Thursday, September 3, 2009

A Record Day

Hello my friends, I do hope you all had a wonderful day. I was a bit sore and stiff this morning after moving all my furniture and cleaning yesterday so after my shower I started my morning with my favorite coffee in my favorite coffee cup. It's just a little porcelain cup with sheep on it that I bought when I was in Ireland last year. My coffee doesn't taste nearly as good in any other cup.....honest! I had my Raisin Bran Cereal and a yogurt for breakfast.

For lunch I had a slice of pizza and some cherries for dessert, no snacks between breakfast and lunch today villagers. It was too hot and I was too busy doing my laundry and ironing.

Now for supper I had a roasted chicken breast with cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, mixed vegetables, tomatoes from my garden and cucumbers from the grocers. I also drank several bottles of water today and a glass of ginger ale. Now I don't mean to be rude but I am not going to post my meals anymore as I have had mixed feelings about doing this..... Sorry villagers, I tried but I am not enjoying doing this, now altogether say......Boooooooo Bernie!

What a beautiful day today in Alberta....actually we set a record for the hottest day on September 3 was 33C and very humid. I had all my ceiling fans going as well as my A/C. It was a different story tonight though, we had a massive thunder/lightening storm and it absolutely poured down rain, now the storm has passed but it is still raining. It is suppose to start cooling down tomorrow and continue to keep getting cooler from now on. I think our hottest day of the year, today, will also be our last day of summer. Our early mornings and evenings have been cool for a while now, so it was only a matter of time before the days caught up.

After lunch, Charlene came in to measure my new door and living room windows for curtains. She had so many beautiful samples with her and it was fun choosing colors and designs. I gave her 3 of my favorite choices and she went back to her shop to put them together in picture form, figure out how much fabric I would need, cost and availability of rods and to figure out the quotes on each design. She is going to e-mail everything to me so I can see how they will look and how much it will cost before I make a final decision. If I give her the go ahead by Monday, they will be made and hung up by mid October. They are very busy doing show houses just now so that is the earliest date she can have everything completed. I am excited about having them done and giving the rooms an updated and fresh look.
If it's not too expensive I may have slip covers made for my couch and chair. I always like to change my colors for the seasons so this is a fun project.

I can't believe I turned the oven on to bake a chicken today but I spent most of my day in the basement where it was cooler. I watched the US Tennis Open most of the day as I did my ironing, sorted boxes in my crawl space, did a bit of reading and even found time for a nap. All in all it was a good day though I moved around quite slowly due to my arthritis. Tomorrow I am going to do a bit of shopping, banking and meeting a friend at Tim's for coffee. I am going to have a relaxing weekend and begin more cleaning and my regular exercise routine on Monday.
I think I only need 3 more days and my Fall cleaning will be finished.....Yay!

I hope your day was filled with good things and many blessings,....until tomorrow, Good Night my friends and God Bless ......many, many hugs:-)


Kay said...

Do you consider cleaning therapeutic? I do, you are at like stage 10000 of therapy by now and I envy that :)

Bernie said...

Hi Kay, I do enjoy cleaning as I enjoy a clean home. I'm not sure if it's therapeutic or could be I suppose. How are you doing my young friend? I hope you have a wonderful weekend...:-) Hugs

cinner said...

I Knew you were going to be sore when I read everything from your post. I have not even started. Hope you have a great weekend. Does your arthritis change with the weather. Take care and don't overdo it. Big hug.

jinksy said...

The best thing about cleaning, is when it's all done... Your pizza must have infiltrated my consciousness, as I actually ordered a take away one yesterday evening. Hope its remains will be edible for lunch today, so I can carry on bloghopping!

Wanda said...

Good morning Bernie...It's not the posting of meals, but the posting everyday that's making me have second thoughts Bernie. It was only the 4 of us or 5 if you count Jackie doing it in comment form at Teresa's.
I put up new drapes last winter...I found it difficult to find the right ones...but finally did at Linen and Things.
I have yet to start any major cleaning myself, like carpets and just frehening pillows outside or turning 5 mattresses, but
Herhusband "deep cleaned" two large closets, a bedroom and bath upstairs this week.
That inspired me to go to the lower level and move furniture around for winter, making it easier for him to carry wood to the fireplace stove we use.
Cold weather will be here soon for sure, but I don't mind!

Smiles Bernie,

Eileen said...

Bernie, I envy your energy!!
You accomplish so much around your home all the time!
I'm going to try harder after Jayden goes to school full-time, maybe I can throw myself into a few projects then (if I can tear myself away from blogging for awhile!).

Isn't it fun to change things up a bit for the seasons? And isn't it wonderful having a project finished? And just as fun to have the happy anticipation? I love all that!
Great post, Bernie!
I have great admiration for you!
Love, Eileen

Rebecca. Harlan, IN said...

I hope you can "swing" the cushions while you're at it! I'm sure it must be exciting to select the fabric, etc. You'll enjoy the finished product - WHATever you decide.

When you finish yours and while you're in the cleaning groove, why not come down here? I could use some expertise!

Your dinner sounded scrumptious. Don't know how all you gals manage pictures of everything you eat, but I can see that after awhile one might become a little tired of it....

No boos from me :)

Blessings each day said...

Bernie, you are the busiest cleaner. The people who come to clean your house MUST love it...there is NOTHING for them to do!!

You kind of surprised me by not wanting to take any more pictures of your meals as I remember drooling over the times you posted pictures in the past. I would probably just forget to take pictures!

I have soooo much to do and yet I am taking a break to comment and visit, but I have been reading posts and that is fun! You really had a job and a half with the taking out of your sliding glass doors! And what a work out to move all that furniture by yourself.

I think Tim Horton's should pay you for such grat advertising!

blessings and warm hugs,


Diana said...

Good Morning Bernie,
You know mid October will be here in a blink of an eye! I think that you eat healthy enough that you don't need to post it everyday. My Goodness if you don't know how to eat right by now!
I am doing much better today. I think having my knee wrapped so tight yesterday really helped with cleaning that house. I guess I should have listened to my husband sooner! I am actually looking forward to the shot next week! See you soon Bernie. Love Di

Eileen said...

I'm back because I forgot to mention that I love your sheep mug! I love lambs and I have a big collection of them (well, right now most of them are boxed and in the attic, but seeing your little lamb is making me want to display them all again!), and I love that it's from Ireland! What a sweet reminder.
I've always loved lambs, reminds me so much of The Good Shepherd.

Also, I was wondering why you don't like posting your food choices, you make such wise, healthy choices! Teresa and I are the ones that should be hiding our food choices!
Take care, Bernie!
Love, me

Margie said...

Hi Bernie
Oh, I like your cup from Ireland.
I have not been there but someday I shall go....some friends of mine went about 5 yrs ago and they raved about it being the most wonderful place in the world and they have traveled a lot.

I'm actually glad you are not going to be poisting pics of food Bernie, as it makes me soooo hungry as it seems I come here quite early before I have my breakfast....

Hope you have cooler weather there was very hot here yesterday too but cooled off nicely in the evening.

It's a long weeekend here...Labor day and I'm excited that hubby will be home on Monday.

Have a nice time with your freind at Tim's and have a cuppa for me!

Off to start my day now, so much to do today....may yours be full of joy!

A hug to you, my friend and feel better!


Brenda said...

Yes, I understand. I, too, have a favorite cup and my coffee is not as good in any other. I love your sheep cup!

Gail said...


I love how active you are - and how much pride and care you have for your home and yard and lovely treasures. And your friends too - all so special and important.
Have a lovely day

Love Gail

Tranquility Speaks said...

I actually liked all the food pictures everywhere, but if you wish to discontinue, its absolutely fine!

Rest as much as you can Bernie, and continue to eat well :) Loads of love :)

Bernie said...

cinner, I wish I would of known how sore I would be....oh well it's done now. Yes we are having heavy rain and thunder this morning and I am aching all over. I think most of us with arthritis
could be weather men and probably would be more accurate.
Enjoy your sister's visit....Hugs

Bernie said...

Hi Jinsky, hope you enjoyed your pizza, I will be finishing up mine today (thankfully) but it was good.
Enjoy bloghopping, some days I find that fun.
Have a great weekend....:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Good Morning Wanda, Glad you understand, you know me I always say how I feel about something, just blurt it out then think about it after.
How wonderful that herhusband is cleaning closets for you, somehow I think you two make a wonderful team.
Have a great weekend my friend...
....:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Hi Eileen, you wouldn't want my energy this morning believe me. I do enjoy changing things around a bit for each season as it always makes everything so fresh and new looking and I always feel good about it as well. Have a great weekend my friend.....:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Hi Rebecca, I use to enjoy cleaning so much, now I do it because it needs to be done, I love adding something new or changing things around, that has never changed.
If I were closer I would love to be able to help you.....I am sure you manage very well though.
Have a great day....:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Hi Marcy, so glad to hear from you. I miss you but realize how busy you are.
You know my cleaning lady says the same thing, "You don't need me, this place is cleaner than my own home"...I just chuckle, I only truly need them for my floors as I have a hard time doing them and always suffer the next day after being on my hands and knees washing/vacuuming throughout. I wish my condo was just one floor but it's more like a town house, I have an end unit, 3 floors so it is quite big (too big for one person really) and a day of cleaning going up and down all the stairs....well I find it harder now than I ever have.
Okay I will check at Tim's to see if they will pay me to promote their that would be a good thing.........:-)Hugs

Bernie said...

Hi Diana, now it was me who spit my coffee out this morning all over everything when you said, "my goodness if you don't know how to eat by now" what a chuckle.
So happy your knee is feeling better, you will feel the shots but oh the relief after a couple of days will be so worth it.
Enjoy your weekend, so glad Jake is home to spend it with you.
Luv ya..........:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Hi Eileen, you are welcome back anytime you want to visit.
I, too love my sheep mug and I have ever since I got it. I am always so worried I will drop it and break it as my hands are so weak first thing in the morning. It just starts my day off right.
I get a real chuckle when I see the foods you eat, you are able to eat anything you want it seems if it were me I would be as big as a house.
I have no specific reason for not wanting to keep posting my meals, I just didn't like doing it, I felt uncomfortable about it. Wish I could explain it better but that is how I feel anyway.
Luv ya......:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Hi Margie, oh the weather has changed here.... a lot. Thunder woke me up this morning and it is still raining. I have a heating pad on my back but am hoping to be more mobile as the day goes on as I would like to go out today and do a few things.
It is a long weekend here as well, I love watching as families enjoy the last weekend of summer, brings smiles to my face.
Have a great day/weekend Margie
Luv ya......:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Hi Brenda, isn't is funny how we have our favorite cups...I have lovely china coffee mugs from Harrod's in London and yet I love my lttle cheap mug with sheep on it from Ireland....really doesn't take much to make me happy...
Have a wonderful w/k......:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Hi Gail, I am so blessed to have have wonderful family and friends and I cherish each one of them.
I also love to keep a clean, cozy home and enjoy keeping it up. I feel so thankful to have what I do I love taking care of everything.
Have a great w/k ...... :-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Hi Tranquility, I'm glad you enjoyed the food pictures, you can still see them at Terri's, Eileen's and Wanda's blog. I love seeing what they are eating, just didn't like showing what I ate.
I am resting this morning my friend, have a wonderful weekend sweetie.......:-) Hugs

Anonymous said...

I'm so hoping that you didn't overdo it, my sweet friend. I always love your blog. I sat here and listened to your music forever before I even being here.

Choices said...

Hi Bernie,
Good afternoon. Happily, I was out subbing today and I just got back and your blog was the first one I read for today.
I agree with you coffee does taste better in your favorite cup. I have a favorite cup that has a school that I used to work and I use it for everything!
I hope you are feeling better after moving all that furniture. I hope you get some rest this weekend.
Take care.

Kathiesbirds said...

Well, you are brave to roast a chicken when it is so hot outside and in! I imagine the cool crispness of fall will soon be upon you and then the changing of the leaves. I hope you post some photos of them, or do you live out on the flat prairie?

Sarah said...

Hi Bernie. Thank you so much for your kind comment on my blog.Thanks for visiting - I hope you come again! S

Bernie said...

Hi Jackie, I am fine thank you, and I love whenever you come to visit.....:-) hugs

Bernie said...

Hi Choices, so happy you taught today as I know how you enjoy it. Thank you for visiting my blog it and I hope you always come back to visit me.
I am doing very well thank you.
Have a great w/k.....:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Hi Kathie, I love the Fall, my favorite we do not have the beautiful colors on the Prairie as I did when I lived down East....I miss those colors. My late husband and I would vacation through the New England States each Fall just to see the colors, that way a wonderful time in my life.
Have a great w/k......:) Hugs

Bernie said...

Hi Sara, thank you for visiting. I enjoyed your blog very much and will be back again soon. Have a great weekend....:-) Hugs

Jerelene said...

Hi Bernie! I love your little lambie mug!! And you went to Ireland? Lucky you! Are you an Irish girl? I am on both sides of the family...Irish and French..I love your placemats too!! You know I love pumpkins!! It's been stormy here too...Don't work too hard!!

Bernie said...

Hi Jerlene, yes I visited Ireland last June and oh did I love it. I have travelled quite a bit and this is the most beautiful country I have ever sister and I plan on going back.
You know I have many beautiful china coffee mugs, a couple from Harro's in London and yet I just love my sheep coffee mug, I don't enjoy my coffee without it.
I know how much you love pumpkins and the Fall.
Have a great weekend....:-) Hugs

Teresa said...

Hi Bernie,
I thought I posted yesterday, but maybe not...I am losing my mind lately, but it probably is good to lose it for awhile, it does get to thinking too much sometimes. Anyway, it's ok if you don't want to share what you Eileen said you eat healthy. I however, have learned lots about myself and the reason's I eat, or over eat... ((((hugs)))) 555

Bernie said...

Hi Terri, so glad to hear from you and I'm glad you understand why I don't like showing pictures of my food. I am glad you are learning from your photo's.....that was the point of it all really and it is working for you and I am happy for that.
I think your mind is just find, we all forget things at times, I know I do.
Have a great weekend......:-) Hugs

Barb said...

I am happy to report to you that I spent all day yesterday sprucing up my house and cooking - you were an inspiration, Bernie! My son, Gregg, and daughter-in-law, Hyun-Jung, are here with Caden and Neve for the long weekend. Everyone (including Pop Pop)is resting right now! I also have a favorite mug which makes coffee taste special.

Bernie said...

Hi Barb, your should be resting now as well by the sounds of all you have done.
Doesn't coffee just taste so much better in our favorite mugs. I know mine sure does.
Enjoy your son and his family this happy long weekend my friend, I think it's wonderful that they are visiting you.........:-) Hugs

Anonymous said...

Dear Bernie you are such a faithful visitor. I so look forward to hearing from you each day. I hope you are alright. Some where I saw you not feeling well? Hope things are better. I visited Stillness tonight and what a beautiful blog.Well after I read back a little I remember you have RA. That can be so rough.

Bernie said...

Hi QMM, the RA has been flaring up the past couple of days but nothing I can't handle, not to happy you visited Stillness, she is one of my favorites. Enjoy the rest of the weekend......:-) Hugs