Monday, December 26, 2011

Happy, Blessed and Grateful

It's Christmas morning....early! As I unwrapped myself from the spoon position of two beautiful little girls, I feel so happy. My nieces have cuddled and snuggled all night as they quietly settled waiting for Santa and Christmas morning to arrive. We had giggled, laughed and told stories long into the night before they finally settled into a happy and anticipated sleep. My  great nephew came stumbling into our room wobbling from lack of sleep yet so excited as he worked to clear the cobwebs from his eyes..."Auntie he screamed in his base like voice, so low and deep for such a little boy,  Santa didn't hang the stockings on the fireplace, he laid them under the tree". I smiled as I picked him up and kissed his sweet smelling neck while explaining to him  that maybe the stockings were so heavy that Santa thought it best to lie them down. My nieces woke up and the room was filled with excitement and anticipation as we untangled ourselves from the safety and contentment of each others cuddles.  My heart was filled with so much joy and happiness, it was only a quick prayer, but I thanked God for the most precious of! I was surrounded by it, all because 3 of the most important little people in my life were snuggled beside me on this happiest of days. I was so happy. I quickly changed  Dylan's diaper and made him warm and comfortable for the excitement ahead. My nephew had made coffee and oh it smelled so good. I popped the cinnamon buns into the oven and we all gathered around the tree to see what magic Santa had performed while we had listlessly slept throughout the night. Perhaps it is time to tell you about my wonderful nephew who seems to know just what is needed to keep his family happy. He knows that the happiness of his children is far more important to him than anything. He knows that it is more important that his children feel loved, secure and safe. He provides these elements among many other important things for his children. That is why I love him as I do.
As I watched my beautiful niece open her gifts from me a "Guess" purse and a favorite perfume from Chanel, called Chance and I saw her sweet face filled with such joy and appreciation. I knew I had done the right thing.  She was worth it and more. I loved watching my great nephew,  Dylan, pushing all the buttons on his tow truck, fire engine, cement truck as well as many other cars and trucks. He laughed in glee as he made each vehicle move forward, backward and sideways with his remote controls.  His giggles and laughter were infectious,  I laughed out loud at his expression of joy.. I watched as my real life angel, Olivia,  push the buttons of her angel teddy bear as it played a golden violin and watched as its wings changed into reds, greens and blues. Each chord change brought a change of color as it played the most beautiful of all Christmas hymns Silent Night. It was perfect, the morning was perfect and I more than anyone realized and appreciated  the pure love of family. My nephew Greg knows my love of true stories so he chose a book I loved, he choose a movie I would enjoy and something we both love I shared with him......chocolate,  As much as we were different the more we were alike, as in candy, stories, movies and just being together. What a wonderful day we had together.
I watched  my niece Fallon as she accepted the last piece of jewellery my true love gave me before he passed away. I wanted her to have the beautiful opal and London Blue topaz ring Woody had given me. It was important she share in our love, also her beautiful eyes lit up when I gave her the earrings a dear friend brought me as a gift after visiting her beloved India. It was important she receive these pieces as I gave them, with "love". All those who know me know how special my niece Fallon is to me.  She has filled my life and heart with so much joy. 
Last night Fallon and I went to see the move War Horse, I loved it and although I would never have thought it to be a movie of Fallon's choice she tells me she really enjoyed it.
Today Fallon has gone shopping with her best friend Christina, they do this every year. She is happy.
Today I thank God for these little people in my life, for a nephew who understands me and for my family. My brothers, sisters and nieces and nephews....2012 I will be moving back to New Brunswick. I will miss my little people, but for now I am just going to enjoy them.  God is good, life is good and my heart is so full of love and goodness for everyone.  Hope you all had a great Christmas and wishing you all that is good for a wonderful 2012 .......tons of prayers and many hugs always.......:-)


Midlife Jobhunter said...

How lovely to see a post from you leading my blog list. One of my favorites to read - for I thank you for insight into your life as you share such love with me in your readings and comments. Such love for your family comes through in this post. I can only imagine how difficult it will be for you to leave your nephew and Fallon and all. Tales ahead. I wish you safe travels.

Merry Christmas, Bernie.

Margie said...

Bernie, that was a most lovely day, sounds just perfect!
So happy for you!
Love is the best gift one get ever receive at Christmas!
The rest is just trimmings!

Happy New Year!
May this year bring you much joy, peace and love!



Jinksy said...

Nice to 'see' you at this time of the morning, Bernie! Glad you had a lovely time with your little people!All my ones are due to arrive here later today! ♥

Valerie said...

Bernie, you spread love and joy wherever you go. I got my share just by reading your delightful post. It quite made my morning to see it waiting for me when I plugged in the computer. I've missed you so. Wishing you a happy New Year. Hugs from me.

Maggie May said...

Bernie .... that was so good to see you posting again and your Christmas sounded absolutely perfect.
Love is the most important thing and you know exactly how to show it.
Hoping that you continue to enjoy the rest of the season.
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Rebecca said...

What an unexpected and wonderful "present" to receive this Christmas season--a post from you, Bernie!

Your happiness and blessings spill over into my Tuesday.

I hope you'll be posting occasionally - especially as you make the significant move in 2012.

Happy New Year!

CorvusCorax12 said...

what a lovely time , you sound so happy ♥

Wanda..... said...

Reading of your full heart gives me one too, Bernie. Spending your Christmas with Fallon, Olivia, Dylan and Greg has given them just as much love and joy to fill their hearts, as they have given you. I'm thankful to be sitting here having my morning coffee with you, just like in the 'Village' days, which I so miss. A lovely Christmas was spent with all my family, except Amanda, but happily ...Alivia's family skyped with Amanda early Christmas morning!

Wishes of Love, Health and Contentment for the New Year, Bernie!...Love, Wanda

DJan said...

What a sweet post, filled with love and gratitude for the little ones in your life. Although I have not been blessed with grandchildren, I still have nieces and nephews who mean so much to me. And some of them are grown with children of their own, making them my grand nieces and nephews. Family and love are what make the season so special. Thank you for this beautiful gift.

Brian Miller said...

wow it feels like forever...smiles...hope you are well bernie...great to see a post from you today...sounds like you had a pretty good christmas there...all the best to you and your family in the coming light

Jackie said...

I enjoy reading about the love that you share with your nephew, neices and your great nephew. Love is evident in your heart and in your home. I've missed your blogposts, and loved reading "On My Own" this morning.
Your gifts to your family are filled with memories, Bernie. The best gift of all is love....and I see and feel it through your words about your family.
Love you,

Sheila said...

Bernie, i am so glad to hear that you had such a wonderful Christmas filled with love. your description of Christmas was lovely. I'm glad we got to meet and i do hope that your move "home" will go well. You must be looking so forward to being there again. Blessings and best wishes for the New Year!

Anvilcloud said...

A beautiful description written in the spirit of Christmas.

Donna said...

So glad to see your post this morning! I am so glad you are happy and the love of your family shows through your writing. What fun it must have been on Christmas morning seeing the little ones with their toys. Fallon I know is so apecial to you and what a blessing that you have her to pass your treasures on to be loved.
Keep us updated!
Hugs and love,

Gail said...

HI BERNIE - So good to "see" you my friend. I so love your love of life and shared miracles of family which give hope and promise, not only at Christmas but always. Your sharing of special gifts with your niece warmed my heart - your life warms me and gives me hope. "Thank you Bernie"
Love Gail

Linda Higgins said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas! I am so happy for you! I wish you the happiest New Year to come. It sounds like it is well on it's way!

Patsy said...

Sounds as though your Christmas was really special. I've been known to be cynical, but I do agree that love really is the best gift - at any time of the year. (Obviously if our loved ones bring chocolate that's even better!)

Janie Fox said...

It sounds like a wonderful day. You are blessed indeed. I really want to see War Horse!!

Ed Pilolla said...

what a magical day, full of joy and christmas lights and love. great to read you again:)

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful post. I can feel the love through you beautiful, poetic words. What a wonderful thing you did in giving Phallon the ring. It is something she will forever treasure, and it will forever remind her of the special bond that you share. And your gift of Chanel perfume brought back a rush of memories - I will never forget my first bottle of Chanel - it was a gift from my beloved Grandmother. I was so happy with that gift, and long after the bottle was empty, I continued to keep it as a reminded me of my Grandmothers love.

Bernie, I am so, so happy that you had such a wonderful Christmas. I wish you much joy, peace and good health in the upcoming year.

Carole said...

A beautiful piece of writing Bernie, I felt I was right there with you all, I could even 'taste' those delicious sounding buns....Really lovely post :)

Wishing you a very very happy 2012 filled with many more happy memories to share with us all.

Much love to you xxXxx

quieten said...

What a lovely present to see a post from you. What a beautiful time you had on Christmas. Fallon must have been so touched to receive her gifts. I had tears in my eyes reading that. I could feel the love you all share. Enjoy the rest of the holiday season and blessing for the new year.
Blessed be, my friend!

Sharon said...

Merry Christmas Bernie - it sounds like you had a wonderful day and I could feel the excitement myself reading your post. You have a lovely family - Best wishes for 2012 xx

Tamara said...

What a wonderful Christmas you and your family shared. Thank you for taking the time to share it with us.

Hugz to you, my dear, dear blogging friend!

Anne said...

Nice to see you posting and visiting blogs again. Thank you for your visit at my blog, it was nice to see you there.
This is the time of year to be spending time with your love ones. So, glad that you had a lovely day.
Wishing you a Happy and Healthy New Year.

Victor S E Moubarak said...

Best wishes Bernie to you and your family for a Wonderful Happy Healthy and Blessed New Year.

God bless.

Cherrie said...

Sounds like you had a perfect Christmas day!
Ours well I'll just say we had a little accident~ my son cut his thumb while carving the turkey so he took a trip to urgent care. They used glue to seal it up. All is well now.

Deborah said...

That was beautiful and sharing your last gift from Woody made me cry, I'm still crying. That is just so nice.
Happy New Year my friend. This post made me very happy.

Tranquility Speaks said...

It felt so good to read your writing after what seemed like ages. It leaves me so warm and fuzzy from the insides. Your happiness and contentment is so infectious! I missed you tremendously all this while!

Do remember us when you move to Brunswick. I wish you and your family a wonderful New Year 2012. Loads of love and hugs to you :)

Maggie May said...

Just called in to say, Happy New Year, Bernie.
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Barb said...

Hello Bernie, I came by to wish you many good things in 2012 and was so happy to see your post. I've been taking a bit of a blog break, but it was good to catch up with you and share your joy. Stay healthy and keep that smile on your face in 2012, Bernie!

Jen said...

Sounds like a wonderful holiday. I hope you are as happy in your new home as you seem in the old.

Eileen said...

So great to read your post! I've missed reading about your life.
Your Christmas sounds wonderful and it sounds like you made it wonderful for your family too!

I know how special Fallon is to you and I'm glad you get to spend some special moments together. I'm sure they will be memories you both cherish all life long.

I'll be anxious to read all about your move this year too, Bernie!

And thanks so much for stopping by my place too! I love each and every comment!
Love and Prayers,

Joanna Jenkins said...

Hi Bernie, Your post is so beautiful, joyful and loving, I have tears in my eyes. I am thrilled for you and for your family to have you.

I hope 2012 is a wonderful year for you and your family.

xoxo jj

Anita said...

Hello Bernie,

I've seen your name in the blogosphere, which is a good thing!

I hope you're enjoying life and getting to see your young friend (or is she a relative). I'm forgetting her name at the moment, however, I'm sure you know who I'm speaking of.

Take care. Happy rest of the summer. :)