Thursday, August 13, 2009

Good Friends

Hello my friends, well today wasn't as funny a day but it was full of surprises.
A day that was cool, windy and sunny and a day I was so blessed to have.

First I am going to bring you up to date on my tooth as I was at the dentist this afternoon. My tooth had been pulled, and my jaw flushed with antibiotics, I have stitches where they pulled my tooth but it is getting better. Now my jaw is still swollen, I have a big bruise on my cheek but these too will heal. I had more x-rays this afternoon and my dentist thinks I have arthritis in my jaw, I have never heard of this....but then when it comes to me anything goes. Suffice to say I am happy that everything is going the way it's suppose to and soon I'll be able to eat more than, yogurt, jello and pudding.

I had many errands to do today, groceries, post office, bank and bits of shopping. It was almost Fall like when I was out today, crisp and cool, but it felt good as the wind touched my burning cheek. I loved my time outside today.

I ran into old friends, I bought my condo from them 10 years ago and we have been good friends ever since. They bought a larger house only a few streets from where I live. We went for coffee at the Tea House. It was so good to see them and go over all the things that has happened since I took up residence in their first home. Their oldest daughter was already married but their youngest daughter married within this time and they have become grandparents of six, 4 girls and 2 boys.....they are madly in love with their obvious and I took delight in seeing all the pictures they showed me. They also have slowed down their working and have only one business now which gives them more time to travel and spend time with their daughters and their families. These two are a special couple, really make you feel good when you are around them. I love spending time with happy families. It was after our coffee that I went to the Dentist.

Now when I got home, I put groceries away, sorted my mail and returned a couple of phone messages and checked my e-mails and that's when I received these picture. My friend Caren sent them. She is not only beautiful and funny but a real inspiration to me. She shares her beautiful family with me and she knows I love her daughters and grandchildren. You have all heard me speak of Molli, I think I posted her pictures in one of my post.....oh I love Molli, she calls me Nanny and I love her as I do my granddaughter. In one of my post I described a friend's beautiful new home, well that was Caren's home. I count this family as one of my many blessings. (and not just because she reads my blog every day either)

This is a picture of me and Caren, told you she was beautiful.

I also told you I was old, but Caren.....Gone with the Wind....C'mon....When her sister and I asked her how she was able to do this, her answer....Too much time and no life. Told you she was funny. Thanks Caren, and I agree...aren't we cute? Love you

Well another blessed day, filled with good friends and on the road to recovery.

Good Night my friends and God Bless.........:-) Hugs


Eileen said...

Bernie, I love this post! And I love what your friend did! Very cute! But I like even better the picture of you with your good friend! It really is a beautiful picture of you both!
And I loved hearing about your day!

Hope the tooth is well on the way to recovery and I hope the arthritis doesn't bother you too much.
Feel better, Bernie!
Love and Prayers,

Bernie said...

Hi Eileen, I don't know how Caren did these pictures as she did but I love them. She is so special to me, she is terminally ill with Breast Cancer and she looks beautiful and handles everything in such a wonderful way, a real inspiration to me. I shouldn't complain about my tooth as it seams so pathetic when I consider what she is going through. Wish you could meet her as I know you would love her as I do. My face is sore and I wake up every time I turn on that side...will only be a short time before the swelling and bruising go down and I'll be fine.
Have a fabulous Friday my friend....and I am sending you many hugs....:-)

Stillness Speaks said...

Wow! The pictures are awesome and the special effects make them all the more lovely :)

I've never heard of arthritis of the jaw either. I would suggest you go in for a second opinion! Don't gargle for a day or two and eat semi solid food.Stay away from extra warm and hard to chew stuff. It should be fine in some time and keep taking the prescribed medicines.Loads of Love Bernie!

Wanda said...

Good morning Bernie...To know you is to love you...even the sellers of your condo.
You are blessed with so many special friends that take time to be present in your life know what that tells me...well, it just reinforces my belief of what an exceptional person you are.
I am sorry to hear about Caren, maybe Elizabeth Edwards book would be of interest to her...
We never know what others may be going through...or what's down our own path...Whatever life brings, at least family and friends make it bearable.
Take care Bernie...I just remembered your doctor is a personal friend he the one you go to for your arthritis care?
Enjoy the day Bernie,

Diana said...

Good Morning Bernie,
I'm so glad that you got the dentist out of the way! Oh Lord I wish I had never heard of arthritis in the jaw as I seem to be a magnet for arthritis! But so far my big mouth and appitite seem to be working just fine!
Your Friday favorites was beautiful Bernie. Friends are the best favorites! Love Di

Blessings each day said...

Here comes crazy Marcy still trying to resolve pain problems etc. Does ice help for the swelling? Or a wet wash cloth put in the freezer for awhile?

I always hear that movement helps arthritis (it does work for my fingers that are affected), so maybe you aren't talking enough? You could start talking as you are writing your posts each could even talk about the comments and give answers to yourself and others. What do you think?

Meanwhile I will keep you in prayer at the funeral Mass today.

blessings and warm (or ice for your cheek) hugs,


p.s. A God word verification is joy and love are the answers and I will send them to you!

Kay said...

BFFs, how grand! What would life be like without these lovly people in them? Have a great day!

Gail said...

Hi Bernie
Lovely pictures of you and your friend - so beautiful. Wow. I so enjoyed going about with you for the day. Feeling a bit like if we hug out we could get in to trouble and we could be like "Thelma and Louise"...... :-)

I enjoyed your visit with old friends and I am SO relieved you are on the other side of your tooth issues.

I like your life Bernie and I am honored to share in it albeit from here. :-) Let's meet for wine some evening.

Love to you

cinner said...

I love the picture of you with your friend, Sounds like a busy day! I hope your tooth is better and that your feeling okay. have a great day and take care.

Bernie said...

Hi sweetie, that's me if you haven't heard of it I get it. All is well my friend, have a great and wonderful weekend, in other words have fun with your friends, (I hope the rains have stopped) Hugs

Bernie said...

Good Morning Wanda, I hadn't thought of it the way you have and what a nice thing to say.
I will ask Caren if she wants to read it, I would love to give this book to her.
I wish it were Dr. John but I see a specialist, a woman doctor who is really young, very kind but can't understand why I don't take the meds. she prescribes. I have tried but they make me so ill. I see her every 3 months, in fact I see her next Wed.
Have a great Friday my friend, talk with you soon....:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Hi Diana, I shouldn't really tell you this but I was told last week that arthritis can even move to the brain causing great pain and migraine headaches. We will survive this disease my friend, with grace and dignity....I am always amazed at what you do and how much you do it, so you have helped me a great deal.
Hope Katie's first day goes well today Diana......:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Marcy, I am still laughing so hard from your comment. You are priceless! So glad you are my friend, I can't imagine a world without your wit.... I have been using an ice pack and it does help, actually I am well over the worst of it now and will soon be back to normal.
Thanks for the prayers....but at a funeral mass.....okay I need all the prayers I can get. Have a great weekend and many thanks for the laughs....:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Hi Kay, I am really blessed in the friend department.....and you are right, I can't imagine my life without them. Have a wonderful weekend........:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Hi Gail.....the wine sounds good, you are invited over anytime.
I really like the pictures as well and still don't know how she managed to fix them this way, she is pretty special in many, many ways.
Have a great weekend Gail.....I know today will be kind of rough for all of you, lots of prayers going out for you stepson....Hugs

Bernie said...

Hi cinner, I love that picture as tooth is gone to tooth heaven and I am sitting her with an ice bag, how fair is that. I hope you have a wonderful weekend as well.......:-) Hugs

Rebecca. Harlan, IN said...

Great effects on great pictures of great friends! I'm SO sorry about the pain in your jaw. Does it hurt when you laugh??? If so, you may have to give up Marcy!

Jackie said...

I'm sorry about the pain that you are having after your dental 'experience'...I hope that the swelling is gone soon...and the pain is gone sooner.
Now...about that Jack__ at the TOP of your blog...pull that baby dowwwwwwn to the bottom. You're going to scare everybody away...
I'll be away from bloggin for a little while (company from not only out of town but out of country will be coming tomorrow....and will stay with us until Thursday.)
The photo of you and Caren is beautiful!

Bernie said...

Hi Rebecca, I could never give up Marcy, I will tolerate the pain. Have a great day.....:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Hi Jackie, your wish is my command, just may way of saying how much I miss you. Enjoy your company and come back soon my friend....:-) Hugs

Margie said...

Hi Bernie
The pictures are wonderful & I think you are truly blessed to have such good friends & I know how much you appreciate your good friends ( as you told me so in your comment in a recent poem I did on friends)

So sorry to hear about your jaw and hope it does not cause you too much pain. (actually any pain is too much pain..right)

Have a great weekend.
I'll catch up with you again on Sun or Mon as have a very busy weekend planned an will have not time to visit any blogs.


The Retired One said...

What a nice tribute to your friend...they are beautiful photos.
Arthritis of your jaw...bummer. At least it isn't your tongue..because if it was would KILL me not to be able to talk without pain ha.
Glad you had such a wonderful day full of friends' so deserve it.

Bernie said...

Margie, thank you, I am blessed with some beautiful friends.
Have a great weekend, enjoy and come back whenever you are able.
Many hugs my friend.....:-)

Bernie said...

Joan, I am sure it would take more than arthritis of the jaw to stop me from is getting better.
I don't know how Caren has done this with our picture but I do love it.......:-) Hugs

Barb said...

Your closeness with friends is a wonderful gift, Bernie. Love the pictures. Hope you jaw settles down soon.

Bernie said...

Hi Barb, happy to say my jaw is almost back to normal, thank you God. My friends are a real blessing especially since I am so far from home they have become my family here on the Prairie's.
Welcome home.......:-) Hugs