Monday, August 24, 2009

Now I know What Marcy Felt Like

Hello my friends, my day was much like a day Marcy described last week. Everywhere I went to comment today I got bumped out or blogger would give me that unavailable message and I became frustrated with it all, and it didn't do me one bit of good. Seriously I didn't get bumped out of all sites but pretty close to it. It wasn't my computer as I had no trouble when doing my banking, e-mails or even ordering a book from Amazon. No it definitely was this site but I am happy to say all seems to be working well now.

Having said this I really hope you all had a great day. I was up early this morning as I had many chores that needed to be done. After breakfast I changed the linens on my bed, did 3 loads of laundry, cleaned both bathrooms before meeting my friend at Curves. We did our 30 minute work out and then went to Tim's for lunch (I should of bought shares in this franchise) then I had to take my car into St. Albert to have an oil change and be winterized.

I returned home at 2:30, put laundry away, emptied dishwasher, dusted living room, and vacuumed downstairs. A full day but I enjoyed it very much.

I had 2 great phone calls, my friend Terry is coming in Thursday night from Bonnyville. We are going shopping Friday then out for dinner before going to the movie My Sister's Keeper Friday night. She is leaving on Saturday to visit her daughter in BC. I always look forward to her visits.

The other call was from our best friend Annie from home. Her sister Denise lives in Calgary and she is flying to Calgary Oct 2....then her and Denise are driving here and will stay with me until we all leave on Oct 4th for Terry's birthday party in Bonnyville on the 5th and will return here on Tuesday, Oct 7th. Most of Terry's brothers and sisters are flying in from Moncton as well. There will be 14 of us from New Brunswick as well as many of Terry's friends from Bonnyville. Her house is big and will be absolutely filled. The girl's, one of Terry's sisters and myself are going to stay in their 5th wheel in the back yard. I am so excited, all of us being together again, just like High School. I think the party is being held at the Golf Course but I'm sure just all of us being together at the house will be a party itself. We were planning on staying at a hotel but Terry won't hear of it, she has all the sleeping arrangements planned out. I am so looking forward to seeing everyone again and I wouldn't miss Terry's birthday for anything. Now, what to get her as a gift.....have to start thinking on that soon.

Tonight after my favorite dinner of Smoked Salmon and salad, I did 30 minutes on my glider and 50 sit-ups. I then had the most wonderful lavender bubble bath, climbed into my freshly made bed to share some time with you. It was a good day!

Well I am off to catch up on the blogs that I couldn't post on earlier, have a great day tomorrow my friends.....Good Night and God Bless.....many hugs to all of you. :-)


Margie said...

Hello Bernie
Blogger can sure be a big pain now & then, huh?

It sounds like all in all you had a very good day and that is just great!
It's always so nice catching up on the phone with good friends!
I had a call yesterday from a friend of many years & it's always so wonderful when we share about our lives!

Hey, we had salmon for dinner tonight just like was so salmon!
Got some on sale today, so I stocked up.

I do enjoy knowing how your day has gone and thank you for sharing, my friend!

Joy to you, always!


Bernie said...

Hi Margie, you are up late tonight.
Yes Blogger was a real pain today but is working very well tonight. I must say I haven't had very many bad days with it since I started so I shouldn't get frustrated at is what it is.
So glad you had salmon, and was able to stock up on it. I think all of us from "down home" love salmon...happy you too talked with your old friend, they are really special Margie and we are blessed to have them. Enjoy your Tuesday my friend.....:-) Hugs

Kay said...

Well, that is a full day, many things on my list of things to do but would rather procrastinate and go to the pool, read books and be on here (of course add in a 12 hour work day, no less) :)

Your fun filled trips sound like fun, a little something to look forward to, how grand! Sweet and fresh dreams to you tonight!

Bernie said...

Kay, thank you sweetie, I was just about to turn the computer off when your comment came in. I did have a nice day, I love productive days but then I love the kind of day you described as well, minus the 12 hours of work....Have a great Tuesday Kay......:-) Hugs

Tranquility Speaks said...

Good to read of another good day in the life of Bernie :) Have a great day tomorrow!

Eileen said...

My goodness, Bernie, you had such an active, busy day! Good for you! And you got right back into your exercise routine! Wonderful!

I loved hearing about your friends calling and all your plans to get together in the future, I'm sure Terry's birthday will be an extra-special get-together! But I'm sure you love the small meetings as much as the big bashes.
I love to hear when you talk about your friend Terry coming for a visit and the good time you both have together shopping, going out to eat, watching a movie, doing things around the house, etc.
I'm actually meeting a friend of mine today and we'll spending time like that and I'm so looking forward to it, no special plans, just time spent together with a good friend.

Thanks for sharing your day, I always enjoy coming here and reading.
Love, Eileen

Wanda said...

Good morning Bernie...
I wouldn't know if blogger is acting up again, since I have been too busy to even post. I'm here and a few other places in the morning and on again just after lunch for a bit and then just before bed I visit a little...and I do mean a little.

Alivia has been back almost every other day and Andrew and Dylan, well just say this is their second home. Needless to say, the creek has seen me often. School starts on Sept. 8th...then I will miss their impromtu visits so much.

Visiting with your friends from school will be fun, like a slumber party. My visit with some Saturday was nice...a few had visited the blog...some do facebook.

It is very cool here this morning...makes me feel like working outside...but I need to think about posting!

Smiles always,

Diana said...

Good Morning Bernie,
It sounds like you had a very busy day. I too have been very busy. it helps keep my mind off of smoking although I don't know if I can keep up. With either, not smoking and doing to much, it's starting to hurt too much!
Love Di

Anonymous said...

Yesterday after art class I passed by Curves and thought of you. I zipped into the next turn and went in and signed up. Kudos to your post for stirring up my stubborn will. I have got my week visits all scheduled out. I know several folks who go there and I have isolating myself at home too long. Probably on the puter ya know.Blessings

Ginnie said...

Hi Bernie: it's always fun to get a new person commenting on my blog.
Thanks so much and I loved what you had to say. Also, I really like your outlook on life ... you take every day as it comes and get the most out of it that's possible.
Also, congrats on keeping yourself in good shape and not fading away in gloom like so many widows do. I'll be visiting often. Hugs.

Blessings each day said...

So sorry to hear you had a day like I have had...they are no fun!
You found such a perfect picture for it, too! It made me smile.

That party sounds like it will be so much fun...of course, with you there it is bound to be fun!

Mmmm...just LOVE this a special dish you make or did you buy it already prepared?

50 sit ups? 50? You just put that out there like it's nothing? Holy moly! Plus all the glider thing and work you did...whew, think I need to take a breather now! You are one powerhouse, Bernie!

blessings and hugs,


Bernie said...

Stillness, I've missed you, been waiting for a post. I am glad you visit each day though with your wonderful words of encouragement.
Have a great day little one...:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Eileen, with me it seems it's either feast or famine. I am stopped with a book in my face or I am doing a zillion things. I guess that has and will be my life as I love both kind of days. It feels good to be back exercising.
Have a wonderful day with your friend, I love those kind of days as well.......{-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Good Morning Wanda, I think I would have grandchildren over every day if I could and not worry about posting. Enjoy them my friend as time passess so quickly. The creek sounds like a wonderful place and soon it will miss your visits should the cold/snow weather arrive. No, Wanda enjoy each day with exactly what you are doing, winters can be very long and we can all blog every day then.
Our mornings have turned so cool that I had to turn my furnace on when I first woke up. It does turn nice through the day though.
Have a great day my friend....Hugs

Bernie said...

Hi Diana, be careful sweetie. I did way too much yesterday and I feel it in my neck this morning. It's not worth it to go through the pain from arthritis when it flares up. One day at a time my friend.......:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

QMM, welcome to Curves. It will help you get toned up and keep your appetite down....take it slow at first and the best part is enjoy your friends. I love the social life as well as the benefits. Have a great day.....Hugs

Bernie said...

Ginnie, you sound like a wonderful person and I am happy to have you visit, come back anytime.
Have a great day......:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Hi Marcy, I did work out extra yesterday and it felt right but today I am only doing Curves...all or nothing kind of gal, that's me.
Blogger worked great last night and so far this morning so perhaps no frustration today.
Yesterday's Salmon I had bought prepared but many times I will bake it myself. I really love salmon especially with asparagus but I didn't have any in yesterday.
Oh yes, I am looking forward to Terry's birthday and all of us being my friends as much as I do my family.
Have a great day Marcy.....:-) Hugs

Gail said...

50 sit ups!!!! I am quite impressed. Your day was so full of health - all I can feel and see and glorify is all your ability to "do" and "be" and "go" and "live". I so appreciate every task I do, every step I take, every meal I can eat digest and _________, :-) I was thrilled by every 'gift' of "able" you shared!!
Love to you

Bernie said...

Hi Gail, yes when I get those high energy days I put them to good use and thank God for every moment. Lately it seems I am totally going all out or just totally stopped. No in between for me my friend.
Stay well, do what you can and have the most wonderful day ever..
thinking of you with....:-) Hugs

Anonymous said...

Bernie...the photo at the beginning of your blog stared my reading of your post off perfectly!!!...with a smile. I have had just a little trouble with blogger now and then...but I hesitate to say anything....the gremlins will attack me!!
I am so very happy for you...your visit with friends....the happiness that brings you...and I do wish you the MOST happiness. You are such a sweet person, Bernie...I feel that from my heart.
I also sighed when I read about your bath....and your relaxation time afterward. Good for you!
I love you, my friend.

Bernie said...

Hi Jackie, yesterday was fun and I do enjoy a productive day.
No trouble last night or this morning with blogger so I am off to a good start.
Not so much to do today but am going to Curves. I like being back into my routine.
I love you too my friend and wish a wonderful day for you and your family......:-) Hugs

Barb said...

Hi Bernie,
We also had smoked salmon last night! Your party in Oct sounds like so much fun. I'm going end of Sept with my girlfriends to the UP of Michigan. Can hardly wait! I've had problems the past several weeks both with posting and commenting on blogger. Often, it refuses to upload photos and then suddenly will do so - don't know what the problem is.
Can't believe it's already time to get your car winterized!

The Retired One said...

Nothing like a friend reunion to refresh your soul.
I am still smiling from mine that occurred the end of July. We all wait for it every year.
Good for you, you so deserve to be in the loving hugs and laughter from your good buddies.

Bernie said...

Hi Barb, blogger has been working for me since last night but it was frustrating for me yesterday for sure.
I had my car done early as the shop is always busy in September and Oct. and we have frost in the mornings now.
Looking forward to being with my friends in Oct......:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Thank Joan, it has been a rough few days, only way to go is up (sounds like a Shania Twain song) and I really am looking forward to seeing my friends in Oct.... Have a great day.......:-) Hugs