Saturday, November 28, 2009

It's Been A Busy Week

Hello my friends, oh it has been a beautiful and busy week for me. I am not sure I can even get it all into one post but I'll try.

My friend Terry and her husband came into the city to pick up her new car and his new truck....they are beautiful, with all the bells and whistles, Terry's car is silver and Rick's truck is we picked them up was I ever tempted to shop for a new car as well but common sense took over as I know my little yellow car is in perfect condition with low mileage so I will keep my car and enjoy driving in Terry's when she comes in to visit.

I also saw the doctor on Thursday, not much to report as not much has changed. Her office is about an hour's drive from me and when I left home it was cloudy but the roads were dry and clear. About forty-five minutes into my drive it started to rain and was raining quite hard as I entered her office. When I came out it was pouring and before too long it turned to freezing rain, some spots were like driving on a skating rink. I drove slowly and made it home safe but was I tense by the time I arrived here. I wasn't long lighting a fire and pouring a glass of wine. Oh I love the safe haven of my home and really appreciated it at that moment.

I also read the book, Going Rogue by Sara Palin this week.....she is beautiful, talented but this is only my opinion, not nearly ready to be President of anything. I enjoyed learning more about her though and there were many things I respect about her especially how she allows nothing to keep her down....she is a survivor. She is not Going Rogue at all people she is going to the Bank!

I also saw the movie The Blind Side, I love any movie Sandra Bullock is in and I think this is one of her best.....perhaps because it was based on a true story that made me love her character even more than other characters she has played. She played the part of a woman who is a bit rough around the edges, a bit of a control freak who always likes to be in charge. A great movie everyone, if you get a chance to see it you won't be disappointed.

I have completed my Christmas shopping but still have to wrap gifts and do my Christmas cards. I still haven't decided if I am going to decorate or not this year as I will be at my nephews for a few days for Christmas and it is so much work only to have to take it all down, pack up and put away when I get home. I will say as I listened to my favorite Christmas music I did get the urge to get at it. By the way my favorite Christmas tape (yes tape) is by The Carpenter's. To me there is nor was a more pure voice than Karen Carpenter. I only wish I could get it in a CD as this poor tape must be 30 years old.....but it still plays well.

Well I also managed to nurse my cold and do all the normal things I do like housework, laundry and grocery shopping. It was a full week and I am so thankful I was able to enjoy it.

Good Night and God always, many, many Hugs :-)


Queenmothermamaw said...

Glad you made the trip safe. I bought Palin's book also after saying I was just gonna get it at the library. Watched Polar Express with my daughter who spent the night with us. It was so fun, as we had watched it when she was younger. Have a great and blessed Sunday tomorrow.

cinner said...

Bernie, I am glad you are okay, I heard the roads were just brutal out there with about 50 vehicles in the ditch yesterday. You sound like you were very busy and I see you got your candle working. lol, no snowflakes for me. Take care, be well.

Bernie said...

Hi cinner, if you only knew what I went through to get my candle to flicker, I ended up backing into it after several tries....Jackie was on the other end of e-mail and kept encouraging me and making suggestions, it was fun.
Keep trying with the snow, you will figure it out, I want to put falling snow on my blog for the season.
The roads were unbelievable but were clear today....we have snow coming the first of the week...Hugs

Bernie said...

Peggy, I watch the Polar Express with my great nieces and nephew every year, we have tons of Christmas movies to watch together and I enjoy them as much as the kids do.
Thank you for your blessing, tomorrow I am going to Mass then watching the Grey Cup, should be a good day.....:-) Hugs

Eileen said...

Bernie, this is so freaky, I just got Sarah Palin's book! I haven't started it yet though. And I always liked her. Aside from politics, I just thought she was a breath of fresh air. And I love that baby! He looks so adorable now with his little glasses!
She just seems like somebody I would be friends with.

And I love Sandra Bullock too! Thanks for the movie review, I'll look forward to seeing it.

And I love the Carpenters, and my favorite Christmas CD is theirs! It's so beautiful! And I'm not sure which Christmas one you have, but if it's the same one, don't you just love "Little Altar Boy"?!

You sound like you had a nice visit with your friend and her husband, and you always make me smile with your no-nonsense common sense! I love it!
Sorry you had to contend with that weather, nothing worse to drive in than freezing rain! I can well imagine that you were happy to get home, safe and warm, with a fire and a glass of wine. Sounds perfect!

Okay, now I really am off to bed as I have to get up early. Our son Brian is moving to a new apartment tomorrow and needs to borrow Ray's car, so we're going to go to early Mass, and then I hope to finish decorating before the kids come over for dinner.
Have a great Sunday!
Love to you!, Eileen

Bernie said...

Hi Eileen, you are up late aren't you.
It's funny how we are drawn to the same people and music. I honestly think that is true of all my blogger friends, we seem to share so many things in common. I love how the Carpenters's sing Little Alter Boy, but then I love every song they sing....
Have a beautiful Sunday my friend, hugs to Jayden and Mia...:-)

Fairy Footprints said...

Bernie I have not seen the knew Sandra Bullock movie but it looks really good. I am glad you stopped over for a visit, i got you in the giveaway.


»-(¯`v´¯)-»Thanks 4 visiting»-(¯`v´¯)-»Heidi»-(¯`v´¯)-»

Bernie said...

Heidi, this was a good movie, then I love movies based on true stories, I always like visiting your's magical....:-) Hugs

Diana said...

Oh Bernie I am so glad that you had a great week and that you made it home safely!
I have not yet seen the movie with Sandra Bullock but it is on my list, I too love all of her movies!
I am also happy that your doctor didn't have much to say, I take that as good news.
We must have twenty Christmas c.d.'s.
But most of the time I listen to the satellite radio. They play such a wide variety of Christmas music and have 2 or 3 stations devoted to it! It stays on that station from Thanksgiving day until Christmas Day! But I do listen to the c.d.'s in the car and at work! Pastor always has an extra one or two for me to listen to!
I hope your weekend goes well Bernie. Talk to you soon.
Love Di

Bernie said...

Diana, it's a good movie, I even shed tears in some places.
I did have a good week and got a lot done, now this week I only have my course on Tuesday so far is suppose to snow a lot next week so it's a good week not to have to drive much.
I have thought about getting sirus/xm radio but they are quite expensive and then I have to pay for it that what you have Di?
You are sounding better my friend, I really hope so but I don't think you would complain very much anyway....another lady this week told me I talked like that lady in the movie, eyes are heavy, I am in bed and my laptop is beginning to tip over so it is time for sleep, I can't remember her name.... at the Clairmont or something like that....I thought of you when she told me. Have a great Sunday Di.....:-) Hugs

Valerie said...

Hi Bernie, I am so pleased that you continue to be okay. I too questioned the validity of putting up Christmas decorations so it was a relief when Hubs asked whey we should bother this year. There's only us two and we shall be out anyway ... and there's all the hassle of taking it all down. We can have a great time without trimmings. There's plenty of red berries on our holly bush this year so I may put some springs in jugs to give us a bit of cheer. Have a great Sunday.

Wanda said...

Good morning Bernie,
I hope this coming week stays a slow relaxing one for you, then maybe that cold will go away. It was nice to hear you had a visit with Terry, all those bells and whistles on vehicles can be tempting can't they. The seat warmers did me in!

I once read that Karen Carpenter had the most perfect voice ever, pure clarity and perfect pitch, or something like that. Her voice is soothing I think. I have an Elvis Presley Christmas CD that I love too, but I just love Christmas songs anyway. I just realized both Karen and Elvis passed away at such young ages and both seemed to be troubled individuals, which actually led to their early deaths. It's sad what some people do to themselves in search of being happy!

Have a good Sunday Bernie,
Love and Smiles,


Rebecca said...

Oh, your fire sounds SO delightful! I'm ready to hunker down for winter myself....I've heard many rave reviews of Blind Side. Your comment about the main character was interesting...We plan to see it when things slow down.

Sorry to hear about your cold...some of our house guests had colds, so I'm drinking a lot of water and trying to prevent one from catching me.

I'll also be taking a long nap after church today. Then I hope to be ready to take on a new, full week.

Blessings each day said...

Well, I felt like I was holding my breath when you told me about driving on the icy happy you made it home safe and sound!! Once, in Chicago, I hit any icy patch and the car turned around in the opposite direction!

How funny that so many of us love Sandra Bullock! She is so versatile and a great comedienne too in her funny movies.

I want to read Sarah Palin's book too.

And I have always loved the can probably get the CD version if you do an Internet search for it. The Celtic Women have a beautiful Christmas CD and the Bethlehem Skylight is so wonderful as a Christmas CD!!

blessings and safe from icy roads hugs,


Diana said...

Hi Bernie,
Her name was Mrs. Palfrey. Not to sure about the spelling!
When we got the sirius, about 2 or three years ago, we bought the unit from Wal-mart,came home ,hooked it up and then you turn it on and call the phone number on the screen. Than it cost $30.00 to have it turned on and then I think it is 12.99 a month.
Just so you know, it could have changed but Jake thinks it still costs the same for the initial start up fee! There you go.
Love Di

laurie said...

this is a lovely post--the rain, the fire, the wine, the music. and i wanted to thank you, too, for your comments on my blog. i always love hearing stories of women who have beaten breast cancer!! and i do so agree with you about the importance of self-exams.

glad you stopped by, and i will be back to your blog, too.

Gail said...

First, I am so happy that you have "nothing new" to report from your doctor. No news IS good news!!! :-) And that you made it home safely to enjoy a warm fire and a glass of wine in your lovely home/haven. I know that feeling so well and it is divine.
You certainly had a bust week with many wonderful experiences, friends, a good movie and a good book. Heavenly.

I am still very busy here with our lil grand daughter and will post soon with some pictures. Until then be well and I love you.

The Retired One said...

You are so darned cute, I could eat you up!
I agree with you...Sarah Palin should never become President. She just doesn't have the class or tact to do so.
I would love to see the Blind Side...we hope to do so soon.
I love Christmas music too. We will probably be like you and not decorate to the extent I usually do this year for Christmas since we will be leaving in a few days for our two week trip and when we get back we will be so close to Xmas and exhausted I am sure. Plus, my other daughter mentioned at Thanksgiving that they would hope we could come down to Kenosha for Christmas or right after Christmas, we may be on the road again when we get back. ha
We woke up to all white this morning! It is sooo pretty and it does put me a little more in the mood to decorate. ha Before I go I hope to at least hang a little garland and red bows on my log home porch rails so it looks nice from the road when people ride by.
I hope your Doctor visits continue to be good, Take Care Sweetie!!

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Hi Bernie...
I popped over to see your Disney Sunday and saw a beautiful write up today. Love it.

I have been wanting to read the Sarah Palin book, I see through your eyes, I would love it.

I have also been wanting to see the new Sandra Bullock movie. I am now going to see it too. Maybe I'll drag Heidi Girl along with me.

Have a beautiful day sweetie. I have signed up to follow your blog. I can't wait to see what you write next. Please stop over and see my Disney Sunday post.

Country hugs...Sherry

Bernie said...

Hi Sherry, thank you for your visit. I truly enjoy your daughter's blog, she is someone to admire and I will be over to your post shortly.....:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Hi Val, I agree, it was so much fun when I was younger and had family around but now it seems a lot of work, I do enjoy helping my nephew's wife with decorating and baking and I love being with their children....I think I will use my christmas energy at their house.. Have a great Sunday Val....:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Hi Wanda, yes this week should be more relaxing, I always have my class on Tuesday's and all of our patients are doing so well, I think it must be the time of year we are holding it as this has been our best group so far.
Isn't it a shame that so many young talented people left this world so young taking their gifts with sad really.
Have fun with Miss Alivia, I imagine she was a joy at cute and now helping you get ready for Christmas, this will be an exciting year for her at her age. I know you are enjoying every moment with her.
Stay well my friend, luv ya and big hugs to Alivia....:-)

Bernie said...

Hi Rebecca, I think colds are making the rounds this year, this morning at church everyone was take a nap and stay well my friend.
One of the things I like about Winter is that cozy feeling being inside warm beside the fire...I truly enjoy a good book by the fire on a stormy day.....:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Marcy, the drive was frightening at times and their were many cars who did spin angel on my shoulder brought me home safely.
I have already given my Palin book to my neighbour or I would of sent it to you....get it at the library Marcy, it's a lot of money and it was not written by her but by a ghost writer about her...I do like learning about new people so I am glad I read it.
I thought of you this morning at Mass, I always do especially when I light my weekly candle for my family and friends.
The Blind side is a good movie, you will like it for sure.
Have a great Sunday...:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Hi Di, how sweet of you to get back to me, I was so tired last night I should of gone to sleep instead of blogging....thanks for the info, I am seriously thinking of getting that friend said they would be marked down after Christmas so that is probably when I will get one.
Hope you are feeling better, luv ya my friend....:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

laurie, I felt myself compelled to speak to you about the breast exams, they are so important.
Thank you for stopping by my friend and I hope you visit again soon.....:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Hi Joan, I bet you grabbed your camera to take pictures of your all white morning.....I hope your trip to Florida will be wonderful, and the drive a safe one.
I hope you show us a picture of your log cabin after you do the red bows and garland, I can't imagine anything prettier than a log cabing at Christmas time. Stay warm and safe my friend, luv ya always.....:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Hi Gail, your granddaughter sounds delightful....hope your mother is feeling better and was happy that you had such a wonderful Thanksgiving....I am looking forward to another relaxing week. luv ya right back....:-) Hugs

Rose Marie Raccioppi said...

Well your "busy" is ever made a delight. And as with your posted candle, you are ever a bright light for so many.

Blessings and love,

Rose Marie

Teacher's Pet said...

Bernie...You've completed your Christmas shopping!!!!!
I'm going to go somewhere and pout.
I have bought 2 gifts...and felt so good about myself...and read that you have completed yours.
Slap my jaws. I need to get
Love you much, my friend.
I'll be baaaaack.

Anvilcloud said...

Is this the CD?

Bernie said...

A/C, thank you I think this is the same one, it looks like all the same songs are on it....I am going to order it right now. Thank you my friend, this is much appreciate .....:-) Hugs

Kay said...

oh, how behind I am, but just knew I had to stop by your blog to get a dose of kind-hearted appreciation (you) :) I am blown away amazed that you would already have x-mas shopping it December? already??? shoooooot! Have a great week!

Teacher's Pet said...

Hi again, Bernie...
I came back to check on you. I hope that your nursing your cold has made you feel better and that you are doing well. I wanted to check on you. You are always checking on others...and you know that you are special to me.

Bernie said...

Kay I love that no matter how busy you get you always manage to come back and visit.......:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Dear Jackie, my cold is almost gone and I am so happy you came back to visit....and yes Jackie you have become very special to me as well.........:-) Hugs

Tranquility Speaks said...

Sorry to hear of your old, but glad you're better now.For the CD version of your favorite song, you might want to check This out.

Stay warm and stay healthy Bernie! Take care