Monday, June 15, 2009

Back On Track

Hello friends, I hope you all had a wonderful day....I absolutely did and our weather was cloudy but very warm.....loved it.

After a solid night's sleep I woke up early to the sound of birds chirping through my open window. I rushed to look out and sure enough there were 2 little birds eating from the feeder. Wish I could tell you what kind they were but I honestly don't know. It they aren't a blue jay, robin or sparrow I'm afraid I'm out of luck. Anyway I stumbled my way to my camera and rushed downstairs to the patio doors to get a picture but as soon as they heard the doors open they were gone, flew away. I now have my camera on my night table just in case they are back in the morning.

I dressed and went to Curves, I felt really good about going today, it's still unbelievable to me that I am enjoying exercising. I loved it. There were 5 other girls there and we chatted throughout our session. They told me that the members don't attend as often during the summer months but that's okay I will continue even if I am there by myself. I do understand why though, the kids are home from school, people go on vacation and of course they have family and friends visiting. I hope to be able to go to Curves as a guest when I am home for 2 weeks in July. Diana, do you know if I can do this?

I then went and picked up a few groceries, I don't know why I do this as Terry will only be here one day and overnight and she won't eat all this stuff. I will send it home for her to treat her grandchildren. Terry loves sweets but I never did eat many of them, then we always go out for dinner when she is here.

When I got home I tidied the house and paid special attention to the guest room. Again, a waste of time really as she doesn't visit to see my house. I am looking forward to seeing her as we have so many laughs together. We will go shopping during the afternoon and then out to eat, I think we are going to a Chinese Buffet in Edmonton. It's been awhile since I have had Chinese food. I don't mind cooking for her at all but she always likes to try different restaurants when she is in the city. Her daughter and grandchildren are arriving at 4pm Wednesday. They are visiting her for a week so she will be back in next week when she takes them to the airport to fly back home.

I swept and hosed down my deck as I am excited for Terry to see how well my flowers are doing as she was with me when I bought them and helped me plant some of them. I am happy to say I have a couple of more new gladiola shoots popping up. Honestly I am like a little girl going outside to play when I am outside working on my flowers. One of the girls was telling me today that every one's flowers and gardens are slow growing this year due to all the snow and cold weather we have had. Our weather has been pure heaven these past few days. We did have a sprinkle of rain this afternoon for about 5 minutes. I am not going to be upset at all when a rainy day arrives as our farmers are begging for it, and we have over a hundred forest fires burning due to lightning strikes over the weekend. I just want everyone that is going to happen....right!

I will be going to my favorite patients funeral Wednesday afternoon, the RN who teaches the course with me is going to pick me up and we will go together. She was shocked yesterday when I called her to tell her what happened, she, like me was not expecting this so soon.

I am feeling much better today and looking forward to tomorrow. All is right with the world again....I get it.....these things always throw me for a loop when they happen but I am able to see the good within a few days especially after a good night's sleep. I know my friend no longer has any pain and he has only gone through what we all must go through some day.

I am off to read my favorite blogs and comments.....Good Night my friends and as always May God Bless you all with a wonderful Tuesday......:-) Hugs


Granny on the Web said...

Glad to hear you had such a good nights sleep.
You always seem to have such a lot to chat on, and you paint a lovely picture of your day... figuratively speaking.
Well done on the exercising!

Love Granny

Diana said...

Good Very Early Morning Bernie,
I woke to a very noisy thunderstorm at 4:15 this morning! Oh well who wants to sleep til six anyway!
Yes you can visit any other Curves Bernie,Just let the girls at your Curves know that you will be needing a guess pass before you go.
I think it would be neat to see some different Curves as they are all different.
I bet that you and Teresa have a great time together! It is our Teresa from Do the Write Thing correct? Either way hope you have a fun and relaxing time,you both deserve it.

Wanda said...

Good morning Bernie...isn't it nice to wake to birds chirping?
Keeping track of birds ia as addicting as blogging. Moving here 20 some years ago I wasn't aware of all the varieties of birds that were just outside my door...Binnoculars brought them into focus and once we started feeding them I was hooked...Just here from my yard I have spotted 56different species...of course they don't all come to the bird feeder...anyway I was amazed to say the least when I realized what was there behind the "greenery"...

Your little birds will be back...they eat "all day long"...once they find the feeder...they invite friends!

Nice that you get to see your thoughtful and helpful friend Terry again so soon after the last visit...have a wonderful fun day with her Bernie.
Smile and take care...

Eileen said...

Very nice post, Bernie. It sounds peaceful, and I'm glad you are feeling better about things.
I think you are always at peace inside, and I think that is why it doesn't take you long to get back on track.

I'm glad you're enjoying Curves, and I have heard that exercise can be such a positive addiction.
Unfortunately I have a bigger addiction to chocolate. I did enjoy exercising once I was doing it, but I never looked forward to it the way I look forward to a piece of chocolate!
I did belong to Curves a few years ago and I was able to go when I was on vacation. We were down in Myrtle Beach for ten days once and I went to Curves four times while I was there (and we're from New York), another time we were visiting relatives in Connecticut and I was able to go while there too. All I had to do was show my membership card at that time. You'll have to ask if it's the same now.

So glad you're having fun gardening and enjoying the outdoors in the nice weather. Today we're finally supposed to have a nice day! They've said that before though and it's been nothing but rain for about ten days now, well, I shouldn't complain, the sun has peeked out here and there in between.

Try to get a picture of those birds! I'd love to see that.

Take care, Bernie. I'll be thinking of you on Wednesday.
All the best,

Pat - Arkansas said...

Hullo, Bernie! Thanks for popping down to Arkansas from Jackie's blog. I'm delighted you paid a visit. Come again any time!

I love your bright yellow car!

Will come here again soon to read older posts. Very enjoyable!

Rebecca said...

What a difference a good night of sleep makes! Glad to hear the lilt to your "voice". I will think of you tomorrow at funeral. I'm glad you have a friend to attend with.

I've trimmed a bush, pulled some weeds, and "planted" some green (empty) wine bottles around my "bottle bed". Slowly I'm building a bottle border :) I'm showered and ready to plan my day - and clean bedrooms for OUR houseguests-our daughter and her family from Kansas.

Bernie said...

Granny - I am like a little bear, I am one that needs my sleep and enjoying exercise is a new experience for me but I am feeling so much better since I have started......:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Hi Diana, you are up early my friend but then I think 6 is too early as well, I will ask about a guest pass, thanks. No, Diana, Terry is not Teresa. Terry is a friend I have had since grade school and I met Teresa when we worked together at GE. We had dinner together a couple of months ago and I enjoyed that very much but we don't see each other very often. We get to talk through Facebook and blogging which helps us to keep in touch.....:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Good Morning Wanda, it's wonderful to wake up to the chirping of birds. I am so looking forward to Terry's visit today.
All in well with the world again Wanda and I feel wonderful. Have a great day......:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Oh Eileen I too love chocolate, and I am really happy they make it now for diabetics. It taste almost as good as the real thing. I am very much at peace my friend, and I have been contented with myself for a very long time, I also give thanks to my faith for that. Thank you for your kind words. Have a great day.....:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Hi Pat, right back at you my friend, I so enjoyed your blog and will pop over to read it again soon. Do drop over anytime....:-)Hugs

Bernie said...

Hello Rebecca, what a fantastic idea, a bottle border. I hope you have a wonderful visit with your family my friend....:-) Hugs

Jackie said...

Bernie...Terry will be excited to see the flowers you bought together. I'm glad that you had a good night's sleep. I will be thinking of you during your favorite patients's service. Continue to 'smell the roses' you are doing... You lift me up. What a wonderful woman you are. Take care of you.

Stillness Speaks said...

Good morning Bernie :-) It's so good to know, all's well at your end of the world. And it's amazing how soon you accepted everything. The more you are in denial, the longer it takes to heal. Inspired by you and my sis, I got myself some plants too today. One is Basil and the other is Jasmine. Let's see how it goes with them :) Have a lovely day Bernie :)

Bernie said...

Jackie, I am so looking forward to seeing Terry today, we have been friends since Grade School and she is one of my very best friends. We share our other very best friend Annie who lives in NB and I will see her this summer. Annie is coming for a visit in Oct. and we are going to Terry's as she lives 2 and a half hours north of me.
Yes the funeral is tomorrow, it is something I must do as it is important to me.
Have a great day.....:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Good Morning Stillness, I am so happy you bought some plants, it's so much fun to nuture them and watch them grow, I love it.
Have a great day my special friend.
.......:-) Hugs

Blessings each day said...

Wow...I'm way down here again, but I'm 'running' just as fast as I can...:o)

I will say special prayers that all goes well at the funeral, so that God's work may be done.

At this rate I am going to have to start an exercise program as you are having far too much fun LoL!

Please see if you can capture your little birdie visitor on camera...still would love to see your flower and veggie's progress too!@

blessings and hugs,


Bernie said...

Hi Marcy, I took pictures today with Terry here and will post them tomorrow. My camera is still downstairs and I have yet to download the pictures. I will try to get pictures of the birds at the feeder. I have a huge pine tree just outside my fence and its boughs hang over my deck and high enough to be next to my bedroom window. This is the tree I have hung the feeder on so I think I will only be able to catch them for a picture through my bedroom window, but I will try as I would love one as well....thanks for the prayers, they are so appreciated.
........:-) Hugs

The Retired One said...

I know what you mean about your garden...getting your fingers in the earth and seeing plants grow and blossom is extremely fulfilling. Sometimes I am in wonder of the whole process...Especially when we both live in the arctic.

Bernie said...

Joan, I had to chuckle at the Artic remark....a couple of weeks ago we had a snowstorm and these past few days have been beautiful. I am enjoying the dirt, the smells and just watching them grow everyday has been amazing. I think I will have better soil next year as well and will become even braver and plant some wild flowers.
......:- Hugs