls, made my day really.
Have a great evening...:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Hi Garnet, so good hearing from you. I usually Fall and Spring clean but really it's not necessary as living alone, I always pick up after myself and keep it pretty clean as well as I have a cleaning lady come in once every 3 weeks, so I think it just has become a habit for me. I am getting too old for all this cleaning anyway.
Doesn't it make you feel good when you can give clothing or anything really that helps other people. I love being able to help and in the next couple of days I am going to sort through my purses and shoes and do the same thing. I have shoes that I will never wear again because of my arthritis so someone else might as well enjoy them.
Have a great evening......:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Garnet, your comment came through and thank you, I always love hearing from you, luv ya....:- Hugs