Thursday, August 20, 2009

Eeeeks....What Have I Done

Hello my friends, a beautiful hot summer day today and I loved every minute of it....well almost every minute.

This morning after breakfast I headed to here, my hairdresser's. As I sat in the chair I suddenly had this strong urge to do something different. I always wear my hair below my ears, I have never colored it but have been wearing streaks for several years now.

The shop is called Hair Revolutions and my hairdresser's name is Amanda. Since my chemo and radiation my hair has never grown back the way it was and Amanda who I have been going too since I moved to Morninville has been very supportive and encouraging. She understood that a woman is devastated when she looses her hair, she supplied wigs and head coverings for me when I was ill. I have always loved her for that, and she usually works miracles with what little hair I have but today.....

Are you done laughing now, okay I will continue....

There was to be no miracle. Now she said I may not be pleased but to remember hair always grows back. Thank heaven! She always finds something good to say to me, like for your age its amazing you have no grey hair....well first, she is very young and second, you need to have hair before it can turn grey. Anyway it is far too short and I don't like it but I know, as Amanda says, it will grow back.

I am posting this to show myself that I am confident and secure and will not stay in and hide for the next six weeks. It may be severe and much too short for my chubby face but it is what it is and I will keep up with my social commitments regardless of what my hair looks like, on the other hand....I still have one of those wigs I could slip on.... I want hair like Eileen's and Rebecca's but the truth is I didn't have their beautiful hair even before my illness.

Now this afternoon I played around on the computer trying to find a template for my blog that suits my personality. Again something I have been thinking of for a week now but since I am computer challenged I realized this is a lot easier said than done. Now I kind of like the new look, I love the angel header and to me it looks fresh and clean. I'm not sure if I am going to keep this look or keep playing around.....unlike my hair I can always go back to the old blog anytime.

So today was a day of trial and errors, but I am not looking back, only forward and I have six weeks to think how nice my hair will look for Christmas! I am so looking forward to Christmas this year.

Tomorrow I am going with a friend to hospital as she is having a colonoscopy. The hospital won't release her unless she has someone to drive her home and stay with her for a few hours. Originally her son was suppose to take her but something came up and he is unable too and I don't mind at all, except for my hair...yikes oh well my friend will have a good laugh before they put her out. (Still working on building the confidence) and I think she should go to sleep smiling anyway. I bought an Internet stick when I was shopping the other day so I am going to use it tomorrow for the first time, let's see if I can possibly mess that up.

Have a wonderful Friday my friends......Good Night and God Bless and as always I send you all.......many, many hugs.......:-)


Granny on the Web said...

Well Bernie, to my view both the hair and the new template are really fabulous. From where I am standing you suit the short style, but at the end of the day it is how you feel comfortable with a style. Full marks to your hairdresser Amanda and her understanding.
Cheers my friend
Love Granny

Bernie said...

Oh Granny, you are so kind and thank you....I need to bolster all the confidence I can right now. You are right though, one has to feel comfortable with their own style. Amanda is wonderful, still in her twenties with so much to empathy and I love her like a daughter. Have a wonderful day Granny and thanks again....:-) Hugs

Garnetrose said...

The template is great. The hair soo nice too.
You are so right about a woman feeling low when she loses her hair. Mine is due to primary alocpecia and I really getting thin and often wear a wig, which I hate the it looks so much better then my hair.

It is nice that you have such a good relationship with your hair dresser.

Bernie said...

Hi Garnet, my hair is very thin as well. I understand how you feel about wearing a wig...I tried to wear one when I was bald from chemo and I just couldn't, they were too hot, itchy and never stayed in place, eventually I just went out bald and felt so free and comfortable but then I had a reason, I don't now so it bothers me very much.....I have no choice but to get use to it Garnet, so I will accept the way it is for now and let it grow in again.
Hope you are well my friend..many hugs to you....:-)

Tranquility Speaks said...

I honestly feel the new hairstyle with the fringe on the front makes you look very cute, and those hoop earrings go very well with it!

If I were you, I wouldn't worry about how I am looking, I would worry about guys trying to make a pass at me :D

You are beautiful the way you are! Don't worry one bit about your new look. And the blog looks refreshing too :)

Diana said...

Good MOrning Bernie,
I am going to be totally honest here so here goes, the new style makes you look younger. Now I am not saying that you looked really old before so don't get in a huff! But truely it does make you look younger. My hair used to be really long, for years, my husband never wanted me to cut it short. Well I just got so tired of trying to keep it out of my face all the time and had it cut VERY short. He loved it and says now that he can't imagine why I didn't do it sooner! Just get used to it Bernie, it really does suit you well. And I do love your new header. You are so brave, I would be scared to death to do it myself!!! Love Di

Wanda said...

Good morning Bernie...
I would be so pleased with myself if I were you Bernie...doing all this with only help through e-mail with Stillness. Now I know who to
get advice from, if I ever get brave enough to attempt a change! It's lovely!

As are you, I think your shorter hairstyle is stunning Bernie...give it a's still very pretty, only a little shorter...Listen to me talk, I'm the same way...always thinking my hair should be longer!

G/daughter Katie just had her very long hair cut to just below her shoulders...She looks so fresh, sweet and young with it...just like you! : )

Tomorrow is my get-together with friends from grade school...none of them have blogs, but they all ask how to visit last time...I wonder if they did.

Enjoy the weekend Bernie,

Eileen said...

Bernie, I agree with Granny that it's all about what you feel comfortable with, but for me I LOVE YOUR NEW HAIRSTYLE! I LOVE IT! I LOVE IT! I LOVE IT!
I think it looks so chic and so stylish! Your hairdresser Amanda did a fabulous job, she gave you a great cut and a great style!
I came here last night to see if you had posted and you hadn't yet, but your new header picture was up and I was so excited by it, but now I"m so excited by your new head!
Seriously Bernie, I think it looks fresh, and young, and I think it suits your face just fine.
I know you have to feel happy with it, but I'm telling you, if you want to let it grow back in, that's fine, but I love this new look! And you don't have to feel one bit bad about waiting for it grow back in, you look fabulous! You look so sophisticated!
I can see where you are coming from, especially with all you've been through, and having gone without hair for so long, I'd feel the same way. Heck, I feel that way now, it's our crown!
But to my eyes, Bernie, you have a beautiful crown!
Now, the only concern I would have is ~ Is it high-maintenance?
If not, don't give it a second thought, you look beautiful! When I first looked at your picture I actually said out loud, "I love it!"
Love the 'new' you and love the you that you want to go back to!
Your friend, Eileen

Rebecca. Harlan, IN said...

Look at your picture with your sister in your sidebar. You've had short hair before! In my opinion, it is very "becoming"! My hair is thin and fine. There are not too many ways I can wear it without showing scalp! I settle for something easy to maintain. I don't want to spend tons of money on products nor time in styling....

Gail said...

Hi Bernie-
I am liking the new look of your blog - lots of pretty changes and features. :-)

Your hair? I think you look sassy, yes, sassy indeed. Ad sassy ='s sexy!! oo-la-la!! ANd your hairdresser sounds so amazing.

Have a wonderful Friday.

Love you

Anvilcloud said...

Your do looks great in the picture. There is one school of thought that holds that older women should wear their hair shorter rather than longer.

Bernie said...

Hello Miss Tranquility, wow that's a long word, thanks for your kind words....and thanks for all your help sweetie, so very much appreciated......:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Diana, I am amazed by the positive reactions I am getting, I knew no one was going to say you look ugly but I wasn't expecting everyone to like it, maybe I will too when I get used to it. Thanks Di, have a wonderful day.....:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Good Morning Wanda, thank you. Stillness is wonderful, everytime I have a question I shoot her off an e-mail and she always helps. I think she is a computer whiz!
Maybe I will like my hair when I get use to it, now this morning I just rubbed product on my hands and fluffed it up and I liked it better. Very easy to keep up anyway. Have a great day with your friends, I know I have friends and family who read my blog daily as they e-mail regularly and comment that way. It's a great way to keep in touch. I am leaving here in an hour to pick my friend so will pop over later when I get back....enjoy the day....:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Eileen, you have to be the most encouraging person I have ever met. You are always see the good in everything and I love you for that. This morning it took me 2 minutes to do my hair, just rubbed some product on my hands and fluffed it up and it was done. Maybe it's just going to take me time to get use to it.
Did you get my e-mail?
Have a great day sweetie....Hugs

Bernie said...

Rebecca, you hair looks so thick in your picture, and I love the style. I have no choice but to get use to this new look, my friends here seem to like it, it may just take a while. My hair has never been real long but it has never been this short either. Oh well, it is what it is and I will live through it. Have a great day my friend....:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Hi Gail, my hairdresser is the sweetest young girl, she is only in her late twenties, owns her own shop and employs 5 people. Talk about energy and drive. I love her like a daughter.
I guess I have been in the mood for change lately, and will get use to all of this eventually. Have a great day my friend....Hugs

Bernie said...

Thanks AC, you are very kind. Now coming from a man's point of view I am going to take the compliment and just say Thank You....:-) Bernie

Blessings each day said...

Boy was my post appropriate this took me THREE tries to get to your comment section or even to be able to read your post today! I had to close out of everything each of the other times, so it is a blogger/computer gone wacky day for me!

Bernie, the first time I saw your new look, I thought..." looks great!" I figured you must have streaked it pink and we would see what the Eeek was all about in another picture.

I agree with everyone else and it does have a little 'sassy' look too, not too much, just right!

And your blog is gorgeous too! You've done a great job with everything and you deserve to pat yourself on the back!

blessings and hugs,


Jackie said...

Bernie...I think it's unanimous.
Your hair looks GREAT!!! I absolutely, positively, 100% LOVE it. You are stunning in your photo....I want you to get someone to take a photo of the side, the back....turn upside down and get 'the model' look...because it is YOU, my friend...Yes!!
I love your new blog-site look too....both are perfect.
Go girl!! Go!!

cinner said...

Hi Bernie, I love it, I think it looks really good. I think your just missing your highlights. But from this end it looks great. If you need anyhelp with creating your new look for your blog, don't hesitate. Have a great day, C

Margie said...

Hello Bernie
Your blog looks the new look!
And, I actually think you new hair style is perfect for you!
Give it a chance & I bet you will come to love the new look...I do!

Have a wonderful weekend!
I'll be back to visiting you on Monday...I take the weekend off from blogging & also turn off the computer as the weekends are time for just family!
Love my family time together!

Take care, my friend!


The Retired One said...

I can't believe you don't like your new do...I think it is fabulous. Seriously.
I bet in a few days when you look in the mirror, you will have grown to love it. And it probably is going to be so much easier to take care of.
I really, really like it!
And stop with the "chubby face" comments. Your face is beautiful, just like your heart and soul.

jinksy said...

I think your new hair cut suits you extremely well! Your hairdresser deserves a pat on the back. It's an ideal cut for a roundish face, as it's given you more height without more width!

Barb said...

Hi Bernie,
My test and your friend's were the same! Actually, the prep was worse than the procedure. Hope all is well with her - I am fine. LOVE the new hair look, Bernie - now you're me! I actually grew my hair "longer" last summer (still not very long) but thought it made me look "older." Since I'm already OLD, I decided to cut it again. I wear it very short and I spike it with product. It only takes me about 5 minutes to dry and "style." Maybe as you play with it, you'll like it better.

I'm in love with your header - you're a trend-setter, Bernie!

Bernie said...

Hi Marcy, I hope you have worked out your blog problems, some days can be frustrating when the blog isn't working properly. Thanks for saying such nice things, I keep puttering around I am bound to get something right. Have a great weekend Marcy.....:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Hi Jackie, it took too much courage to post a picture of the front, I won't be doing a turn around for you....thanks so much Jackie, I was out today and no one looked at me like I had two heads. I will live through it....:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Cinner, thank you for everything, you are so kind. You are right about me missing my streaks, my hair seems so dark when actually it is it's normal color as all the streaks have been cut away.
Have a great weekend my friend, and I will pop over later..:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Oh Joan, you are a sweetie. Actually I just got home and I don't mind my hair cut as much today as I did yesterday. Perhaps I should of waited a day or two before reacting but I was a bit devastated last night. All is good now my friend....:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Hi Margie, I love that you leave the weekends for your family.
I am feeling a bit better about the haircut today....everyone here has been wonderful and supportive. I was out most of the day and didn't get any weird looks so I think I will live. Miss the streaks as I find my hair so dark, but it is only it's natural color.
Have a great weekend.....:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Hi Jinsky, oh thank God it gives me height and not width, now that I can do without.....I am a bit more use to it today but I felt like digging in for a few months last night for sure.....No one thought I was from another planet when I met them today. All is well my friend......:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Hi Barb, my friend said the same thing as you, she did very well and everything is fact I have only been home a short time. Her daughter in law is with her now and will make them supper.
I do like my hair better today, I guess it's just a matter of getting use to it......:-) Hugs

Queenmothermamaw said...

Gosh Bernie, you got the blog on fire. I likta never got to the end of the comments. I love your new do. I agree with A/C I think short, sophisticated haircuts are better for us older, wiser women. My hair is solid white. I keep it curly and when I want to spiff it up I wet my hand and puff up the curls. That way it looks like it has no set place to be. Like you new look on your blog too. Thanks for your kind words for my daughter. She is doing well.

Bernie said...

QMM you have gorgeous hair, and I am so glad your daughter is doing so much better.
Glad you like the new look...:-) Hugs

Brenda said...

Bernie, I LIKE your hair! I think that shorter hair looks more stylish and young. Keep looking at yourself. You are going to love it.

I was without internet at home for almost one week as we had a storm on Sunday and our internet and phone was out until Thursday afternoon. I am glad to be back!

Bernie said...

Thanks Brenda, and welcome back. I think I would be lost without the internet or my phone for a week..ummmmmmmm maybe that would be a good thing now that I think of it......:-) Hugs

Teresa said...

Hi Bernie,
I really like your haircut! Once you get used to it, you will probably love it. I went and did the same thing before my son's Wedding and was aghast when I saw the pictures. But what the heck, hair grows, and there will always be more

I like your new look on your blog too.
Things are beginning to get back to normal in my world, and although it has been wonderful, I am really starting feel tired, and I seem to have picked up a really good cold, and some extra pounds...ugh!

We do need to get together and catch up.

Bernie said...

Hi Terri, great hearing from you. I am so tired tonight, I am not going to post until tomorrow.
Sorry about your cold, what are you taking for it?
Don't worry about the pounds, tomorrow is a new day and you can start over. I have to get back to exercising every day myself, I do so well then something comes up and I am off schedule again, I am getting so good at making excuses for not doing them, gotta start moving.
Let me know when your free for lunch ok......:-) Hugs

Queenmothermamaw said...

Bernie I just found your comment on my test blog on how to decorate pictures. It is
Sorry It took so long.

Bernie said...

QMM. that's okay as my friend sent me the site...thank you and have a wonderful weekend....:-) Hugs

Jerelene said...

Hi Bernie! I LOVE your new header..very, very pretty!
Now, I didn't know that you have been ill...I am so sorry to hear this..I will keep you in my prayers..I love your new hairdo...
You are a very pretty lady:)
And your hair will grow back and you'll be able to do all kinds of things with it then!! But for now you look gorgeous!!!
Have a Happy Weekend.....
Love, Jerelene

Bernie said...

Hi Jerelene, thank you for your kind words, I did have a problem with an abscessed tooth but all is well have you been?
Have a wonderful weekend....Hugs