Friday, January 13, 2012

Winter Is Back and Thanks to a Friend

Hello my friends, I hope you are all sleeping as I should be. I fell asleep in my lazy boy watching Curling tonight and slept for 3 hours so now I am wide awake.

I have had a busy week. I visited a friend in the hospital on the weekend and so glad I did as she passed away today. I am okay with God taking her home, she was suffering badly and I know she is now pain free.. Another family will now begin the grieving sad but a part of life.

I was surrounded by kids for 3 days this week, babysitting, playing games and just enjoying their happy company. Our weather had been absolutely beautiful, in fact we broke many records the past couple weeks but oh boy Winter came back with a vengeance on Tuesday. So cold and the wind was brutal. They are calling for snow on Sunday.  Will almost be a treat compared to last Winter.

This has been a good time for me to take my Foreign Affairs and Current Events Course. There is so much happening all over the world right now. It is very interesting, I am taking this course online through the University of Alberta and this week we skyped and had a great discussion. I loved hearing the others ideas although I didn't always agree with them (I'm sure they didn't agree with me either) So far I am loving it and have completed my first project. We may be divided into groups for our next project, so looking forward to it. Canada is not perfect but I feel so blessed to be born and living here. We have so much abundance and the people taking the same course are lovely.....yup we are pretty lucky here.

I also am continuing my volunteer work with those dealing with cancer. I found I had to balance my schedule as I get so attached to these beautiful people, I think that is why I am taking my course as for those few hours a week I am not thinking of cancer. I am trying to spend more time with the kids as well before I  move home this summer. I have a few days planned with Fallon at the end of the month which I am looking forward too.

 Cindy at changed my blog for me. I love it, thank you sweet friend, I appreciate how patient you are with me and all the time we spent on the phone together. 

The wind has just came up and it is snowing outside, I think it is time I retired as it is way past my bedtime. I am sending good thoughts, many hugs and tons of prayers........:


Wanda..... said...

Your blog looks really great Bernie! I know your fellow Canadian Cindy has been of help before. Glad you are staying busy with the young ones, volunteering and your online course, sounds interesting!

Glad Canada is our Northern Neighbor!

Maggie May said...

So sorry about your friend...... but thats the downside of befriending people with cancer. I seem to lose people too but something makes me feel bonded with people in a similar situation.

Love the look of the blog. I seem to stay in my old, comfortable one. Maybe I'm not so adventurous!

Glad your study is going well.

Today seems to be sunny, even though the weather forecast isn't good.Seems to be defying them!
Hoping you are looking forward to Spring as I am.
Maggie X

Nuts in May

CorvusCorax12 said...

we finally got some snow too...your blog looks lovely and i agree about balancing things out...have a great weekend ♥

Eileen said...

Nice post, Bernie. Makes me feel peaceful.
So sorry about losing yet another friend to cancer. I know how hard that must be, and I'm sure your work with cancer patients is both hard/sad and rewarding, but it is almost impossible sometimes to find the balance. I'm glad you found some.
And I'm glad you're enjoying your classes. And I'm glad you're surrounded by children and love!

You're a good soul, Bernie, and I'm grateful to have met you and so many other good souls here in blog land.
Love and Prayers,

Brian Miller said...

i like the look of your blog...sounds like you have a lot of good things in your life right now....being around kids is so fun....and i bet that class is pretty intersting...

Eileen said...

PS ~ Your blog is beautiful! It's so you! And it's giving me some inspiration to work on my own. Mine is so bland and blah now (but that's kind of how I feel right now anyway).
I'll have to devote more time to it, there just never seems to be a free moment lately.

Audrey said...

Bernie, this is such a wonderful post! I LOVE the new look to your blog - great job. And I am so happy that you are enjoying your course. You inspire me - I am going to look into what all is being offered, and perhaps I will take one as well. As you say, a break from cancer is so necessary.

As someone who also has little people in my life, I am overjoyed for you that you are spending so much time with the children. They really put life into perspective, don't they?

The wind and the snow are about to hit us hard, I am afraid. Stay nice and warm! I think that I am going to make a huge pot of soup to get me through the weekend!

Hugs and prayers to you, my sweet friend.

Anne said...

Hi Bernie,
Your new blog is so lovely.
Your online class sounds like a good one. I am sure you do have some lively discussions. Those issues are always topics that get people talking.
Sorry to hear about your friend. My thoughts are with you.
Take care and stay warm.

DJan said...

It's a lovely blog, Bernie. I like the script handwriting. I'm glad that the font is big enough to be easily read. You are very lucky to have such a good friend.

It seems lots of people are going through a pretty hard time right now. You are right about being very fortunate to live in Canada, I would live there in a minute if they would have me.

We have winter and our first possible snow due to hit here around Sunday, too. But the last week has been incredibly beautiful and I'm grateful for the sunshine.

Valerie said...

I'm glad you're enjoying the Foreign Affairs course, it is a little respite from your volunteer work which I feel is not only essential but helpful. Clears the head, if you know what I mean. Love your new 'curtains' - Cindy did a good job. I'm going to check the link. Have a lovely weekend, and stay warm. I think some of your snow will soon be heading our way. If it does I might chuck it back atcha...grins. Hugs from me.

Cinner said...

Sweet Bernie, I enjoyed helping you, thats what friends do for one another. I am saddened to hear the loss of your friend but now she will no longer be in any pain, prayers for her family at this sad time....I have to tell you you are one of the nicest woman I have ever met. Funny how we have not met but I feel like I have known you forever. Hope you are feeling okay and did not catch that flu. I am glad you are enjoying your course and yes if it takes your mind off all the cancer that is a good thing. hugs to you. Thanks for mentioning my name, you really did not have to, I had something to do yesterday so you did me the favor. have a good weekend. I think we are going to get some snow. Be well.

Cinner said...

Sweet Bernie, I enjoyed helping you, thats what friends do for one another. I am saddened to hear the loss of your friend but now she will no longer be in any pain, prayers for her family at this sad time....I have to tell you you are one of the nicest woman I have ever met. Funny how we have not met but I feel like I have known you forever. Hope you are feeling okay and did not catch that flu. I am glad you are enjoying your course and yes if it takes your mind off all the cancer that is a good thing. hugs to you. Thanks for mentioning my name, you really did not have to, I had something to do yesterday so you did me the favor. have a good weekend. I think we are going to get some snow. Be well.

Gail said...

HI BERNIE - I love that you are posting agian love it!! :-)

Hope you had a good sleep once you found your way to bed :-) It is very windy and cold here today - brrrrrrr
Love to you my friend

Victor S E Moubarak said...

I am praying for your friend who passed away.

Keep warm Bernie. We've yet to have snow here but it gets very cold at night. Minus 3 degrees is forecast, which is pretty cold for me I tell you.

God bless.

Nora said...

For some reason I was not a follower of your blog anymore. I don't know why. I've quickly remedied that. The new blog looks great. Cindy did a nice job on it.

It's good to hear that you are keeping yourself occupied with such useful activities. The online course sounds great. Social engagement is a very goos thing. You know how I feel about that :O)

Winter is not happening here, much to my relief. Sorry that you do have to be in the cold. XOX

Karin said...

Love the new blog - so pretty! My sympathies in the loss of your friend. May the Lord continue to be your comfort and strength.

Glad you're enjoying your course and still volunteering! Wow - that sure keeps you busy! Blessings and good to see you on here!

quieten said...

Love the new look of your blog is so YOU!
I am sorry for the loss of your friend but am glad you did get to see her before she began her new journey. It is so sad to see our friends and loved ones leave but it is a comfort to know their pain is gone.
Your class discussion sounded wonderful -I love hearing others' thoughts on the world and its many facets. I"m sure this will really keep you hopping :-)
I think you sent your weather our way - we've gone from 60 to 32 in one day- don't know what jacket to grab when I leave the house!!
Hope you finally got some sleep! Huggz, my friend!

Margie said...

Bernie, sad news about your friend passing but it's so awful to watch someone suffer.
It's good you were able to see her before she passed on.

Your blog looks wonderful!
Lucky you to have Cindy to help you!

I so love being with kids, it's so amazing how wonderful they make us feel!

We are having wonderful weather here now and no snow!

Your class sounds great, I know I would like it!

Be well, my friend!
Take care!



Renna said...

I love your new look, and the font is so nice. It all looks like reading a letter from a friend. :-)

You are such a busy person, so involved with life and it's fulness. I feel rather lazy after reading your posts...but that's okay, as I can always stand to be motivated. :-)

Barb said...

Hi Bernie, Visiting you just before turning in for the night. Napping would be a no-no for me, too. You are so busy, Bernie, keeping both your mind and your heart active. I like your new look- Victorian lace. Glad to see the little yellow car is still there. Enjoy the weekend - keep warm.

Diana said...

I made it!! I haven't been able to comment on Cindy's blog or my friend Rebecca. I am trying others now. My friend Jackie has been having troubles commenting also.
I'm so glad you are enjoying your coarse Bernie. It sounds very interesting. And it's always good to keep learning new things. I really don't know anything about foreign affairs. I live a sheltered life! LOL. So glad that Fallon will be visiting soon. I know how much fun you two always have together.
It has been cold here too but very little snow. I hope the rest of your weekend is nice, cozy and warm.
Love Di ♥

A man called Valance said...

Hello Bernie, glad to see you're up and running again. Like the new blog layout, too. Yup, count your blessings and smile. We got a lot to be grateful for.

BLOG COMMENTS... a lot of folk are experiencing difficulties. Seems there's a glitch in the works with blogs that use the 'follow on from post' commenting system. I've had trouble with my own blog this week, but I've side-stepped the problem by switching over to a comments window (like this one of Bernie's), and that works fine. All you gotta do is take the DESIGN>SETTINGS>COMMENTS route and select the WINDOW option.

Tamara said...

I love the new look of your blog, Bernie!

You are keeping busy, aren't you?


Anvilcloud said...

I can't imagine falling asleep during a rivetting game of curling. ;-)

Donna said...

I nearly missed your blog post! I love you new look for your blog ... so pretty and elegant!
Sorry about your friend :(
You amaze me with all the work you do ... volunteering and a foreign course! I do well with what goes on here in the US! Young children can be so comforting and fun!
I need to become involved in more things this year to motivate myself.
Stay warm!

Joanna Jenkins said...

Hi Bernie, Cinner did a lovely job with your design. She's the greatest and such a sweetheart.

I'm sorry for the loss of your friend. That's never easy.

It sounds like you've been busy. Hope you get back on your sleep schedule soon.

xo jj

Ashley ~ said...

Hey Sweet Friend ~ just spending some time in blogland today and enjoying visitng your beautiful blog. Thank you so much for your visits and sweet comments you leave for me on mine. Stay warm and cozy over there. BTW, it's perfectly fine to fall to sleep in those comfy LazyBoys....I do it often*! :) ((HUGS)) _A*

Crystal Mary said...

Hiya Bernie, I haven't visited in ages. I get lost with so many. But here I am again. Your Blog looks beautiful and very feminine. The great thing about being retired it that you get to go to bed or get up almost as you like.. I notice your blog is still called 'On my own.'?? Just wondering? Take care and God Bless you always.
Much love Crystal Mary

Abbey said...

Bernie, I have been in absentia for so long and I apologize. If you will read up on my site, you'll see some of what is going on, the rest is too personal to publicize.

I think of you every day and I love the new blog look. Deeply sorry for the recent loss to Cancer. You have such a beautiful heart full of so much love, but yes, you need a diversion some of the time.

God bless you today and always,
Abbey ♥

Anita said...

It's fun to click over to a blog friend's site and see a whole new look. This one definitely has the feminine touch!

Bernie, you are such a blessing to so many people. I'm glad you were able to spend time with your friend who passed away.

Continued blessings to you as you spend time with Fallon and all the people you love.

And best wishes with your studies and all your other activities! You're a busy lady. :)

Teresa said...

Wow Bernie,
Your posting was beautiful. It has been a long time since I have visited, so much going on and being on the internet so sporadically. I love the way your blog looks, and you seem well and happy. Your online course sounds amazing. I don't miss the cold though, but I do miss all my friends and family there. I am hoping to start blogging more that I am now a bit more settled. Love you Bernie!
T ((((HUGS))))

Teresa said...

Hi Bernie,
Trying one more time to get a comment on your beautiful new post. It looks wonderful and makes me want to do something with mine and start blogging again. Now that I am feeling more settled I will try. I miss my friends and family there so much, but I honestly do not miss the weather.
Love you B

((((HUGS))) T

Anita said...

Hi Bernie, I'm thinking of you today. Hugs :)

The Retired One said...

so so behind in reading blogs...hope all is well with you Bernie and that you are looking forward to Spring. When will you be moving and to where??? We are all fine here...enjoying my almost 2 year old grandson now living right next door to us...let me know when you post your next blogpost! Luv to you

Garnetrose said...

Hey Bernie. My husband falls asleep right after dinner and then he cannot fall asleep later. I think it is because he worked night shift so many year. You have to be okay with God taking them when you see them suffering. I am sorry though for your loss. It is hard.

You are such a busy woman. I think that is what keeps you young at heart. *s*

Nezzy said...

Hey darlin' I saw ya out and about today and wanted to wish ya a great spring day!

God bless ya sweetie!!! :o)

Cheryl said...

Hello Bernie, I have been away from blogging and reading blogs all winter...nice to read that you have new adventures ahead to enjoy! Bless you for your care and love in are amazing!

Victor S E Moubarak said...

Praying you're keeping well.

God bless.

Vicki Lane said...

Hi, Bernie -- is this your latest post? I though sure you'd posted something more recently. In any event, thanls for the kind words about our Eddie cat. xox Vicki

Donna said...

Just checking on you to see if everything is okay. I have missed you! :)

Tranquility Speaks said...

Hi Bernie! How are you doing? I've missed you so much! I hope everything is alright at your end and you're doing good.

Tranquility Speaks said...

Been missing you! Hoping all is well at your end. Loads of love :)