Monday, April 5, 2010

Aren't They Beautiful

Dear Friends,

I do hope you had a wonderful Easter - oh I had such a wonderful weekend. The doorbell rang Saturday afternoon and to my complete surprise I received these beautiful roses from a very special friend. I don't think I have every received white roses before and they are so lovely. I should take another picture today as they have bloomed so full and are ever so pretty.

Saturday was spent with friends, shopping, having a BBQ and fun around an outside fire pit during the evening. Sunday began with going to Mass, out for breakfast with a close friend and then later that afternoon I went with a dear friend to her daughters for Easter dinner. She served my favorite meal, Turkey with all the trimmings and of course I had to push it and have dessert. It was just a perfect day.

Our weather has been so beautiful, not as nice as where some of you live but for Alberta it was absolutely gorgeous. +20C one day and I was able to clean my tiny back yard and prepare my flower pots for planting. I need to replace a couple of 2 x 4's on my deck and then it needs to be painted, well I'm sure I can do the painting but I will have to hire someone to replace the boards.

My neighbour Ron brought me over a swing for my deck and when he was coming through the gate he bent down and picked up my long lost keys. I was so happy to get that Harrods key chain back, the keys are not much good as most of the locks have already been replaced. I just couldn't believe how they were just lying there when I had looked in that same spot at least a hundred times. Unbelievable.....

We are having another lovely day today, I have already been outside playing in the dirt.....and I am really looking forward to planting my flowers this year. I also want to get a couple of more bird houses and if I can find the room for it I would love to provide a bird bath for my wonderful visitors. I love my townhouse condo but if it has a drawback it would be I don't have much front lawn or back yard.

Ivy the little girl that comes in and cleans for me every 3 weeks is upstairs cleaning and I am taking a break from washing flower pots......She is coming down for a cold drink in a few minutes. I also have an appointment in a couple of hours so I will need to shower and dress up for that. Ahhhh life is so good especially right now my friends.

I just finished watching Tiger's interview, it is good to see him coming back to golf. It is even better hearing him taking responsibility for his actions. I believe him. He loves his wife, children and mother.....he knows he has made mistakes and he refuses to blame anyone other than himself. I have to say for me that makes me hope for him even more.....I want him to be successful and I want him and his family to be happy and healthy. Personally I think it is so much more important to have peace of mind and heart, knowing contentment and being loved and respected by your family and friends than winning any kind of tournament or being famous. I think Tiger will find it is much easier taking a step up the ladder than taking a step down that same ladder. Good Luck Tiger and may you always follow the path you are following now and your journey be one of peace and love.

Springtime is such a wonderful time, this week the baseball season has started, one of my favorite golf tournaments, The Master's is happening but the best part is my friend Terry will be home soon from wintering down south.......we have so much to catch up on, can't wait.

Have a great week everyone, God Bless......many, many hugs....:-)


Ashley ~ said...

Just stopped by to thank you for all the love, support and prayers*! I'm sorry I haven't been able to respond, but I'm hoping to catch up with everyone in blogland ASAP. ((HUGS & PRAYERS)))


Bernie said...

Ashley, so nice to have you visit. I hope this means you are feeling better and the infection and fever have gone. Always in my heart and prayers sweetie.......:-) Hugs

Brian Miller said...

it was a gorgeous day here today...spent a couple hours on the trampoline with one of the kids i work with...and it wore me out. did have a great easter yesterday though. cool about the swing and the keys! spring is here...and love me some baseball too! have a wonderful evening!

Bernie said...

Hi Brian, so glad to hear you had a such a nice Easter and smiled as I pictured you playing on the trampoline with your son....many hugs my friend....:-)

Denise said...

So glad you enjoyed your Easter, love you.

Wander to the Wayside said...

Bernie you see more friends in a weekend than I see in a whole year! And those roses are absolutely gorgeous - what a wonderful friend to have sent them to you. I'm glad you enjoyed such a good weekend, and I'm as excited as you about getting the flowers planted and everything ready for the birds!

Barb said...

My goodness, Bernie, it made me so happy just to read your upbeat post! I, too, have white roses. My Husband knows I love their purity and their scent. Believe me, Bernie, you can fit a lot of growing things into a small space. In Denver, I have tiny perennial gardens along the side of our house and also container plants on our teensy patio. I had to smile when you said your neighbor found those lost keys. I remember when you lost them after a snowstorm! Keep smiling, Bernie!

Victor S E Moubarak said...

It's so great to read that all is well with you. Praise the Lord for the good news.

Thanx for the up-date Bernie.

God bless you always.

Wanda said...

Your weekend sounded very special, Bernie...starting off with the roses, then friends and your favorite meal. The roses look nice by your new drapes.

Glad Ron found your keys, we had a set lost in snow one winter too. Didn't know where they disappeared to till that spring. Our first spring thunderstorm of the year is rolling in as I type. I fertilized the flowers earlier, so the rain is welcomed. I have a few gr onions and chives growing, but that's it so far.
Providing water draws just as many birds to the yard as seeds, Bernie.
You could even put a low shallow one on your deck, it's nice watching them drink or splash around.
Enjoy the week too, Bernie.

Diana said...

It's so good to hear that things are going well for you and it sounds as though your spring is finally starting there too. That's good,I'm looking forward to planting too. I was so happy about your Harrods key ring. I know that you missed that. At least it was found. I had a feeling you had been busy! Love Di ♥

cinner said...

Bernie, your weekend sounds lovely, the flowers are gorgeous! Playing in dirt, bird baths and birdhouses. your a lady after my own heart. I am glad your friend will be back soon.
It is supposed to be nice all week.
gave a great week. Hugs.

Bernie said...

Denise, how are you sweetie, Happy Anniversary.......:-) hugs

Bernie said...

Linda, I have been blessed with many friends and thank heaven as all of my family are 3000 miles from here. I will move home in a couple of years....Somehow I doubt I have more friends than you sweetie and if I do thats okay, look at your beautiful family who lives so close by, these roses are absolutely beautiful, I just love them.....:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Barb, I was devastated when I lost my keys and yet life went on and I was just fine.
I so love my white roses, I have never had them before that I can remember and they do smell so nice.
I am going to try and fit as many pots and planters as I can around my hands are itchy to get started but it still is a bit soon here yet.....:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Hi Victor, how are you dear friend. I do hope your Easter weekend was wonderful and that you are being blessed with good weather. Big Hugs....:-)

Bernie said...

Wanda, will the birds come to the water if there are people on the deck? I am so looking forward to planting flowers and visiting with the birds....I adore my roses, I love the smell and the color. I don't think I have ever received white roses before but they fast became my favorite.
I love turkey dinner and when I go to a restaurant I love salmon. I am so blessed Wanda.
We badly need rain here, I am surprised we haven't had more snow but so far so good as it has been lovely.
Big hugs to Alivia......:-)

Bernie said...

Di, I am always busy yet I don't do anything important.....but I always have something that needs to be done.
How are your hands sweetie, even with all the digging and cleaning mine are not too bad right now.
I was really happy to have my key ring back, I bought it when I was in London and it has special memories for me....the car keys are great but I threw the house key and the mail key away as I had replaced them. I have car keys all over the place, even have 4 remote starters for the you think I have a problem?.....LOL
Take care sweetie.....:-)Hugs

Bernie said...

cinner, these roses are very pretty aren't they, oh but I am so blessed and appreciate all my blessings.
Our weather has been wonderful hasn't it but I think we need more moisture. I am going this weekend to look at some plants but it will be a while before I actually plant anything. I have a rock garden out front and I would like to set flower pots in there as well. I am having fun playing around anyway.
Be well my friend.......:-) Hugs

veterankindergartenteacher said...

It was a beautiful day here in NC too Bernie. I think it got as warm as 80 degrees at one point. I would prefer a little more cool Spring breezes before we jump right into summer though. I am so glad you found your key chain. I once lost a diamond tennis bracelet. A mechanic found it where it had fallen down into a section of my car seat. It was awfully nice of him to return it. I haven't watched anything about Tiger Woods lately. It frustrates me the way the media will focus on something like that and won't let it go. I wish the best for him as well.

Blessings sweet lady

Mary333 said...

The roses are gorgeous! I don't think I have ever seen white ones before! Randy and Michaela got me some beautiful tulips for Easter, I love flowers:) I'm glad your weekend and Easter were so nice, we had a great time, too. Our weather has been beautiful but I don't know how long it will stay. We can enjoy it while it's here, though! Hugs from New Hampshire:)

Bernie said...

Hi VKT, so glad you are enjoying nice weather as well. Tiger did give an excellent news conference, I thought he answered the questions very well and didn't fall into some traps that our gracious news reporters like to set. He has a rough road ahead of him but if he has learned his lesson and his family is okay with him who are we to judge.
Have a great week sweetie....:-) hugs

Holly, the Old Western Gal said...

Such delicate roses! So pretty in white!

I love the birdies, too.

I bet your little yard is just an oasis for your feathered friends!

Bernie said...

Mary, I love my roses as well and I think they are a first for me as well...I had to chuckle when your little one got up early and found out the Easter Bunny had arrived. They are so cute Mary, enjoy every age.
Don't you just love this Spring like weather....I am still not sure how long it will last but I am enjoying it while I can. Big hugs sweetie......:-)

Bernie said...

Holly, I have always had a few flowers but last year I really got into planting and watching everything grow. I have always loved being outside and now I double love it.
Oh Holly I love my white roses, they smell so nice and really made my Easter weekend special.
Big Hugs sweetie.......:-)

Debbie(single;complicated) said...

the flowers are sounds blessed right now! thats a good thing!:)

Silver said...

So the long lost keys mystery has finally been solved! Sorry that it was a little too late for that.

Something similar happened to me some time ago. It was my debit card. I called my Aikido Centre to see if they had found any lost cards because that was my last place there when it went missing, but my calls were returned only like a week later, by which i had already cancelled the card and applied and paid for a new replacement.

well, at least it's good now ;)


I wrote one similar to this earlier but i think it didn't get through. If it did, then, you can just delete one of them :)

Choices said...

It sure does sound like you had a wonderful weekend, Bernie. Those flowers are beautiful. Roses are beautiful in any color. It is so nice to get flowers especially when it is a surprise.
Finally, the weather seems like it is getting better everywhere. Today it was in the 80's. The Florida weather that I love.
I so agree Springtime is a wonderful time of year, it is the beginning of so many things and Yes! Baseball. I too am a fan!
Have a good night and wonderful day.
Take care.

Margie said...

The roses are just beautiful Bernie!
What a lovely surprise to get them form a special friend!
Enjoy them!

Sounds like you had a perfect weekend all in all!

Baseball season here too, I'm a fan of it like you.
The Rockies played today and won, yay!
Love our Colorado Rockies!

Take care, Bernie and enjoy the beautiful weather you are having there!
It was a perfect day here, sunny and warm and about 70 degrees.

Good night!
Sweet dreams!

Margie :)

beth said...

so you watched tiger's interview...
does that mean you're a golfer by any chance ?
will you be watching the master's this weekend ?

Bernie said...

Thank you for your many visits to my blog. I can always count on you for an optimistic viewpoint and upbeat comment. Your happiness is apparent and I am so glad for you.

The roses are beautiful--just like the recipient. I know how to fix your question now of how to answer comments. I will e-mail you about it. Best wishes to you. my dear.

Garnetrose said...

what a wonderful surprise. It was so lovely to get the roses. I am glad you found the keys. I missplaced a check card about a year ago. I found it in my old check book last week. *s*

Bernie said...

Debbie, life is good right now, I am blessed. Have a great weeke my friend.......:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Hi Silver, yes the long lost keys have returned, I knew when the snow melted I would probably find them but I just couldn't believe they were right there in front of my eyes and I hadn't seen them.
Hope you are well sweetie....:-Hugs

Bernie said...

Anne, it is so nice outside, I absolutley love it. I am happy you are having good weather as well sweetie, enjoy! Oh my rose are lovely and I am so happy to have them, they smell devine...:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Margie the roses were a complete surprise and I absolutely love them and they smell so good.
I had a wonderful Easter Margie, our weather is lovley, my house is clean and alll is right with the world.....:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Beth, I love golfing, I use to gold every day at one time but my arthritis has prevented me from enjoying many golf days as of late, I still love watching on TV though and I love a couple of hours on the drivers range whenever I can......:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Bernie, I just love it when you visit me, oh yes Bernie my roses are beautiful for sure. Looking forward to your e-mail my dear friend.......:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Garnet, oh the roses are so pretty, and today they have even bloomed more. I love them and they did come as a surprise from a special friend.
Hope you are well sweetie....Hugs

Maggie May said...

Glad that your weather is picking up and to hear of your white roses and the keys being found.
It is lovely to get out into the garden and to see Spring weather.It seems to give us the urge to get out there and make displays of flowers and renew things.
Brilliant about the swing too.Would love one of those!

Maggie X

Nuts in May

Wanda said...

The birds may not come there with a lot of people around, but with you sitting there relaxing, yes they would. I once, while lying on our glider, had a bird land right by my forhead, I think my hair was tempting him. I've seen them pull fibers from the porch rug before!
You could put a birdbath in the yard and just a nice shallow bowl or planter with water on the deck, I usually place a rock in the center, for them to stand on, it also makes it look more natural!

Queenmothermamaw said...

Wow you did have a nice weekend. Beginning with fresh flowers and ending being with friends. Can't beat that. I too am hoping Tiger gets his life straight. He has been the most interesting athlete I have ever watched. I love golf and I loved the way he seemed to be toward the discipline and meditation he did years ago. I hope me is sincere, I know he loves his family. I can't wait to watch the tournament. Blessings to you.

TechnoBabe said...

Your Easter was great. The turkey dinner at your friend's daughter's place must have been tasty indeed and lots of fun to be with people you are comfortable with and enjoy being around. The white roses are just beautiful.

anne h said...

Isn't that *funny* how keys just appear and disappear and re-appear!
It happens all the time, but I'm still always amazed.
Glad you found them, anyways.
And thanks for all your supportive comments on my blog. You are a gem!

Jackie said...

Hi glad you had a nice Easter and the roses are beautiful. I hope your weather is as nice there today as it is here.


Valerie said...

The flowers are delightful, there is something so soothing about white roses. I'm pleased you had a good Easter, Bernie. Mine was quiet, Hubs is in Australia so I had time to myself. My very good friend kept me entertained with email.

Alleluiabelle said...

Hi Sweet Friend,

Boy what a pleasant surprise...white roses. I have to say I love white roses too. When my mom passed away five years ago, I made sure that the flowers she had all around her were white because she was so pure in heart. That's what I think about pure in your heart with a love so beautiful. Your face and words exude love and beauty.

Love you sweet Bernie. It felt so good to come here and visit.

Big Hugs,

Sniffles and Smiles said...

Sounds like a simply perfect day, Bernie!!And those roses are simply gorgeous!! Like YOU! So happy you got your Harrods key chain back...that would have been a sorry loss...hardest to lose our sentimental treasures, I think! Isn't it wonderful to be enjoying sunshine again? But you know what? You bring sunshine to all your friends, dearest Bernie! Love you!! Janine XO

Cheryl said...

Oh how very lovely that you received such a beautiful gift of roses. I have never seen roses of that color. Beautiful! Sounds as if you are indeed getting ready for spring. This past weekend we had two days of glorious weather, sunshine and the temps close to 70s. But today its cold and gloomy BUT who knows what tomorrow shall bring?? Have a wonderful week.

GrandmaK said...

Nearly missed your lovely roses!!! Don't know where I was yesterday but I must have passed this lovely post and am so glad I found it again! Wishing you well! Cathy

Bernie said...

Hello dear Maggie, oh yes when Spring arrives it seems to bring a joy of life with it. I honestly love being outside, the swing is lovely....I will take a pricture soon and show you.....:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Wanda, I will try this. Thank you for all your help, you have encouraged me from the beginning to trust myself and begin growing everything, I loved it last year and am so looking forward to this year. I love my swing, I didn't realize how comfortable these kind of swings were, I am very blessed.
Big hugs to Alivia, luv ya....:-)

Bernie said...

Hi Peggy, I did have a wonderful Easter weekend, and I am so hoping and praying that Tiger gets his life together and becomes the kind of man he can be. He has been blessed with many gifts, I really like him and am praying that with this new start all will go well. Don't think he can win this one though, too much too soon but we'll see....I am praying for all the miners and families in your area, so sad.......:-) Hugs
.......:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Technobabe, I did have a wonderful weekend, I love being with people I love even if it is just sitting on the front step chatting. My roses are beginning to drupe a bit today but they were so beautiful, still smell gorgeous though:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Anne H, I don't know of anyone who works or tries so hard to be positive and move forward as you, even with the pain you feel right now you still keep trying and I love that about you.
It is amazing about keys for sure, I am happy to have my key chain back though.
Take care sweetie and know that I am as close as your keyboard if you want to chat......:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Hi Jackie, our weather was really nice today but my arthritis tells me things are about to change I think.
I did have a wonderful Easter, hope you did as well my friend.
........:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Val, I do hope your husband will be home soon, you must miss him dreadfully.
Oh I loved my white roses, they are druping today but the beautiful smell is still there, I am thinking of drying the petals for a sachet for my dresser drawer.
Take care my dear friend...:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Alle, you are so kind my friend, I do love the white roses and though they are beginning to fade they still smell wonderful.
I do hope you and all your family are well sweetie, I keep them in my thoughts and prayers always.
.........:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Janine, I loved that key chain, I bought it on my first visit to Harrods and really one of my first full days spent downtown London, those memories are engraved in my heart forever.
Oh the white roses were so beautiful although beginning to fade today, love the smell of them.
Love you sweetie.....:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Hi Cheryl, we have had gorgeous weather and even though today was very nice and warm my arthritis is telling me we are in for a change soon.....roses are beautiful, a bit droopy today but oh the smell is fantastic.
Have a great week........:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Cathy, I don't think there is anything more beautiful or pleasing than receiving a surprise gift of white roses, so very pretty and the smell is amazing.
Take care sweetie.......:-) Hugs

Eileen said...

Your roses are beautiful and look so pretty with the dark green walls for a backdrop!
Your Easter eve and Easter day sounded beautiful too! As does your whole attitude towards life!
Very uplifting and inspiring!

'Glad you've had nice weather too! We've been very lucky and have enjoyed a beautiful weekend, today started out cloudy with a few sprinkles this morning, but by afternoon the sun was shining again!
Jayden is off from school this week, and I'm having Mia a lot too (because both my daughter-in-law and her mother are sick), and I have lots of other things to tend to, but I'm working on a few special posts! And I'm busy sorting through tons of pictures that Ray and I took over the past few weeks.

Enjoy getting ready for Spring!
Love to you,

Bernie said...

Hi Eileen, hope you are not working too hard, although I know you would be enjoying the grandchildren. Our weather is nice but I think a change is on the way.
I really loved my white roses, I honestly think they were a first for me, they haven't lasted very long though but the smell is still wonderful.
Take care sweetie, big hugs to Jayden and Mia........:-)

Tranquility Speaks said...

Just the other day while getting ready I remembered the pictures you had put up of the hanging flower baskets and how they died due to neglect. I was wondering when you'd plant them again, and here you are!!

What a strange connection :)

Happy belated Easter, I am glad you had a nice time, and it feels SO good to hear of your happy day. Good luck with the appointment, I hope all goes well!

shadowlands said...

What a beautiful post to find!

Your blog is beautifully decorated too! (Is that the right term?)

I found you through your comment on my blog. Glad you stopped by.

Ros in the UK

ps love the roses!

Anvilcloud said...

Roses. From a friend, eh?

Karen said...

So glad to read your happy post, Bernie. The roses are beautiful--and you deserve them!

Barry said...

Glad to hear you had such a lovely Easter.

I hope the rest of this week is gong well for you too.

Abbey said...

You are so blessed to have such good friends, Bernie! The roses truly are beautiful!

I LOVE playing in the dirt! I inherited my grandmother's green thumb and have been planting my flower pots this week. Filling the gardens with pinestraw is left to do, but I'll leave that to Hubbsy.

Have a beautiful day and may the Lord bless and keep you.

Liz said...

It is so nice to be able to plant spring flowers. I'm sure your garden will look very colourful when they bloom.

Gail said...


Wow, 62 people commented in one day. This is such a wonderful,safe,loving and beautiful blog space. :-)

I was so happy to hear yo, well, your neighbor, found your lost keys.

And yes, Spring time is so lovely, here too. I can just see you enjoying your swing -

Love to you my friend

ilovepink1078 said...

Bernie, Very beautiful!

By the way, I will include you in my prayers.


huntedtreasures said...

Im glad you had a great weekend. Your roses are devine and what a great friend to have sent you roses. By the way the color of your wall is gorgeous. I have been having a tendancy noticing wall colors lately due to choosing wall colors for my walls. The roses just look beautiful with the background of your wall.


Bernie said...

Stillness, I am preparing my pots and beds now but it will be a while before I actually plant anything sweetie, still far to early here yet.....:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Hi Ros, welcome to my blog, I always love meeting new people. The roses are now on a tray as I am drying them to make a sachet for my drawer....they smell so lovely......:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Hey A/C. yeah even ole ladies like me have special friends who send roses....LOL, hard to believe eh!
.........:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Karen white roses are now my favorite, I loved them...:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Hi Barry, oh it was a beautiful Easter weekend and my week hasn't been bad at all, hope you are feeling well my friend...:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Hi Abbey, I have been blessed with such good friends, life is good. Yes the roses are beautiful and I absolutely loved them....:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Hi Liz, I do hope you are enjoying Ruth's visit....have been thinking about you both this week...:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Gail, I never would of bought a swing yet I have rested on it every day since I received it, I really am enjoying it...who knew?
I was very happy to find my key chain, a real bonus.
Hope you are well my friend, think about how you are doing with your back every day......:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

ilovepink, thank you for your prayers, to me they are the best gift in the world....:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Ruth, I loved my white roses but they didn't live long enough, they still smell beautiful though. I had my living painted 3 years ago and am ready for a change again, I would like to go to lighter shades again, we'll see......:-) Hugs

the wild raspberry said...

those flowers are lovely.
what a wonderful surprise.

it makes me smile that you love sports so much.

guess what....i had duke winning the championship game on my bracket....


Ann said...

Yes, Bernie those roses are gorgeous. Glad to hear you had such a lovely Easter. So glad you found your key, my husband so often looses his keys and is so speechless when they turn up out of the blue, as he thinks. God bless.

Linda Higgins said...

that darn arthritis! I do know what you are talking about. Some days I can hardly get out of bed. That is why we live in this warm climate. It seems to help. The days it is cold or a storm is brewing...I am miserable. AHHH such is life.....The roses are so pretty. I love roses, they are my very favorite flower. You have a wonderful week as well my friend! Hugs and smiles across the miles...

Bernie said...

Chas, I love sports....but I have to say I was hoping for Butler..I thought it was one of the best games I have ever watched and felt bad that either team had to loose.

My roses were beautiful my friend, a real surprise and they did make my Easter weekend ever so lovely.
Prayers for Shauna and family as always sweetie.....:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Ann I knew I would find them when the snow melted, I was just shocked at where they were found, I had looked in that spot so many times but I guess with the leaves and pine needles they just weren't ment to be found until the weekend.
I did have a wonderful weekend, my roses are gorgeous and the weather sunny and warm, good company and food, a beautiful church service, what more could I ever want....Hugs

Joanna Jenkins said...

Beautiful roses-- how nice for you!

Sounds like your Easter was wonderful and delicious!


Bernie said...

Oh Linda my arthritis has been so painful the past couple of days, there is a weather front going through and I heard tonight we are expecting high winds with rain and snow beginning tomorrow now I know why I am hurting so bad.
My week has been pretty good my friend, I am praying for it to get even better......:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Oh JJ, how nice to see you here, yes I did have a wonderful Easter and now white roses have become my favorite......:-) Hugs

Silver said...

Oh Bernie.. how true it is! Right under our nose and we just never noticed it- i wonder if we could extend that thought to perhaps people in our lives? ;D

Love you much,

Bernie said...

Silver, love you too sweetie and lets try to share with all those who we know and love.....:-) Hugs

Renee' said...

OH! Your on, hey I need to e-mail you on something

Sara Williams said...

Wow, I am a tiny speck in amongst an ocean of comments but that won't put me off because you are always kind enough to visit my blog.

Your roses are beautiful, stunning. Your post radiates love, warmth and peace. You had a lovely, glorious Easter and I am so pleased for you.

As for losing and finding things well, sometimes things dont want to be found until the right time. Example, I misplaced my wedding ring and although I was upset I took it is a sign that I shouldnt be so fixated on getting it on my finger again.... as soon as I accepted this fact, I found my ring!

Bernie said...

Renee, sorry I wasn't much help to you but perhaps you will have another question one day that I will be able to help you with.
Big hugs.........:-)

Bernie said...

Oh Sara, you are never a small speck to me.....I love hearing from you anytime and am honored you left a comment.
Yes I did have a lovely Easter and I so love my roses......please come back soon sweetie....:-) Hugs

Melanie said...

Hello dear Bernie,
It sounds like you are enjoying the change of seasons! I enjoy being outside and right now it seems that's all I want to do...get outside and walk and walk and walk.
So...that is a little bit of the weight issue. I have also started running again and will do a Mother/Daughter 5K with Audra first thing Mother's Day morning. With the Florida heat, I am burning up the calories I eat. (But I have to appetite is still off a bit.)
Last year was the BEST Mother's Day I have ever had. I remember being so happy...healthy family. We took pictures and I can literally "see" how content and joyful I was that day.
So this Mother's Day will be quite different, as you know. That is one reason for the 5K my girl and I will do. This Saturday she will do a 5K in support of research for pediatric cancer. She will write Andrew's name on one arm and the name of my friend's son on the other arm, who is currently battling brain/spine cancer.
I love it when you stop by. You hold a sweet spot in my heart.

anupama said...

Dear Bernie,
Good Morning!
I enjoyed your grand Easter celebrations!It's a real nice feeling to be at your space,dear!
you're full of positive thoughts!
Our new year is on 15th,April!It's known as Vishu!
Wishing you peace,love and happienss,

anne h said...

You are a rare jewel, that's for sure.
Thanks for your kind, loving words!
People like you are the best thing on the planet!

Bernie said...

Melanie, I think you look beautiful, just a bit thin but I understand why. I feel you are getting stronger and I think it is wonderful that you and your daughter are doing the 5K on Mother's are a real sweetie and I am so pleased with how you are dealing with your life, the good, bad and ugly. You have a wonderful husband, and 2 beautiful children right now who need and love you very much. You are blessed to have many friends who loved you as well my friend, God Bless you...:-) Hugs

Bernie said...

Anu, Namaste my friend. Yes I had a wonderful Easter, it is one of my favorite holidays. I do hope you enjoy your New Year's....Hugs

Bernie said...

Anne H, thank you for your kind words, you are a wonderful lady and I am wishing you all good things my dear......:-) Hugs

The Retired One said...

I am catching up on reading blogs..we were away visiting our grandkids for Easter...
what lovely roses, Bernie. I can think of NO one who deserves them more.
I am glad you had such a nice Easter...we did too...
luv to you!!!

Haddock said...

You are right, spring time is such a wonderful time.

Rebecca said...

My husband got to attend a practice round at the Master's tournament as part of our vacation time. He said he was close enough to have shaken hands with Tiger - but didn't :)

I was pleased that Phil M. won the tournament. He has always been a favorite of mine.