Monday, July 13, 2009

Am Off to New Brunswick

Hello everyone, wasn't it great to hear from MIA Marcy. I have to tell you, it made my day to know she is happy and healthy.

I had a really busy day today, I had a dentist appointment at 8:30 and from there went to Curves. I then met a friend for lunch before I came home to finish up getting ready for going home. It was sunny and warm today and again another windy day.

This afternoon I cleaned my jewelry. I have a little machine I plug in, add a little solution and set my rings etc. in a little basket and close it, 3 minutes later everything is sparkling. I love it, I should do it more often really but seem to only pull it out when I am planning on going someplace special.

I have everything packed, my clothes laid out and will only need to put my toilet items in the suitcase and I'm on my way.

Here is the plan, my plane leaves early Wednesday morning and I live over 2 hours from the airport, so I am staying at the Airport Hotel tomorrow night. I am leaving here early afternoon tomorrow so that I miss the heavy traffic going through Edmonton. My girlfriend is meeting me at the Dining Room at the hotel for supper, and she is bringing my camera. It will be nice to see her again. I am able to leave my car at the hotel parkade while I am gone. They have a shuttle to and from the airport. I have to be at the airport by 6 am, so it is easier for me to stay at the hotel. I just can't see me getting up at 3 am, rush around to get ready then make that long somehow I don't think I would make it on time.

I want you all to have a wonderful two weeks, stay happy and healthy and I will check in when I get home.....will miss you all my friends......and as always I wish you a Good Night and God Bless.....:-) Hugs


Stillness Speaks said...

So nice to be hearing from you again one last time before you leave!

Bon Voyage Bernie. Have a rocking holiday :D As always we'll all be waiting for the description of the fun you had and to see how gorgeous you now look :D Loads of love and a huge hug:D

Wanda said...

Good morning Bernie...Is the excitement of your trip building...were you able to sleep?
Shediac is certainly on the beach...I didn't realize how close to Maine you would be...That is such a beautiful area.
Wishing you again...a safe and wonderful trip.

I swear to you, God as my witness...the verification word right now is " stedac " odd is that...almost Shediac.

Eileen said...

Good idea to stay at the hotel the night before. I hate that feeling of being rushed or fear of being late!

I know you'll have a great time visiting with family and friends, and I look forward to hearing all about it when you get back!

Take care, Bernie!

Rebecca said...

Sounds like you've thought of EVERYTHING! I'm glad you will reconnect with your camera, too. You will be greatly missed. My keyboard finds its own way to your blog every morning! Whatever will it DO?

Blessings each day said...

Oh Good, it looks as if I can still send blessings your way today. Bernie, I wish you God's speed, His blessings and grace on all you do and say on your sweet vacation...may nothing but happiness, laughter and learning abound!

many blessings and gobs of hugs,


Diana said...

Good Morning Bernie, I don't know if you will see this before you leave but I wanted to let you know that I have been fine. My doctor seems to think that it was nerves or I may have had an infection whatever it was I am feeling fine now so I won't worry anymore. I hope your trip is filled with fun days and that you don't come home too tired! I wish you a safe and happy trip!
Love you Bernie!

Donna's Book Nook said...

Trusting you will have a great trip! God bless. Donna

Annette said...

Have a wonderful time with your family! We will miss you!

Gail said...

Hi Bernie-

Up, up and away!! I am thrilled for you as you embark on your journey 'home'. Safe travels. Create a million wonderful memories.

Love to you

Bernie said...

Stillness, will have tons of pictures for you, enjoy your new job.

Wanda, oh yes very excited. I slept well as was exhausted from all the running around preparing to go...Will miss you

Eileen, thank you, I am actually looking forward to the hotel and dinner with my friend.

Rebecca, will miss your post each day as well....thank you.

Marcy, thank you for your prayers and blessings....keep them coming.

Diana, so happy to hear you are feeling better, luv you too and see you in 2 weeks.

Donna, thank you. Looking forward to your post in two weeks.

Annette, thank you and I hope the next two weeks for you will be happy ones, luv ya

Gail, oh yes I am up, up and away for sure. Now you take care of yourself until I get back.

Thank you everyone for your good wishes, I only wish you were all going with me. Will have you all in my heart and will bring back memories and pictures to share with all of you.....:-) Hugs

Anonymous said...

Bernie...I am so happy for you about your trip. I want it to be a safe and happy one. Know that I'll miss you while you're gone, but also know that I will come to your site and post to you even while you are away....sending hugs and smiles and wishes for the BEST time away with your family.

Teresa said...

Hi Bernie,
You are on your way! Have a wonderful time. Thank you for your comment on my blog, and for your prayers. I actually did get the job at Walmart, part time, plus a full time job Merchandising for Proctor @ Gamble...Hey, I am ok and I am on my way too! Have fun! Take lots and lots of photo's!

Anonymous said...

Bernie....I don't know if my comment just went into cyberspace or not. I can't remember if you have to approve your if you do, this is the second one and you don't have to post it up if the first one is awaiting your approval....but I did want to let you know that I wish you a safe and restful trip with your family...and that I will miss you and am thinking of you. Please, take the best care of you...

Bernie said...

Jackie, sorry I posted your comments twice....thank you for your good wishes my friend, will see your lovely photos again in two weeks. I am not even taking my computer home with me but if I get a chance to use my brother's I will check in.....:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Thank you Terri, I will take lots of pictures for sure.
I hope you let our blogging friends know about you now having a couple of jobs as I know they all care about you and are a bit worried for you. They will be very happy that all is working out.
See you in two weeks my friend.
...:-) Hugs

Garnetrose said...

have fun!!!!

Alice said...

I hope you have the most wonderful holiday, full of happiness and relaxation.

Barb said...

Hi Bernie,
You are on your way by now. I hope you have a marvelous visit. You'll be all tanned when you return home!

Anonymous said...

Bernie!!! I need you!! You've only been gone a day, and Marcy needs your attention!! :)) I'm kidding....but the instant you left, things just sort of do I put it...well, we miss you bunches!!
I hope you are having a lot of fun...and I wanted to have a post (or more) for you when you connect back. In the meantime, take good care of you...enjoy being with your family, and know that I miss you.
Smiles from Jackie

Anonymous said...

Thursday night're going to have so many comments in your comment section, you're going to have to take another vacation to read them. I continue to miss you...and am thinking what a good time you must be having!!! Yea, Bernie. Enjoy!!!

Silver said...

I feel excited just listening to the plans!

Have a great vacation!

Anonymous said...

It's Saturday...and I'm thinking that your trip must be a glorious one!!! Know that we are sending the biggggest hugs to you...and hope that you are laughing, dancing, enjoying the moments...each and every precious one of them.
Another smile from Jackie

Wanda said...

HI BERNIE...My mornings are not the same...1 1/2 weeks to go till all is back to normal for my morning routine...Selfish of me I know...I will muddle through though...I truly hope it doesn't go by too fast for you...Just wanted you to know you are totally being missed...I know you are having a wonderful time...:)
Take care,

Wanda said...

Bernie...just letting you know along with everyone else, even though you are away.......
the computer my photos are down for maintenance...soooo...I've been house cleaning, rearanging furniture, freezing "black and blue" berries, making zuchinni bread, pasta salad, filling bird feeders, working outside because it feels like "fall", doing laundry, and baking a cake today for Herhusband's birthday tomorrow.
That's my EXCUSE for not posting...hope Herhusband finishes the computer today...I Need to work on a post before the Village forgets me.
Wanda :(

Anonymous said...

Sunday night....
Hi Bernie...I'm headed out Monday morning, myself...and I wanted to stop by and say hello. I can't wait to hear about your trip....time with your family..!!

Blessings each day said...

Just stopping by to say Hi and hope you are having such a wonderful time! Guess you can tell that you are missed.

blessings and hugs,

p.s. Try not to listen to Jackie TOO much...she's kind of, um, you know...a little trouble maker. Just kidding, mostly.

Wanda said...

Bernie is not here; she is away.
Leave your comment for a later day.
Visiting relatives, for a while,
Just can't help, missing her smile.

Thought I'd leave you a little poem Miss Bernie!
Enjoy your week,

Eileen said...

Just making my rounds to you, Teresa, and Diana. I told Teresa I know you all have other things going on in your life right now, but it feels good to stop by anyway!

And can you believe Wanda and Diana thinking anyone could forget them?!
Holy Cow! That's impossible!

Sometimes I have to stop myself from visiting them for fear they'll think I'm stalking them and sic Marcy (aka blogger police) on me!

Missing you, Bernie!
Hope you are having a wonderful time with your family and friends!

Wanda said...

It's 6:35AM and still a little dark out...just trying to break in to see what I can find, while you are away...but, you have everything locked up tight here at your Village place...5 more days, but who's counting.....ME, that's who!!!


Anonymous said...

Hellooooo Bernie....I'm still lurking around here at your site...knowing that you will be back soon...and wanting to hear all about the great times...and to let you know that I miss you.
Smiles and hugs from Jackie

Wanda said...

Thanks for the message Bernie...I delivered it to everyone! See you soon!

Anonymous said...

Yoooooo Hoooooo....Helloooo....
Bernie!!.... Helloooo.
(I know you're out there having fun, fun, fun!!...)
Just another li'l post from me (making sure that you don't forget the donkey of the village...(that would be me!!)...and letting you know that you are missed!!!!
Another smile,

Wanda said...

Tomorrow is the 28th...and we get to welcome you home Bernie!