Sunday, August 23, 2009

Back To Curves......Oh Yeah

Back To Curves tomorrow, had to buy new sneakers as I left my other ones at home when on vacation......I didn't mind as I want to get back into a routine, it's time.

Hello my friends, I hope you all had a wonderful Sunday. My day was lazy and quiet. I went to Mass at 11 then to Tim's for lunch. So many people there today, but there usually is each Sunday after church. It seems we all have the same idea. I think Tim's has the best cream of broccoli soup ever!!!! Love it.

I stopped at Movietime on the way home and rented a couple of movies, one older and one newer one. It was cloudy and cool today, a perfect day for the sofa, movies and popcorn. I watched The Green Mile, which I had seen before. It was a great movie and I enjoyed it just as much today as I did several years ago. The other one I watched was called Management with Jennifer Anniston. It was okay. Anniston does amaze me though, there were no Jimmy Choo shoes or Prada bags lying around in this movie, she played an every day average woman and she played it well. Even her hair wasn't fantastic looking, which seemed a bit strange to me as she always has beautiful hair. I am glad I watched it but wouldn't rent it again, only a one time watch movie..... this is my way of rating movies.

I was going to go see My Sister's Keeper tonight but just didn't feel like driving into the city, I was so lazy today. I hope to see it with friends later this week.

I am off to Curves tomorrow, my friend called me and we are going together. I haven't been going on a regular basis since I was ill. It will be good to exercise and coffee with my exercise friends again.

Have a great Monday everyone.....Good Night and God Bless......:-) Hugs


Granny on the Web said...

Glad you had a rest... well it is Sunday, the day of rest!
We also took advantage that we were not expecting any visitors, so after church we both put our feet up in front of the TV, and both promptly fell asleep. We only woke up when one of the dogs nudged us wanting to go out to relieve them selves.
I love your cooker, just the sort I would like. One day maybe...
Blessing to you dear Bernie.
Love Granny

Tranquility Speaks said...

Good to know you're thinking of getting back to exercising. I hope by now your gum infection has healed completely and isn't giving you any more problems! Relax as much as you can and think positive thoughts always. Loads of love :)

Kay said...

I just love those days! On the movie front, 'the green mile' a staple classic to my collection, love it! have not seen the jennifer movie, thanks for the recommendation for the next rental...VERY interested in the movie premier, afraid I will have to either buy or rent it...just saw Julie & Julia over the weekend, excellent! Can't believe blogging movies are already coming out though, but love the twist! Have a great Monday yourself and love the updates to the site.

GrandmaK said...

I love it!!!! Color-coordinated socks and shoes!!! You go girl!!! Have a wonderful time...Sweatin' to the Oldies! Cathy :)

Diana said...

Hi Bernie,
I will definetly be going to curves today too. I had three days in last week. Rather have four or five. Start slow Bernie!
Love Di

Anonymous said...

Hi Bernie....Back to Curves...I've only been in there once...and I think one has to go in and do things in order to gain the benefit (or the reverse, actually).
I love your photograph...the greens...great!!
One of my all-time favorite movies is "The Green Mile." I have seen it at least 5 times.
I'm thinking of you today, my friend...with a smile in my heart for always.

Wanda said...

Good morning Bernie,
For some reason those shoes with their touch of green and the striped socks just look so might put them on and get carried away...and end up down here in Ohio. Maybe it's because they are sitting on your stove...they just look ready to go!

I had a peaceful Sunday too...Husband and I both took a long walk in the woods and creek bed. The weather is perfect with a dry coolness in the air. Spent the rest of the day with no post from me...maybe today.

Smiles Always,

cinner said...

good for you Bernie, I have never been to curves, I have started exercising at home though, I watched the Green Mile about 2 weeks ago, and loved it as much as the first. love the new sneakers too. Have a great day. take care my friend. c

Eileen said...

Good for you, Bernie! Getting back into the swing of things!
I like your new sneakers too! Love the green!
I'm thinking of joining Curves again once Jayden goes to school full time. A friend of mine says our local one does something new, it's all computerized to set the machines to your fitness level and then it puts more resistance on as you gradually get stronger. I think it's a good idea but I've heard depending on which Curves you join it can cost anywhere from $800 to $1,000 a year! It wasn't anywhere near that when I joined a few years ago.
For now my daughter Ellie is on a 'health kick' as she calls it and she's started walking every evening and I'll be joining her.

Thanks for reviewing the movies, I like when you and Diana do that! It's really a help! And I think soon it's my turn to pick a movie so I'll have to go back and review your reviews!

I was on a blog the other day and the girl was going to be visiting friends and relatives in Canada and she was listing some of the best things about it and Tim Horten's was near the top of the list! I thought of you when I read that!

Nice spending the day with you, Bernie! Talk to you soon again!
Love you, Eileen

theMuddledMarketPlace said...

My sister's did you find it?
That's one film i Would like to see....

Anonymous said...

I love the Green Mile too. I just watched The Soloist. It is a true story and I love those. It does not have the ending I would like, but it is more truthful, than fiction. I am proud you are doing Curves. My insurance pays for a gym membership and I am too honery to go. Keep talking maybe I will get "goosed."
Thanks for continuing to pray for Rachel, it is sure a slow recovery.

Gail said...

Hi Bernie-
I love the movie critiques.:-) And your Sunday sounded perfect.
I am impressed by your determination to get back in to exercising. I have missed my walks due to the oppressive heat and humidity. I have some routines I do inside and I have the WII balance.
Enjoy your day Bernie.
Love to you

Bernie said...

A quiet day Granny, so relaxing. Glad you both rested as well, enjoy your day today....:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Stillness, the tooth has completely healed and I am looking forward to my exercise class in an hour...have a great day...:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Thanks Kay, I haven't seen Julie & Julia yet, trailors look good though...have a great day,..Hugs

Bernie said...

Cathy, we must match eh! Have a great day my friend....:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Hi Di, I will think about you when I am there and yes I will start slowly again, have too as the arthritis is not going away. Have a great Monday....:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Hi Jackie, yes that is how the machines in Curves work, they are great but one still has to do the work.
Have a great day....:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Good Morning Wanda, so glad you enjoyed Sunday with herhusband and family. Walks are wonderful together.
Oh yes gotta put those sneakers on in about an hour and get moving the green?
Have a great day.....:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Cinnear, I wouldn't be going to Curves if I could motivate myself to work out at home, I need other friends to keep me going and I do enjoy the social life of it.
Have a great day.....:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Hi Eileen, I like the green sneakers as well although my other pair were pink, my favorite.
Curves cost $46.00 a month here and then there is what you spend when you go for coffee or lunch.
It can add up.......:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

MMMP - I have read the book My Sister's Keeper and was suppose to go to the movie last night but changed plans, will see it this week and let you know....:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

QMM, The Soloist ..... must look for it. I enjoy praying for your daughter and do hope she is continuing to get well.
Have a wonderful day....:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Hi Gail, do you find it hard to exercise? I would think it could help to keep muscle tone but then I don't know very much about MS.
Was just over to your site and got bumped out, will try again later.
Have a great day.....:-) Hugs

Gail said...

Hi Bernie
about exercise and M S? Exercise is as important as medications. The key is not to over do. I walk daily, when it is not hot and humid - and I use my rollator. I have a routine I do that my physical therapist designed for me that helps tone, strengthen and also to improve balance. I do them as best I can and I know when I have reached my limit.
Thanks for your interest, it means a lot, :-)
Love Gail

Blessings each day said...

Wow...when I came to read the first time, no comments were posted, but now there are a bazillion (plus or minus two or three).

Green being my favorite color, I highly approve of your new shoes and socks...did you get matching earrings?

We are looking at exercise bikes for my birthday and maybe that will motivate Michael to get on the elliptical again. You are right about partner motivation.

So glad you are feeling well enough to get going again!

blessings and hugs,

p.s. The Green Mile is a good movie but it sure made me cry.

Eddie Bluelights said...

Hi Bernie
Quiet days are sometimes the best - fat chance I have getting one with my dear other half giving me lots and lots of jobs to do in the garden, in the house, everywhere - wouldn't have it any other way would I? YES I WOULD!! I have a backside and it would be nice to sit on it once in a while!!
I love you village people - it's great to visit you.
I have just sent off for the DVD for the "Wizard of Oz" Must get all the story right!
See you soon ~ Eddie

Barb said...

Bernie, Those new sneaks are HOT - sorry, I couldn't resist since they're on the stove. Glad you feel well enough for Curves again. How's the hair?

Bernie said...

Gail, it's so good you have a therapist who has designed a program for you, I think exercise is so important but it took me a long time to get use to it. Take care of yourself Gail, it's a rough road for sure but you have such a great attitude...:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Hi Marcy, oh yes I had to have matching earrings....LOL
It's so good to be feeling well enough to exercise again, I am the type that needs a routine as well as motovation, if I stayed away to long it would be very hard to get back to it. Enjoyed my day very much. The bike is great exercise as well and if you can do it at home that's even better. Have a great day......:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Hi Eddie, the Village people love you looking forward to your version of The Wizzard of Oz,
thanks for stopping by and really Eddie I'm sure you sit on it once in a while, if not you should...LOL
Have a great day.....:-) Bernie

Bernie said...

Hi Barb, those hot sneakers were really simmering today, great work out at Curves then 30 more minutes at home. It's good to feel good. Hope you are well my friend, see you soon.....:-) Hugs

Margie said...

Bernie, those new shoes & matching socks are just too cute!
Love the colors!

Curves is great, huh?
I don't go but I have a friend that goes & she loves it!


Bernie said...

Hi Margie, my favorite color is pink but these caught my eye and they are very comfortable. Don't tell Marcy but I bought a navy blue and green work out suit to match....LOL
Take care sweetie, :-) Hugs

The Retired One said...

Hopefully, Curves will help you with the stress you are dealing with now, too. Take Care!

Bernie said...

Hi Joan, the bottom line is I am the only one who can deal with this problem, including the stress. I do think exercise helps as well.......:-) Hugs