Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Senior Moment

Hello my friends, didn't post last night as I fell asleep pretty early. I enjoy reading comments when I have my morning coffee so I really missed that this morning, but I enjoyed reading all your post and commenting on them instead.

The Auto Body Shop called to tell me I could pick my car up at 3, then Chapter's called to tell me my 2 books were in so I thought I would just tidy up a bit before I showered and got ready to go out. I managed to have a good morning then went upstairs and showered. As I was getting ready a friend called and we chatted for over half an hour and being on the cordless phone I did my make up and dressed before we hung up. I went to put my watch on and couldn't find it. I looked everywhere for it. Now I have many watches but this was my favorite and the most expensive one I own so after looking for at least 15 minutes I started to panic a bit. Every watch I own was where it was suppose to be but that one. I had worn it yesterday and thought I had left it at the hospital. I called and they said no they didn't have it but would call if they found it or someone brought it in, then I called my friend Kathy, she couldn't remember if I had it on yesterday or not. Well by this time I was a bit sick. I tried to calm myself down telling myself it was insured but I really felt sick about it. By this time it was 2:30 and I had to go so as I sat on the bottom step tying my runners.....you guessed it, I had it on! It was on my arm the whole time, it was covered by my long sleeve duster but you would of thought I would of felt it or at least checked my wrist but I didn't.....didn't feel too dumb..... I gotta get off these pain killers, I said to myself as the relief washed over me. I know I shouldn't be so attached to something as material as a watch but I'm shallow, what can I say? Anyway that was my senior moment of the day and I decided then and there, no more jewelry for me....I don't need it and right now I don't even want it, except what I already have.....LOL Yeah, I do love my jewelry but seriously from now on if it isn't fun stuff that doesn't cost very much I am totally off buying any more jewelry....I am going to write this down and say it as a mantra every day so I don't get weak when I see something sparkling anytime I am out shopping. I think I'm having withdrawal already.

I picked my car up, oh I am happy to have it back and it looks brand new.....but its really quite old. It just feels good to be driving it again. I loved the rental, it was much nicer and bigger but I love my little yellow bug.

Although warm today I could still feel a touch of Fall in the air. Too soon for me, I want more summer. Fall is my favorite season though and I find comfort when I think of the cool crisp days ahead and oh the leaves changing colors will be beautiful when I go to the mountains for a few days.

My jaw is still sore but it won't be long before its all better. I thank God I am no longer taking the antibiotics, they were really hard on my system so today was a much better day for me health wise.

It's great to be feeling better and having the car fixed not to mention having my watch.....well tonight I am feeling very happy and content. Yeah I'm shallow alright!

Have a wonderful Wednesday my friends....Good Night and God Bless....:-) Hugs


Kay said...

The irony of anything lost, is it is right where you left it... and there is nothing shallow in wanting what is yours :) Wishing you fresh dreams.

Bernie said...

Ah thank you Kay, anyone who understands my senior moment is a real peach...have a great day my young friend....:-) Hugs

cinner said...

Bernie, one day I could not find my glasses, for hours I looked and when my husband came home from work i told him that i had been looking all day. He said you have them on the top of my head...so we all have those moments.I am glad you found your watch. take care.

Eileen said...

Bernie, I do that with my glasses all the time! I'm frantically searching everywhere and then Jayden will say, "Umma, you have them on!" I was wearing them the whole time!
I think that tops wearing the watch on your wrist!

My friend Jill did a post about that (the blog that you visited from mine), maybe you read it, she had lost her Day Planner and she was frantic about it, about a week later she found it in her closet where she had put it down to change her socks! She was sure she had left it at the dentist office.

Did you say the St. Anthony mantra prayer, Bernie? It ALWAYS works for me.
"St. Anthony, St. Anthony
Please come around.
Something is lost and needs desperately to be found."

Nice post, Bernie.
I'm glad I'm not the only one!

Wanda said...

Good morning Bernie...
It's truly a relief that you are feeling better after your Monday appointment. Still, yake it easy!

That's too funny about your watch, even calling the hospital. Well, your're not alone with your senior moments. I have several pairs of reading glasses...sometimes they end up in a group by the computer...a few times...I have picked up a pair to put on and they "click" against ones I already have on! Senior moments for us for sure!
I need to go out now and clean up the flower garden a little and I promised Herhusband to make zucchini bread again, so I better get busy!


Blessings each day said...

Since we missed a post from you, how did your trip to the dentist go? I'm still worried about your tooth.

Sometimes I think things become even more precious than they really are once we have misplaced them, so even 'fun' jewelry can make a person anxious if it gets lost.

Bernie, I have searched many times for glasses that were on top of my head! Have even done that with sunglasses when I was very young!

So glad you 'found' your watch though! There are also times when the relief is so great that the anxiety was almost worth it!

blessings and hugs,


Anvilcloud said...

If it makes you feel any better, the other day, I looked for a wallet that was already in my pocket.

Diana said...

Hi Bernie,
I'm sorry but I really loved your senior moment. I don't feel so alone! But I am happy that you found your watch. Some things are just special even if they aren't valuable! Most of my special things are not valuable! Enjoy your pretty car Bernie!
Love Di

Granny on the Web said...

Oh, we have all been there Bernie... us of a certain age and over.

Sorry haven't been around as much, wedding in the family last weekend in Germany... David's son married his lovely Annika. A post on it when we get the photo's.

Love Granny

Gail said...

Hi Bernie-

Oh you are not shallow - :-) I love my stuff too and would be sick if it was lost. Funny though about the watch being on your wrist the whole time. Funny, indeed. heehee, lol, :-)

I am so glad you are off the anti-biotics and feeling better.

Love to you'

p.s. my authorization word is "dingrock" and there you have it!! :-)

Bernie said...

Hi cinner, glasses seem to be the thing the most lose, I'm sure that happened to me as well at sometime. Have a great day...Hugs

Bernie said...

Eileen, oh yeah the prayers went up to Saint Anthony (he's still laughing I'm sure) Have a great day my friend.....:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Good Morning Wanda, all is better.
I think I am more oriented now thank the good Lord. You are not alone with your glasses either as that is what most of my blogger friends have lost.
Enjoy your time playing with your flowers, mine have never been the same since vacation although I do have a lot of green tomatoes that I am thinking of picking soon.
I haven't made your zucchini bread yet but have copied recipe as I plan too.
Have a great day my friend...Hugs

Bernie said...

Hi Marcy, so true my friend, the anxiety does bring on greater relief, then came the thanks and appreciation for sure. I would rather give something away than lose it anytime.
Have a great day sweetie....Hugs

Bernie said...

Thank you Anvilcloud, I think it happens to all of us at sometime or another. Great you stopped by.
Have a great day....:-) Bernie

Bernie said...

Hi Di, I agree in fact most of my favorite things are not worth anything except the love and memories which came with them. They mean everything to me.
It is so good to have the car business settled and have it back, but if I could afford to trade it I would absolutely buy a Ford Fusion as I loved it.
Have a great day my friend, are you and Jake having fun!!!!
Luv you...:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Granny, I missed you, welcome back. Glad it was for such a lovely reason as a son's wedding. Have a great day Granny....Hugs

Bernie said...

Hi Gail, I felt really stupid after everything settled down and realized it had been on my wrist all the time. Oh well live and learn.
Believe me when I tell you how happy I am to be off the antibiotics, they were really rough on my system and made me feel as bad as the tooth did. Now maybe, my life will settle down and the routine will "begin"
Have a great day Gail.....Hugs

Barb said...

I'm sorry Bernie - I had a little laugh at your expense! I have done a similar, "Where the heck is that!" response only to find the item close at hand (or wrist, as the case may be...)Glad you are off the antibiotics. Hope your system is back to normal quickly - keep on with the acidophilus for awhile. I love your little yellow bug - can see you you zipping around in it.
PS I hope my comments are getting through - I commented on an earlier post, but when I checked it wasn't there. Blogger has been off and on for me lately!

Bernie said...

Hi Barb, it was funny wasn't it, only me....I know what you mean about post/comments not showing up, yesterday my reader missed showing me Jackie's post and now it has me wondering how many others I may have missed. I can tell you Barb that I always publish all my comments so if you don't see them here sweetie they didn't arrive.
I too am glad to be off the antibiotics, they sure didn't agree with me. Have still managed to exercise most days though.
Have a great day.....:-) Hugs

Eddie Bluelights said...

Hi Bernie - at long last I got through with a comment - tried for ages and here I am - great to see you again with your informative post - you are a busy bee ~ Eddie x

The Retired One said...

Oh Bernie, you make me smile whenever I read your posts....I could just see you scurrying around looking for your watch and then your embarrassment in seeing it was on your wrist the whole time! It would be something I would totally do. Like having your glasses on top of your head while looking all over the house for them.
You are so damn cute, and candid.
Love it!

Bernie said...

Hi Eddie, great hearing from. I read through the girls that all is well with you and I am pleased to read that. Don't know why it takes so long for you to get on my blog, if it continues let me know ok. Have a great day.....:-) Bernie

Bernie said...

Hi Joan, oh yes this is like the story of my life....but all is well that ends well. My face always lights up when I see you have posted or left me a comment, love hearing from you...,:-) Hugs

Margie said...

Hello Bernie
Well, I am glad you found the "lost watch" LOL!
I found it so amusing that it was right there on your arm the whole time.
I am always misplacing my glasses.
Now what do you think of someone who is looking for her glasses when she is wearing them as she is looking for them?
Yes, that was me the other day.
And you thought you had it bad...nothing like me...Lol!

Take care, be well, be happy!
And enjoy the rest of your summer!


Bernie said...

Oh Margie, you are too young to have senior moments....but so many have told me about their glasses being on their head, not too many wearing them...LOL, it was a relief when I saw my watch, but I did feel a bit dumb! It was quite a day......:-)

Stillness Speaks said...

Hi Bernie! Is the pain any less now? How did the extraction and the root canal go? I hope you are eating right!

I am attached to my possessions too! I feel as sick in the stomach if something I love gets lost and I want a replacement right away, so I don't miss it! I am happy you didn't loose your favorite watch :D Things like this happen when we are on auto-pilot and don't realize what all we've already done :) Take care Bernie. Loads of love to you :)

P.S My cough is nearly gone. Thanks for the concern :D