Sunday, October 24, 2010

A Busy But Good Week

Hello my friends, it has been a busy week here in Morinville. I was blessed to meet a blogging friend, Sheila who lives approximately 2 hours north of me. She is lovely and confirmed my faith in the blogging family.  I am only sad to say neither one of us had a camera. We were able to enjoy a lovely chat over coffee at Tim Horton's.  That was on Monday which was a full day of lunch, shopping and appointments.

Tuesday found me having bone scan and  everything was fine. I don't have to do this very often. We have a wonderful hospital, Cross Cancer, in Edmonton. They are fabulous but I see so much pain and sadness there. There are happy faces as well especially when one finishes their treatment. I also had an IV treatment for my bones, again something I don't have done very often. I don't mind having it, I just don't like the time involved as I have to drive into the city, it is a full day but I am not complaining, so many others have it worse. My blogging friend RivkA in Israel, has been living with Cancer for several years, I have been thinking of her and her family all week. She is in hospital now and is not doing very well. This is so sad as she has 3 young children who so needs their mother. Life isn't fair at times.

I went to the hockey game last night and my Edmonton Oilers wouldn't believe so many people could be at one place, it was so much fun.  The fans were loud and proud and some were so funny, I think that had something to do with  I love seeing everyone having such a good time, even with the loss my friend and I had a wonderful time. We stopped  for a coffee on the way home and I smiled as I walked into Tim Hortons again. Gosh I was there everyday this week but one. I do love my Tim's.

This morning I woke up to rain mixed with snow. It continued to rain off and on all day. I had to drive into St. Albert to pick up a parcel and with the wind it was really cold. Tonight when I put my garbage out it was snowing and still is. My car is covered but it is not staying on the ground, hopefully our beautiful Fall weather will be back in a few days. We have had a lovely Fall.....makes it easier to handle winter.

Do any of you have a problem when you go to preview your post, I just get a blank page.

Wishing you all a wonderful week! God Bless and many, many hugs........:-)


Silver said...

Happy to catch your post still fresh and piping hot.. ;D

My love and warmest thoughts accompanies.

Jen said...

I saw in a movie where it was raining and snowing at the same time - it was supposedly a bad omen - and neither me or my daughter thought that was even possible. We thought it was Hollywood being stupid. It never snows here, so what do we know...

Jen said...

I'm sure Hollywood WAS being stupid about the bad omen part.

Maggie May said...

Glad you are doing well, Bernie, health wise, and keeping as busy as ever.

Life is a bummer at times ....... it is sad about your friend.
Fingers crossed we are fine at the moment in our household.

Bet you are enjoying the wonderful Autumn colours that I associate with Canada.
Luv Maggie X
Word ver: SINGS

Nuts in May

Anne H said...

Snow already!
Stay warm and dry!
hugs to you!

Twain12 said...

getting a lot cooler here too. It is calling for flurries and rain , so we'll see i guess. I hope your snow isn't staying . Sorry to hear about your friend and glad everything is well with you.
Sending hugs

Brian Miller said...

prayers for your friend Rivka.dreadful disease....glad all was well for you....

nice. bet that was a blast at the hockey game....

preview...same thing here...

Valerie said...

I haven't checked the preview system but I will. This morning was like the frozen north here in the UK, the car windows and wipers were frozen and the car looked white instead of red. I was right out of de-icer too. But now, there's a blue sky and lots of sunshine, albeit still very cold. Glad you enjoyed the hockey. Take care, my friend, and stay warm. Hugs.

Victor S E Moubarak said...

I'm glad you're blogging again and you are well.

Praying for you and yours, and for your friend who is ill.

God bless.

Anvilcloud said...

Busyness is okay at times, but I hope this week will be a little more relaxing for you.

Osage Bluff Quilter said...

Glad all the test came out fine!.
You should read Stitchin by the lake blog today. she has a great post on seasons.
Have a great week!!

Wanda..... said...

Good morning Bernie...I'm sitting here having my morning coffee with you. Sorry the Oilers lost, but Alivia's team won their soccer game this weekend.

Very sad news about the young mother, Rivka. I know of a young father in the same situation. Awful for anyone to expereience.

No snow here yet, yesterday was very warm, but there are plenty of leaves to be raked.


Bouncin' Barb said...

So glad you had a good week. We don't have Tim Hortons down here. Wish we did though. But maybe, thenm again, NOT!!! haha. Snow already? Yuck! Don't miss that for anything!

Sheila said...

Hi Bernie - I sure enjoyed our lunch at Tim's and I'm looking forward to our meeting next time at the Tea House. I think that's a wonderful idea. It's great to have met you in person. I didn't even like to look out the window at the snow yesterday. Hopefully it will be gone by the end of the day - or tomorrow - it's too soon for me. Glad to hear your bone scan went well but sorry to hear about your friend. Thank you for the support you give those who are battling cancer - I know how much they would treasure your comments.

glenda said...

Hi Bernie...
Just stopping by to see how you are...I did'nt mean to fright you, it's just this colon thing that reminds me everyonce in a while it is there. And the add that makes me crazy. I can't even write a proper post cause I always have to seem to hurry..hurry. I am trying so hard to tell myself positive things.
" Just slow down...why am I in such a dither...I don't have to be in a hurry" things like that.
I so wish I could do things like crafts or sewing without getting the jitters and my heart running way with itself...
will ask my doctor today for help.
Love you and I wish you a good day.
glenda xoxo

glnroz said...

Everyone should be exposed to your attitudes and opinions. I kinda feel sorry for the ones who aint had the opportunity. Always opitmistic and and uplifting posts..

Brenda said...

Another blogger friend meeting a blogger friend. What fun. Sounds like you had a great weekend. I appreciate your attitude about your treatments. We can always find a reason to give thanks. I am sorry to hear about your friend in Israel. That is so hard.

Gail said...


I am so glad your bone scan was clear. phew. I so love your attitude about such things - you are amazing. And I also so appreciate your love of sports. Sounds like the hockey game was just what you needed.
It must have been great to meet a blogger friend. :-) And snow? Wow. We had some in the hills of Connecticut but not closer to the shore where I live. Soon, I am sure.Winter is on it's way.
Have a great week Bernie.
Love to you always

Crystal Mary said...

Wishing you a wonderful week also. Hey, don't you love being in bed when its raining..
Hospital and cancer, yes it is very sad, I once worked in a paliative care unit. We used aroma and music therapy, it was a peaceful setting full of love. The families of the sick come to realise the important part of life is love. Nothing counts as much especially when you are loosing it. Take care my firnd. Much love Crystal

Diana said...

Hi Bernie,
I am trying to wrap my brain around the prospect of snow. We've had such a beautiful fall so far that I don't want it to end!
Sorry that you had to go for the boring tests but glad that you're keeping up and all is well!
And it's so exciting that you were able to meet a blogger friend! I so look forward to that someday!
I haven't had a problem with "Preview Post" but I am using the new editor. I don't know if thats what you use or not. Either way I've been having issues with Google and blogger lately! But onward we strive to blog anyway!!! Love and Hugs, Di ♥

aims said...

I had a bone scan last week as well Bernie! How odd! I haven't got the results yet and won't until Friday. Must be okay or I would have had a call surely.

We are under a sea of white. It has started again and I am very disappointed. But - we are counting the days until we leave. There's always a blue sky somewhere!

Karin said...

Good catching up with you again! It was a lovely morning with everything dusted in icing sugar, er SNOW. We knew it was coming - this is Alberta after all! Just 2 months until Christmas and 5 months until spring. Enjoy!

Donna said...

Your post is full of so much...LIFE!! It has sadness, pain, SNOW! -and all that continues about life...the everyday things that really mean so much. Health is THE most important thing we have besides family and friends and yet the thing we take most for granted. I hope your hot spots cool and you have good health for many, many years! Your attitude is so good about traveling to tests etc...good for you!!

Bernie said...

Silver - sorry your blog went down, now that is hot!....:-) Hugs

Jen - gosh I hope it wasn't a bad omen, actually it happens quite often here in Alberta especially during the Fall or Spring...:-) Hugs

Maggie those lovely Fall colors are covered with a white blanket today.......:-) Hugs

Anne - oh yes and it is still snowing lightly, suppose to melt on Thursday....:-)

Twain12, did you get snow? Alberta is usally covered before NB is. Thank you for thinking of RivkA.
......:-) Hugs

Brian - if you work out the preview snag would appreciate you letting me know ok. Thank you for caring about RivkA and yes the hockey game was a blast, love it.
....:-) Hugs

Val - I always find England and Scotland to be cold even in June. My sister finds our homes in Canada far to hot for sleeping, I think its what we get use too.
We are covered with a white blanket today sweetie but it is suppose to be gone by Thursday.
Thank you for caring abourt RivkA.
......:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Victor - thank you my friend, I am happy to say I am well....:-)Hugs

AC - being busy is not my thing, sometimes it just works out that way but not today, I am still in my pyjamas by the fire....:-) Hugs

Osage Bluff Quilter - thank you and I was pleased with the test results as well, will pop over and read this blog....:-) Hugs

Hi Wanda, wish you lived closer so you could have your coffee by the fire with me. I am enjoying a very relaxing day it is still snowing.

Congratulations Alivia, did you manage to go to the game?

Yes I am very concerned about RivkA, she has tried to hard to beat this horrible disease.

Big hugs to Alivia....:-)

Bouncin Barb - yes we have snow and it still is lightly falling. It won't last long and I am positive you would love Tim's..Hugs

Glenda - I am so glad you explained it to me, I was a bit startled when I read your post. I use to love being busy but not anymore, I enjoy a more relaxing pace now and I don't mind telling people. Stay well my friend....Hugs

Bernie said...

Sheila - looking forward to showing you our tea house. It is still snowing here but weather man says it will be gone by Thursday so I can handle that.....:-) Hugs

Glen, what a nice thing to say. I enjoy your post as well my friend. Have a happy Monday.....:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Brenda, I am concerned about RivkA. She has helped so many deal with their cancer through her blog. My heart aches for her and her family.
Yes I loved meeting my blogging friend and we will have lunch again as well when she comes into the city, she is so nice. You would really enjoy her.
.......:-) Hugs

Gail - if you like snow Alberta is the place for you. Yes I am doing very well, how are you? Sending big hugs my friend.....:-)

Crystal - that is so true. Everyone needs love to survive and it not expensive to share ones heart. Happy Monday sweetie.

Bernie said...

Di - does anyone every wrap their head around snow, don't think so. We have had a beautiful Fall and it is coming back on Thursday (I'm so excited) Hope all is well....Hugs

Aims - I agree sweetie, but our Fall in coming back. Hope all goes well with your results, I think they would of let you know by now if something was wrong. I pretty much know the same day. Happy Monday........:-) Hugs

Karin I read your thankful post this morning and thought it was lovely.....:-) Hugs

Donna - all is well today. I am sitting by a cozy fire with a wonderful cup of tea and still in my pyjamas, just relaxing or being lazy not sure. It is just that kind of day.....:-) Hugs

GrandmaK said...

Sounds like you have had a grand time. So glad your bone scan was good! Wishing you well! Cathy

Bernie said...

Thanks Cathy, hope you are enjoying this wonderful day....:-) Hugs

The Retired One said...

I hardly ever preview my posts, so I don't know if I am having that problem....I did have about 15 min. of trouble loading some pictures for a blogpost earlier today, but it seems to have resolved itself and hasn't given me anymore trouble today...
We have only had snow in the air once so far, but we hear high winds and rain are on their way this week to us. The first snow is always hard to get.....
So glad you are doing fine and your tests are all good...think of you often. xxoo

Bernie said...

Hi Joan, it is cold here today. It is still snowing off and on but is not amounting too much accumulation, still everything looks nice dressed in white.
So glad blogger is letting me open you blog, it may be because I have a new laptop though......:-) Hugs

Teacher's Pet said...

Ahhhh....I read of cold temperatures....and snow...and sitting by the fire....and only dream of things like that in the winter time. We have to travel north in order to see snow...and for several hours...and only a few days during the year. Wishing you a lovely week, my friend. You have a kind heart....always have...and I suspect that you always will. :)))

Bernie said...

Jackie, thank you. I so loved your granddaughter's picture, what a little doll.....:-) Hugs

Loren said...


I am so glad all is well with you and your joy-filled outlook is such an encouragement!! I have been in the Mayo when my Daddy was being treated and I know exactly what you describe....the sadness fills the atmosphere and breaks your heart! I can remember thanking the Lord my Dad was as healthy as he was but what I didn't know was that wasn't the truth at all....In just a few shorts months we were the ones who had those looks on their faces and clinging to a HOPE that this would all go away and that this cancer would be beat. I will definitely be praying for Rivka...and her children. Not fair at all Bernie! Not at all!
Jantzen was excited to hear of your hockey adventure and wished he could have accompanied you :)
Canlt get over your weather!! That is just plain crazy!
Hope your week is blessed my dear friend! Love you

Bernie said...

Ahhh thanks Loren, I do hope you are feeling better after your surgery.......:-) Hugs

Cinner said...

So glad you got to see your blog friend, I hope everything was fin with your bone scan.I am so sorry about your friens illness. I can just see you at the Oilers games. I am all excited about the new guys on the team. still miss my ryan smyth. lol.hugs to you bernie, be well.

Rebecca said...

No Tim Hortons here (and no snow either -- yet)!

I'll have to check my "preview" situation...I seldom use it since it has never shown me the actual way my post will appear anyway...

It was good to read of the variety of activity in your life. I love it that you go to hockey games! You're quite the adventurer.

Wishing you health and happiness in the days to come, Bernie, with much to spill over on those you love and care for. You are one special lady!♥

Denise said...

Thanks for the update sweet friend, love you.

Vicki Lane said...

Sometimes the ordinary days are the best!

Bernie said...

Hi cinner, yes all worked out well with my bone scan, I am tired of so many appointments so taking it easy this week.....were you excitied to see the snow.....Hugs

Bernie said...

Hi Rebecca, hope you are safe inside away from all the storms. I am doing well sweetie and I am so blessed with wonderful friends.
......:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Denise - I so hope all is okay with you and your family. Pray for you every day.....:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Vicki, my life is so ordinary it is pathetic but I love it. Be safe today Vicki.....:-) Hugs

daylily (Queenmothermamaw) said...

Hi Bernie, will pray for your friend RivKa. We were in a drought status here and finally got rain today, Tuesday. Wind too and tornado warnings. Got to take the bad with the good. No snow yet. I have 2 weeks of just regular maintenance but I too, hate all the time it takes. Blessings

Abbey said...

Thanks for directing me to your blog. I don't know how it disappeared unless it happened when I was changing my blog format. Love hearing all your news, Bernie. Sounds like you are having a busy but fun time!

Abbey ♥

yaya said...

Hi Bernie, I came over from "Old,Who,Me?" and had to see where you live that gives you snow already. We've had snow a few times here in Ohio, but this fall has been perfect and warmer than usual. I enjoyed the post about being thankful and I'll wish you a happy Thanksgiving as we begin to prepare for ours and get ready for Christmas. Have a good week, it was fun visiting your blog!

Bernie said...

yaya, thank you for visiting me. We do share a good friend in Bernie, I think she is lovely. Will be over to visit you shortly.
......:-) Hugs

Abbey - hope you are safe inside from all the storms....Hugs

QMM - maintenace can be rough my friend at our age. I do hope you are feeling well and that you are safe inside from the all the horrible weather going on today. Can't get any of you off my mind today.....:-) Hugs

Barb said...

Hi Bernie, You sound busy, happy, and well. It's been snowing hard here in Breckenridge for over 24 hours. Blowing, too - I guess winter is here! Hope your fall returns.

Mary333 said...

It's great that you got to meet a blogging friend! Sounds like a great week (except for the hospital visit). I can't believe you are already getting snow!
I will pray for your friend Rivka. And you too, of course! God bless you, Bernie!

Bernie said...

Barb - it is cold here today as well, but the snow has stopped. It is suppose to warm up on Thursday. Stay warm my friend....:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Mary - I am feeling well, and I am so happy that your father and friend are doing so well. Oh yes it is cold here although it didn't snow today......:-) Hugs

Janean said...

glad your treatment day is over....and you're right, bernie, we can always see others who are going through more than we are. it helps keep life in balance.

if ya like tim's enjoy!!!!

snow? let's hope autumn weather will return soon. :)

Bernie said...

Hi Janean, oh yes love my Tim's too much. Am enjoying a quiet time this week as I hope you are..Hugs

Anita said...

Stopping by to say hello, Bernie!
It's been awhile and things have occurred in your life that I am not aware of, like the lost of your friend. I'm very sorry.
You have such a heart for people. I know that God hears your prayers for them.
Continued blessings. Go out and have more fun!

Bernie said...

Anita - thank you sweetie, it is so good to see you again. I hope all is well, I am fine and looking forward to picking it a bit blogging. I think we all slowed down a bit over the summer.
....:-) Hugs

Choices said...

Snow,already. Send some of that coolness here. It has been so very hot here. In the 90's.
Keep warm.
Smiles to you.

Bernie said...

Choices yes we have snow and as of now it is still on the ground. Thought it would of melted by now but it has been too cold....Hugs

VKT said...

Dearest Bernie,

Reading your blog is like a breath of fresh air. You always lift my spirits. I have so missed reading your thoughts and inspirations. This school year has been busy beyond belief for me.

How lucky that your blogging friend is to have met you in person!! I am envious!

Have a blessed week sweet lady!

Bernie said...

VKT - welcome back, I thought you left the blogging world. You were missed my friend. Thank you for your kind words.....:-) Hugs

Midlife Jobhunter said...

I thought of you when I heard of snow in North Dakota.

We are having a heat wave. Cold front due in tonight. Hopefully, our lovely fall weather will return before my mom visits in mid-November.

Sure hope you have someone to shovel that snow for you.

Bernie said...

Hi Julie, I can't believe the good weather you always have, it is not snowing here now but we still have snow on the ground from Monday. So glad your mom will be visiting you shortly, that will be good for her and for you. Take care my friend and I hope the cold snap doesn't last very long.....:-) Hugs

david mcmahon said...

Great news, Bernie. Wonderful to hear the bone scan was clear.

And while you get rain and snow, we here Down Under are in the second month of (a very wet) spring.

quieten said...

How cool that you got to meet a blogger buddy. It sounds like a great time was had by you both! So sad to hear of your friend in Israel. I'll be praying for her and her family. Aren't hockey games the absolute best?!?! I'm a Devils fan, myself (surrounded 2 states full of Flyers fans so I am in the minority around here)and when those 2 teams play in Philly there's a lot of hootin' and hollerin' in the stands! Love it!!!!
I'm so glad your tests came out well - and I soooo understand about it taking up the whole day. At least you were able to get it done all in one day. That makes it a wee bit easier to bear.
Have a great week- hope the snow stays away!!!

Bernie said...

Hi David and welcome.....Hope your rain stops soon and I've been told you have tremendously hot summers.
.......:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Hi Quieten, I really do love hockey, right now I am watching the World Series.
How are you both doing? I think of you every day. Keeping you both in my heart and prayers.....:-) Hugs

Batya said...

Nice to meet you, friend of RivkA

Bernie said...

Batya - welcome. Yes I am a friend of RivkA and am quite concerned about her right now. Hope you are doing well.
.......:-) Hugs

Linda Higgins said...

not having any problem so far! cross my fingers, I am always afraid I will loose my blog somehow before I remember to print off all my past posts! I have to do that soon! So sorry to hear about your friend, she will be in my prayers. Please be safe and stay dry and bless you my sweet friend! BRRRRRR, I just could not be sooo cold! Love a chilly day and cozy night and storms once in a while, but the snow...brrrrr....hugs and smiles across the many miles!

sarah said...

Hi Bernie...snow...yikes. I'm not ready for that yet. And here it's way too cold. With the shouldn't be getting a blank screen. Sometimes I find if I close the site and then reopen and try works. Take care.

Bernie said...

Linda, it is cold here, and I am disappointed that it hasn't warmed up and melted the snow as they had predicted.
My friend RivkA passed away this morning, so sad......:-) hugs

Bernie said...

Sarah, it is cold here today and it is far to early for winter.
I did try refreshing my page, then rebooting my computer, still the same I get a blank page. Thank you for your suggestion.....:-) Hugs

Deborah said...

SNOW!!! We haven't see that yet!
I'm sorry to hear your bloggy friend is so sick. It just isn't fair at times. I will keep her in my prayers.
I'm glad your appt. went well!

Sniffles and Smiles said...

Hello, dear Bernie!!! I'm so glad you had such a wonderful week!! But so sorry that winter has come round so soon again!! Stay warm!!! Sending you big hugs and much love! Janine XO

Bernie said...

Deborah, my friend passed away this morning, so my heart is heavy.
Yes it is still cold here but they keep saying it is going to warm up
....:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Hello Janine, I am always happy to see your happy face. Hope you are not working too hard.
All is well in Alberta, just a bit cold.
......:-) Hugs

Donna said...

So sorry about your friend .. will remeber her and her family in my prayers
You have snow already? We have just barely dropped to freezing tonight.
Take care,

Bernie said...

Donna - thank you for your prayers for RivkA.
Yes we have snow and it is cold, you stay warm sweetie....:-)Hugs

Cinner said...

Bernie, I think between you and I we must own shares in Tim Hortons by now. lol...I have cut back, but somehow it calls my name. you made me smile when you said you had been there almost every day. and yes we are faithfully watching those Oilers too, lots of energy with those young ones and you can see it in the arena. It is never the same when watching at home as when you are there. we can;t afford the tickets so our tv is just fine. I will pray for your friend, it is so sad. think of you often, hugs to you.

Bernie said...

Hi Cinner, so love my Tim's.....and yes I am fortunate to be able to go to a hockey game, curling finals or a football game as I have friends in low
Enjoy the rest of the weekend....:-) Hug

chasity said...

snow....oh my.
i am not ready for that!

glad your tests came back great.

many hugs~

shauna started a new chemo yesterday and is getting blood thinning injections to get rid of a blood clot.
we pray that these two things are successful!

thanks always for your prayers.

love you.

Eileen said...

I read about the loss of your blogger friend on Facebook and I'm so sorry, Bernie. I know that people who don't blog don't realize the bond that is formed between bloggers, but I realize that a light has gone out of your life.
I haven't been blogging or visiting much (life gets in the way) but I think of my blogger friends often and I miss them when I can't visit with them. They are a part of my life.

I'm glad you've had some happy busy things too. It's those happy busy times that make life wonderful, and you are so Blessed to be able to appreciate them in the midst of some of the 'not so nice' that life hands out too. I'm trying to get to that place too. I have a tendency to concentrate on only the bad when things are going wrong and I brush aside the little joys at times.

You're an inspiration, Bernie.
Love to you,
PS, I'm still having all sorts of Blogger problems, trying to post and trying to comment! 'Hope your blogger woes clear up!

Bernie said...

Chas I don't think I have ever met anyone who has fought this disease as hard as Shauna, all with such Faith, optimism and class. What a beautiful woman.
So glad you are doing well, luv ya xo

Bernie said...

Hi Eileen, so good to hear from you, sorry your having problems with blogger - I battle it every time I go to post. Not sure if it is me, I just bought a new computer as I thought it could of been my other laptop, but it hasn't made a difference.
Oh yes RivkA has been a friend for over a year, we e-mailed back and forth and I felt sick when I heard she wasn't doing well as I felt she probable was going to leave us. Then when the word came I felt so sad, I have become very close to some of my blogger friends especially the original village. In fact I miss the village quite a bit but everyone is different and sometimes when the blog has served its purpose they move on. I respect that.
Be well sweetie....:-) Hugs

Kay said...

i've had a disappointing day... (nothing big, just disappointing)... and when I got home, I wanted nothing more than to come pay you a visit.

so calm, level-headed and's comforting.

Can't imagine seeing snow already... I think that would make me sad, but I bet it is beautiful all the same.

Hope you have a lovely rest of the week. Stay warm :)

Bernie said...

Kay, wish I were closer we could share a glass of my favorite red wine and chat for a while. Rough days can really drain us but thankfully when you wake up tomorrow morning the sun will come up and it will be a fresh start.
Be well my young friend....:-)Hugs

Anonymous said...

Hi Bernie! Thanks for popping over to my site. I actually just changed my blog location - I am now on wordpress. But I have followed your supportive comments to Daria, and I decided to pop in and visit you. You seem like such a lovely, warm, supportive woman!
I am living with advanced cervical cancer. I was first diagnosed in 2008, thought I had beat it, but here we are in 2010 and I am back at the Cross. The cancer moved primarily into my bones and liver. But I feel good, and I am always looking for upbeat, positive people to motivate me. Guess what're the lucky winner ;)
I hope that all is well and I look forward to following you!

Bernie said...

Hi Audrey, I will be over to visit you shortly. I took my treatment at the my opinion you have the best hospital in the world looking after you. Hang in there sweetie, new things are happening all the time......:-) Hugs

Batya said...

Thanks for visiting my post about RivkA's funeral. When I paid a condolence call, her family was so amazed at how many people knew her from blogging.

Bernie said...

Batya, I was so pleased to hear everyone saying so many wonderful things about dear RivkA....she was an amazing woman.....:-) Hugs

Teacher's Pet said...

My scrolling finger is numb. 90 comments before mine!! My goodness, my friend....isn't it wonderful to see and hear from your friends.
I am soooooooo glad to see you back....and am sorry that you have had trouble getting to my blog. I'm glad that all is made right again...and I wanted to send you hugs and love....with wishes that you stay warm....take care of you....please. Please take the BEST care of you, Bernie.
Much love,

Joey said...

Snow... seems like it was just Fall, Bernie.

Life isn't fair... I pray for everyone with Cancer. Bless your friend's heart, and her young children.

Take care, Bernie. Stay warm.