Wednesday, June 10, 2009

An Exciting 24 Hours

Hello my friends, I have had a wonderful 24 hours......the weather has been beautiful, perhaps that has added to my happiness. I hope you all enjoyed your day as I have mine.

Yesterday was a special day for me full of mixed emotions. My good byes were sad but I also had much happiness and many surprises. It started with a phone call in the morning telling me I had won a free cleaning day (4 hours) from the company who clean my home for two hours every month. They had put all their customers names in a draw and pulled out my name. Now they were here last week but as part of rules they are coming in tomorrow to clean through for me. I am not complaining, I am so grateful. As I told you I had received blue topaz earrings from my wonderful patients, then when I checked my mail I received a $20. gift certificate in the mail from The Shopping Channel, for a survey I had filled out, again another draw. I always was told everything happenes in 3's but for me it was 4, as my friend Kathy gave me 2 beautiful blue agate bracelets for my birthday. I am not used to winning anything but have been blessed with many heart felt gifts over the years. I left my camera in the car but will go get it later and post a few pictures of my friend Kathy, my gifts and me who as of today have lost almost 5 lbs. only 10 more to go. So excited and even more pleased with my weight loss as I work towards my goal.

Today was another great day for me. Our weather has turned for the better and is suppose to stay sunny and warm for the weekend... yoo hoo!

My friend Terry called this morning and is coming into Morinville on Tuesday as she has to pick her daughter and grandchildren up at the airport on Wednesday. Her and I are going shopping and then out to dinner Tuesday evening. I always enjoy her company and I am so looking forward to seeing her. As I always do, I have started my list of places to go and things to shop for.

Today I was weighed and have lost 5 lbs. well really 4 and 3/4 lbs but I'm rounding it off of course. LOL Curves has been a blessing and for the first time I am enjoying exercising. It has not only been the exercising, I have been eating properly and my portions have been much smaller than I normally have. I do eat the foods I like only not as much. I left Curves and went to my doctor's appointment. He was really pleased with my weight as well as the improvement in the range I have with my left arm. He was amazed how quickly my arm has improved. I am sure it's the stretching machine I use at Curves as when I started, under my arm was very tight and felt like I was wearing a wet bathing suit, the past two days that feeling is going away. If I don't stretch the muscles in that arm they will continue to deteriorate and I will suffer atrophy. Now that I know what to do to prevent this I won't allow that to happen and will continue my stretching and exercising. Just the relief of it all is motivating.

At 5 o'clock I met with one of my special friends, Kathy. She is one of the RN's I teach our course with. In fact, she trained me so that I could teach it and out of 20 I am the only non medical person on the team. Originally I had taken the course as a patient and Kathy taught it, that is how we met. It was her who approached me about teaching the course and I will be forever thankful to her as I find this volunteer position very rewarding.

We also share the same birthday (she is much younger than I am) so for the past 3 years, a week after our birthdays, we meet and celebrate together over dinner. To spend a few hours with her you realize you are sharing time with one of earth's angels. She has so much empathy and compassion for her patients and their care givers. These people are so fortunate to have her as their primary care nurse as she works so hard to inform and aid them with everything they are dealing with, but more important she cares about each and every one of them. I love her for her commitment to her patients and her heart which is full of love not only for her patients but for her family, she has a wonderful husband and 4 beautiful daughters. Her first grandchild is due in September. She doesn't know it but we (her team) are planning a grandmother shower for her. She just beams when speaking of her grandbaby, her first.
We shared a craft of red wine (glad I had been weighed first) and then we each had the most delicious Greek salad. I so love olives, feta cheese, tomatoes, and onions served on a bed of lettuce. Kathy also had a warm bread which she dipped in a special sauce. It looked so good, but I no longer eat white bread so I just enjoyed watching her enjoy this tasty appetizer. We chatted for 3 hours over a beautiful meal and a glass of red wine. I limited myself to one glass, Kathy enjoyed 2. She said "Hey I am the beneficiary of your losing weight." She is happy I am taking control of my weight and knowing I am diabetic she passed on the cake and ice cream we normally have. She is one of these fortunate people who can basically eat anything and not gain weight, but she enjoys good health by working out every day and never indulges more than she should. We exchanged gifts (we have never done this before, and didn't know the other one's plan to do so) and chuckled as we had given each other almost identical gifts, stretch bracelets. Mine were 2 beautiful deep blue agate, and I gave her 2 made of jade. I was so pleased as they will go with the lovely earrings I received yesterday.

On a sadder note, I want to offer up prayers to the family who lost their family member, a security guard, at the Holocaust Memorial in Washington today. So sad, a young man in the prime of his life died doing his job, protecting some adults but mostly children who were in the museum at the time. My heart and prayers are with all of his family, friends and co-workers. In my opinion, what is even sadder was the man who killed him. This man is almost 90 years old and he killed because of his deep and evil beliefs. To think a man has lived all these years full of hate, anger and blame bothers me very much. He could of chosen a life of love, kindness and honor but he didn't. Unbelievable really, to carry a heart full of so much hatred for so many years based on lies, ignorance and hatred. For that young security guard to die while he still lives is just so unfair. I think only God is able to show mercy on this poor, pathetic soul, God forgive me tonight as right now I am unable to.

I am going to go to the car to get my camera so that I share with you pictures of my beautiful friend Kathy and my wonderful gifts, again I humbly feel so blessed, then I will be off to read my favorite blogs and comments. Good night everyone and God Bless....:-) Hugs

We are having a thunder storm, will post pictures when it's over OK


Wanda said...

Good morning Bernie...It's thunderstorms again as I sit here with my coffee...3 mornings in a row now...but I enjoy them...

It's good that you are getting immediate benefits from your visits to Curves...weight loss and
more fexibility in your exercise helps with osteoporosis, which we all get a bit of with age.

I admire your volunteer work Bernie...that appeals to me, but I have always watched my grandchildren, which has given me great joy and a sense of worth in I can imagine your sense of satisfaction and humble pride!...You are so worthy of any luck of the draw and gifts of friendship.

The Holocaust Memorial shooting is unexplainable to me could someone reach the age of 90 and not develope a little wisdom and empathy.

Now some lighter news from our area...a few months ago a Bobcat had been sighted near a Black Bear has been discovered a few towns away...15 years ago we didn't have Deer or even see Turkeys parading by...things are changing!

Change is good though...8 months ago blogging wasn't in my life either...and I hadn't met a friend who enjoys Greek Salads like myself...I've had 2 this week.

Smile and take care Bernie!

Blessings each day said...

I just thought you were doing a picture post instead of a written one! I did remember the earrings (from your earlier post) and then thought maybe the patients came up with additional individual gifts, so you did clear up that mystery!

I gave up white bread many years ago and now I don't even really like it...the same with whole milk.

Hatred is such an ugly force for anyone's life...maybe, just maybe this sad old man is being given one last loving chance by our loving Father, to ask for forgiveness and to change!!

blessings and hugs,


Eileen said...

Oh, Bernie, how did I miss this post?? I'm glad I came back for a second look-see! I would have missed so much.
I'm so glad things are going well for you with the diet and Curves. You have a wonderful attitude and then I think an added benefit of all the exercise is an increase in the positive attitude, which spurs you on! It's a great cycle to be on! Especially when you can see the fruits of your labor.

I too heard that sad news about the shooting at the Holocaust Memorial. It's just really mind-boggling the inexplicable hatred that exists in the world.

The news is so depressing these days, I think that's why I like coming to the blog world, it's spiritual, peaceful, and uplifting.

Diana said...

Dear Bernie, I agreed with everyone when they said that you don't look fat. You don't. The best thing that I got out of Curves, besides the obvious weight loss was the additional strength I gained. It made it so much easier to do things and it sounds like thats what's happening to you. Bernie I think you should throw some caution to the wind and be a little messy before your cleaning lady comes! What a good day you had.

Bernie said...

Good Morning Wanda, you know if I had the choice I would choose grandchildren over anything everytime....Bob Cats, Bears, Wild Turkeys, deer wow that is a lot of change. Does anyone know where they are coming from, although I do think anything involving nature would just continue to keep you thriving. I agree, as one of your blogger friends, I too enjoy the change that has brought blogging into my life. You know I have never made myself a Greek Salad but I'm sure I could if I tried...just thought it was something I bought when out to dinner...guess what I'm having for dinner tonight? ...Hugs my dear friend. Just remembered I saw a picture of one in one of your older post....duh

Bernie said...

Oh Marcy, I pray you are right and that this pitiful, hateful man will ask for forgivenees, one of my weaknesses is that I cannot tolerate people who hurt or put down innocents to try and make themselves look good. The emotions his act had on me were ones I don't like in myself, I was so angry and disgusted I had to ask for forgiveness. Yeah, the white bread is gone, and I have used 2% milk for years...may try skim soon.
Have a great day my friend...Hugs

Sniffles and Smiles said...


Oh, I am so glad that God gave you so many wonderful surprises!!!! What a lovely day you had...and I'm sure that He smiles when He sees your righteousness indignation over a truly evil act!!! Congrats on your Curves success!!! Bravo!!! I love your posts...they are so full of JOY!!! Thanks so much for reaching out to me!!! I am delighted to call you friend!!!! ~Janine XO

Bernie said...

Hi Diana, wouldn't you know it I had done a good cleaning the day before they called me, but seriously I never win anything and for my name to be pulled out of a draw twice is unbelievable! Oh well I am going to enjoy the 4 hour clean today and won't do anything around here until Monday (I just hope they finish so I can meet the girls at Curves) Your right (my left arm had started retaining fluid because they removed lymph nodes when they removed my breast) and within a week and a half that arm is feeling so much better as well as I have more motion and strength in it. The one thing about Curves that I can't get over is how much energy it's program creates. I hated exercising but I am enjoying Curves very much. 5 lbs in a week and half is great, but it's not just Curves, I am eating differently.
How are you feeling? I think of you every day when I go into Curves and say a prayer every night that you are feeling better.
....:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Hi Eileen, glad you found me as I messed up my "long" post last night. Your right, I was so disgusted by that hateful, bitter old man for killing an innocent young man. Lives are now changed forever and peope are hurting because he refused to learn anything but hate and blame in 90 years on earth. Can't say God didn't give him enough time to be still bothers me. Sorry Eileen, I have to stop being angry about this sad pathetic man, but 90 Years!!!! Blog Land is a much kinder world to live in. I so enjoy it. Have a great day my fried...:-)Hugs

Bernie said...

Janine, I love your post. Your honesty and loyalty are so refreshing in what can be (if we allow it) a really hurtful world. That old man had me riled yesterday for the first time in forever....To know God has given him 90 years to see the beauty and love all around him and he chose the hateful, hurtful way just baffles me. I am upset as I am unable to pray for him....yet! I know eventually I will but right now I am praying for the family of that young Securiy Guard. Sorry Janine, not very joyful sounding am I, but I am amazed that this stuff still happens, when will lessons be learned? I have just realized something, I don't have to love him, God can love him for me. How's that for passing the buck?
Have a great day my friend and I will pop over for a visit later....
..:-) Hugs

Stillness Speaks said...

Congratulations Bernie on winning the lottery for the free cleaning, the gift check and the gifts. Reiterates my belief that good things always happen to good people :D So happy for you :)

I am also happy to note that your arm is improving because the exercising is doing it so much good :D

It might take time to forgive people, but that is VERY very important. Not only for yourself, but even for the other person. You're such a wise angel :) Loads of love :) take care :)

Bernie said...

Stillness, I do feel like I have won the lottery, so many good and happy things all around me, don't worry sweetie forgiveness comes easy to me after I vent a bit.
Have a wonderful day my friend...will pop over later..:Hugs

The Retired One said...

As another nurse, I thank you for noticing what your nurse friend does for is wonderful that you noted that.
Yes, that man who went in there shooting is beyond my comprehension...such blind hate. How does that happen????