Saturday, May 30, 2009

A Most Wonderful Day

Nanny Bernie and Miss Molli, she is so good and such a joy to be around, so love her.

Tiffany and myself, she is just like a daughter to me, so kind, thoughtful and beautiful.

Bernie and Caren, a wonderful friend and mother to Tiffany, grandmother to Molli, isn't she
blessed to have such a beautiful family and she has more and I love the others as well.

My precious Miss Molli, she will be 2 in July and she has made my world a much better place for sure. I sooooooo love her!

Now I am going to show you a few pictures of my adventures of gardening. Now don't judge me too harshly as I am just keep that in mind as you take a peek at what I have now come to call my deck as my add on room of the house. I so enjoy going out on it with a glass of ice tea, a good book and just lounge on my chair. When I get everything finished and the flowers begin to bloom I will show you all new pictures.

Just a few geraniums and marigolds, I wasn't sure if I should put them together in the same pot, we will soon see if they will grow or not. I still have more marigolds to plant.

A couple of my herbs, these are dill and thyme.......I think!

Red geraniums and petunia's, again I wasn't sure if I should put them in the same pot but as I said before I will soon find out. I love a red flower.

A hanging basket of petunia's at my back door, they smell so lovely when I open the patio door, aren't they pretty?

Below is a picture of my bird feeder, now I do hear more birds singing but I have yet to see any eat any of the sunflower seeds, raisons and crushed nuts, do you think they will ever come to visit?

I have more planting to do as I didn't have time to finish today. I am beginning to really enjoy my deck as I do my planting. I also planted tomatoes, gladiolas, and my favorite lavender, one of my favorite smells in the world. I am looking forward to sharing more pictures with you as my little flowers and plants grow and bloom.

I had the most wonderful day today spending it with people I love very much and who are so precious to me. I also met old and made new friends, it was a day full of love, a day full of blessings and a day of making beautiful memories.

I am off to read my favorite blogs and comments and I hope you all had as wonderful day as I did, Good Night my friends and God Bless..........:-) Hugs


Eileen said...

This does sound like a wonderful day!
All your planting came out great, it really looks nice.
I love geraniums, I have red ones in pots on my front porch and along the front walkway, and also in hanging baskets up front, and I have pink geraniums in hanging baskets on the back deck. I think your different species of flowers will do well planted in the same pot.
Thanks for posting those pictures and also the pictures of your friends. Just beautiful!

Bernie said...

Thank you Eileen, I still have more planting to do but I am enjoying every moment of it.
I am not sure why there is such a long space between posting and comment section, I'll have to ask Wanda, she is my teacher when it comes to my blogging, I not real dumb Eileen, it just looks that way. LOL Thank you for the kind comments on my friends, as all my friends are my life...:-) Hugs

Wanda said...

Good morning Bernie...Seems we both had small children in our arms yesterday. Molly is a beautiful little girl. I can tell you thoroughly enjoyed her...I visited with my 5 mo. old great nephew Carter Robert...named after my dad.

I attended Alivia's dance recital last night at 6:30...she was so good as well as all the other little ones...It was held at the elementary school...around 9:00the "tornado warning sirens" went off and everyone was advised to take shelter in the locker rooms...and it was a "tight squeeze"...but the danger passed...recital was ended...but not the rain...since another wave of severe weather was nearing...we all ran to our cars...I came home dripping drenched recital I won't forget!

You did a wonderful job with your planting Bernie...I love the planter with the herbs...very pretty.

Your photos were great are lovely in "even look" like the nicest person ever...

To fix the "blank area"...after your last sentence...just hit ENTER to space a few lines down...and from that point...keep hitting DELETE to reduce the blank area...I always leave a small area.

There may be a better way...but it's how I do it when needed...I am behind in posting...need to do better!

Smile and Take Care Bernie!

Rebecca said...

You ALL look enough alike to pass for "blood" relatives! What a cutie - Mollie.

And your flowers look wonderful. I'm not experienced either. Very reluctant to say or spell names of flowers, etc. I just know that I like 'em.

You "sound" peppier. I hope that means you have relief from some of your symptoms. That makes me smile.

Annette said...

I love a red flower too --- especially, red geraniums in a white plantern! I have a few in planterns around my home, but they must be a different kind of geranium than what I usually buy. They're pretty, but smaller. I like the larger geranium where the "red flowers" are at the end of a long stalk --- more eye-catching.

Molli is a joy to look at! I can see why you are so enchanted with her. I love the tiny white bow in her hair. Having boys, I missed out on the dresses and bows. Maybe I'll get to experience that someday with a granddaughter!

Diana said...

Oh Bernie I just loved your photos! And your plants look just fine. I do believe you may have a green thumb! Good luck at curves tomorrow. Once you get going on your own(after they walk you through the machines) I'm sure you will start feeling better within a week or two tops! I will be going back Tuesday and will be thinking about you!

Stillness Speaks said...

What lovely pictures of you, your friends and their children :-)

For a beginner at gardening, you are beyond amazing! I am sure I couldn't do what you did!! I specially liked the petunias in the hanging basked, and would love to see pictures of the lavender which happens to be your favorite!It's my favorite fragrance too :)

The exteriors of your home look so beautiful as if it's newly built. You've maintained it all exceptionally well. Have a nice day ahead :-)

Stillness Speaks said...

P.S May I suggest something? You might want to edit this post, and manually delete the extra lines at the end of this post. That might reduce the vast space!! (I was reading your comment and this is what I came up with)

Bernie said...

Wanda, sounds like your day was kind of exciting. The unexpected always brings either the best or worse out in people and I know with you it was the best. How nice that your great nephew is named after your father, a beautiful show of love and respect. I hope Alivia got to dance before the sirens went off.
Take care my friend.....:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Thank you Rebecca, my friends are wonderful people but far more beautiful than I.
I am feeling wonderful, each day I feel well I fill it with all the things I love to do. It was a rough few days for a while but all is well now, thank you God.
I too love flowers, I am so enjoying my experience of gardening and no I am not good at my flowers names but I am trying to learn as much as I can about them. My blogger friends enthusiasm about birds, flowers and nature encouraged me to follow my instincts and follow a new path, one I had longed to be on but was afraid to try. I am so thankful to them for opening my heart to a passion I have always loved.......:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Hi Annette, Molli's mum, Tiffany made the bow clips in her hair. She is very creative, I got a couple of pairs for my great niece Olivia.
I hope I got the name of my flowers correct, I think so....I am enjoying my new found passion of gardening. I still have more to do and I look forward each day to adding and doing more.
Hugs my young friend.....:-)

Bernie said...

Thank you Diana, I am finding gardening so much fun. I can't believe at 62 I have found a new passion. Shows one is never too old to learn.
Hope Katie's grad was wonderful for all of you.
Oh yeah, tomorrow 8am I am off to Curves and can't wait to get started....Have a great day..:-)Hugs

Bernie said...

Stillness, thank you so much, I did what you suggested and as you can see it now looks so much better. Why didn't I think of that?
I will take a picture of my lavender plant for you soon ok.
Have a great day my friend and thank you again for teaching me something new, I love it!
....:-) Hugs

Rebecca said...

Don't know how I missed the last several posts! My, My! You've been busy. And I know your plants will do fabulously. All that MiracleGro and the other stuff you picked up! Soon you'll need a machete to walk out of the house onto the deck!

Brenda said...

It is so great to see you happy and enjoying and celebrating life!

Children are such a blessing! They bring hope and joy!

Glad that you had a happy day.

Bernie said...

Rebecca, welcome back I have missed you. I have been busy and doing really well. Come back soon my friend....:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Thanks Brenda, I have had a wonderful days lately, children are a blessing and brings so much unconditional love into our lives. I consider them to be one of my many blessings.....:-) Hugs

Renna said...

Little Miss Molli is an absolute doll! You are indeed blessed to have friends who are like family in your life.

As to your little garden? No apologies necessary; everything is beautiful! I look forward to seeing future pictures as the plants grow and bloom. Petunias tend to cascade downward over the side of a pot, whereas geraniums stand upright, so I think those should get along quite nicely together. Did you know that geraniums can be overwintered indoors, then taken back outside the following spring? My late mother-in-law had the same potted geranium plant for many years.

I'm not sure how long you've had your feeder hanging, but it can sometimes take upwards of two weeks before the birds began frequenting a new feeder. Plus, with the weather so nice right now, they're likely finding plenty of insects. Give them time, and I'm sure they'll eventually discover your little buffet. Once they do, you'll find yourself filling it frequently, I bet. ;-)

Bernie said...

Renna, oh yeah Miss Molli is a real live doll alright.
I hope you are right especially about the birds as I have a huge bag of bird seed. I am so looking forward to their visits.
Have a great day my friend....
...:-) Hugs