Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Living Proof

Hello friends, I watched a movie tonight called Living Proof. It was a true story based on a Doctor Shalmar, who discovered the chemo drug Herceptin for Breast Cancer victims. It was very moving to see how hard he worked to save lives and have this drug approved by the FDA. His wife was so supportive of him and he cared so much for his patients. He had the hardest cases, all stage 4 and society had nothing else to offer them and he still had to fight tooth and nail to help these women. You know as a result of his hard work, the women involved in the trials, many survived though some didn't, I am alive today. I was a recipient of that drug. I hated it, but then I hated Chemo but I am still here and cancer free so I thank this caring doctor and those wonderful women who have walked this walk before me. I am not sure I know anyone who has not been touch either directly or indirectly by this horrid disease. Bless you Dr. Shalmar and your wonderful trial patients.

I had another great day today. It was sunny then cloudy off and on all day. I managed to get a lot done as my friend Terry, arrives in the morning. I made up the guest room, tidied the house and picked up some extra groceries. Just a few of things I know Terry enjoys. She wouldn't let me do it if she were here, that's why I did it today.

Now tonight was a different story. We had an horrendous thunder and lightening storm. Our power went off for a short time and the rain came pouring down. We really need the rain though and I know the farmers will be happy. As I write this I can smell the fresh air and cut grass through my window. It smells "clean" one of my favorite smells.

I hope it is clear tomorrow as Terry and I are going to do some work outside, she is going to help me finish my flowers, put the straps on the new deck box and use the ladder to put a hanger beside my patio door to hang one of my baskets. I get dizzy with heights and they don't bother her at all. She always reminds me when she calls to make my list so we can get everything done when she is here. Her husband, builds homes for a living and Terry has picked up so much knowledge from him. Last summer she even put in a new light fixture for me, I just stand there and hand her whatever she ask for. I am blessed to have her for a friend.

I am off to answer my comments now and read my favorite blogs, I wanted to do this post first tonight just in case the power goes out again.

Hopefully I will have some pictures to post tomorrow night.

Take care my friends, Good Night and God Bless........:-) Hugs


Stillness said...

Faith works Miracles Bernie. There is so that you still have to accomplish in your little way. Take care of yourself :-) I'm so happy to know that you're free of pain. You're a strong woman and I am SO proud to know you!

Your description of rain made me feel SO good! I am waiting for the rains in my part of the world too, which will be a respite from the scorching heat!

A Bear hug to you :D

Wanda said...

Good morning Bernie...Enjoy your day with Terry...hope the weather is good and you accomplish those tasks...there's a few things I have to rely on others for help...mostly because of being too short...I know your birthday is soon...but exactly when is it?...We need to know Bernie...Hope it isn't today...but just in case :) I wish you a HAPPY DAY today and always...don't work too hard Bernie :)...Smile and Take Care...Tell Terry Hello!

Eileen said...

Enjoy a wonderful visit with your very good friend!
What a treasure she sounds like!
I'm happy to hear that you are still feeling good and enjoying it and taking advantage of your time. You are an inspiration!

Diana said...

Good Morning Bernie! Wow what a friend to have in Terri. I could use a friend like that since my husband is only home about 4 days a month! But I have gotten braver as I get older in trying things myself. I'm to afraid to mess with electricity even when it's shut off.So I think Terri is very brave! I'm so grateful that you survived breast cancer,as did my best friend. Our world is a better place because of women like you and my friend Shelly. Bless you all.

Blessings each day said...

I, too, bless Dr. Shalmar, for he helped to give us the blessing of you. May God enlighten more doctors and researchers to help cure these diseases that plague our world.

So glad you had some nice rain there.

Sounds as if Terry might be staying with you for awhile...tell her that I thank her for helping you (since I'm a little too far away). Michael also has a fear of heights, so I try to do all things that require getting above ground more than a few feet!



Granny on the Web said...

Yes, this cancer seems to affect so many people, there doesn't seem anybody who doesn't know of someone or have a family member involved.
My first husband had cancer of the oesophagus, it was too late by the time it was diagnosed. Dr's had been treating him for heartburn for over a year. Only when it got so as he couldn't swallow, did they find out if was this huge tumour. He died 4 months later.
The research must go on, so I support Cancer Charities as much as I can.

Your friend Terry, sounds a great pal to have. Give her a thumbs up from this granny over in the UK!

Love to you

Blessings each day said...

Happy Birthday to yooouuu,
to a very dear person who is never bluuee
and ever so truuuee
and is always there for yoouuu (this time it means us)
Happy Birthday to yoouu.

abundant and joyful blessings on you and may you have many, many more,


Eileen said...

Oh, I heard through the grapevine (or rather the blog-vine) that today is your birthday!
Happy, Happy Birthday!
And what better gift than the one your friend Terry is giving you today, the gift of her time and efforts! Wonderful!

Diana said...

I knew your birthday was soon but had no idea when. Today is also my daughter, Ginny's birthday. Hope your day turns out to be as special as you are Bernie. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

The Retired One said...

Your friend sounds like a delight..I am sure you have such fun when you are together!

Annette said...

Is today your birthday? If it is... WOO-HOOOO!!~~ HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!~~I hope your day is full of love and joy.

Renna said...

Hi, Bernie! I'm playing catch up on some blog reading. I do hope you had a good weather day, and that you and Terry got much accomplished and had fun, to boot!

It's your birthday? HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Bernie said...

Hugs right back to you Stillness, hope your rain arrives. Have a great day my friend....:-)

Bernie said...

Hello Wanda, oh yes my Birthday was today and it was the best one ever, but then I say that every year. Terry is now sleeping but we had a wonderful day together and she helped me so much. I am blessed my friend many times over.
Take care.....:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Eileen, my friend Terry and I have been friends since school, she is the best. I had a wonderful day today, very busy but I enjoyed it so much. Have a great day....:-)

Bernie said...

Diana, thank you for your beautiful and kind words, the world is so much better for a lovely woman as you and I am thankful to have you as my blogger friend... :-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Marcy thank you, Terry is only staying over tonight and heading home tomorrow but I am so happy to have had such an enjoyable day with her, I am so blessed to have had her as a best friend now for over 50 years. Life is good Marcy and many blessings to you.
.....:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Granny, so sorry that your first husband had to suffer from that horrid disease, I am sure he is at piece and in a much better place now. And you are so blessed to have found love again, I marvel at those who are able to do that. Life really is too short to be alone, but I think I am too settled in my ways now to make any changes. Yes I have a wonderful friend of over 50 years in Terry, she is the best.. Hugs to you Granny

Bernie said...

Marcy, loved hearing your birthday poem and could almost hear you singing it, thank you so much..Hugs

Bernie said...

Thank you Eileen, yes I am so blessed with the friendship of many wonderful people. God is good, he gave me a wonderful 62 ond birthday with one of my best friends ever!.....Hugs my friend

Bernie said...

Diana, and a Happy Birthday to Ginny as well. I did have a wonderful day my friend....Hugs

Bernie said...

Oh Miss Retired One, no place is ever the same when we leave it. I am sure the dining room chairs are still dancing from dinner. Such a beautiful day for me to share with my friend.....Hugs

Bernie said...

Hi Annette, oh yes I had a wonderful day full of love and joy and thank you for wishes Shared a beautiful day with my friend of over 50 years...Hugs to you and have a marvellous day!

Bernie said...

Thank you Renna, I enjoyed my birthday very much and we managed to get so much done. Have a terrific Thursday.....Hugs