Saturday, August 8, 2009

Outside the Village

Hello my friends, we had a beautiful sunny day here in Alberta, helped me to remember why I live here and how much I am looking forward to a trip to the mountains in the Fall. The Rockies in Jasper and Banff are breathtaking. Hope you all had a great day.

Today.... I passed the day on my deck, drinking iced coffee albeit through a straw while browsing through other blogs. Yes my friends I ventured outside the eyes have been opened, my heart made sad at times but perhaps this was what I was suppose to learn today.... all blogs are not alike. I had naively thought all bloggers were similar but we are not. Some of the post brought tears to my eyes as they were so sad, some were against everything I believe in, some were even hateful.....I was really impressed by a young man's honesty though his struggles were obviously self inflicted, I felt helpless realizing he was in desperate need of professional help. I almost wish I hadn't read this post as I was unable to leave a comment, I didn't feel I was qualified too. Also there were strong opinionated authors, now I love hearing others opinions but these authors had no respect for others or their opinions at all, again I left no comments. I viewed so much pain in blogland, much unhappiness and deep depressions. I found myself fascinated by the varieties of blogs I read. I wish I could say it was a good experience but I can't but I can say it was very different than I expected. In fact I wonder if my sleep will be interrupted tonight thinking about someone who is planning on taking their life, I reluctantly added them to my prayer list, and may God forgive me for using the word reluctant, but it's was how I honestly felt. Would I spend a day doing this again, no I don't think so. It wasn't all bad, I did get some real belly laughs from some sites and enjoyed some wonderful short stories on others.

One thing for sure is that I am very happy to be back home. I realize that like minded people find each other. I love our village and appreciate it all the more after my experience today. I feel safe sharing my thoughts, feelings and opinions here. I enjoy reading about your days, families, recipes, weather and viewing your photographs reading your poems even sharing our illnesses and sadness together.
No I won't wonder again, but what I will do when I want to spend a day reading blogs ..... I will read the blogs listed on my favorite bloggers readers list. I know that there I will find some common ground that could link us....we share a friend.

May you all enjoy Sunday with your family and friends.....and as usual my "special" friends, Good Night and God Bless.........:-) Hugs


Stillness Speaks said...

I had a similar experience a while ago. There is much sadness in this world and taking on people's sorrows leaves you miserable. Specially so when you can't do much to help. Ultimately everyone has to help themselves and there are many who won't even bother trying. Waiting for a miracle to happen. Miracles happen but only when you wish hard enough and try. So much misery made me so sad that I resolved never to inflict myself with all of that. I've enough sorrows of my own to deal with. That makes me insensitive I know, but there is this much I can handle!

I am happy to know that I am considered part of the village. I'm honestly very content here and wouldn't want to venture out. This isn't to say anything outside your comfort zone must not be tried, but you've got to be careful.

Wishing you a painfree and happy day when you wake up!

Wanda said...

Good morning Special Friend,
Hi Bernie, so you've been traveling around the world of the's scary just like places in the real world...Earlier in the year...I found a very unhappy resentful woman's blog, she used horrible words while talking of her children and husband, even stated if he were going to kill himself, she wished he would hurry up and do it.

Makes one want to stay in the village, with our nice wonderful, but maybe a little crazy "sometimes" bunch! We really do have the best neighbors here in our village!

I noticed a lot of new posts this morning listed on the reader, so you'll have fresh material to read today...I was doing one later too.

Enjoy your day,

~Chris said...

Thanks for your visit. You have a great site.

~ Chris

Eileen said...

Wonderful post, Bernie!

I too have ventured 'outside the village' and I have found some common ground and one wonderful friend, but also I had seen a lot of what you describe too. And then I was all the more amazed that we had all found each other!
I know there are people who wander our way and think we lead the most boring lives in the world, and that's fine. I love my boring life!

And I feel heartsick for those who can't find a safe haven, whether it's family, or 'real-world' friends, or 'blog-world' friends, it is heartbreaking that there are so many lonely people out there. And more sad is all the hate that's out there.

So, like you, I now usually only click on MY friends' followers if I care to take a walk.
But to tell you the truth, I don't like to ignore someone if they've left me a comment, so some days there's a lot of time spent on the computer visiting back and forth. It really is time-consuming so I think I would be hard-pressed to add too many more people to the list of blogs that I visit.
And then I feel bad on the days that I'm very busy and I go to only 'certain' blogs, it's almost like choosing who's life I think is more important or interesting. So I try to keep my circle small.

Then I do a home project type blog too, but I don't post that often on that one, and I certainly don't visit that often on that one either, just if I'm participating in a group post.

Well, Bernie, I'm glad I found you! And I can't even remember how I did! I think it was either through Wanda or Marcy, or maybe even Diana! Anyway, I feel BLESSED!
Feel better, Bernie. All we can do is pray for these poor lost souls we sometimes read.
Love and Prayers,

Blessings each day said...

Bernie, I too, go random blog visiting from time to time, but you are right, my friend, there are some sad and mad blogs out there. After the first few lines of a 'bad/sad' type blog, I just quickly leave.

There are also some that do it just for sensationalism or to get other's pity or attention.

Some blogs have even been shut down because they solicited money falsely.

We are truly blessed with such a good Village (after all, it has people like our sweet Bernie in it)and as others come into it, they will come if their hearts are centered on trying to be better people.

blessings and hugs,


Bernie said...

Stillness, you are not insensitive but realstic, which I have to be more of. I guess I live in a world where everyone works together, helping each other and wouldn't think of being purposely unkind. I like my world and plan on staying here as long as I blog.....-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Good Morning Wanda, and it is a good morning in Alberta, the sun is shining and I am looking forward to church, a bit of gardening and of course my football game. It is so good to be home, my friend....its friendships like yours that make me appreciate our village.....take care and have a wonderful day.......:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Hi Chris, thanks for stopping by, have a great day as well...:-)Hugs

Bernie said...

Hi Eileen, you are so right. It is a rough land out there, better I keep to my own small world. Oh well live and learn. I hope all is well and you are having a wonderful Sunday....until later.....:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Oh Marcy what an experience I had and everything you say is true, the sad/mad sites are really just that and though we can pray for them I am not sure what else could be done.....and that is sad.
Love being safe in the village and I dare say I hope I never take advantage of all the goodness here, we are all blessed. Have a great Sunday......:-) Hugs

jinksy said...

I too have been amazed by the way like minds congregate in Blogland. We have so little to go on initially - a few words or pictures - and a light bulb goes off! 'My kind of person!' It flashes inside our heads.

Thinks:- does this make us all flashers?

Choices said...

Good Morning Bernie,
I agree with about reading some of these blogs. It is very scary and sometimes I can't believe that people actually do post these things.
Have a great Sunday.

Bernie said...

Good Morning Jinksy, I think we may qualify as flashers but flashers don't have much fun, the right to be there is much better. Take care my friend and have a wonderful day.....:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Hello Choices, I almost feel guilty about my life as it is not perfect but filled with so much, these people are so sad really, makes one wonder what has happened in their lives that they are this way......have a wonderful Sunday my friend....:-) Hugs

GrandmaK said...

I hoping a will be a member of the village for a long time, for stopping my you "home" to visit is one the highlights of my DAY! God bless you and wishing you a grand one! Cathy

Gail said...

Good morning Bernie and happy Sunday.

Interesting post for sure. I agree that there are many blogs out there that are quite scary and unsettling by their design. And I also avoid such places.
I do respect and believe in "truth" and I know that at times, "truth" is harsh. Such is life. My blog is about truth, as you know. There are many truths I embrace that, shall we say, are harsh to absorb. And yet, I fought all my life to NOT own my own truths and finally, my life's journey showed me that just the opposite was necessary for me to be free and whole and love myself. Sometimes I forget that what I have surrendered to is shocking to others. sometimes.
I am thrilled and honored to be part of this village - I hope that my life's truths are not such that people want to turn away from me. I am a wonderful blend of many, many things, as are we all. You Bernie are a gem.

Love and hope for us all

Bernie said...

Hi Cathy, you are always welcome in my home, you are a special heart in our village my friend. Have a wonderful day....:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Hi Gail, was just heading over to your site. Oh yes as much as we are the same we all are different and that is what makes us all special. You my friend are beautiful just the way you are. Have a great day....:-) hugs

The Retired One said...

I know what you mean Bernie...that's why I dropped some of them I was reading when the person began being strange and almost psychotic....
Every now and then I look at my favorite blogger's favorite list and pick one of those to read and if I like them, I add them to my list...but even then, I find ones that after a while, I have to drop.
You are right that you will find a core of bloggers that always lift you up...those are the ones to aim for!

Bernie said...

Joan, I don't know how you manage to keep up with all your followers, post and comments. I understand completely why so many people follow you, you have a beautiful site but I am glad to know that you too have experienced all sides of blogland and have known when to stop the mad/sad ones. I guess no matter what age, I still have lessons to learn. Stay well my friend....:-) Hugs

Ann of Green Cables said...

Hi Bernie: Just a quick thank you for your kind words. I hope your Sunday is peace full and beauty full. I'm off to the cottage soon to enjoy some R & R. <3 Mar.

Rebecca. Harlan, IN said...

Bernie, I'm glad you came back to your "village". Hopefully, those in distress will stray to the "YOUR village" the way you strayed to theirs!

I enjoyed your previous post - seeing your favorite things helps me "know" you a little better. The paperweight IS beautiful. I remembered I had a few and will go looking for them and put them out somewhere where I can see them again (after I find them!)

Anonymous said...

Hi Bernie...I went to one of your follower's blogs last night...before you even wrote this post. Doesn't God speak to us in a magnificent way.
I won't say which blog I visited out of respect for the author, but like you, I was left with a heavy heart; I was burdened...and I left there feeling sad. It wasn't someone who was depressed or anything like that, but this person has a lot of anger and hostilities that have built up over the years...and I was burdened for this one...very burdened.
Perhaps God led me there...I don't know. I didn't comment on the blog, but when I left there, I lifted my voice to my Lord asking Him to intervene in a miraculous and powerful way. I lose sleep over the hurt and sadness and pain that is affecting a lot of people. It is safe here in our village. I love and appreciate every one...and if I don't hear from a villager or a villager doesn't blog, my heart skips a beat wondering if something is wrong. But, I feel that God wants me to minister and pray for those that are outside of my comfort zone...outside of our village. Miracles aren't something that just happen. Miracles are of God...and I pray to Him expecting...That is what He wants me to do. I love you, Bernie...I am glad that you posted this because I have been feeling the same way. I wish I could help everyone. I help those I can (physically)...and I pray fervently and earnestly for those that I can't physically reach.
I send you much love....and a smile that reaches from the depth of my heart.

Kay said...

Although I have not run into many of those blogs that you speak of, it is sad to think they blog, possibly to seek help, asking for help, and you are so true in the helplessness of which you (as another blogger) can actually help? Can you? Can I? oh, the happy place is so much nicer, I agree.

Margie said...

Sunday greetings to you, Bernie!

Oh my, "Outside the Village" there are so many bloggers that just break my heart!
Just too much sadness & also hateful people as well!
I used to browse guite a lot but no longer do as it was just too much for me!

I am happy to be a part of your village!
You are a kind hearted lady that loves life!
That I love about you!

Take care & enjoy your sunday!


Bernie said...

Anne of Green Gables, I did have a beautiful Sunday and I am wishing you a wonderful week at the cottage with you daughter...Enjoy and I hope the sun shines down every day....:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Hi Rebecca, I love my village. You do collect many things as I seem to remember you were collecting some dishes a while back (hope that was you and not someone else), hope you had a lovely day today my friend....:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Hi Jackie I know how you feel, at the sad blogs I wanted so much to be able to comment something to uplift them, the one's I didn't agree with I just left and the hateful ones I left feeling a bit of disgust and then felt a bit guilty for loving my life as imperfect as it is.
I realize that not everyone can be reached or helped no matter if one is qualified or not. It was a real eye opener though as there were so many blogs filled with "evil" which I said a prayer when leaving. I always knew there was bad and good in our world just didn't realize how much bad there is out there. It was an experience for sure.
I so love blogging and our village and you!!!!......:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Hi Kay, I think you may be right, these bloggers are either desperately seeking help, need to make a connection or looking for attention. Any way we look at it, they are hurting and may just need someone to listen to them. Sadly not all people want help, they want out. Only wish I had not run into these blogs but I did and now must learn from the experience as well as pray for these people which I really don't mind doing.
Hope you had a wonderful day Kay, talk with you soon....:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Hi Margie, I'll not venture outside my village again for sure, I have learned a heartfelt lesson. So much sadness in the real world as well as the blog world Margie and I am unable to help which bothers me.....Love having you in my village my friend.....:-) Hugs