Friday, July 31, 2009

Still Basking in Memories

Hello my friends, what a beautiful hot, sunny day we are having today. Can you believe its the last day of July......where is our summer and time going?

Well today I was going to rest, but as Diane says there is no rest for the wicked but I think she really meant weary.....and today was full and busy with no rest. Honestly I hit a brick wall this morning and had to force myself to get up and get going as I had many things to do.

First I had an appointment with the insurance adjuster as he had to approve the estimate I had from the body shop. He arrived at my home at 8:30 and I was just barely awake but went out to the car so he could take pictures and approve my appraisal. Thank heavens he did come as I had to take my car in for repairs at 1 o'clock. I then had my shower, breakfast and dressed for the day. I took my car in and met up with the lad from the car rental agency. I am now driving a 2010 Fusion and what a lovely car, I think its called love at first sight! It drives like a dream and I am going to enjoy my week driving in style. I had to drive him back into St. Albert which I hadn't planned on but away we went. It turned out great as I stopped at Chapters on my way home to pick up a book, The Shack, to send to my niece. While there I ran into our friend Terri and I was so pleased to see her. She was shopping with her daughter and she looks wonderful. She has lost weight since I last seen her and though she was tired from working at Wal Mart yesterday she looks so happy, it did my heart good to see for myself how well she is doing. I am hoping we get to have lunch together soon.

I then came back to Morinville and stopped at Tim's for lunch, coffee and a bagel.

When I arrived home yesterday I was devastated when I saw my flowers. My hanging baskets were so bad that I had to put them in the garbage bin. I spent an hour this afternoon trying to salvage my tomato plants, herbs, flowers and other potted plants. I had already spent an hour yesterday working on them and they did look healthier this morning. I think I have managed to save most of them. I have learned a valuable lesson....all people don't do what they say they will. Even at my age I find it hard to believe as I only agree to things I can and know I will do. This has always been important to me, I was taught early to keep my word. The young woman who agreed to water them for me either forgot or just didn't bother. Now I let her park in my extra parking spot and let her plug her car in all winter and never charged her as I thought being young she needed some help. This was the only time I have asked her to help me with anything and thought she would appreciate being able to return a favor to me. Now I didn't give her my extra parking space nor allowed her to use my electricity to receive something in return. I did this because I wanted to help her out but I honestly didn't think she would mind watering my flowers and if she did I would of understood if only she had told me....I would of made other arrangements. Anyway perhaps we both have learned a lesson from this, she will realize that she should help others and not take people for granted. Now my rental car is parked in the middle of both my parking spots, I am not planning on giving my extra spot up again. It will be better this way anyway as I always have to ask her to move her vehicle when I have friends staying over.

I have just finished making a potato salad for supper as I am treating myself to a lobster tonight. I haven't managed to kick the habit of having seafood since my vacation. It's one of my best memories. I will eat around 8 o'clock as I had a late lunch and I will enjoy my meal as I watch the football game.

Also I arrived home with a horrible tooth ache and unpacked, did laundry and put everything away....just kept busy trying to deal with the pain until my dentist office opened. I was at his office at 9 o'clock and my tooth was abscessed. He put me on a antibiotic and pain killers, he is going to do a root canel on Tuesday afternoon. I am sure my delayed flight home and the 3 hour time difference has a lot to do with my being so tired today but I also think the antibiotics and pain killers have something to do with my hitting the brick wall today. My face is still swollen but I know its much better as I have little pain and am able to eat on the left side of my mouth. Yesterday I was only able to drink through a once again I am on the road to recovery.

As I putted around today doing what had to be done I realized how happy I was as I reflected on the past two weeks. I kept smiling as I thought of all the fun I had with family and friends. Every day we were busy enjoying each others company and doing fun things. I love swimming, biking, walking and dancing. I enjoyed wonderful meals and for someone who doesn't drink very much....I enjoyed a drink every day and my sister in law makes wonderful wine which we enjoyed every night with supper. I was like a sponge soaking in the sun and the wonderful salty beach air. Honestly I am so blessed, so thankful for my life. I am not sure why my life is so full of love and happiness but every day I thank the good Lord for every blessing I have. I have been given so much and never take anything for granted, I appreciate each moment of every day and enjoy my life so much, the good, the bad and even the ugly. I don't understand nor do I need to but I am able to see the good in every situation. I am not a creative person, nor do I excel at anything but the one gift I appreciate the most in my life is I am able to accept and appreciate the gift of love...for others and for myself. I am able to easily see the gifts others have, but realize I am not very good at very much and that's okay. I love seeing how others can bake, sew, knit, garden.....they are so gifted and I enjoy seeing the results of their gifts. I know I am limited when it comes to many things but I am limitless when it comes to enjoying how others accomplish so much. I am so happy for them and take pride in their wonderful talents for them. I think this is my be able to love and appreciate others.

I am going to post a few pictures each night and hope I don't bore all of you. I just want to share my friends and family with you.....they are my life and my way of sharing my life with my blogger friends.

Until tomorrow, God Bless....xoxo


Anonymous said...

I am excited that you are going to post photos from your trip....I want to vacation vicariously with you....and I can't wait to see them. Your words express the utter joy you experienced on your trip....and I am so happy for you, Bernie.

Gail said...


What a wonderful post!! Your honesty and love abounds in everything from a root canal to a young neighbor that didn't water your plants.

I love that you are a "cheerleader" for so many and that you are so humble in your life. We all could learn from your gracious existence. I Know I am.

Love to you

Blessings each day said...

Almost missed this post as the other one over rode it!

So sad that the girl failed you so miserably. Has she said anything at all to you? Hopefully she will learn to be more thoughtful as well as to keep her word with others.

Hope your tooth is feeling much better.

blessings and welcoming hugs,


Rebecca. Harlan, IN said...

The beach, the seafood, the friends - what a lovely time you had! Enjoy that Fusion and I hope the repairs are made with minimum hassle. Your car will be happy to be back in your loving hands! I'm really sorry to hear about your plants. I was enjoying them from a distance. I've decided to try a hanging basket next year. I've been unsuccessful in the past but have learned that I need to be VERY faithful in watering them daily. I'm in a hurry to catch up so if this is scattered, be patient. I'll soon be back to myself :) (Or maybe I'm always scattered.)

Bernie said...

Hi Jackie, are you away on vacation now? Perhaps I have misread a post....if you are I hope you are having loads of fun and anyway we should make everyday a vacation day, don't you think? Have a great weekend...:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Oh Gail, what a nice thing to say. You have such a gift with words and thank you so are you my friend? I popped over yesterday for awhile and you sound wonderful....have a great weekend my friend...:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Hi Marcy, no I haven't heard a word from the young lady....I think she realizes that I would not be too pleased right tooth is still touchy but not nearly as painful (thank you God) Have a great weekend my friend...:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Oh Rebecca I felt terrible when I first saw my plants and my hanging baskets were so pretty (well to me they were) I think the trick is in the watering, if its really hot outside I would water in the morning and the evening otherwise only once a day. When my tooth is better I may go to the nursery and get another one for my front door, it looks so bare now...Have a wonderful weekend...:-) Hugs

Stillness Speaks said...

I don't know if it's just me or what, but ever since your return, I notice that the posts you've been coming up with are so much happier and so much more full of life. Stay this way forever. I only wish good things for you :-)

I am so sorry to know that your hard work in the form of those beautiful hanging baskets was neglected thus :-( The lady in question will learn. When someone does not keep his/her word with her, is when it will hit her and she will realize what it feels like. Forgive her Bernie, and replace those baskets with prettier flowers. A replacement will feel good.

I am also sorry to know of your tooth ache and your run-in with the brick wall (How did you manage that??). I hope that with the root canal done, there won't be any further pain. I know how sick it feels to have tooth ache. I hope the anti-biotics have kicked in and you aren't in pain anymore! Take care Bernie!

Bernie said...

Hi Stillness, "run into a brick wall" is just an expression, it means that you are exhausted and have come to a complete stop.
I had such a wonderful time, the sun, sand, walks, bike rides oh Stillness just everything was fun. Some day you must visit the Maritimes, it is such a beautiful place.
My tooth is still a bit sore but much better than Thursday, the dentist is going to fix it on Tuesday afternoon...I almost think it would be better if he pulled it.
Hope all is well with you my friend, and that you are happy and healthy...Big Hugs....xoxo

Barb said...

Dear Bernie,
I don't know you well, but sometimes I have an intuitive sense about people. I believe your gift to the World is your love of life and your ability to share your joy with others. People who see their glass as half full instead of half empty are very inspiring and uplifting to others. You are definitely a full-glass person, Bernie! Thanks for being YOU!
So sorry about your plants. Nurture the remaining ones. You gave the young neighbor an opportunity; unfortunately, she will have to learn the consequences of her lack of responsibility.
Ugh - a root canal - what can I say but by Wed it will be over...

Bernie said...

Hi Barb, thank you for your kind words....happy to say tooth is better today.
Have a great weekend my friend..
....:-) Hugs

The Retired One said...

Not good at anything?
Bernie, shame on you!
Your gift is unconditional love for everyone...
think of your hospice work...that is a calling AND a gift....
Never say that again!!!!
You are loved and you give out so much love....

Bernie said...

Joan, thank you for your kind words, I know I have a gift of love as it comes so easy to me but I was referring to all of you who can write, photograph, bake and so many other things. I am so happy that you all can as I get to enjoy each of all my blogger friend's gifts, I am so proud of each and every one of you and consider you all as one of my gifts...:-) Hugs