Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Beautiful and Peaceful Wednesday

Well I downloaded the pictures tonight and had only three pictures, my batteries must of died without either Terry or I noticing it. Terry is talking on the phone to our best friend Annie. I'm sure she will appreciate my posting this. LOL

June 16/ this basket looks so much better than....

May 30/09... this one, I was so happy when I bought this and thought it was so pretty. What a difference a couple of weeks make eh!

I am sorry Marcy, but when I get to Costco I will buy a big bag of batteries and will show you everything I planted as each day I am so pleased when I see them. It seams the past few days they have just taken off. I have several shoots up now where I planted my gladiolas. I am blessed to have such a calming and comfortable (although small) space just to sit and enjoy nature's beauty. There are more birds each day but I can't promise you a picture of them at my feeder, they fly away as soon as I open my patio doors. Once I have been sitting out there for awhile though the chirping starts and they are back. I will keep trying. I would like a picture of them for myself as well as one to show my friends.

When I left today for favorite patients funeral I had decided not to blog about it. I have attended far to many funerals in my lifetime and have always felt a great sadness. Oh but I just have to tell you all that this was one of the most beautiful funerals I have ever been too. (if there is such a thing) The church was full, it was as though everyone loved favorite patient as I did. I was so glad I didn't talk myself out of attending. I was so pleased and proud to have known this wonderful man. His funeral was traditional, old hymns were sung and old friends and former co-workers gave loving and even humorous eulogy's. Favorite Patients daughter sang Amazing Grace, (Acapulco). Her dad had asked her to do this for him and although it must of been very hard for her in her sadness she had the voice of an angel and it was beautiful. I don't think there was a dry eye in the church when she finished. We had not planned on going to the reception but his son asked us to stay and have a cup of coffee. As we were introduced something amazing happened. His friends and family who we had never met, knew about us and the course we teach. They also knew I had spent Saturday at the hospital. They said lovely things to us and I knew that somehow in our small way we had helped this family. Our course is a pleasure to teach as it enables us to give the tools to those who are troubled, it also allows us to meet many wonderful people. Yes I felt sadness and shed tears but I also felt this celebration of my favorite patients life was a beautiful memorial. I almost felt him there among us. I bet he would of loved it. I didn't get a chance to say much to his wife, we hugged each other and I told her to call me if she ever wanted to chat or just have a coffee. We didn't stay very long but I was glad that we were a part of this special day.

Terry left around eleven this morning and I went out the door with her on my way to Curves. Honestly I think I am getting addicted to my work outs. I am enjoying them so much. I then came home, showered and dressed for this afternoon. Danielle picked me up at 1:15 and we drove into the city for the 2 o'clock service. It was cloudy today but warm and I enjoyed the drive as I was the passenger. We didn't say too much on our drive in but we chatted on our way home about how lovely everything was.
I got home around 4:30 and wasn't really hungry. I made a sandwich just before I came up to bed at 10. I knew I had to eat something as I take insulin twice a day and I had only yogurt for breakfast. I am happy to say I am feeling fine tonight and I wasn't sure I would be. I will continue teaching our course, caring for our patients and appreciate each one of them. They are very special to me.

Am off to catch up on my favorite blogs and comments......Good Night my friends, have a wonderful Thursday and as always God Bless......:-) Hugs


Stillness Speaks said...

Good morning Bernie! This is all that is required of us humans. To be there for each other, and help each other in every way that you can. I am so proud to know you're doing both. Where ever your favourite patient is now, he must be looking down upon you now and will thank you for the efforts that didn't just touch him and his family but are helping so many more :)

Keep Gymming Bernie, in the beginning it sure feels terrible, if you've not been a health and exercise freak, but once the results are visible, there is no stopping. I want you to believe that I actually mean what I am saying. I am sorry to have disappointed you so much with my last post. Trust me, I was just being humorous! Have a great thursday :)

theMuddledMarketPlace said...

There is such a thing as a beautiful funeral, so very glad FP's funeral was one!

Wanda said...

Good morning Bernie...
Is't it wonderful for you to know you had an such an effect on someone's life...Amazing Grace is a beautiful hymn, it was sung at my own Father's funeral.

I would love to see a photo of your birds too...maybe help identify them for you.

Your hanging basket of petunias is doing great Bernie...Today I may harvest my first's been so wet and rainy a couple of the first little ones developed blossom end rot.

I will be taking a walk later for some exercise too...some of the hills are fairly steep...

Enjoy your day and don't forget those batteries :)...I had to change over to rechargable ones!

Smile and take care Bernie!

Eileen said...

Loved your pictures and the flowers in the hanging basket have bloomed out beautifully!
And I enjoyed seeing your friend Terry too, I happen to like spontaneous pictures better than 'posed'.
And I love your wall color in your living room (I think it was your living room?), it's so pretty and the sofa in front of it really stands out nicely against it.
Thanks for posting them, it helps me to picture things as you describe your day to us, sitting outside enjoying your flowers as you sit on your deck.
I really get a sense of visiting with someone and being there with them when I visit everyone's blogs.

I understand what you meant about the funeral being beautiful, I have felt that about many funerals, and I feel that they are a nice send-off for our loved ones, and such a help to us left behind in saying good-bye.

I'm sure it was bittersweet but it sounds like you had a nice day.
And I'm glad you're so addicted to a healthy lifestyle.

Take care, Bernie.
All the best,

Diana said...

Wow Bernie those flowers really did take a jump! They are beautiful. We've had so much rain, humidity and heat. Today is supposed to be 100 to 105 with the heat index! just awful! But the flowers are flourishing!As are my friends the weeds! Just too hot to do anything about them!
What can I say about the funeral,except that it is sad and it was a good thing you going.
I've been to Curves three times this week and am going today too!I'm still not feeling really good, Thank you for asking. I have to go next Wednesday to a different doctor to see what the next course of action will be. I'm just sick and tired of thinking about it!
Katie and I use a charger and rechargable batteries. It is so much nicer than the old way. We were going through tons of batteries. We haven't had to buy any since we started using the charger in November! Wow this is too long! Take Care Bye!!!!!!!!

Blessings each day said...

Your basket of flower is just stunning, Bernie...isn't it amazing how fast they can get going and blooming more and more?

I am just so tickled that you are going to try a Wordful Wednesday little poem!

Glad to hear that attending the funeral turned out so well and that the family was so pleased that you were there.

Still getting excited at the prospect of seeing all of your growing things!

Do you have any baby tomatoes yet?

blessings and hugs,


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your day; I am glad you reconsidered about not posting about your favorite patient's service. It sounded like a lovely homegoing for him.

Rebecca said...

Another full day for you! I admire your ability to tend a hanging basket. For some reason, I have NO luck with annuals! I sent our daughter back to Kansas with a promise to pay for her Curves membership/workouts if she will do it at least 3 days a week. I hope she takes me up on it and gets the info. etc. It will help her feel good about herself, have more energy, and be healthier.

Bernie said...

Hi Stillness, thank you for your kind didn't disappoint me just made me feel a concern for you. Sorry if I missed the humor and I pray you are well and happy, that is what is important. You are so wise with your words and I love your comments, just didn't understand your last post..:-)Hugs

Bernie said...

Miss Muddle...oh yes it was a lovely funeral and thank you..Hugs

Bernie said...

Hi Wanda, one of my tomato plants has a blosssoms on it, do I dead head it like I do my flowers? I was a bit concerned when I saw it yesterday, I may have watered too much...Oh I have so much to learn.
I will try and get pictures of the birds in my yard as I would love to know the names of them. The picture of the hanging basket was at the back door and I am happy to say the front door basket is a different flower of many colors and is blooming beautifully as well, I don't know the name of the flower but I know you will.
I bought a charger and used rechargeable batteries years ago but found they didn't last very long so preferred the old fashion way. Have a great day my friend....
it's almost the weekend....:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Hi Eileen, yes I did have a nice day much better than I thought it would be.
Yes, that is my living room, the wall is a dark green, I had it painted a few years ago but am planning on having my downstairs painted this Fall or Winter. It's just time for a change. I had my upstairs painted in Feb.
So enjoyed your pictures yesterday my friend....:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Hi Marcy, no I don't have any baby tomatoes, I am beginning to think I may have over other flowers are blooming really nice I am happy to say. I will post pictures as soon as I get them ok.
I am really enjoying these beautiful days tho' they are calling for rain today but and farmers really need it. I will try to write a poem for you but don't bring out the Nobel prize just yet, I just have neve thought to write one before. Have a great day my friend...:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Hello Jackie, thank you for thinking of me, it turned out to be a lovely day. Loved your post yesterday...any word from "Smiles" I miss her........:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Rebecca, how nice of you to encourage your daughter and offer to pay for Curves. It really is a wonderful place, machines are easy to use, it's also very clean and the girls I have met there are just wonderful. I had to do something as I was so out of shape and I am really loving the result.
I love how my flowers are growing, it's my first year of planting and I am having so much fun...:-)Hugs

Bernie said...

Diana, you ae never far from my thoughts, I do hope you feel better soon, please let me know how you make out at the Dr.s.
The funeral was really nice and I am so happy I went.
My flowers are blooming really nice, and it seems they just suddenly it.
Don't over due at Curves my friend, I want you better.
Take care/I care...:-) Hugs

The Retired One said...

I am glad you had the chance to have closure by attending the funeral..that is so important.
Your hanging flower is gorgeous. It is a wave petunia?
We finally have 70's and 80's here too...isn't it glorious?????

Teresa said...

Hello Bernie,
I am glad that you attended your favorite patients funeral, and that you got a chance to hug his wife. I am almost certain you will be hearing from her in the days ahead...
Your flowers are coming along great! ((((HUGS)))) T

Wanda said...

Bernie...the little flowers on the tomato plant will turn into do not remove them...
watch and you will see a little green bump in the center of each me!!! :)


Bernie said...

Thanks Wanda, just got back from Curves and I came up to change before I went out to my caught me just in time. I will not pick the bloom, I absolutely trust you my friend. Hugs

Bernie said...

Hi Terri, I am pleased with my flowers, so far so good. Yes I too am glad I attended FP funeral and if his wife calls I will be there for her. Have a great day my friend....Hugs

Bernie said...

Joan we are having lovely weather as well but it's beginning to cloud over, we do need the rain so I'm okay with it. Love this weather for sure my friend...Hugs

Bernie said...

Joan I am not sure the name of petunia I have...remember this is my first year but I am loving learning about the flowers and birds...Hugs my friend.

Anonymous said...

Hi again Bernie...It's Jackie. I miss Janine, too. I know that she is always with us, though...even though I haven't known her that long...I feel that she's in and out...and hopefully she's taking good care of herself. I'm so glad that I got to 'meet' her before she took her respite...and I'm glad to get to know her friends. It is such a pleasure to read about other's days and evenings...and/or to look at photos...listen to videos that they recommend. I didn't know what blogging was...not at all until a friend encouraged me to try it since I liked to take photos. I'm very private...was wary....still am a little bit....but blogging friends like those I've met have all been so kind. I look forward to Janine's return. The internet will probably 'crash' when she does because so many people will be welcoming her back! :-)) ...and deservedly so. I hope that you have a lovely day. I'll be back...
Smiles from Jackie

Eileen said...

Bernie, there's a little something waiting for you on my blog.
You may already know about all these things, but it's all new to me!

Bernie said...

Jackie, I think all of us who had come to know Janine, grew to love her stories and poems. It will be nice when she comes back but it's more important that she has the time she needs right now. I really do miss her. I did have a lovely day my friend and hope you did as well......:-) Hugs