Wednesday, August 19, 2009

All Good

The day has come and gone my friend
I'm happy and glad to see it end
Finished all I had to do
Now it's time to visit with you.

Hello my friends, I had a much better day today, and the weather was absolutely gorgeous.

I didn't sleep well last night, kept waking up. This happens to me every time I have an early appointment, I don't know why as I had set my alarm but I am always this way. From now on I am only making afternoon appointments, mornings are too rough for me. Now the irony of it was when I was ready to go out the door I was putting my doctor's appointment sheet in my purse and saw that my appointment was for 10 am not 9 am. I was an hour how did I mess that up? I poured another cup of coffee and played on my computer until it was time for me to leave. It took me an hour this morning to arrive at the doctor's office as there is so much construction going on and there were several big trucks and equipment on the highway not to mention a detour. I still arrived in lots of time, and even had to wait for the doctor so I sat outside in the sunshine and read my book.

My specialist, Dr. Khan's office
quite a drive
from Morinville.

This is where I sat
while waiting
for my turn
to see the
ever busy doctor.

Dr. Kahn is not convinced that I have arthritis in my jaw, she think the shadows are more infection than anything else. I have to wait another two weeks to be sure the infection is gone then I am to have more blood work and more x-rays done. She said she will call me when she gets the results and if they turn out negative and it's not arthritis I don't have to see her again until November. I am so hoping she is right about this. Now that was the good news, the bad, well kind of bad was that the arthritis has moved further up my spine into my neck. Strange as I have no pain in my neck whatsoever. Just a fact of this horrible disease I guess but although there is no cure it can be controlled especially with exercise. I am going to try and work out 30 minutes at least every day, if I am able to do more than I will.

Have been searching for new wallpaper and header for my blog and when I find the one I like then I will try and do it. Stillness has helped with instructions so I should be okay, if not it won't be her fault should I mess up. She has been very kind and supportive. I just don't want to loose this blog but she told me to save it just in case. It's a project I want to work on over the weekend.

Am off to read my favorite blogs and comments, until tomorrow my friends, Good Night and God Bless........:-) Hugs

Not sure how I managed to type so poorly beside my pictures, it looks okay when I check preview, oh well I'll leave it tonight and figure out the next time what I have done wrong, sorry guys.


Gail said...

Hi Bernie-

First , let me tell you the MRI was NOT a good experience. The technician was horrid. My guy sat right inmy view and we smiled and counted the minues away. ANd afte we had wonderful drinks and food.

I hope you don't have arthritis in your jaw. ANd I am glad the arthritis in your spine is not causing you too much pain. And, yes, exercise helps so much. Do you have a WII???
And Bernie, "thank you" for your kindness over at my blog - it is my voice and story and it roars a bit as Autumn approaches. :-) It's all good though, al good.
And Bernie - I just adore you and I am SO happy we found one another.

Love to you

Diana said...

Hi Bernie,
I sure do hope your doc is right about it not being arthritis in the jaw, boy that would be great news!
Good luck with your new background Bernie. I probably would screw mine up. Ginny always does it for me. I think Kate has done it for me too. I get intimidated by technology too easily! But I can sew and crochet!
I had the same problem with the pictures as you did and Ginny told me to make the picture smaller. Now I just like to put them in the middle. It's easier for me and I'm all about easy. Hope you sleep better tonight Bernie. I'm ready myself.
Love Di

Eileen said...

Hi, Bernie, so glad you got some good news and I hope the doctor is right! Sorry about the bad news but happy to hear that there are no ill effects so far.
I like where you sat and read while waiting for the doctor, looks very peaceful.

'Wish we lived nearby, Bernie, I'd have Ray work on your blog while you and I had a nice chat! Then we could all go out to dinner together!

Get a good night's sleep!

Bernie said...

Gail, sorry for your bad experience, it's funny how so many technicans can be wonderful angels and then a horrid one pops up. I have met both the good and the bad as well.
No pain in my jaw or neck so I have much to be thankful for.
Thank you for your kind words Gail, I am so enjoying your friendship as well. Have a great evening.....:-) Hugs

Blessings each day said...

Well, I was hoping and praying for no jaw arthritis, so that sounds hopeful and now I need to pray about the neck arthritis.

So good that it was nice enough weather that you could sit outside and wait.

My friend whose son is a naturopath doctor gives or suggests something for her arthritis that seems to really work.

I like seeing pictures of where you have been or are going...makes me feel as if I was sitting next to you chatting.

blessings, hugs and prayers,


Blessings each day said...

Forgot to tell you how wonderful your poem was...sweet and perfect and short and nice!

Bernie said...

Hi Di, you are much more creative than I am and the things you made that you have shown us are really beautiful.....I, too am tired tonight and that is why I posted early as I am going to bed soon.
Wish I were more technical savvy but I'm not and don't have a lot of confidence with it either, but I will try....Sleep well my friend as I hope to.....:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Hi Eileen, wish we lived closer as well, would love to have a cup of tea and chat....maybe one day when I get to go a Broadway show we will be able to set it up. My niece is an assistant editor at Cambridge Univ. and has an apartment right down town in Soho (I think that't what it's called) so it may happen yet!
I am pleased as well, I have absolutely no pain in my jaw or neck so I am feeling very thankful tonight.
It was nice where I sat to read, the sun was shining and I loved the way it felt on me.
Have a great evening.....:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Hi Marcy, keep the prayers coming as I do not need any more arthritis than I already have. Perhaps you could ask your friend what she takes, you never know it just may hep me. I am so happy to be able to say I have no pain in my jaw or neck, and am praying it stays that way.
It was nice sitting on the bench outside Dr.'s office, I didn't mind waiting at all.
That poem was just for you my friend, you are so good to/for all of you want to be mayor of the village? Luv ya....Hugs

Tranquility Speaks said...

Hey Bernie,

I am so badly hoping that you don't have arthritis of the jaw and I shall look up exercises for you so the arthritis of the neck gives you no trouble at all!

I forgot to add: When you change the blog template, you don't lose what you've written all this while and the comments shall stay intact too. Mine did too! I haven't lost anything whatsoever. It's just that IF something goes wrong you should be in a position to revert back to the old template. Don't worry Bernie. Should something go wrong, shoot me an email and I shall do all I can to help you out of the situation :)

Rebecca. Harlan, IN said...

So sorry about the pain you experience - but thankful that the jaw thing might not be related! I'll look forward to changes on your blog. Isn't it fun and fascinating?! So many possibilities!

Wanda said...

Good morning Bernie,
Did you sleep better last night? Hope so! You went to bed early and I was up past midnight which is unusual. I'll probably pay for it today, for I still woke up early.

The two rooms are put back I can now compose blogs from my computer in my room.
I should have taken a photo of the mess and blogged about that.
Good luck redoing your's Bernie.

I think I'm developing arthritis in my thumbs...they were a little stiff in the mornings, now they hurt and try to "click" when bent.

That would be nice if you and Eileen could someday get together in New York for a play on Broadway!
Something to look forward to. but till then enjoy the sun where you are!

Smiles Bernie,

Anonymous said...

Hello my friend. Like your other blogging friends, I hope that it is not arthritis in your jaw.
You are such a good and kind person.
I love the photo of the fountain that you put with your blog.
I am praying that you have good days, Bernie. I miss you and am thinking of you.

The Retired One said...

We had a female Dr. who was a rheumotologist named Dr. Kahn too...did she come there from Michigan? Wouldn't that be a coincidence?
I am glad to hear that your jaw may not be affected. We have a lot of neck arthritis in our family too. I have a curvature in my neck and back from it. It doesn't appear to others, but I get a lot of sore muscles in my neck/shoulder area from the pull to one side.
Glad your weather is continuing to provide outings that you enjoy.

Bernie said...

Oh Stillness, you are so sweet. I feel like such a nuisance. I did try a bit last night as I found a wallpaper and header I really liked. I wasn't very successful so I'm not sure I can make it happern.
Thank you for everything sweetie, I so appreciate you.....:-) Hugs

Margie said...

Hello Bernie
I enjoyed your little poem!
We have another budding poet here, eh?
Could not resist the eh!

Anyway, I hope so much that the Dr. is right about not having arthritis in your jaw.
I shall keep you in my prayers!

Take care & have a most wonderful day and thank you so much for all the lovely comments you leave me on your visits to my blog!

Blessings to you, my friend!


Bernie said...

Hi Rebecca, have no pain now (thank you God) and I am hoping it stays that way for a while at least. Oh yes, we have many possibilities with all the technology today. Enjoy the day my friend.....:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Good Morning, moving computer, cords and printers can be a real challenge. I bet you are happy it is done though.
I hope you don't have arthritis in your thumbs Wanda, as some days it can be unbeliveably painful when you have an attack. You should see the doctor as maybe they can help you before it gets any worse. My sister's hands are affected and she suffers by times terribly.
I did sleep well my friend, was asleep early, only woke up once then went right back to sleep until 8:30 this morning. One thing about this old body when it needs rest it takes it.
I hope you enjoy your day Wanda, and we'll talk real soon. Love you,
and many hugs......:-)

Bernie said...

Jackie, I was so excited to see that you commented this morning. I really miss you popping in and out. I hope you are feeling better my friend and will be back with us soon on a regular basis. Do you still have your company with you?
Have a great day......:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Hi Joan, I will ask Dr. Khan on my next visit....she is very young, long brown hair and wears glasses, She is taller than me but very small built, does that describe your Dr. Khan?
Sorry to hear about your neck, I hope it doesn't give you to much trouble....Enjoy the day...:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Hi Margie, we here in the village try and write a little poem each Wednesday, the other's do very well, I just barely get through it, but I love being a part of this wonderful group.
I, too am excited that I may not have arthritis in my jaw, that can be a horrible experience. Thank you for your prayers Margie, I so need them. Enjoy the day..:-) Hugs

Barb said...

Hello from Denver, Bernie. It's hot here (high 80's) but Bob is (of course) still riding his bike! I ran errands in the air conditioned car! I'm prepping for a test tomorrow morning at the hospital, so must spend the rest of my day inside. Glad your jaw doesn't seem to be affected - sure hope that the infection is all gone, though. It seems everyone is tinkering with their blogs - it may give me the inspiration to tackle mine, too. Good Day to you, Bernie!

Tranquility Speaks said...

If a picture is what you want to put up, then what you can do is 1. Go to layout 2. Click on "Add a gadget" and then choose "Add a picture" and then select your favorite wallpaper.
3. On the header you can select "Edit" and then add a picture.

I wish I could sit with you and do it for you, or take remote assistance of your desktop and do it for you. Tell me where the problem arises so I can address it better! I am sure we can work it out!

Granny on the Web said...

Loved the little poem you started with.... home grown?
I have been having Alexandra Technique for 5 weeks now, another 2 to go. I am not sure if it is helping with the pain, but the dialogue that she does all the way through makes a lot of sense on re alignment.
I am trying to sit and lie etc as instructed, anyway.
Love Granny

Bernie said...

Hi Barb, good luck on your test tomorrow.
It is very hot here today as well and I am loving it.
I will be a while tinkering as something is not quite right yet. I don't mind though as I love playing around on the computer.
Let me know how you make out, I will say a prayer tonight that all will be well.......:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Hi Stillness, please don't worry, I like playing around and eventually I will get it. I deleted the old code completely then copy and pasted the new code but when I previewed the old template came up.....I am persevere until I do it! Love you, xo

Bernie said...

Hi Granny, what is the Alexandra technique? I have never heard of it but would like to try. Have a great day.....:-) Hugs

Rebecca. Harlan, IN said...

Amazing! The difference a new background makes! I hardly KNOW you!
I DO like it

Bernie said...

Hi Rebecca, I am still playing with this new look, glad you like it, I do think it has a fresh, clean look......:-) Hugs

Gail said...

Hi Bernie-

wow, you changed your whole format - I thought I was at someone else's place. :-) nice layout!

anyway, I sent you an email so you will have my email. k?

love you

Bernie said...

Thanks Gail, I am e-mailing you now.....:-) Hugs

Eddie Bluelights said...

Hi Bernie
At long last I managed to get a message through.
I like the revamped blog very much.
Thank you for your kind comments at my place including the one about my daughter's singing. I'd like to send a copy of her CD to you but not sure how to do it.
Bye for now ~ Eddie x

Bernie said...

Eddie, thank you. I like the fresh look now as well, we all need a change once in a while....well woman like to change furniture and blogs around....LOL
Under my complete profile is my e-mail address, you can reach me there. Glad all is well..:-) Hugs