Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Productive Day

Hello my friends, I had a better day and managed to do a few things around the house. I cleaned my bathrooms, kitchen, changed my bed linens, did laundry and ironed. It felt good to do these things.

We had a major snow storm and the caretakers of our condos had a hard time keeping the steps and walkways cleaned off. I did my most favorite thing, cosied up by the fire and read a book this afternoon. I even enjoyed the snow storm as tomorrow they are calling for rain and plus 8 temperatures.....I know our weather is unbelievable. At least everything will melt before the next storm hits and we may even get some sunny weather to enjoy over the weekend.

I received an e-mail today and something said in it really struck my heart: It said there are 4 things in life we can never get back:

1. A stone after it is thrown
2. Words after they are spoken
3. Occasion after it is over
4. Time after it is gone.

As I thought about these four things I realized I knew about them but I have never given them a whole lot of I will. No matter how many times we apologize and it has been accepted those words are still out there and unfortunately someone, some where will believe them, and how many times have we missed a wedding, baptism, funeral, graduation etc. only to realize we will only ever hear people speak of these occasions and not be able to participate in the conversation or have our own memory, and is so precious and goes by so quickly, we have to enjoy every moment and always let those we love know how we feel. We are not promised more than the moment we have. I really loved this e-mail, and saved it for future reference when I need a reminder of how blessed I am for not throwing stones, or to think before I speak, and attend all important occasions and appreciate all the beautiful time God has given and will give me....Words for thought I am sure.

Let's all keep our thoughts and prayers for Janine going, she has been on my mind all day. Such a sweet and loving spirit.

Good Night my friends and God Bless.......many, many hugs.......:-)


Midlife Jobhunter said...

"Let's all keep our thoughts and prayers for Janine going, she has been on my mind all day. Such a sweet and loving spirit."


Barb said...

The four lessons you speak of are important - I'll try to remember them. Our weather was also very wintry today. I'm hoping for clearer skies tomorrow. Take care of yourself, Bernie.

Bernie said...

Oh Midlife Jobhunter, so true. She was one of my first friends when I began blogging and since I have no special gifts as others do (poems, photography, writing, etc.) she still encouraged me to share my day and I have made many friends from her encouragemnt and kindness. I will continue my prayers for her always. Have a great day...:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Barb, they are important aren't they....I think I have taken many things for granted but these words made me stop and really think about them today. Stay warm my friend......:-) Hugs

Granny on the Web said...

Wonderful words to ponder on Bernie, I too will keep them to remind me.
I too am thinking on Janine each day, and pray the Lord will guard her.
Bless you too Bernie
Love Granny

Bernie said...

Thanks for your blessing Granny, means so much to me and I know you will pray for Janine and that if she could right now she would thank you so very much.
How are you Granny? I do pray you are doing better?......:-) Hugs

Teacher's Pet said...

Hi Bernie...
I read your title and smiled.
I thought, "Every day is a productive day for Bernie." And that's the truth.
I hope that the winter storm passes quickly...sounds like a lot of work just to get out of the house through that snow and down the steps...but, oh, I would love to give it a try for at least a day!
Janine continues to be in my thoughts. That's one reason I'm posting so late tonight (this morning...) I'm tossing and turning...hoping that she's resting comfortably, in no pain, and that all turned out well with her surgery.
Much love to you, my friend.

Rose Marie Raccioppi said...

"We are not promised more than the moment we have."

And you Dear Bernie put so much love into those moments. Four lessons, as too, four directions, all to encompass our shared humanity. My love and prayers for Janine's total well being.

Warm hugs sent your way...

GrandmaK said...

May God bless and keep Janine and your!!! Cathy

Alice said...

They are such important reminders and you have expressed them so well.

I hope Janine's operation went well and she recovers completely.

Wanda said...

Good morning glad you felt that well...last day of oral antibiotics, right?

Loved the 4 things...I like to print out quotes, poems or thoughts of this nature, frame them and hope the grandkids read and take it know, shape them while they are young.

Which makes me think of Janine this hope and pray for all good things for her! She is an example of someone well aware of the what's important in life.

Stay warm Bernie...Your 10C is like our 40F here about the same, but we are expecting snow flurries over the weekend.

Luv and Smiles,

Kay said...

the idea of know, I agree with all that you say, but would love to add the blessings of the moments that are seemingly 'uneventful' because to me, those are the moments that i cherish most

Choices said...

Hi Bernie,
So happy to hear that you are continuing to feel better. It seeems like each day just get better and better for you. I wish you another wonderful day! I enjoyed reading those four lessons that you spoke of. So very true. They sure are lessons to live by.
May you have a warm and peaceful day.
Take care of yourself.

Tamara said...

Oh Bernie, here in Arizona we're supposed to get into the triple digits by Friday! Since I'm rural and almost 4 hrs. from Phoenix, it will only be in the high 90's. I do love and miss the cooler weather.

Be careful in your snowy and icy conditions.

Loved the four lessons. The stone thrown... and the ripples it causes.

Continued prayers for Janine.

Blessings each day said...

Well I did remember to pray (we even have a time of quietly saying people's names out loud at Mass) fervently for you and Janine.

Loved your four lessons and we all need constant reminding of these things, so we spread and see sunshine all around us even on the snowiest (by you) and wetest (by me) days.

blessings and hugs always,


Margie said...

Bernie, glad to know you had a better day.... it always feels great when we get to do things that make us feel good ... you reminded me I have to get caught up on my housework ... not always on my favorite list though!

The email you received was very good and I appreciate your sharing it here.
Defintely good thoughts to ponder.

Oh my, I am so behind in keeping up on my visits to blogger friends as I have been so busy.

Must go now and visit a few more.

Stay warm, my friend.
Take good care.

I send you a hug.


Tranquility Speaks said...

Very very thoughtful! Words linger on...hurtful words specially and like you said, no amount of apologies can undo the damage that has already been done. Which is why someone said that the pen is mightier than the sword...

I've been pondering on this too..At times you can't wait for the time to pass and at times a certain duration doesn't seem to come to an end..But in the anticipation and wait, we loose the present moment..and the many happy memories we could create with it..

Thanks a lot for sharing the email with all of us :-) Loads of love to you and more prayers for Janine

Rose Marie Raccioppi said...

Stopping by again to thank you for all you share and the care and love you express. Happy for the meaning you bring to what you do and your appreciation for each gift of life.

Warm hugs,
Rose Marie

Rebecca. Harlan, IN said...

Those are sobering AND instructive thoughts you passed on. So important to remember & act accordingly!

Queenmothermamaw said...

So glad you sound relaxed and content. That is our goal in retirement after all. That is like dumping the feathers from a pillow. Wise words. Looking forward to hearing how Janine is doing.

Bernie said...

Hi Jackie, hope you fell asleep and had a good rest.
Heard from Janine this morning and she seems well, wonderful attitude. I forwarded you the e-mail.
I am fine, I think....:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Rose Marie, warm hugs accepted with gratitude, it is better here today in all ways, thank you God.
Have a great day my friend...Hugs

Bernie said...

Cathy I am doing better, and Janine's e-mail this morning sounds wonderful and upbeat...she is a real trouper....:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Hi Alice, welcome home. I loved those reminders.
I had an e-mail from Janine this morning and she sounds wonderful, is so appreciative of our support. Who could not support a beautiful spirit as hers......:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Hi Wanda, yes sweetie I am so happy, this is the last day (actually only 1 pill left as I already took this mornings) of these oral antibiotics.
I think that is a great idea to keep these quotes that touch us so mucy either in a frame or ablum for the going to do this.
Janine is doing well, I sent on her e-mail to you.
I will e-mail you tomorrow after my visit with Dr. is cloudy today but it is melting, I can hear it dripping from the house.
Have a great day, hugs to Alivia,xo

Bernie said...

Kay, so true. I always try to enjoy and live in the moment but I have to admit am not that good at it at all......will find a way to include it my friend...:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Thanks Anne, it is melting today, I hear birds singing and the snow dripping from the roof. Another pleasant day to be thankful for.
Hope your day is pleasant as well my friend.......:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Tamara, enjoy your beautiful weather my friend, it is a nicer day here today, cloudy but has warmed up and the snow is melting.
Take care......:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Marcy I felt so good last night knowing you were praying for Janine as well as me....nothing better my friend. Luv you.....Hugs

Bernie said...

Hello Margie, I always love to see that you have commented, I always feel better when hearing from you, please take care of your knee, luv ya.....:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Stillness, those were beautiful words and thoughts weren't they, I loved them.
Thank you for your prayers for Janine, she will be back when she no longer has to take pain meds.
Love you.......:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Oh Rose Marie, how thoughtful of you to return with your kind words, please visit anytime...Hugs

Bernie said...

Hi Rebecca, thank you for your e-mail, loved hearing from you.
I love those words and oh yes they are reflective and very sobering, if only people would think of the damage they are doing when hurting others....the ripple effect can be horrible but if these words are used wisely the ripple effect can be powerfully uplifting....Hugs

Bernie said...

Peggy, I had an e-mail from Janine this morning and she seems to be doing well, will be back with us as soon as she is able. She so appreciates the prayers being said for her......:-) Hugs

Diana said...

Hi Bernie!
Late again! I have been thinking about Janine and wondering how she is doing. I hope that we can all find out somehow, in the meantime we will keep praying.
So we both cleaned today! I did all mine today so tomorrow I don't have to go back!
I agreed with the four things that we can never take back! I had never thought of it this way. Good advice!
Enjoy your evening Bernie, Greys is on tonight and then Private Practice. We will be watching!
Love Di

The Retired One said...

Glad to hear through your comments that Janine is doing well...and the email you got with the four rules is soooo true!
I will await your Dr.'s report with hope in my heart. Love and hugs!!

Bernie said...

Hi Di, had an e-mail from Janine and other than the pain meds she seems rally upbeat.....if I hear any more will let you know.
How was your day? Warming up here really nice...take care....:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Thanks Joan, I will be so happy to get my life back....I will let you know okay.
Yes Janine seems to be doing okay right now....she is so sweet Joan, you would really like her. Have a great day.....:-) hugs

Brenda said...

Dear Bernie,

I hope that another good day means that you are recovering.

I agree with your 4 things, especially the last three. I have often wished that I could take back words spoken. I am trying to be a better listener and speak less. Regarding occasions--I do not miss too many but am sad when I do have to miss a wedding or even a funeral. I recognized at my Dad's funeral how much it meant to have friends come and share that experience. It was such a loving gift to our family. Wasting time is a problem for me and procrastinating. Later I am sorry. I feel so good when I have had a productive day. I am glad that you could do a few things today. Blessings

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Bernie:)


WORDS AFTER THEY ARE SPOKEN made a special impact on me. How many times I have spoken without thinking and hurt other peoples feelings. Words can be used to heal and also hurt. When we hurt somebody with our words, it never heals and it remains for ever in the mind of the person whom we have hurt. Wounds made with sword will heal but wounds caused with words will never heal. Hence the need to be careful with words.

This thought takes me a little further. We are so careful with our words to strangers to make a good impression but we speak so carelessly to our near and dear ones and family members.

Your post is full of priceless wisdom and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.

Have a wonderful day Bernie:)

Bernie said...

Hi Brenda, small words and they mean so much don't they.
Have a wonderful day my friend, oh did you figure a way out how to send honey to your son and his family.......:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Joseph, thank you for visiting and your kind words. I do hope you come back again my friend....:-)

Sniffles and Smiles said...

Dearest Bernie,

Well, "hello, my dear friend!!!" I am sitting up today!!! Hurrah!!! I'm sure it is due to all your wonderful prayers, and those of all my dear blogging friends!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!! And I am soooo thrilled that you felt well enough to tackle all those domestic duties!! Something about a clean house that makes one feel human again!! I'm so happy for you...and continue to pray for your healing from the infection!! Love to you, my friend~ Janine XO

Anvilcloud said...

Ah, those angrily and hastily flung words. You're right, apologies cannot eradicate them.

Bernie said...

Hi Janine, so glad you are sitting up, before you know it you will up and walking around, looking forward to your full recovery my friend.......luy you, ...:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Hi A/C, so glad you are back to commenting....loved your photo's my friend.....:-) Hugs

Silver said...

I am glad to be reading the "report" on you having your good days. You have no idea..coz that made me smile. Even house chores can be pleasurable.. i know when the heart is at peace. ;)

I am also thinking of Janine at this time- and trusting God to touch her and heal her quickly!!!


Barb said...

Hi Bernie, I came on-line after babysitting this weekend and see that you haven't posted. Just wanted to let you know I'm thinking of you. Hope you're feeling well - I'm thinking maybe you went into the hospital for your treatment. Keep Smiling!

Bernie said...

Hi Silver, I have missed you. I am doing very well as I pray you are. I will always continue praying for Janine, she is such a beautiful and special spirit.
Stay well my friend....:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Hi Barb, had test and treatment on Friday and am doing very well today, thank you God.
Hope you enjoyed your weekend with the grandchildren, I know how much fun you have with them.
Take care.......:-) Hugs