Thursday, July 9, 2009

Five More Sleeps

Hello my friends, how was your day? I had such a busy and full day today just doing what needed to be done.

It was really cool here today, we had rain and high winds which was really cold. The weather man is calling for frost in my area tonight. Can you believe it? July 9th and they are calling for frost....unbelievable!

My brother called me this morning from home, thank heavens they are having beautiful weather. I kept telling myself all day as I was shivering, that next week this time I will be swimming in the Ocean and my feet will be walking on warm sand. Oh yeah, only 5 more sleeps.....

I started my day at Curves....I wonder if they have a Curves near the beach? I will miss my work outs if they don't. From there I was off for a damage assessment on my car. Would you believe its $450. in parts and $2200. for Labour. Honestly, we all should of been body shop workers. How much an hour do these men get paid? Not only that, I was there almost 3 hours as they worked everything out and called around for parts and matching paint colors. I thought I was in the Twilight would think they would have quicker contacts and phone numbers being the business they are in. These kind of things make me so thankful the Good Lord blessed me with patience.

Leaving there I headed for my blood test, I had to fast before I could have them so I was really hungry. Again there were many people ahead of me at the Lab so I had another wait. After 45 minutes, lab work completed I headed across the street to Tim Horton's and had a bowl of soup, biscuit and coffee. It tasted as good to me as a freshly cooked turkey dinner with all the trimmings. Food taste so much better when you are really hungry.

I then went to the Bank, filled the car with gas and did some shopping. I needed a couple of outfits to wear home that fit me. My clothes are getting too big and I felt sloppy in them. So I have a couple of cute outfits and couple of more tops that match everything from my jeans to skirts. When I left my favorite store, The Bay, I stopped at Chapters to pick up a couple of novels to read on the plane.

I returned home to a sparkling clean house and was so thankful. After putting everything away I settled down to watch the football game. I had a plate of fruit for supper. Green grapes, strawberries, blueberries and half a banana. So good as the fruit was fresh off the truck from BC. I bought it from a little stand in town. I also picked up a pineapple and some cherries but haven't tasted them yet.

Now tomorrow should be more relaxing as I am having a facial, manicure and pedicure. These "me" days are fun and I think we all should have these kind of days at least twice a year but I try and go every 3 to 4 months especially if I am going away and will be wearing sandals and my jewelry every day.

Well that's my day, not exciting but productive and taking me one step closer to going home......I get this happy feeling every year before I go home. Family to me is everything, they have their own lives but you know they love you, you trust them and they always give us a soft place to land should we ever fall. My family have always been there for me as I always try to be there for them.

Until tomorrow my friends.....Good Night and God Bless......:-) Hugs


Anonymous said...

What a warm post on your blog tonight...sigh.
I'm glad that you are going to be with your family soon. You are so know you can count on them, trust them, and they are there for you. Have a great time.
I smiled when I read your comment on my blog. You know that my real name isn't "Jackie"...and that my husband's name isn't really "Jack"... I told my son that on my blog, I'm calling him "Little Jack" (he's 33)...and my daughter....I haven't decided what to call her on my blog yet. What do you think about Jacquette (jacket?) :))) I grabbed the name "Jackie" from the photo that I took of my Daddy's donkeys. It kind of 'stuck'... I'm trying to remember my real name now. :))
Oh....your bowl of fruit sounded scrumptious. Yummmm.
Smiles from Jackie

Stillness Speaks said...

Oh it's getting cool here too. I was reading that South America gets more rain than expected while South Asia is facing a drought like situation. Wish we didn't tamper with the environment so much!

They made you pay that much!! That is HUGE! I thought it was getting done for free!

And Bernie, when you get back from your trip do share with us pictures of you in your cute outfits. We have yet to see what curves did to you :)

I can imagine you looking so cute with all those facials and pedicures and manicures. They sure feel like heaven, but are so darned expensive at times :D

I would call your day very exciting actually! Family is after all family :)

Bernie said...

Hi Jackie, you really got me on the name thing. I never thought to do that....I just put it all out there but so far so good. I think jacket is great for your daughter.
Glad you are back....:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Hi Stillness, No I didn't have to pay anything but I had to have the estimate done for the insurance to pay...I don't have to pay any of my own money. They can approve this estimate or ask me for another one and it doesn't cost anything for an estimate except your time which felt like forever.

I hope to get tons of pictures not only of me but my family, friends and the ocean. Stillness I am so looking forward to going home, I feel like a little kid. Won't be long now.

I agree, I don't like what we have done with the environment either, this has been the coldest summer I can remember...Have a great day sweetie.....:-) Hugs

Wanda said...

Good morning Bernie...It's almost 6:00 here and just turning daylight, some days and especially some mornings here are rather cool for July also...the rain has slacked off, now we need some!
Tomato soup and grilled cheese was my oldest son's comfort food when a young boy...mine is potato soup with crunchy cornbread.
I didn't realize Jackie wasn't a Jackie! :) We should try to guess her name...:)
Are you taking your laptop "Home" with you?...or do we have to suffer your absence...if not...I will drop by anyway...knock on your blog door and leave a note!

Take care and rest up for your visit and strolls on the beach!

Diana said...

Oh Bernie I can just feel your anticipation! How long is your flight home? And I forgot how long you said you'd be there? I am excited for you. The doctor put me on some anti-biotics for the H pylori infection. He's not sure thats what it is but I don't want to have a biopsy to find out.He doesn't like doing it this way but said it won't hurt me either. Also he said I am too stressed out right now and wants me to take xanax when I am feeling stressed. I was only taking it to help me sleep on occasion.I actually have been feeling better so maybe this will be the end of it. Where is your home? I think you mentioned once but I forgot!

Eileen said...

Hi, Bernie, I can hear the anticipation in your post as your 'family time' draws closer. I love that type of excitement, something wonderful to look forward to.

And you had another busy day, even though it involved lots of waiting, there was lots to do. I'm glad you'll have a more relaxing day today. I used to take care of my nails religiously, manicures every other week, and pedicures once a month, then Jayden came along and I've had only about three or four manicures and one pedicure in the last four years! It's the same with going on 'day outings' with girlfriends.
I think I might take a cue from you and start a few indulging days once he goes to school full-time. It does feel good to get pampered once in awhile.

That's funny about the name, I know people use screen names a lot when they are commenting on articles or certain 'subject blogs', but I thought almost everyone used their real name on personal blogs. My sister is always, always warning me about the 'dangers of blogging' and putting too much out there. But I haven't been burned yet. And I hope I never am!

Oh, and congratulations on having to buy new clothes! What a nice feeling that must be!
All the best,

Blessings each day said...

Such a nice post and I can almost feel your excitement about going home. In your case, even the nice change in weather will be exciting! So, are you in the northern part of Canada and your family is in the southern part?

It is wonderful to get a little pampering, isn't it?

How long will you be gone? Will you be able to post from there?

blessings with hugs,


Rebecca said...

I like the "five more sleeps" description! I like the "me" days. I DON'T like the "waits"! I, too, await pictures of your new outfits, and happy face. (I was going to say "Curved body", but that could be misunderstood--so I won't say it).
Good work on your poem Wednesday. If things quiet down here, I still intend to make the poetry plunge one of these days.
I don't have to tell you to have a wonderful time with your family.
And weighing in the the environment, I'm still not sure this is entirely OUR doing.....

Gail said...

Hi Bernie-

You are SO right about how good food tastes when you are really hungry!

I love reading of your excitement about going "home". May I ask, where is 'home'?

Your day sounded quite successful - and satisfying. I Love when my calendar is filled with such things instead of doctors or the like. I always say to my Mom, (almost 86), how filled with gratitude I am when I hear her plans for the day and they include going to buy a pie or going to get her hair done. She is one of my most precious gifts.

Enjoy your pedicure, manicure etc. I am getting my hair done today and my nails. I think I will have them done in peach, - my nails not my hair!! :-)

Love to you

Bernie said...

Good Morning Wanda, the name thing surprised me as well, but everyone has to be comfortable.
No am not taking laptop home as last year at the beach there was no internet. I will check my e-mail when I am in the city. (on my brother's computer)
I love soups, especially home made sister in Scotland makes the best soups ever! but my comfort food is macaroni and cheese which I haven't had in ages.
It is really cold this morning, I had to put a sweater on over pj's to answer e-mails etc. I have a couple of hours before I go out.
I hope you have a wonderful Friday my friend.....:-) hugs

Bernie said...

Hi Diana, home is Moncton, NB and the flight is just over 7 hours, I change planes in Toronto so it breaks it up a bit.
OK do everything your doctor says Diana, and I know you will be well soon. Perhaps you can look into doing some yoga and meditation...sure would bring down your stress level.
Take care my fried.....:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Hi Eileen, it is nice to treat yourself to a "me" day once in awhile. Many years ago I couldn't afford these kind of days but would still use a bowel with towel over my head to give myself a facial, always have done my own that I am older with only me to look after I enjoy these kind of days....
Yes I am looking forward to home and the nicer cold here this morning.
Take care and have a wonderful day and Eileen I would give up the "me" day to have my grandchildren with me anytime. You are blessed.....:-) Hugs

Teresa said...

Hi Bernie,
I too have been wondering what happened to summer. It was especially cold yesterday, and everyone was wearing big warm coats at the doggie park. I had on capris and just a sweater and I was freezing. Glad you are pampering yourself and congratulations on being able to fit into smaller clothes, mine, are falling off me too! I love the feeling of loose fitting clothes. I know you will enjoy visiting your family...nothing like it, it is just so hard to say goodbye afterward. Enjoy! (((HUGS))) T

Bernie said...

Hi Marcy, I am on the West Coast of Canada and home is on the East Coast....3000 miles apart....much too far.... I won't be able to post from the beach house but will try and check in when I am in the City...If I am unable too I will catch up when I get back. Life is good my friend, have a great day Marcy.......:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Hi Rebecca, I have learned to deal with the "waits" as I have got older....I always carry a book with me now. I know their is much controversy over our environment but I remember as a young girl growing up we really took so much for granted and were not taught to respect the land around us. Though much wiser now so many of us missed the I compost, recycle, reduce and reuse...only wish I had started earlier. Have a great day my friend....:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Hi Gail, you are so blessed to have your mum still with you, how wonderful.
Love the color peach and are you getting your cut or trimmed. I hope you have a wonderful Friday my friend....:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Hi Terri, your big day today, I am so excited for you.
It's really cold, I got up and put a sweater on over my pj's to answer my e-mails, etc.
Honestly Terri, it is good to go down a size in clothes isn't it, about time for me. Now the hard part begins....I never did have a hard time losing weight, but keeping it off has always been a struggle for with vacation coming, should pose a real challenge. I have promised myself to go back to my routine as soon as I return. Wish me luck.
I hope today is your best Friday ever Terri......:-) Hugs

Eileen said...

Bernie, when you get a chance please stop by my blog to participate in a very special award created by a mother in memory of her son. I'd love for you to pass it on too. And I'm sure Sandy and Jonny would love it too.
Thanks so much,

Gail said...

Hi Bernie -

a quick reply to your question. I ONLY get my hair trimmed. I love,love,love my long hair. So I get my bangs trimmed in a jagged cut and maybe a half inch off the bottom just to make it look healthy. My hair is down the middle of my back and I love it.
I am an ole hippie!! Woodstock alumni too!!!

my,my, my.....

still wonderin' where "home" is for you?

love Gail

Anonymous said...

When you get a chance, please stop by my blog and pick up the Warm Heart award.

The Retired One said...

I don't know much about New Brunswick, so I will be anxious to hear about your trip and see your pictures.
A trip is always exciting and I know you will love every minute of it.
Good for you!!!!
You deserve it.

beachgirl77 said...

Hi Bernie,

Thanks for your lovely comment on my post. When I read this post I thought what a coincidence, I used to be part owner of "Curves for Women"...I also enjoy listening to "It's a Wonderful World", no one can sing it like Louis "Satchmo" Armstrong...looking forward to reading more on your blog...


Bernie said...

Oh Joan, you would love New Brunswick. It's on the eastern coast of Canada and the summers and Falls are absolutely breathtaking. the foliage is unbelievable and I can only imagine what you would do with your camera. I will take lots of pictures to share with all of you,
.....:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Hi Sandy, thank you for popping over. You have created a beautiful award in memory of your son. As one mother to another, who has also suffered the loss of my son, I am very proud of you and for you. You have done something wonderful for him.....:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Eileen, I will be over shortly, and thank you.....:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Thank you Jackie, see you soon.
....:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Gail, your hair sounds lovely, what I would give for thick long hair. I don't blame you for not cutting it....:-) Hugs

Eddie Bluelights said...

Hi Bernie
Been a bit pushed with ambulance work lately.
Thank you for your kind comment at my place and for your good wishes and prayers concerning my wife's illness. May God bless you also ~ Eddie x

Bernie said...

Eddie, great hearing from you. So glad to know you are busy and doing well......:-) Hugs